tagNonHumanOrc Raid

Orc Raid


Amiri watched the distant orc raiding party returning with slender elven captives slung over several broad shoulders. This was all her fault. Not that any of this had been her intention, all she had wanted to do was survive. She shivered slightly in the early morning breeze and tucked a wandering tendril of red-gold hair behind her delicately pointed ear. She still wasn't used to being naked all the time. Not that she had any shame left about it anymore, but the cooler morning air did make her wish for a robe or a cloak or something to protect her fair skin. She stood just beyond the doorway of the rude hut belonging to her orc Master. She could go inside to escape the errant breezes but something held her where she was despite the cold. She wrapped her slender arms around herself and closed her green eyes, letting her mind wander back to that evening over a year ago when the orcs had raided her small village.


Amiri had been caught on the outskirts of the village when the orcs attacked. Like the rest of the villagers she had raced for the central hall where the elven warriors were sure to gather to make their stand against the small war band. Her heart raced with terror as she ran. Most of the elves who lived on the edges of the village were "undesirables" and no one would be risking their lives to save a worthless halfblood like her or the others. Screams rose up around her but she stayed silent, saving her breath for the run. She dodged the swing of one war axe and leapt over the crumpled, headless body of a villager, daring to hope that she might actually escape the carnage. Naturally that's when a big green hand gripped the back of her gown, abruptly halting her headlong flight and sending her tumbling to the ground as the flimsy fabric tore in the burly orc's grip. Terror gripped her as she rolled over and scrabbled to her knees, seeing the bulky greenish-grey figure scowling over her with a huge axe held high in one upraised hand. The orc was easily twice the width of any elven male she knew and a good head taller. Panicked, she flung out her hands, screaming,

"No! Please, don't kill me!"

Desperate to distract the orc and halt the downward swing of the big axe, she tore open the front of her gown, spilling her full, firm breasts into view as she cried out,

"Please! Spare me and I will pleasure you!"

As the village whore, Amiri was accustomed to trading sex for her survival and could only hope that her desperate gambit might work on the big orc warrior. She knew nothing of orc women but the males were similar to other men, if larger and differently colored. Surely orc women had breasts, at least? If her human mother had bequeathed anything to Amiri besides the lush curves that graced her slender form, it was a fierce desire to live.

Her breasts heaved with her frantic pants, the pale round globes rising and falling rapidly as her rosy nipples stiffened from their exposure to the cool air. The orc's gaze was drawn to the movement of the pale creamy orbs and his hand froze in the air, axe still raised threateningly as his tongue slid over his broad lips, flicking the edge of his outslung fangs. Amiri shuffled closer, still on her knees, arching her back to thrust her breasts up and out, trying to point her hardened nipples directly at his face to keep the orc's dark eyes on her ample bosom.

The orc tilted his head slightly, letting the hand holding the big axe drop to his side, staring down at the beautiful half elven woman and her exposed breasts and growled out,

"How you pleasure me? Orc can't fuck elf. Elf too little. Orc too big."

To illustrate his point, the orc used his free hand to pull aside his loincloth, showing her his massive, semi-erect cock. Amiri's eyes widened a bit and she couldn't hold back a gasp and shiver at the sight of the huge member stiffening under her gaze. The orc's big green cock was a good 12 inches long, even before it was fully erect, and as thick as her wrist, still swelling at her attention. It was covered with warty protrusions, the lumps and bumps and ridges of darker green veins making the jutting flesh resemble nothing so much as an enormous pickle. Still, she licked her lips and took heart from the fact that this orc could obviously speak a little elven and had been at least partially aroused by her offer. She gave him her best seductive smile and purred,

"True, you are very big, but not as big as an elven baby's head."

She raised her hands, holding them out on either side of the orc's erection as if cradling the head of a baby and then brought them together to wrap them around his shaft and stroke her soft, warm hands up and down the thick length, watching it swell further under her ministrations. Carefully, she leaned in and licked the head, swirling her tongue around the little ridge between the head and shaft. Moving a little closer on her knees, she took care to keep her back arched, so the orc could still see her outthrust breasts as he watched her tongue and hands move over his hot, hard flesh. To her surprise she found the taste of his flesh rather pleasant under her tongue and the heat and rough texture of the shaft felt good as it throbbed eagerly under her stroking hands.

The orc groaned and let the axe fall from his grip onto the ground with a thud as he watched the curvaceous elf stroke and lick his hardening cock. He pulled his loincloth completely off and then thrust both hands into the soft masses of her red-gold curls and roughly yanked her forward, pushing his cockhead between her lush red lips with a grunt.

Amiri knew what the orc intended from the moment his hands grabbed her head and made sure to open her mouth wide as he shoved his cock further into her warm, wet mouth. His shaft was so thick that her jaw ached at the way it distended her mouth, but she kept her wide green eyes focused on his face and continued to lave her tongue across the underside of his twitching erection. A part of her felt as if she should be repulsed to be lavishing such attentions on a big ugly orc, but she pushed that part down and let herself acknowledge only the thrill of hope that sizzled through her at the apparent success of her seduction. If it meant she would live, she would happily suck a hundred lumpy green orc cocks!

Amiri continued to caress the exposed portion of the orc's shaft with her soft hands even as she did her best to suckle it deeper into her mouth. The orc's breathing quickened and came in panted moans and groans now as he stared down at her face with glazed black eyes. His deep voice was thick and nearly unintelligable as he groaned out,

"Good elf, pretty elf... me no kill."

Amiri's heart sang at this assertion but she was a bit confused as he dragged her mouth from his cock and pulled her up by the grip of his hands in her hair. As she rose to her feet he shifted his grip to her narrow waist and tugged her up even higher against his broad chest, bending her back as he buried his face between her full breasts, nuzzling and licking between and across the rounded globes. She reached out and grasped hold of his broad shoulders with a gasp as her feet dangled in his strong grip. She barely felt it as the orc moved, carrying her easily even as his thick, long tongue slowly licked over every curve of her breasts before taking one hardened nipple into his mouth and suckling on it. He laid her down on a patch of thick grass and slid one hand up over her midriff to her other breast, squeezing the soft flesh in his rough palm and then tugging and tweaking her stiff nipple. The other hand slid down over her taut belly and pressed between her legs, stroking at the lips of her sex under the thin fabric of her torn gown.

Amiri shifted helpfully, pulling off the remnants of her gown and spreading her legs to press the lips of her hairless pussy up against the stroking fingers. As she did so, the orc lifted his mouth from her saliva moistened nipple and stared into her eyes with a hot, hungry look and said,


Amiri blinked in confusion, not understanding and repeated questioningly,


The orc nodded and said,

"Me Bargak. When I fuck you, you scream Bargak."

Amiri smiled and nodded submissively, replying,

"Right, Bargak. I'm Amiri."

Bargak turned his attention back to the breast his fingers still toyed with and muttered,


As he pressed the thick fingers of his other hand between her lower lips and began to stroke them up and down her moist slit.

Amiri moaned and jerked her hips upwards, trying to rub against his stroking fingers harder as the roughened tips pressed and scratched over her delicate inner tissues and sent delightful shivers through her body, gasping out,

"Close enough."

Her own hands lifted to stroke and caress Bargak's tough skin, sliding over his face, down his neck and across his broad chest. Her eyes flickered closed to enjoy the sensations caused by his surprisingly gentle caresses and probings. Her pussy was beginning to get very wet as his fingers continued to play up down her slit, lightly stroking the moist flesh and teasingly moving over the entrance to her cunt without ever quite penetrating her. His mouth had returned to her breast, sucking on her stiff nipples in turn, tugging on the taut peaks oh so gently as his palm moved over the soft flesh of her breasts. The roughness of the skin of his hands added an extra sensory thrill to every caress as it scraped slightly over her soft skin. The slow movements of his hands and mouth over her body soon had her arching and bucking beneath him, moaning eagerly,

"Please, oh please, Bargak, more!"

At her urging he slowly pressed the tip of one finger into her now wet and eager cunt, making her lift her widespread knees and plant her feet on the grass so that she could lift her her hips higher, urging him silently to push the finger deeper. She wrapped her arms as far around his broad chest as she could, digging her fingernails against his tough skin and squirming to get closer. Bargak slid his thick finger deeper into her tight hole and began slowly moving it in and out of her hot, slick tunnel as her hips jerked and rocked against his hand in urgent need. After only a few strokes of his finger, he slid another thick digit in along with the first, stroking and stretching Amiri's tight cunt deliciously. She cried out in loss as the fingers were removed and Bargak moved away from her body, but he returned quickly, positioning himself between her thighs and stroking his massive cock with one hand as he pressed the fat head against her weeping slit.

Amiri's heated cry combined with Bargak's deep groan as he slowly pressed the tip of his cock into her wet, hot pussy. She reached out her hands to grasp his thick waist and pull him closer, even as the orc's massive green cock began to slowly press into her tight little cunt. She briefly wondered if he had been right after all and the huge rod would split her in two as her moist walls were stretched tightly around the penetrating shaft. She gave a brief scream of mingled pain and pleasure as Bargak withdrew slightly and then thrust in harder and deeper. Hearing her, the orc stilled for a bit before slowly pressing his lumpy cock farther into her tight passage. Amiri tossed her head to and fro on the grass, clinging weakly to Barguk as she bucked beneath him, loving the feeling of his giant cock stretching and filling her. She couldn't believe the way he kept pausing to allow her to adjust to having his huge member inside her.

All she had ever been told of orcs had taught her that they were brutal, savage beasts, loving to hurt and kill and she had fully expected a vicious pounding and to perhaps be left broken and bleeding after this encounter. Instead the orc had been gentle and careful with her, letting her set the pace. Slowly, inch by inch, her hot, slick cunt stretched around and sheathed the entirety of the orc's mighty cock. As her slick walls pulsed gently around the thick invader penetrating her so deeply, she bucked slightly against Bargak's pelvis, ready for him to move. The big orc gently stroked his hand along her cheek and stared into her eyes as he began to withdraw and thrust back into her moist, heated depths. Amiri rocked her hips with the delicious motion, crying out softly with each deep penetration, loving the way the bumps and lumps of the orc's cock stroked and stimulated her inner flesh. Bargak started with slow thrusts, but quickly picked up the pace, driving his giant cock to the hilt into her wet depths again and again.

Amiri could feel astonishing sensations building within her as her inner walls were stroked and massaged by the cock moving so lusciously within her. Bargak shifted, lifting her slightly and clutching her ass hard with his big hands as he began to drive into her even more swiftly, pounding his pelvis against the soft curves of her ass, his heavy green balls slapping rythmically against her pale flesh. Her breasts bounced and bobbled on her chest with the force of his thrusts and Amiri was lost in sensation, quickly driven to a shattering orgasm as she screamed Bargak's name in the throes of ecstasy, her body stiffening and shaking helplessly as her cunt shuddered around the driving cock still moving within her. Dimly she heard Bargak's own deep bellow as he thrust deeply inside of her and then came himself, the hot jets of his seed spurting into her, filling her to overflowing and bathing her womb in molten splashes of cum.

Gone now were all thoughts of mere survival as she panted and moaned in bliss under the big orc. Never had she been so deliciously teased and tormented. Certainly she had never been so filled and stretched. Her elven customers were not ones for sweet caresses or slow touches. Most often they came to her for a quick fuck and then left. They seldom cared if she got any enjoyment from the encounter at all. After all, they were paying her for their own pleasure, not hers. How ironic that a 'brutal orc' had given her one of the best sexual experiences of her life.

Amiri slowly blinked her eyes as she came back to herself and smiled dreamily at Bargak's face. The big orc lay partially on top of her and partially to the side, sparing her from being crushed by his great weight. He smiled back at her and raised a hand to stroke her cheek and hair gently. Slowly he pulled away from her, his now flaccid cock sliding from her well-fucked cunt with a squishy slurp as their mingled juices gushed from her and poured down her ass and thighs. Bargak rose and then bent to lift Amiri to her feet. Her legs felt like jelly and she staggered a bit and might have fallen if he hadn't quickly grasped her around the waist with one big arm. He patted her ass with a satisfied grunt and said,

"Pretty 'Miri. Good elf. I keep."

Amiri barely had a chance to decipher his words before he hefted her up easily and slung her across his broad shoulder. That was the last Amiri ever saw of her village as Bargak carried her off to his own home in the orc stronghold high in the mountains.


Several things had become clearer to her since then. She had learned a lot more about orcs, for one thing. She'd finally seen an orc female and she'd realized how terribly susceptible to her blandishments any male orc would have been. She could almost laugh now at how worried she'd been, praying that her gamble would pay off. Since only the chieftan of any orc stronghold was allowed to have wives and produce children, all the other orc warriors were pent up masses of raging hormones. No wonder they were so aggressive! Her eyes opened and she looked back out towards the returning raiding party. Since Bargak had returned home with her, his very own elven sex slave, the taking of such captives had become very popular. She picked out at least 4 -no wait- 5 captives in the returning group. She puffed out a breath of guilt. She would have to do her best to help them adjust. Hopefully she could convince them to agree with her that being an orc's slave was better than death.

A happy cry of,


pulled her from her thoughts and a wide smile broke out across her face, matching the one on the face of Bargak. He broke from the group of approaching warriors and hurried over to pick her up, lifting her high in the air before pulling her in and clutching her tightly against his broad green chest, stroking one big hand up and over her hair and down her back. It was amazing how handsome his face seemed to her now. How had she ever considered him ugly? She pressed her hands to either side of his face and leaned in for a deep passionate kiss as he carried her into his hut.

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