tagSci-Fi & FantasyPandemic Ch. 01

Pandemic Ch. 01


I read the words etched into the bottom of the screen as the news flash lit up my small apartment, "Possible Deadly Outbreak Moving Along Eastern Seaboard". If it was anything serious the internet would have the best information; I never trusted these news networks. I got up to put my half-eaten bowl of rice in the fridge and smiled at Daisy, my bright blue Flowerhorn cichlid, bought and named by my girlfriend, as he begged for food in his corner aquarium. I took a passing glance at the photograph of my girlfriend taped to the door of my fridge; she looked especially beautiful in that picture. It was taken from the hills of San Francisco, and her auburn hair caught the wind just right. It looked like a modeling shot with the Golden Gate in the background.

Briiiing, Briiiing. iPhone. Speak of the Devil.

"Hey babe, what's up?"

"Not much hon, I just got off work so I might be a little late for dinner."

"That's too bad; I'll have to reheat the Easy Mac." I said with a self-amused smirk.

"You made mac and cheese?"

"Only the best for yoooooou!" God, I sounded like Frank Sinatra. I could hear her rolling her eyes through the giggle.

"You're terrible."

"And you're supposed to keep that in check, slacker." She both loved and hated how I always seemed to combine assholery with charm. "I'm gonna call in Le Thai; can you grab it while you're on your way?"

"Yesss, I'll see you soon!"

I blew a big kiss into the mic and dialed the only Thai place I knew of that didn't guarantee diarrhea.


Thirty minutes later I heard a scratching at the door. I got myself up from the couch, "Coming babe."

As soon as I turned the knob a flash of black and white dove past my ankles that nearly knocked me on my ass. I identified it as Ms. Marrione's cat before it disappeared into the kitchen; I'd never seen it look so terrified. Then I understood why.

"AAAARGGGHHHH!" a sickly yellow arm slashed at my face through the crack in the doorway. It missed only by a few inches.

"The fuck!?!" I slammed the door shut before it could get through again. The noise outside sounded like a rabid animal. Securing the locks, I put my face to the peephole.

It was Ms. Marrione - at least something resembling Ms. Marrione, if she had been set to rot in a vat of piss. Her skin, jaundiced and wrinkly, was the consistency of a moldy peach. Her flesh was made only comparatively less horrible by her glazed-over seemingly pupilless eyes.

She breathed heavily into the viewport and slammed a bloody fist on the door.

"I don't want what you're selling."

I had to call Alexa.


"Hey baby?"

"Yea, I'm almost there."

"Hold on, don't come in yet. In fact, stay in your car."

"Is everything alright?"

"Yes and no, one of the neighbors is acting up. Stay in the parking lot. I'll come to you."

I could tell she was worried, "Okay..."

"Everything's fine; give me ten minutes." Click.

I quickly packed my gym bag full of everything I'd need to spend the night at her place; I found the cat crouching down behind the laundry crate - poor little guy. I poured out a plate of milk and left it on the kitchen floor.

By the time I got ready to leave it seemed that I had made a friend. A ball of black and white fur came purring at my feet.

"Hey little guy." I crouched down to scratch his head. "You might have to lay low here for a while. I think your owner's pretty sick."

He meowed almost as if he understood. I returned to the kitchen, lined a Pyrex dish with newspaper, and laid it next to a bowl of water in the kitchen.

"That's where you go if you have to pee." He looked at me the way cats do.

I opened up a can of tuna and put that next to the water. I pointed to Daisy, "Don't eat him. We can discuss rent when we get back."

I checked the peephole once more for any sign of undead Ms. Marrione. The coast was clear; with my bag over my shoulder, I made a silent but swift move for the exit. I tiptoed through that hallway like it was carpeted with eggshells. I stopped on a breath when I heard raspy gulps around the stairway corner.

Very very carefully, I peered around the edge. It was Ms. Marrione. She was leaning face first into the wall, rambling quietly. Her fingers twitched. I ducked for the door like an urban ninja, and did a double take to make sure I hadn't alerted the neighbor. She was still there. I jogged to the parking lot.

"In such a rush?" my girlfriend spoke through her Chevy's open window. "Was everything alright in there?" I hopped in and pulled her close for a deep kiss; she warmed up.

"Do you remember the illness they were talking about on the radio?"

"Sure, they had it on at work today."

"Well, I think it hit New York. My landlady nearly attacked me through the door, and I didn't even miss rent." A look of confusion and horror crossed my girlfriend's face. Her lips looked so rosy and kissable in the street light. I had to take her in for a second. "She looked like she'd been dead for days. Her skin was yellow. Her eyes were, zombie-like. I had to get out of there."

"Of course. You can stay with me."

"Actually there's this girl Janice down the street-" Whap.

"Ow." She punched my arm. I smiled, "What'd I do?"


As we drove over, something occurred to me that I hadn't noticed in the heat of the moment; when I passed Ms. Marrione on the stairs, she was naked. I didn't think much of it; after all, she was very sick. But still, you couldn't unsee that sixty-year-old ass, even if it hadn't been infected.

When we pulled into my girlfriend's apartment complex, something came over me - perhaps inspired by years of B-rated horror movies and a love for mass-terror themed thrillers like I Am Legend - but I felt, compelled, to leave the city before things got worse.

"Alexa, you know my grandmother's summer house up in Cooperstown. How would you like to stay there for the weekend?"

"Sure," she smiled, "I don't work until Tuesday, sounds like a fun vacation."

If whatever got Ms. Marrione was about to get the rest of this town, a daytrip to her parent's house would seem like a fun vacation - and her parents were WASPy as shit.

"Let's pack our bags and head out tonight."

"Tonight? Honey, that's like a six hour drive. How 'bout early tomorrow morning?"

I thought about it. "Alright, but we leave bright and early."

She looked at me with her big hazel eyes and drew me in by the collar of my sweatshirt. "Baby, if this is about your landlady, don't worry about a thing. I'm going to suck you so good you'll forget about her."

Her tongue found the inside of my lips and I felt that familiar warmth in my loins again.

I grabbed my bag and our to-go box from the backseat; this was going to be a very enjoyable evening.


The sweet and sour smell of Thai food filled the spacious two bedroom apartment. Alexa hadn't found a new roommate since the last one a week ago, and that meant we had the place all to ourselves.

"I'm starving," She said as she plopped down at the kitchen table, "I'm so glad you bought my favorite."

"Anything for you." She smiled and kissed me on the cheek with a mouthful of som tam.

I dug into a container of som tam else. I watched her cherry lips wrap around a piece of papaya. "Tell me about your day."

"Well..." she thought as she twirled her fork; I tuned her out. I was thinking of everything we'd need for the trip. Nana always left food stocked for a catastrophe, you'd think she was a doomsday prepper, but I didn't know how long we'd be staying there. I didn't know how bad it was going to be, or how fast it would get there. I thanked God for being Italian on that side of the family; I knew somewhere in that house, Nana was packing.

"How about you?" Intoxicating eyes looked me over, awaiting an answer.

"It was good, except for that last part."

She grinned, "I asked if you were feeling alright about the incident."

I smirked sheepishly.

She got up and walked over to me, her work heels clicking on the floor. "I think you're thinking too much. You're going to stress yourself out." She leaned within an inch of my face and I felt a knee push softly into my balls. "Why don't I take care of that for you?"

I nodded.

She undid my belt and dropped it the ground with a 'clank'. I could feel myself harden as her soft, manicured hands worked my zipper. With a naughty look, and a red mouth inches away from my exposed manhood, she blew a warm breath that enveloped my cock and made me shiver.

"Mmm..." she hummed, satisfied with the piece before her. With a long draw of her tongue, she lapped up my shaft, once, twice, especially slowly the third time, licking and kissing, in agonizing intervals, at the tender frenulum. "You taste so good baby."

"Oh..." I moaned.

"I can't wait to make you cum with my mouth." I felt a drip of precum escape out the tip; it was quickly licked up by my attentive seductress. When her lips finally wrapped around the head of my yearning cock, it made me shudder. She worked magically up and down, slurping, pulling, and lapping in a fluid motion. I felt my balls being squeezed as an inevitable orgasm was being worked out of them. My girlfriend looked me dead in the eye, knowing I was coming ever closer to pouring all my life force into her demanding little mouth. I felt the tension rising. Her lips worked over and over, from the base to the head. I bucked once, then twice. She was tender but relentless. Finally I realized I could hold back no more. "Oh baby I'm going to- oh, ohhhhh!"

I shot a creamy, hot white load all over the inside of her throat, waves of pleasure crippling me from speech or voluntary movement. She slurped up every last drop of cum like a campus slut and smiled seductively as I melted into my chair.

"That was so good baby."

She swallowed, sat on my lap, and whispered in my ear, "Anything for you."

I kissed her deeply and carried her over to the couch, where I planned on returning the favor.


To be continued...

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