tagGroup SexOur First Swinger's House Party

Our First Swinger's House Party


In our early days of our sexual adventure, my husband and I were invited to attend a party attended by swingers. We had been intimate with only two other couples plus a single man that had introduced us to the world of sex. But this was our first party and though we were eager to attend, we were still very nervous about it all.

I could go into how we were invited but needless to say you would be bored. So let's just say we arrived at the appointed time at a very large house that we found out later was owned by a fairly wealthy older couple who were hosting the party and were there to partake in the activities. We were introduced to Sonia who was 65 and her husband Frank, who was 67. Sonia looked stunning and was dressed in a very revealing outfit that showed off her very curvy body. I learned that day that my husband had kept a secret from me since we were married: that one of his great sexual turn-ons was mature women. The older the better.

We were shown around the party and found that there were about ten other couples there. I don't know what I was expecting but everyone looked so normal and proper looking. There were no great beauties or handsome hunks, but since my husband and I were in our early 40s, we didn't think we should complain much.

The party got started and we got ourselves a glass of wine (only one glass for the entire evening, we didn't want to get intoxicated) and started mingling with the others. Most were very up-front about their experiences which took us back a bit since we were still fairly new to all this and were amazed that everyone here was so open about things. We found that no one was expected to do anything they didn't want to do which gave us some relief since we didn't know if we even wanted to pursue anything.

Eventually an older gentleman came up to us with his wife. They were in their late 50s named Sylvia, and Lou, but both seemed very fit and healthy. They were very knowledgeable and said that they had been swinging for about five-years. We had a good talk with them and they told us about their experiences over the years which were fascinating.

Again, to make a long story short I won't go into the details of everything that happened that night and who we talked with. Needless to say that we decided to go for it and let Sylvia and Lou be the ones who introduced us to sex at a swinger's party.

We decided on a same room swap and found an empty room upstairs. The rule of the house was that all doors, except the bathroom, had to be kept open (and no sex in the bathroom). I was nervous at first but as soon as we got into the room I found myself in good hands. Sylvia took the initiative and disrobed first soon followed by Lou. I hesitated for a moment but then thought what the heck and did the same. My husband Steven soon had his clothing off and was in good hands with Sylvia.

It took me a little bit to totally relax since I wasn't used to an audience watching us from the doorway. But Lou was very good at getting me to relax and knew where to touch me, so I began to feel very good. I remember being on my back and letting myself go and putting myself in Lou's hands, literally. His head was soon between my legs licking my clitoris, and it felt very, very good. When I looked over at Steven, I saw that his head was also buried between Sylvia's legs and by the expression on her face, he had found his mark.

I orgasm very easily, especially during oral sex, and today was no exception. Lou knew exactly where to lick, suck, and kiss because I was soon feeling an ocean wave of pleasure sweeping over my body. I held onto his head at the height of my pleasure and only let go when the pleasure subsided. I was very satisfied and relaxed and I saw Lou get up and go to the table. While he was there I saw Sylvia on top of Steven unrolling a condom and placing it on his penis.

Lou came back from the table with an open condom which he was placing on his own penis. I was still on my back and knew what was coming next so I parted my legs and waited for Lou to mount me. As he did I adjusted myself to his weight and then waited for him to enter me.

He teased me a bit with his penis and then I felt the tip of him at my entrance pushing in and I felt another wave of pleasure as the head of his circumcised penis stretched my opening. He went in slowly but soon was inside of me all the way. He let me get used to him before he started thrusting and again it felt wonderful.

I love intercourse. Even without an orgasm having a actually inside of you is the most awesome and sexy feeling a woman can have. Of course I want an orgasm, but if for some reason I don't, I still feel most satisfied with a man moving inside of me.

I've found from talking with other woman that I'm one of the lucky ones who can orgasm with just a penis alone. Of course I love stimulation in all its forms. I love for my clitoris to be rubbed, you can't go wrong with oral sex, and put me in the spooning position and stimulate my clitoris at the same time while you are inside me and I'm yours to command. But I can usually orgasm with just a moving penis if I'm in the right mood for sex.

In this case I was in the mood and I relished Lou's movements inside of me. After awhile he got a bit tired in the missionary position so we changed positions and I got on top of him and sat down on his penis and continued the stimulation of my clitoris. I actually don't like to try that many sexual positions. I prefer missionary, me on top, and spooning. I will do others now and then, but get me into one of those positions and I'm very happy.

So here I was sitting on top of Lou with his still erect penis inside of me. I was able to move just right and hit my clitoris where it needed to be stimulated and it soon paid off and I felt the second wave of pleasure move throughout my shivering body. Once the pleasure was over with I stopped to relax and looked over and saw that my husband was on top of Sylvia moving between her legs. She had her legs wrapped around Steven's waist with her eyes closed. She looked like she was in heaven.

I normally have two, maybe three orgasms before my body calls it quits depending on how powerful they were. In this case both the orgasms I had with Lou were very intense and I doubted that I could achieve another one, so I asked Lou if he would take me in the missionary position and finish off inside of me.

He didn't protest and I got onto my back and spread my legs once again and readied myself to receive Lou into my body. He swiftly mounted me, entering me in one quick movement and I responded by wrapping my legs around his waist and holding onto his back. He began to moving between my legs and I just closed my eyes and enjoyed myself. Though I knew I wasn't going to come again I didn't mind and just concentrated on my intimacy with Lou.

He lasted perhaps five minutes before he told me that he was coming and I held onto him as he I heard him moaning just before he emptied himself inside of me (with a condom of course). He collapsed on top of me and was breathing hard, and for a moment, I thought he was going to have a heart attack, but he soon relaxed and got off of me and lay down next to me.

He took off his condom and I could see that it was filled which made me happy since I was obviously stimulating enough for Lou to get him to release a lot of sperm. I only wish I could have had that sperm inside of me instead of being wasted inside a condom because, as my husband loves to be intimate with mature women, I love for a man to release his sperm inside of me (bareback sex). But because of STDs I have to be careful, so my guilty pleasure is rarely fulfilled. However, seeing Lou's sperm inside that condom almost made me wish I didn't have that rule. Oh well, I knew I would at least be able to get my husband's sperm inside of me later.

Steven was still going at it with Sylvia and we both watched as they continued with their fun. After about ten minutes I heard the telltale sign from Steven that he was making his release and I heard a little whimper from Sylvia as Steven gave her a few powerful last thrusts just before his orgasm.

All four of us relaxed and talked for a bit before getting dressed and going back down stairs. I felt wonderful since I was no longer a "house party virgin." I had done something that I thought I'd never do in a million years and actually enjoyed myself doing it.

I didn't have the energy or heart to have another go with a different man so I called it quits for the night as did Steven. We relaxed and chatted with some others and just watched the action before things petered out. We then said our goodbyes and left.

That was the story of my first time at a swinger's house party. It wasn't our last party but as the years past I found my tastes narrowing to a more selective type of sex as did my husband. But we enjoyed ourselves at the house parties we did attend and have no regrets.

I have many other stories to tell from my ten-year's experience in the world of naughty sex.


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