tagSci-Fi & FantasyPandora's Mission

Pandora's Mission


It was a blood bath. His stomach throbbed from the beating he had just received. Why, oh, why did he sign up for this? Yes this brutality was of his own choosing. He lived for this. He lived for the fight; the blood. A cracked rib here; a fractured wrist there. A broken jaw was his favorite. When his fist makes contact with his opponents face and that crack sounds, he just can't help but grin. He thought that nothing could beat this rush. But there she was.

Standing in the crowd not quite being seen, she stood; watching him. He'd seen her before, he could swear she looked familiar. The rain somehow gave her a halo and in that instant he remembered where he had seen her. A dream. He had dreamt of her many times but couldn't recall ever seeing her looking this real.

Since he wasn't paying attention, Gavyn's opponent cracked him in the face. Damn it! He thought. Putting his nose back into place quickly, he then kicked his adversary in the ribs. As the man fell to the ground he tapped the asphalt calling himself out of the fight. For that Gavyn was grateful.

He waved off all of the "boos" that sounded through out the crowd. It seemed everyone wanted to fight him tonight. He just wanted to be done with it. Gavyn wanted to find his mystery girl. He went over to his pile of shoes and shirt and put the garments on; wincing as he did this. Fully dressed now, he went on his search.


Nicole just knew the Gods would have something to say about this. She had been seen; by a human no less! They had already punished her once for crossing them; she had no idea what they would do to her now. She made her way to the portal that was just on the edge of the woods when she stopped and thought. Maybe, just maybe they wouldn't even find out. With that she kept on her way.

Unfortunately, the pulls of Olympus beckoned her and she felt her body being yanked from earth. One second she was in some Podunk town in Oklahoma, the next she was in the realm of the Gods. The problem was that when Nicole looked around she noticed that there wasn't an Olympian in sight. As she glanced left and right her eyes caught a Titan occupying the lovely chairs and couches that an Olympian had once sat in.

"Pandora, my sweet, how lovely of you to join us." Cronus! Nicole couldn't believe it; the leader of the Titans had called upon her. But why?

"I despise that name." Nicole had changed her name when the famous Pandora's box had gone missing. Namely because she was the Pandora of legend and fairytale. She had thrown the box in anger when Zeus cursed her to be forever enslaved to the Olympians for opening the box in the first place.

"But I truly love that name" replied Cronus. "It reminds me of the good old days I suppose." He looked down and shook his head as though in remembrance and sighed. Looking up he gave Nicole a sly grin.

"What have you done with Zeus and Hera? As to that where have all of the others gone?" Nicole's voice was low but dripped with venom and accusation.

"Safe."Cronus replied; creepily calm. "They are all safe in Tartarus. You remember that wonderful place don't you Pandora?"Oh yes Nicole remembered it well. She had helped Zeus trap the Titans within it long ago. Tartarus was a gloomy place, an abyss used as a dungeon of torment and suffering, located beneath the underworld. Nicole began shivering as she thought of it.

"Why have you brought me here, Titan."

"I was getting to that, my pet." That being said all twelve Titans in the room grinned a wicked grin and ever so slowly began to advance on her.


Gavyn's jaw muscle twitched as he made his way into the woods just to the east of the parking lot. The fight was done and he needed to find... Well hell he didn't even know her name.

A giggle sounded behind him and Gavyn turned to see who it was; hoping it was her as he did. His disappointment was evident when it only turned out to be his best friend Ben and a pretty strawberry blonde. Anna, he recalled.

Gavyn let them follow but ignored their presence. As he searched he thought. He thought of the girl. She was beyond beautiful. He guessed her height to be around five-foot-five but she had some pretty nice legs, in his opinion, for someone so short. Her hair was brown yet vibrant, like liquid chocolate. He longed to run his fingers through it. He also wanted to get lost in her eyes. They were an enchanting shade of blue; Gavyn thought they could pass for violet.

Ben finally pulled him from his thoughts.

"Dude, it's getting cold and I was wondering if we could give Anna a ride home." Ben pulled the girl closer to him when he saw her shiver. Gavyn nodded his head and told them to meet him by his car.

He looked into the darkness of the trees one last time and sighed.


Nicole stood her ground as the Titans stalked towards her. Suddenly they all stopped.

"Why do you not run little one?" The Titan who asked this was Iapetus; the brother of Cronus.

"My power could never match that of your own. You and I both know that I could be crushed by a mere stare from any of you." Cronus laughed in her face.

"That is true and I will not argue, but do you not long for death?"

Cronus was hedging and Nicole knew what that meant; he had a proposition.

"What matter is it to you, Titan? You know I long to be rid of this curse. What do you want of me?" She hadn't meant to shout her last question but she was beginning to get irritated.

"You threw the famous box of ills to Earth and now it is lost to everyone who wish to posses it." He paused, crooking his long pale finger at her; telling her to come forward. When Nicole was about a foot away from him, he leaned forward and before she knew what she was doing she did the same. "I want you to find it and bring it to me."

Nicole blanched. Gods, how she hated that box.

"What will be in it for me Titan, if I do find this box.?"

"I can free you of your curse. The Olympians never would have freed you, and we both know that." Nicole did know that. Zeus had told her she would be forever cursed and that she would not know one minute of happiness because of what she had done.

"The catch, Titan?" She narrowed her eyes and looked around at all of the Gods moving toward her again.

"Ah, yes, my dear, there does happen to be one of those." As Cronus said this, he handed her a rolled up parchment. It burned as it touched her fingers but she held tight and it dissolved into her palm. "This is where we bid you farewell my dear Pandora." The Titan that stated this was Mnemosyne, the Goddess of memory and mother of muses. She smiled sweetly at Nicole and pushed her to Earth.


Having dropped Ben and Anna off, Gavyn made his way to his own home. Being 18 and on your own sure did make it easy coming home at one o'clock in the morning; on a school night no less. His parents died only last year and Gavyn was left with everything. He reached for the radio trying to take his mind off of it when he saw in his headlights a body; just lying in the middle of the road. Slamming on his breaks, he cringed; knowing that just couldn't be healthy for his car. When his Dodge Charger finally came to a stop it was only inches from the body.

Gavyn made it to the lifeless form he realized that it was a woman. He gently rolled her on to her back. As her face came into view Gavyn couldn't believe his eyes; it was her, the dream girl.

As her eyes fluttered open they met Gavyn's. Her violet against his emerald.

"My name is Gavyn Bennet miss. You have a pretty nasty cut on your head and your soaked to the bone. Do you remember anything? Can you tell me your name?"

"I am Pandora, keeper of the box." And with that she fainted dead away in his arms. Gavyn had no idea what she meant and decided she had had a rough night. Taking her to the hospital would be the best idea so he lifted her and stood; taking her to his car. As he slid her into the passengers seat she awoke again.

"Where are you taking me?" Her demanding voice was weak.

"Your gonna need stitches so I was taking you to the hospital in town." Gavyn gave a puzzled look when the girls eyes went wide with shock.

"Wait. You can see me?'


Nicole had no idea where she was. When she reached up to touch her head she remembered it all.

"Cronus", she exclaimed.

"Who?" Nicole had forgotten someone else was with her. As she looked at the boy holding her she gasped. That was the boy who had seen her in the crowd of rowdy teenagers. That thought automatically brought her back.

"You can really see me?"

"Well, uhm, yeah." The boy sounded confused. "I'm Gavyn by the way."

"Please don't take me to the hospital. Could it be possible for you to take me somewhere else?" Nicole knew of hospitals and didn't too much care for them. She also knew they would ask questions; questions that would need answers that she couldn't give.

"I could take you to my house and fix you up there".

"Yes!" She hadn't meant to shout but the idea had merit. "I'm sorry, I just hate hospitals." It wasn't a lie exactly.

"No it's fine. Will you need me to drop you off somewhere after?" He was sounding chivalrous and Nicole found it adorable. No, focus, she thought. You have something you need to do.

"Actually no. This may sound dumb but I... uhm..,." Her mind was completely blank. "I ran away from home and never want to go back, yes, that's it." Nicole felt like she could breathe again.

Gavyn gave her a sad look and replied.

"I'm not trying to proposition you or what ever, but you can stay in my guest bedroom for the night and then we can find you a place tomorrow." Nicole smiled and nodded her head; the action making her dizzy. "Try not to move to much or anything. You'll probably feel sick." He looked at her for a second as he carried her to his car and asked, "You said your name was Pandora?"

"Oh no. I'm sorry, I was probably just hallucinating. My name is Nicole. And by the way thank you so much for doing this. I mean you don't really have to."

"It's no problem actually." Nicole saw a sheepish look come over his face as he settled her into the car and closed the door.

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