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Although I had assured Al that he had taken my virginity just before we were married, I had lost my virginity a couple of years before we were married. We had fucked only a couple of times before the engagement, but once I had the ring, I told him "no more funny stuff until after the wedding." I honestly had no idea how this would forever change our life together.

I had been with only five men before Al. Of the five, three of them had cocks which were noticeably larger than his. The other two were about the same size. Wade and BJ had the ability to last a very long time. Wade's dick was much larger than Al's modest 6 inches. B.J.'s dick was about the same size as Al's.

I managed to put this out of my mind, as Al had my heart, I had had a crush on him when I was in college some years before. I had dreamed about being with him and my heart told me he was "the one." Our first night together he had fucked my slow and gentle until I came. It was different, and I liked the change. I assumed that he loved me and that he was being gentle thinking that he was de-flowering me. To make matters worse, all of the guys before I was married would fuck me hard and fast. Of the five, two were able to last more than 3 to 5 minutes before they came.

It was not long until I tired of his slow and deliberate way of fucking. Al would go on and on, sometimes for well over an hour, until I came. Sometimes he would cum, sometimes not. My pussy was often sore and he could not understand why I did not want to fuck every day. My mind would drift back to Wade, whose dick was larger and who would pound my pussy like a jack hammer. But, I had married Al, and I loved him. I thought about telling him to fuck me faster and harder, but I was 8 years younger than he and very much afraid that he would feel back about me evaluating his way of fucking. Furthermore, I did not know how to tell him to fuck me harder and faster without betraying the fact that I had been fucked that way by others before the wedding.

Things worsened after the birth of our first child. I with that, my pussy was not quite as tight as before and his 6 inches was even less effective in satisfying me. Eventually I got up the courage to buy a dildo, I got one about the same size as I remembered Wade's cock as being. At first I was shy about using it in front of Al, but long ago my refusals had resulted in his masturbation.

Al seemed to enjoy knowing that I was using my toy and I sure enjoyed the orgasms. He started talking about wanting to see me fuck somebody else. At first I was hurt by his suggestions, but then I started fantasying about being with some faceless stranger. That it was his dick, not a dildo that I had in my pussy. Never-the-less, I was resolved not to "cheat" on my husband, I had made vows to him, in front of my parents and before God. I would not cheat! Even with his permission.

For several years I would fuck Al two or three times a month, and use my fingers or my toy as often as I needed to satisfy myself. I would masturbate when he was at work, in the shower when he was watching TV, or sometimes after he was asleep. I did not want to hurt his feelings by letting him know that my sex drive was that of an average woman, but that he just did not satisfy me enough and that I needed a bigger cock which would fill me up inside, like he never could.

As time went on, Al's sexual drive diminished and eventually it became more difficult for him to get a hard on. I love my husband and even though his cock didn't fill me up, I still liked having him inside of me, feeling his weight on top of me. He was pushing 50 and I was turning forty. My sex drive was increasing and his was diminishing.

Over the years Al had continued to try and convince me to go ahead and fuck another man. I had resisted, even when we visited a sex club in San Francisco. I had watched while he sucked the tits of two much younger blonds while they took turns eating each other's pussy. But when another guy touched my breast, I suggested we go to another room.

When my company sent me to Palm Springs for a long seminar, Al quipped "What happens in Palm Spring, stay's in Palm Springs."

"What do you mean by that?" I asked as if I had no idea what he meant.

"You know, if some good looking guy buys you a drink, you will just relax and have a good time!" He answered.

"What exactly do you mean by 'good time'?" I smiled as I made him say what he meant.

"Ok, I'm just saying, if a guy asks you up to his room you'll not back out like last time." He finished, referring to the last time I went out of town, and a man bought me a drink and asked me up to his room. That was over five years ago, and back when Al could still get his cock rock hard.

"What about if a girl buys me a drink?" I said egging him on.

"That's ok too, just don't do a three way without me!" He laughed. Al had been talking about having another woman in bed with us for longer than he had been talking about me fucking somebody else.

"Ok, hubby. If somebody starts something, I'll just let it go wherever." I smiled.

I left my sex toys at home as I was afraid that with homeland security and all they would find my vibrator and pull out of my carry-on luggage. If I checked it, it would be just my luck that somebody else would get my bag and my toys, or it would fall and burst open on the tarmac. I played with my pussy the first few days. By the end of the conference, I was missing my big vibrator "Pete."

I phoned home. "Honey, I miss you!" I whispered.

"What nobody's picked you up yet?" Al teased.

"Nobody, I've been a good girl." I confessed.

"Oh." I could hear the sadness in Al's voice.

"You want me to be bad, don't you?" I was somewhat upset.

"You know how hot it gets me to think about you being with somebody else, just thinking about you picking up a guy. Have you even gone out at night yet?" He asked

"I've been busy; there is a lot to do here." I said honestly.

"Why don't you go down to the bar?" He asked. "I packed you something special in the zipper pouch of your little bag."

I pulled out the little bag and unzipped the pouch, inside I found three condoms. "You did, did you?" I said as if I had not discovered them.

"Honey I want you to have some fun." He insisted.

"OK, but remember, you asked for it!" I blurted out.

It had been years since I had fucked anybody but Al, and months since he had fucked me. I was horny and I was tired of hearing his insistence that he wanted to hear me fuck somebody.

"Like anything will happen!" he grunted.

"Bye Hubbie, I'm going you were my low cut blouse and my short skirt and I'm not going to wear any panties!" I fumed.

"Ok, ok, sure, like you would go out without panties!" He chuckled. Al was always asking that I not wear panties when we went out, but I always kept them on.

"Look, I need to get going, if I am going to go!" I replied.

"Ok, ok, I'll call you in two hours, remember to say it's the wrong number and leave the phone off the hook if you have somebody with you." He recounted the fantasy we had talked about several times, allowing him to listen to me fuck another man.

We exchanged good-byes and I hung the phone up. At first I wanted to just go to bed. But with three kids and a busy work schedule, I knew it would be a long time before I could go out again. So I told myself that I would just go down for a quick drink. When I entered the dimly lit lounge there were only a few men in the place, a group of two and another group of three. I walked up to the bar and ordered a drink. I had left my wedding ring up in the room. I sat on the bar stool and watched the guys in the mirror. After a few minutes I turned on the stool and stood up in such a way that the men could see that I was not wearing any panties, if they were looking at me at all.

I returned from the bathroom and as I did one member of the trio smiled at me. I sat down and turned around. I noticed in the mirror as two of the three men stood up to leave. I lifted my glass and watched the remaining man walk toward me.

"Hi, my name is Peter" He said.

I nearly spat the drink out of my mouth as he introduced himself, as his name was the longer version of the diminutive "Pete" which I used to refer to my favorite ribbed vibrator. My mind flashed back to the numerous times my husband had begged me to cry out "fuck me Pete!" when I used my dildo.

"I'm Lynne" I said as I flashed a smile. "What happened to your friends?" I continued.

"They have a flight out of town in a couple of hours, so they had to check out." Peter smiled. "My flight is not until noon tomorrow." He paused for a moment "Haven't I seen you around the convention?" He said.

"Maybe, I've been here all week." I said.

"When are you leaving?" He asked politely.

"Not until tomorrow" I said.

"Any plans for your last evening in Palm Springs?" He questioned.

"Not really." I confessed.

With that he proceeded to tell me that he had been to Palm Springs before and that he knew all the nicer places to go. He suggested a late supper at Melvyn's Restaurant and Lounge, and with that we left the hotel.

Supper was uneventful. I found Peter to be a perfect date. It made me feel like a school girl again. I laughed at his jokes. He looked at me with a longing that I had not seen in years. It was nearly 10 pm before we got back to the hotel.

"I've had a lot of fun tonight" Peter said, "I hate to see it end."

"I've really enjoyed the meal and the conversation." I replied. "I hate to see it end too."

"Do you want to talk some more?" Peter said.

"I would love to, but I have really had enough to drink." I said.

"I would ask you to my room, but I'm sharing it with Jim from marketing." Peter disclosed.

"Well, if you do not think it too bold, you can come up to my room" I could not believe that the words were coming out of my mouth, but I continued "I have my own room."

For the first time in three hours I had remembered Al's promise to call. It was after 10 pm, which would make it after 1 am for Al back east. He had likely been calling for the past 2 hours. We made it up to the room by 10:20 pm. Peter asked if he could take off his tie. He did and at the same time unbuttoned his cuffs. We sat on the small couch and talked. I was careful not to let things proceed to fast, as I did not want things to be interrupted by the phone.

After what seemed like an hour, the phone rang, right on time.

"Hello, Lynne, are you ok?" Al's voice showed real concern.

"I'm sorry; you must have the wrong number!" My heart started to beat even faster as I put the phone handset on the bedside table.

"Let's leave it off the hook, so we don't have anymore interruptions." I said looking Peter straight in the eyes. With that I lifted my shirt over my head revealing my bra inclosing my heavy breasts.

"I think that would be a great idea." Peter said.

I was not sure how much Al would be able to hear, and frankly I did not care. Peter stood up and wrapped his arms around me, he looked me in the eyes, until his mouth was inches away from mine, then his eyes closed, as did mine the instant our lips met.

We stood there kissing for a few minutes, until he finally undid my bra. I pulled it off my shoulders exposing my 38DD breasts. His hands moved up taking one breast in each hand and soon found my nipples, gently twilling them between his fingers.

"Oh, yes, that feels soo good" I said louder than I really needed too. We were standing between the couch and the phone.

"Do you like that?" He asked needlessly.

"Oh god, yes! I love your hands on my tits." I wanted to give Al some idea of what was happening.

Somehow I managed to get my fingers on the buttons of his shirt and manipulated them allowing his shirt to fall open. He released my orbs long enough to slip off his shirt. We kissed again; his tongue explored my lips, teeth and tongue in a way that only a new lover can.

"Let's take a shower" I suggested between kisses.

"I'm up for some good clean fun." He smiled.

He turned and headed for the bathroom door, unbuckling his belt and unbuttoning his pants. He took them off and threw them on the king-size bed. I slipped out of my skirt. I did not know if he had seen that I was not wearing my panties, but just in case he had not I wanted to be able to disrobe without betraying my secret. By the time I made it to the bathroom, the shower was on and he was naked. His ass was nice and round, then he turned towards me and manifested his erect manhood.

He had without a doubt the largest cock I had ever seen in real life. I had watched porn movies with Al and see some larger, but never in my 20 years of sexual activity had I been with a man whose cock was 8 inches. It was also very thick. He walked towards me. I felt pulled to him. As we met my hand cupped his balls and slid up the underside of his shaft. My heart was pounding out of my chest. I wanted him to take me on the bathroom floor, but instead I closed my palm around his member and pulled him into the shower.

I lathered up his cock and stroked it slowly, until it was rock hard and even longer than when I had first touched it. I moved my hands around to his ass and placed one soapy hand on each cheek. I pulled him towards me and we kissed as I felt his cock poking at my stomach.

His hands were soaping my tits, I needed his cock. I turned in the shower so he was behind me. He wrapped his arms around me and continued to play with my breasts and at the same time rubbed his hard cock in my ass crack. His hand slipped down and lathered up my pussy. As he did his fingers slipped in and out. My pussy was on fire and no amount of water from this shower would put it out.

"Let's rinse off" I could hardly get the words out.

With that we rinsed each other off. We stepped out of the shower and he took a towel and instead of drying himself, he dried my now near quivering body. Aside from an occasional masseuse, It had been years since a man had touched me.

I in turn took a towel and dried him off. Once dry, I again took him by his cock and lead him to the bed. Then I knelt and said.

"I need to suck your beautiful cock. It is soo big, so fat. I need to have you in my mouth!" Peter did not need to hear it, or be asked twice, but I had to say it, and Al needed to hear it.

"That sounds wonderful!" Peter smiled as I dropped to my knees.

I licked the tip of his cock. Although I had just dried him off, there was a noticeable amount of pre-cum on his massive tip. Then I kissed it up and down the shaft. I tried to get it into my mouth, but could just manage the head.

"It's just too big to get in my mouth! I'm sorry, I really want to suck your cock!" I confessed, hopefully loud enough for Al to hear if he was still listening.

We tumbled into the bed. We lay next to each other for a time kissing as his hands toyed with my breasts and his fingers probed my wet pussy. He kissed my ears and neck before moving down to my breast. He licked little concentric circles around my areolas, circling inward in ever tightening loops before moving to my now erect nipples.

"Yes, suck my nipples, suck them hard" I gasped for air as I spoke.

My hands could hardly keep from moving down to my pussy, which now ached. I placed them on his head, mostly to keep them occupied. I felt my hands floating down towards my pussy. I was not moving them. He was now kissing a line down past my belly button and to my pussy. It was not long before his mouth was pressed hard into my moistness. He sucked my outer lips into his mouth, flicked my clit, nibbled and otherwise occupied himself with every inch of my pussy, alternating between attending to my clit and the rest of my now soaking pussy.

"Oh, yes, peter, suck my pussy until I cum." I forced myself to speak. "Oh, your tongue is magic...." "I'm cummmmmminnnnngggg" I pushed his face hard into my love nest, and thrust my hips forward as I climaxed. "Oh, Pete, I need you inside me, fuck me, please, I need you to fuck me with your big dick."

The condoms were in the drawer under the phone. I didn't want to use one, but I knew that Al would demand "proof" and insist that it never really happened, especially on the off chance that he had been disconnected. I insisted that Peter use a condom. He obliged without objection. In a flash the condom was on.

Peter was now on top of me. Up until now I could have stopped it and stilled my conscious that we had not "really" had sex. Now his cock head was pressing against my opening. The condom covered cock felt different from my husband, I had never fucked a man with a condom before. It was almost toy like. His flesh was not inside of me, I rationalized. The vibrators had been molded from real cocks. I was just leaving out the middle man.

That was my last thought. His cock was much larger than Al's and the force of his methodical penetration brought me back to reality. I was so wet that there was no real pain as he entered, but it took a moment for my pussy to adjust to what was the thickest cock it had ever known. I moaned as he pushed deeper. This time not for Al, not for Peter, it was just something primal that came out.

"Oh, god Peter, you are so big... It feels so good, fuck me baby, fuck me hard and fast." I could not keep from talking to him as he fucked me.

My butt could not hold still as he thrust I moved my hips to meet him. I came all too soon. As I did I dug my fingernails into Peter. That was all he needed, I felt his dick throb as he came into the condom. We rolled to our side and his cock remained hard and inside me as we kissed.

"Oh, you are won-der-ful, I have never been fucked like that before!" I said as at last his cock started to return to a flaccid state.

He with drew, and as he did I reached down to removed the cum-filled condom.

"Do you want to take another shower?" I said.

"Yeah, that would be nice" he said as he rolled out of bed.

I remained in bed, "I'll be there in just a moment." I called, "go ahead and start without me."

I grabbed one of the zip-lock bags I had brought for my personal items. I quickly placed the used condom in the bag and zipped it up. I reached for the phone. I whispered into it.

"Are you still there?" I asked.

"Yes" came a soft reply. "Is there really somebody there, or is it just you and the TV?"

"Honey, I can not talk. Good-night, call me in the morning." With that I hung up.

I went to the bathroom. Peter was still in the shower. I watched through the frosted glass for a moment.

"Can you stay the night?" I asked. "If I am welcome, I would love to." He said as he turned off the water.

"Oh, you are more than welcome!" I said.

I had fucked him the first time for Al, but I wanted so much more. The genie was out of the bottle and I was going to get my money's worth.

We went back to bed. We again spent time cuddling and kissing, but soon enough his cock was hard.

"Are you up for more action?" I smiled.

"Do you have another condom?" Was his answer.

"This time you will not need a condom, unless you want one" I replied.

He gave me a rather puzzled look and when they say actions speak louder than words, he shouted at me by once again positioning himself between my legs. I pulled my knees up allowing him easy assess. This time was more direct, no titty play, no pussy licking, just some ass kickin' fuckin'. His cock found easier entry and he fucked with a staccato rhythm, two short thrusts and then one deep one, with a steady cadence. He lasted much longer this time. I came, once, twice, still he fucked me.

"Can I be on top?" I moaned.

We rolled on our sides and then he was on the bottom. His dick remained inside of me without effort. I rocked up and down on his cock. Before long I came and then fell forward on him. He kissed me and then rolled again to the side. At the edge of the bed, he withdrew his dick and moved my torso to position me with my legs over the edge. He fell forward, and glided his cock again into my pussy. He penetrated much deeper this time. I came once again. With that his cock pulsed as he exploded into my pussy, not once but again and again, four pulses of fluid shot deep into my pussy.

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