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You hear the faint sound of a piano playing. Haunting melody. You smell your favourite perfume lingering in the air. You hear running water coming from the bathroom.

I’m there. I have filled the whole room with candles. Flickering light is rebounding off the bathroom mirror. Lighting the whole room with a warm orange glow. A bottle of wine and a glass are on a wooden trolley next to the bath. The bath.. oh it is filled with the most invitingly aromatic bubbles and steaming hot water.

All for you. For your tired sore body. It is time to be pampered. Spoilt. You deserve to be treated like a princess.

Your eyes wide with wonder. Your soft skin revealed to me as I slowly undress you. You stand straight and let me remove your clothing. You feel my warm fingers and hands lightly caressing you as each article is taken away.

I look at you naked. Not trying to hide any part of your body. My eyes roam all over, your face, neck, breasts, stomach, arms, pussy, legs... I hold my hand out to you and lead you to the bath. Holding onto you as the water envelops your body.

You feel the first sting of the hot water. A slight moan escapes your lips as you crouch down and your pussy and buttocks become submerged by water. Your nipples tighten. Pucker and become erect. As you lean back the water laps around them.

I reach for the cooled bottle of wine and a glass. I pour the glass half full and stretch my arm above your body. Your breasts poking out from beneath the bubbles. I slowly tip the glass over your breasts to wash the bubbles away. I hear you squeal as the cool water meets the warm aroused flesh. You arch your back and moan pushing your breasts towards me.

You feel a tingling in and around your breasts. The arousal is intense. Hot water hugging your body then cool liquid splashing onto your breasts. Your hand automatically comes to pleasure yourself. To knead and squeeze your breasts. To pinch and play with your nipple.

I see your hands sliding up your body to your breasts. I let you caress them. I let you pleasure yourself. Watching your fingers stoking and flicking over your nipples. I watch your legs part slightly. My eyes still focused between your legs, I wash away the bubbles so I can see more.

You open your legs. The steaming water rushes in as your pussy lips part. It sends burning heat from your clitoris to your stomach. You body quivers and your fingers latch onto your aching nipples. Then the coolness of the wine hits the same area. Your hips thrust upwards, widening, opening.

I can see your pussy lips rising from the water. Instinct sets in and I lean down and lap the cool wine from your pussy lips. My tongue brushing gently against your exposed clitoris. I hear you gasp as your hips are raised higher from the water.

You need more. Your body splashing about in the water. You can feel it lap up against your sensitive skin as your body writhes with pleasure. You sense me rising. Leaving your body. You feel my hand moving yours from your breasts. You feel the softness of my hands caressing your skin. Sleekly roaming over your shoulders neck and back.

I soap my hands. I wash you with them. Fingers massaging as I wash your body. Over your breasts I stop. Rinsing my hands and your breasts free from soap. My mouth covers over one of your nipples as the other is squeezed and rubbed by my fingers. I hear a throaty moan escape your lips.

You arousal is unbearable. You feel my hand leaving your breast and trailing you’re your body. Over your quivering stomach. Around to your hips and buttocks… kneading them. Along the inside of your thigh. Starting at your knee. You put up no fight.

My hand pushes your legs further apart as it traces along the inside and up to your pussy lips. I spread your legs further, I feel your want of my hand between them. I feel your lips opening against my hand. Rubbing up and down my fingers as you thrust against me.

You feel the contact of skin to your pussy and go wild. You need to come. You want my fingers and mouth to bring you to orgasm. You hand holding my mouth to your breast. Suckling and nibbling at your nipple. You feel my finger entering your pussy. Your muscles clamp around it, your clit looking for something to rub against.

My mouth leaves your breasts and covers your mouth as insert another finger into your tight pussy. My thumb starts to caress your clit. Running in circles over the top lightly. Then more pressure against it as your hips buck against my hand. My tongue loving your mouth, exploring yours.

You are near the edge. You start moaning against my mouth. You feel my lips leave you once again and return to your breasts. Licking and suckling each in turn. You feel my fingers pumping in and out of your tight moist pussy. Your muscles clenching and releasing around my fingers. Your clitoris starts to throb.

I place another finger inside you. I hear you groan as your hips push up against my fingers. Thumb still against your clit. I place the palm of my hand against that sensitive spot and let your rocking hips bring you to orgasm. Kissing your mouth again. Hand cupping your pussy.

You then feel my hand leave your pussy. Letting the water wash up against your throbbing skin.

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