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Opening Mindy


Readers...please enjoy. I'm always open to discuss my stories and would love to hear from you. Thank-you.


Sitting in my large white kitchen I shook my head. Unable to speak, I paced around the old fashioned kitchen. After seven years of college and law school my husband and I were finally living in a place that wasn't below decent. The 1914 fourplex located on Puget Sound Naval Shipyard in Bremerton, Washington, was a gem. Ben and I had been more than fortunate to land such cushy military housing.

Looking over at my husband of six years I wondered who the fuck I was married to. Tall, dark and with bright blue eyes my naval officer was always the picture of traditionalism. A military man by nature, my husband didn't break rules. Anger began to replace confusion when I thought back to what my husband had asked. Who the fuck did he think he was?

Hurt and anger combined and hit me like a ton of bricks. I didn't know whether to cry or slap his hopeful face. That look of expectation on his face was the last straw and I backed out of the kitchen and walked away. Speaking would have been a mistake. There was no way I could have been anything but cruel.

Stalking down the wide hallway my heels made stomping sounds on the old wooden floor that sent my anger spinning into the air. As I tried to slam the door behind me, a swollen door stopped short my desire. At that moment I could have kicked the door into kindling. Instead I grabbed the antique brass doorknob and repeatedly slammed the door by hand.

Temper tantrum over I slumped onto my maple four poster bed and curled into the fetal position. As tears streamed down my face, Ben's words kept playing through my mind. "I want to see you fuck another man. I mean I want to share you, you know at the same time." His eyes bright like a child filling out a Christmas list he began to tell me his deepest fantasies. Thoughts I didn't understand lived behind my naval officers blue eyes.

As I lay there my phone chirped. Knowing that was Ben's text tone I cringed. I wasn't going to read it but I just couldn't help myself. The first thing I saw was a picture. Two extremely handsome men and one woman were playing. As one man chewed on the brunette's large red nipples the other was kissing and licking her between the legs. The look on the woman's face was one of pure ecstasy. Immediately I felt small jolts of electricity burning through my body. Horrified at my body's betrayal I looked at the next message.

Just think about it ... I love you.

More than life.

Always yours,


Tender feelings entered uninvited and quieted my emotions even more. As I lay there I thought of what Ben was suggesting. No other man but my husband had touched me in eight years. There had been heavy flirtation at times but I always drew a clear line with the men that approached me. There had been plenty of offers.

At just five feet tall I was petite. Full D breasts, small waist and bubble butt got me plenty of attention as did my blonde hair and green eyes. I didn't need my husband's help getting laid. Thank-you, but no thank-you. I mean really? Who did he think he was?

Looking back at the phone my slanted green eyes widened when I really looked at the threesome photo. The look on the woman's face is what had me staring. Bliss was the only word that came to mind. The woman's brown eyes were slightly closed and her red lips were open in a moan. This was not a woman doing someone else a favor.

Without thought I felt one of my hands slip up my plain blue nightgown and begin to pinch and squeeze my pale pink nipples. Jolts of pleasure erupted and I let my cell phone slide onto the bed forgotten. Imagining four hands and two mouths exploring my most sensitive of spots brought my other hand between my legs. Wiggling my fingers under my cotton panties I began to slowly circle my clit. My pale pink lips had already separated and moisture was growing within. Smelling my own aroma I sighed.

Even before I could begin to ease the tension growing out of control, I felt two large hands grab both my breasts and squeeze roughly. Yelping my startled eyes flew open. Leering down at me was my husband and on his face he wore a look of triumph. There was no doubt I was turned on by the idea.

A blush spread across my pale chest and up my neck covering my face. Shame hit me. This was not what a "good" woman did when faced with something that was so obviously wrong. A growl later and my husband had my small wrists pinned above my head. The eyes that looked down at me were not familiar. Never had I seen such a fierce look on Ben's face. His control over my body made me squirm and push back.

The military required my husband to be physically fit and his well-muscled body didn't even budge. Truly constrained I looked up at my husband with questioning eyes. The seriousness in his darkly fringed eyes took my breath away and I quit resisting. He wasn't joking.

Low and almost with a threatening tone he demanded my honesty. "You were turned on by the thought of two cocks weren't you, admit it you want this too." It was so much more than two cocks. Adoration was what had really grabbed my attention. The woman in the photo had looked like a goddess that two gorgeous men were paying tribute to. That's what I really wanted to feel, beautiful enough to be adored. As I struggled to form words he continued almost in a whisper, "you are so beautiful when you cum ... you are the most sexual woman I've ever known. Baby, you know I love you, just give this a try."

As I began to speak, lips rough and demanding captured my mouth. This was not the usual kiss of my husband and like a wild animal I felt my body betray me further. Thoughts begin to cloud as my husband's tongue demanded my attention. Sounds similar to a contented sigh left me as I begin to grind my pelvis into his. Emboldened by my response my husband released me and told me to strip. His voice held no room for argument and I complied quickly.

On our marital bed I sat exposed and vulnerable as my husband looked down. Perched on his knees he stared. Firm tight breasts stood perky with erect pink nipples begging for attention. But it was my crease his eyes planted on. Under his gaze I felt my symmetrical lips begin to reopen and his response was immediate. Jumping up as if he were on fire my husband rid himself of his pesky clothes and climbed back on the bed.

"Spread your legs, I want to see your pussy." Again I complied without question. Trembling with my pale thighs spread wide I felt desire deep and primal consuming me. I needed fucking and I needed it now. Lifting my hips slightly I encouraged Ben to move. Faster than I expected he had me pinned by my throat on my back. One strong hand held my neck firmly down as the other guided eight and a half rigid inches towards my center. Without delay he plunged deep and hard and a gasp escaped me.

Now deep within me he held my slender throat with both hands. We had played a little rough before but never anything like this. His eyes didn't look like a man in control and there was no point in resistance. He wasn't letting me go willingly and I didn't want him to. His control of me was intoxicating and I pushed back against him as his cock began its assault.

Sounds of slapping skin combined with our aromas and the room felt somehow removed from reality. Twisting and turning rose deep inside as my sopping wet pussy took everything that Ben was giving. As he fucked me he never took his eyes off mine and his hands remained around my throat as he continued chasing relief, Ben's thrusts became more aggressive.

As his pounding grew more intense, I began to feel his body tightening. Now noises that sounded animalistic poured from my husband as his hips jerked and contorted. As I listened to Ben scream out, I felt hot loads of cum striking my insides. Feelings of completeness filled me and I squeezed my pussy muscles together. Ben yelped in response

Cuddled in Ben's arm and glowing with satisfaction I again tried to wrap my mind around what he was asking. Though my body cried for me to comply my brain just didn't agree. How could this be okay? Risking our marriage just seemed stupid.

Ben's hand lightly brushed the curves of my body as he began to speak. Almost in a whisper he told me of his love. Swearing he would never do anything to ruin our marriage he again requested I should at least think about it. After a long pause I quietly nodded, and with that little shake of the head I sealed my fate.

Still curled up in bed with Ben I let my imagination fly. If I did this who would I choose to join us? How does one approach someone asking for a threesome? Immediately a coworker of Ben's popped into my mind. Scott was also a Judge Advocate General (JAG) officer in the U.S. Navy and was one of the sexiest men I had ever met. Average height, sculpted muscles and a tight ass were not the reason. There are plenty of beautiful people in the world but Scott was different. It was how he looked at a woman. When you spoke his blue-green eyes never left your face. He made a woman feel special. Even though I had never caught Scott checking out my ass every time I turned around I could feel his gaze. Being around Scott always fired me up and here was my chance to put out a two year blaze.

Without awareness I began to squirm. Thoughts of Scott fucking me had my nipples aching and need building. A tiny moan escaped me and my husband heard me. Fuck! Before I could say anything he rolled on top of me and kissed me. Excitement vibrated through me as Ben began kissing down my neck.

Grasping both my breasts he began to feed off of me. First one pink nipple after another was suckled and bit. Arching my slender back I pressed his face to me. Now moans were not held back as his bites became harder and my body responded. Kisses and nibbles continued down my almost flat stomach and beyond.

Ben grabbed my muscular thighs and pushed one on each side of my head. Now all of me was exposed. Pink folds stretched open and my level of excitement was revealed. My clit stood engorged and moisture was dripping from me. Inhaling my aroma deeply Ben told me how beautiful my pussy was. Jolts of electricity flew through me at the sounds of his words and I pushed against Ben's face. His tongue was what I was after.

Slowly my husband flicked his tongue against my most sensitive of spots and I yelped. My desire had already begun to feel unbearable. I needed relief. Squirming I urged my husband on. Soon his tongue began to make long swipes from clit to anus. Each time he struck my backdoor I froze. This was new and I wasn't comfortable with the idea of backdoor play. But I couldn't deny the sensations that built each time he touched me there.

Back and forth his tongue struck as I struggled against the hands pinning me. He just chuckled and carried on. Soon I began encouraging him to go ahead and get me off. He just continued at his own pace. The need for release was out of control and I began to plead with him to stop torturing me.

Blue eyes looked up with a devilish spark in them and saw my distress. He was in absolute control and he was delighting in my frustration. Letting my thighs down he returned to tormenting me. Occasionally he stuck his tongue deep into my folds and then return to licking. I could feel how wet I was and the smell of arousal surrounded our entwined bodies. No other world existed for me other than then one we occupied.

Twisting my nipples between my blue tipped fingers I continued to urge my husband to give me an orgasm. Pinning both my pale thighs to the ivory bedspread he gently sucked my clit into his mouth. Sensations so exquisite that I screamed ripped through me. Then suddenly they stopped. Looking down I saw my husband looking up with a devious smile on his angular face and the he spoke. In a tone serious and deep he asked, "Which one of my friends have you fantasized about, who do you want to fuck? Tell me the truth."

"No one." I whispered turning my head away from his probing gaze.

"Tell me the truth or I won't finish." A small flick of his tongue reminded me of what I would be missing. Frustration welled in me. How was I supposed to tell my husband that I masturbated while thinking about Scott bending me over? That sometimes I even thought about him while my husband licked me to climax. It felt like cheating.

"Come on, I want to know. It's nothing to be ashamed of." On and on he went. Words of love and praise surrounded me as he gently coaxed the truth from me. Questions followed by licks continued over and over. In a frenzied tone I yelled the truth. "Scott! I've wanted to fuck Scott! Are YOU satisfied?"

"Yes." My clit was immediately returned to his mouth as two long fingers slid between my folds. Fingering began and I groaned a sound that was raw and without control. Thrusts and licks continued as I came closer and closer to the goal. Sounds of Ben licking up my juices thrilled me. He always told me how sweet my pussy tasted and listening to his enthusiasm I believed.

Soon my heartbeat thundered through my veins. With breath held I arched my back and began to jerk. Convulsions beyond my control released wave after wave of pure pleasure. As I screamed in release, Ben lapped at my squirting juices. Shaking and still riding small waves of pleasure I yelled for him to stop. Pleasure too intense to bear radiated from my core.

Chuckling softly he increased the pressure on my thighs and began to give small kisses to my mound. Carefully he avoided my throbbing clit. Soon his small kisses included little licks as he forced me towards another orgasm. I begged him to stop. My orgasm had been too big and I was far too sensitive for his mouth.

Ignoring my pleas he continued on as he was. Now his tongue was drawing nearer and nearer to my still throbbing clit.

"Please stop, Baby. I've had enough." He just continued ignoring my pleas as his tongue approached.

Electricity sharp and painful shot from my clit as his searching tongue reached its destination. As I cried out, pain turned to pleasure. Deep inside I felt tension rising in me once more as my clit was manipulated further. Small sucks followed and my intellect fled as I arched my back again. As I imagined sucking Scott off I began to cum. Again juices slippery and sweet flooded my husband's mouth. As the waves began to recede I whimpered like a small child. Not one inch of my body wasn't throbbing as I expressed gratitude over and over again. Looking up with a smug expression on his face he assured me it was his pleasure. Glowing I pulled him to me. My lips hungrily sought out his. Sighing I opened my mouth and greeted his. I savored the flavor of myself on my husband as his tongue dominated my mouth.

And as my husband pulled away and looked down at my sated face he spoke, "You were made for this, you know it and so do I. If any woman could handle two cocks, it's you ... this is going to happen and you are going to love it." Not another word was spoken as we cuddled on our sides. As breath returned I fretted. I wanted to do what he asked. I just didn't want to be that kind of woman.

A morning spent in pleasure led to a most ordinary afternoon. A sunny Saturday in the northwest rain was not an opportunity to miss. My three year old was down for her nap and I happily made a picnic for an early dinner spent outdoors. Two tuna fish sandwiches on rye and one PB&J on white accompanied blackberries and salt and vinegar chips into my wooden basket. Smiling I turned as I heard the screen door open. The look on my husband's face as he stepped into the kitchen told me he was up to something.

With a sneaky smile on his handsome angular face my husband informed me he had to go into the office and would miss our family outing. His expression didn't match his words. Ben adored our three year old daughter and wouldn't normally look excited about disappointing her. My breath caught and my stomach fell as I realized what he was doing.

"Who else is working today?" Nervousness made my words shake.

"Oh, I have a big case starting Monday. I asked Scott if he would mind helping me get ready. You know how he is. He immediately agreed." Laughter accompanied his words as he made a grab for me. "Go ahead and play coy but we both know how this is going to end."

Crossing my arms across my breasts and pouting I turned my back on him. Without delay my husband lunged for me. Giggles erupted as he yanked my body next to his. As his lips sought mine I sighed softly. I was concerned. Telling my husband no in the past had never worked. My being on all fours and being plowed by two cocks is how I feared this would end. If I were honest, I have to admit, I wanted Ben to get his way. I just didn't want to be responsible.

Kisses deep and searching ended way too quickly as my husband released me. Smiling broadly he headed to the kitchen door. With one last look he told me to get pretty. He was going to ask Scott to join him tonight on our covered terrace for a cigar. My breath caught as I felt my body come alive. Every inch of me screamed to be touched but I only told my husband not to get his hopes up. I hadn't decided. His blue eyes mocked me as he left. We both knew I was going to play along and we both knew I wanted to.

As thoughts came to me and ran through me I stood staring at his departing figure. It had been less than a day since he had dropped this bomb an now I was supposed to prepare myself. I should have been pissed. I wasn't. I was horny. Tingling occurred simultaneously throughout my body as I unconsciously stroked my erect nipples.

As my mind played with images of my husband handing me over to another naval officer I began to cook. Too agitated to sit I baked with enthusiasm. Blackberries picked with my daughter were transformed into perfectly prepared pies. A bachelor, Scott always praised my cooking. His compliments were so over the top I would always feel myself blush. He would be pleased when I offered him something homemade to eat.

Surprised that my daughter still slept I decided to get a quick shower. Just as I was heading down the large hallway the phone rang. Walking quickly back to my kitchen I grabbed the receiver. A voice filled with amusement met my ear. Dawn a fellow officer's wife and mother of three was laughing about my husband. Apparently Ben had called her husband and asked for a favor. The type no serviceman would deny another brother. Ben had requested "alone time" with me and now Dawn had agreed to babysit our three year old overnight. A Little shocked I told her to come on over and headed to wake my sleeping daughter.

A couple of hours later as I handed my daughter over to a grinning Dawn I felt like a character in a movie. Everything seemed surreal as I listened to her gush in the background. If only she knew what she was helping Ben do. Would she be smiling so conspiratorially?

"Mindy! You're not listening to a word I'm saying!" Looking down at me, Dawn shook her head and laughed. Naturally rounded, the curvy brunette loved everything about sex. At wives parties and after a few margaritas she was the one that always turned the subject to sex. And when husbands deployed she always came by with a bag of chocolates and double AA batteries for lonely nights. You couldn't help but like her.

Apologizing for not listening I explained I was just surprised at Ben's request. It wasn't our anniversary or any other special occasion. Hoping I was convincing I shrugged and grinned. Would Dawn do what I was doing in the same situation I wondered? With a wink she reminded me how lucky I was to be married to a man that insisted on having me all to himself. I felt my face fall as she turned around and walked away holding my daughters hand.

"All to himself!" The words had annoyed me but I couldn't deny the thrill that shot through me when I heard them. Feeling agitated I headed back inside to prepare for the evening.

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