tagLoving WivesOur Complete Transformation Ch. 04

Our Complete Transformation Ch. 04


Part 4 -- A Voyeur Revealed

(A multi-part story about how my wife moved our marriage into a whole new open lifestyle. Our discovering of her bisexuality, my voyeuristic leanings and our complete transformation into a new sexual existence.

I strongly encourage you to read the previous installments of this story before continuing. But if not it all started with a wild night out with my wife, her hot sexy friend, a hung stranger they met on the dance floor and some revelations from my wife about her planned, but ruined, first bisexual experience and then her fascination with a huge cocked stranger)


Mark's big dick was still rock hard and pointing about halfway toward the ceiling. Renee noticed this and quickly moved her body so she was facing away from him and toward me. She threw her leg over his torso to straddle his waist. She held his prick up across her belly stroking it seemingly fascinated, it reached all the way to her navel. Levering herself up she had a great deal of trouble balancing herself high enough to get above the tip of his cock. She moved herself above him running the tip of his cock across and between the glistening lips of her wet pussy.

She hovered there for a moment balancing herself holding onto him with both hands, looking at me. Seeing my hand wrapped around my own rock hard cock, she smiled. She moved to get herself lined up continuing to slide the head of his prick across the lips of her pussy. He was still wet from her sucking and she was soaking so I assumed she was just teasing me a little. She was easily wet enough.

Slowly, she began to lower herself onto him, the big head splitting the lips of her sex and disappearing inside her. She never looked away from me, her eyes never left me and mine never left her pussy as she engulfed the huge cock a little at a time.

She paused about halfway down the monster between her legs. It looked like she may have taken all she could. I looked up into her eyes and she smiled at me again and began to lift herself back off his cock. She still had one hand firmly grasping the base of his shaft, the portion sliding from inside her glistened, completely coated with her juice. It was a hugely erotic and sexual display.

Once she had pulled several inches from inside her she reversed direction and once again began to engulf him. This time our eyes stayed locked together as she descended inch by inch until she threw her head back and groaned loudly.

The orgasm erupted from her, the cum splashing from her pussy across his thighs and actually spraying out onto the end of the bed and even out onto the floor. It was absolutely amazing. I had made her cum thousands of times before but watching her orgasm from this perspective made my heart race and my cock pulse in rhythm.

After several strong pulses of cum spraying from her body I thought she was going to collapse. But Mark's hands on her hips held her tightly and kept her upright on his prick, completely buried all the way to his balls. It was hard to believe that the entire thing fit up inside her.

Once again he allowed her a few seconds to recover then his hands and hips combined to withdraw part of his cock from her pussy. I could see a couple of inches of shaft before he pushed firmly back into her. It didn't look like she was even participating in this, I wasn't sure she was even conscious. She had been known to pass out occasionally after a rather intense orgasm.

He continued to fuck her. Slowly she started to recover and became more animated as I watched, firmly fucking my own cock with my hand in time with their movements. I could see a little more of his fat shaft each time he pulled out. She was coming almost constantly now, not gushing across the room like the initial flood but it was clearly visible running from her pussy and down over his balls and between his legs.

After several minutes of this he pushed her up and all the way off, his cock audibly popped as it exited her body. It was completely coated with her cum. She climbed off and knelt beside him, leaning over she swallowed what she could deep into her mouth. But that wasn't what he was after.

He extricated himself from her and climbed from the bed. He maneuvered her so that her hips were at the bed's edge and he stood between her thighs, her legs lifted up into his arms. "Put it in." he told her. "Grab my cock and put it inside you."

She did as she was told. She grasped the shaft about halfway down and guided him as he pushed toward her. I watched spellbound as he entered her again. Never slowing at all he steadily pushed until his entire length was as deep in her as possible, she groaned again. The lust obvious on her face, in her voice and throughout her body.

Now he began to fuck her... hard. Pulling the big prick almost completely from her body before forcefully shoving it back in to the hilt. Her body shuddered with each stroke. My cock throbbed with each stroke. I couldn't take my eyes off them, off her, off it.

She was soon coming again, her head thrashing from side to side as he fucked her. She came over and over. I was now fisting my own cock as hard and fast as he pounded her, I couldn't help it, I was so enthralled watching my wife get fucked that it was almost like I was part of it.

Then it happened. Mark moaned loudly and shoved himself hard as deep into her as he could. His body stiffened, it was obvious he was coming and filling her.

It was the most erotic thing I had ever seen in my life. I couldn't stop and my own cum shot from me straight up into the air and out onto the floor. Jet after jet exploded from the end of my cock, it was uncontrollable and one of the best orgasms I had ever experienced.

Mark collapsed beside Renee, she didn't move and I simply sat where I was, all of us catching our breath for a minute or two. I watched Renee and could see the cum beginning to leak from her body. I had watched this before but it had always been my cum not someone else's. I actually found it arousing and my softening cock twitched at the sight.

Renee rolled over and looked at me. She noticed my spent cock and asked, "What happened to your hard on honey, I wanted you to fuck me now?"

"I got a little too excited watching, it was really hot and I couldn't help myself."

Mark lay there watching us and listening.

"I better go get something to clean the carpet, we both sprayed all over it. They were both some pretty unbelieveable orgasms." I moved to the bathroom and flipped the facet on to warm while I grabbed several wash cloths.

After wiping myself I took the warm towels back into the bedroom. I started to hand Mark and Renee one each but was shocked to see Renee had Mark's semi hard prick back in her mouth. I watched for a second noticing that she could take much more of it since it wasn't fully erect.

I lay the two cloths I had brought for them on the night stand and began wiping my cum up off the carpet. I went back into the bath and rinsed it good then went back and cleaned the area where I thought Renee's squirting orgasm had splashed.

When I was done and stood up I was surprised to see that Mark had a serious hard-on again. Renee was stroking it's base and fucking what she could get into her mouth. I quickly took the washcloth I had in hand back and tossed it into the sink and returned. This time sitting on the side of the bed opposite Mark and watching more closely.

With Renee's head in his lap her hips and ass were pushed out toward me. I ran my hand across her hip and down toward her sex. She moaned a little around Mark's cock and I continued further. My hand continuing down between the cheeks of her ass. She shifted a little and spread herself for me a little allowing me access to her dripping pussy.

I ran my fingers across her lips and could feel his cum. She was very wet from the combination of his cum and her explosive orgasms. I easily slipped two fingers inside her and fucked them in and out quickly, their cum thoroughly coating my fingers and hand. She was loose and open, 'My god, my whole hand could easily slide into her right now" I thought to myself

After fucking several fingers into and out of her a few times I pulled them from her and she groaned, "Oh don't stop. Fuck me."

"I'll fuck you, Mark volunteered." Renee pulled her mouth of his cock and turned slightly to look at me. Seeing my cock was only starting its recuperation process she looked into my eyes, pleadingly expressing her desire for my consent. I nodded just slightly while thinking back to what it was like being 15 years younger and able to recuperate that quickly.

She let go of his big rock hard prick and turned so her ass was facing Mark with her head facing me. She noticed my hand covered with their combined juices and grasping my wrist pulled my fingers toward her mouth. Lovingly she began to lick and suck the cum from each one.

She stiffened suddenly and I knew Mark had just pushed that monster back into her. "Oh ffffuuuccckkk." She groaned as he pushed farther into her.

Once he was completely buried deeply inside my lovely wife she relaxed and began to once again clean their cum from my fingers and hand. He slowly began to fuck her from behind. I could just see the shaft near the base of his cock when he pulled out before slowly forcing it back into her.

Renee moaned again. It was painfully obvious that she really enjoyed having that big prick buried inside her. But even with the slight jealous feelings it was still unbelievably erotic and my own dick throbbed hearing the lust in her voice.

She notice my twitching cock and leaned a little further over so she could take me into her mouth. Sucking it deeply she swallowed almost all of my semi-hard shaft.

I love having my cock in Renee's mouth, she gives an amazing blowjob and didn't take long before her suckling mouth and the erotic scene before me had me standing tall once again. I felt her body stiffen and she took as much of my cock into her mouth as she could. I could feel her orgasm move through her body coming from the big cock in her pussy all the way up and through her mouth.

She loved to suck cock and had cum on many occasions from just fucking me with her mouth. But this felt somehow different than the other times she had cum with me in her mouth. I can't really describe it but it felt stronger and more intense and I throbbed from the sensation.

Mark never slowed, his hips pushing his cock steadily into and out of her flaming pussy. Her orgasm, while not as intense as those first few, seemed to last quite a while. She tried unsuccessfully to continue sucking me while it coursed through her body and Mark continued to fuck her but mostly she just held me in her mouth until her body relaxed.

She took my cock from her mouth looked up into my eyes and mouthed, "Thank You." Without actually saying anything. I smiled at her and grasped her hand giving it a loving squeeze.

We stayed like that for a few seconds, looking into each other's eyes, our hands firmly clasped together while Mark continued to plow his big prick in and out of her. It wasn't long before she was on the verge of another orgasm.

Releasing her hand I shifted so that I could reach her pussy. Moving my hand between her legs I found her clit and ran my fingers across it firmly. "OH FUCK, YES!" She groaned loudly. I could feel Mark moving in and out, it was pulling her clit back and forth. I simply held my fingers firmly against it as his fat cock moved it back and forth.

Another guttural sound came from deep inside her as the next orgasm struck. The cum once again erupting from inside her steaming down across my fingers and hand in a continuous flow.

Her contracting pussy must have been the last push Mark needed. He moaned loudly and pushed his hips firmly against her ass, his cock buried as deeply it would go.

My hand had moved from her pussy when he shoved into her but was still pressed against her just below the navel. I was sure I could feel his cock pulsing as he released deeply inside her, much deeper than I had ever been.

They continued to throb and spasm together, each relishing the intense orgasm coursing through their bodies. My own cock pulsed and I grasped myself with my other hand and squeezed it hard. I couldn't remember being this fucking hard since I was a teenager after having cum just a few minutes earlier.

Slowly their orgasms subsided, Mark pulled his dripping cock from her inside her, Renee collapsed with her head on my thigh. She noticed me stroking myself and smiled. "Did you like that baby? It looks like it from the size of that hard-on."

I continued to fist my rock hard cock while she watched for a minute. "Why don't you shove that beautiful cock into me." She asked.

I needed no further encouragement. I pushed her over onto her back and maneuvered myself between her thighs. Taking her legs in my arms I lifted her hips. I paused and took a good look between her legs, her inner thighs glistened with their combined cum, the lips of her pussy were deep red and swollen, her hole gaping open seemingly in invitation and his thick white cum oozed from her and seeped down across her ass. The blood in my cock pulsed at the sight and ached to slide into her.

I leaned forward, my cock finding her entrance on its own, it needed no guidance as the head pushed past the lips firmly imbedding itself inside her my hips pushed forward, the sensation amazing as I moved deeper. Her pussy was hotter than I could ever remember, she was considerably more open than I had ever felt, his cum flowed around my cock filling every gap and crevice.

I had fucked Renee and other women many times after I had filled them with cum but this was different. I don't know whether it was in my mind or what but I had never felt a pussy engulf my cock like this before, it seemed to suck me in deeper all by itself. It was absolutely the best fucking pussy I had ever had.

Mark had moved around and knelt beside her head, his cock was still semi-hard, large and covered with their cum. He offered it to her lips and she eagerly accepted it. I watched as she engulfed the head sucking it into her mouth. Fucking her in this position, my leaning above her, had this happening just in front of me. I watched fascinated and she made love to this stranger's big prick with her mouth while his cum flowed around my own cock, coating my shaft and lubricating it as I fucked my own wife.

We continued like this several minutes, the full length of my cock moving into and out of her pussy while her mouth sucked and licked the mostly flaccid but still huge cock of this young stranger. Every few minutes another orgasm coursing through her body driving me quite mad with lust. I was nearing the point of no return and apparently Renee sensed it. She pulled away from Mark, grabbed the back of my head and pulled me in for a kiss just as I exploded inside her. Her tongue pushed into my mouth with passion as she kissed me very erotically, my cum mixing with her recent lover's and overflowing from her already full pussy.

I could taste the mixture of their cum, my prick pulsed again at the eroticism of it. I couldn't believe how much cum I produced and pumped inside her considering my earlier monster explosion all over the carpet.

Finally my orgasm subsided and my cock began to soften, Renee and I continued to kiss deeply and passionately until I slipped from inside her. I rolled over on my back completely spent.

She moved up, leaned down and gently took my soft cum covered cock into her mouth and appeared to savor the taste of our combined orgasms. When she had sucked and licked all the remnants from me she once again came up and kissed me forcing me to taste us on her lips and tongue as she forced it into my mouth.

Pulling away she quietly whispered "I love you." before moving from the bed and toward the bathroom.

I lay there spent, noticing for the first time that the bed beneath me was soaking wet. Mark had moved off and followed Renee into the bath where I heard both the faucet and shower begin running.

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