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Panty Lover

I am more than willing to admit I love panties. I love my wife in skimpy, silk panties. I love wearing my wife's silk panties. It wasn't always that way.

As most normal heterosexual males I was worried that my love of panties and desire to wear panties would be seen by my wife as gay. I never said anything to my wife. As our marriage grew and communication about sex grew we enjoyed fulfilling each and every fantasy we had. Life and sex could not be better.

My wife and I found literotica.com and enjoyed reading stories together. I steered her to a few stories that included a wife surprising her husband with a request to wear panties. We talked about it and my wife has not excited about the idea.

Eventually, my wife went to an adult store and bought a mesh thong for me. We had read a story about a wife surprising a husband with panties at dinner. My wife did the same only it wasn't panties it was a mesh thong for men.

She handed me a gift bag at dinner in a nice restaurant and said to me, "Go put these on and throw the boring underwear you have on in the garbage." She even held them up to look at right in the restaurant. I grabbed the thong and headed to the restaurant restroom.

My wife loved seeing my cock clearly in that thong. She said to me, "I love the way your cock looks in that thong. Your ass looks good in it, too." That night was a wild and crazy sex night. My wife went crazy, including using a butt plug on me. She usually says she doesn't like the butt plug at all and would rather not use it. This night she surprised me with the butt plug on the night stand and the lube right next to it.

In the middle of a great fuck session she said, "Get on your hands and knees and put your ass in the air. I have another present for you." She slowly worked the butt plug into me and then got real aggressive with it. I loved every second.

We talked about that night and the thong she surprised me with frequently. I expressed my appreciation. We talked about men who wear panties and she was not excited. I even got up the guts to put on a silk leopard pair of her panties with aqua trim and walked out to surprise her in the kitchen before one of our date nights.

She quickly said, "I don't like that. Take them off." I did and that was that.

My wife has been reading 50 Shades of Grey. She enjoys finding new things to try. She was proud to tell me that almost everything in the book we already do. The net result of reading the book for her was that anything goes amongst married couples as long as both agree. My wife seemed really eager to pleasure me even more than before.

My wife gets a lot of email advertisements. She saw one with a sexy lady in a sweater that was low cut enough to see plenty of cleavage and even showed a very sexy bra underneath. She asked what I thought.

I said, "Your big 36D tits would look amazing in that. Let's go buy a sweater and a new bra to go with it."

We headed out a little early to dinner. We found the sweater and added a nice white see through blouse to wear separately. We headed to Victoria Secret to get the right bra for each. We also added new panties as well.

As we left VS and walked to dinner I said, "One day I'm going to buy a pair of panties in there for myself."

My wife quickly added, "What are you waiting for?"

I couldn't believe it. My wife was actually giving me permission to wear panties. My heart was racing. That night after dinner we arrived home and I quickly got out my wife's flowered sexy panty box and brought it the kitchen. My wife and I went through it and she actually selected some old pairs that would fit me better than the current skimpy designs of today.

She said things like, "You would look good in these."

Then she said, "Go try these on." It was an older pair of very silky peach colored silk panties.

I put them on and walked out to the kitchen. My wife eyes lit up. She said, "Wow you do look really good in those. They real show off your thick cock, especially the head I love so much." She immediately started playing with my cock, balls and ass in her silk panties.

She grabbed my hand and walked me to the bedroom.

For years I have been fucking my wife with her panties on. I especially love fucking her doggie style while she wears her VS panties.

On this first night of me wearing panties she sat on the side of the bed with me standing in front of her and played with me forever while I wore her silk panties. It felt so good my hips were moving and thrusting before we even fucked.

Then my wife said, "I need your cock in me so badly. Leave your panties on to fuck me. She pulled the leg hole aside so my dick and balls could be pulled outside the panties. My wife had beautiful pink panties on and I had peach panties on. We fucked like never before. It was very passionate. After I had a big cum load I put the panties back in place to catch the last drips of cum as my wife and I hugged each other and enjoyed our satisfaction.

This wearing of panties has continued. My wife loves it when I wear panties. She even comments which brand and style fit me best. She is into it as much as I am. It even has made her more accepting of the butt plug she never seemed to like using on me.

One night we had an exceptionally romantic dinner. We talked about sex the entire time. My wife purchased a pair of silk pink panties with white lace trim for me and once again handed them to me at dinner in a gift bag. She said, "These are from VS. I'm wearing a matching pair. Go put yours one now."

The night was energized. We both were overly eager for sex. The gift bag and conversation had us both on fire. We arrived home and my wife said, "Let me go into the bathroom and take my make-up off. I am so ready to fuck you. Take your clothes off, except for your panties and meet me in the bedroom."

I took the time to light our candles in our bedroom we call our "fuck palace". I lit about ten candles, put on some soft music and lit some incense. My wife was in the master bathroom with the door partially closed.

My wife was wearing a short skirt and her sexy sweater with big tits and sexy bra showing. She looked so hot. I could just feel that this was going to be one of those nights to remember.

My wife walked towards me taking off her sweater. Her beautiful tits looked so big and sexy in her VS bra. I buried my face in her tits as she approached me. We kissed and she played with me in my panties. I was rubbing and squeezing her amazing ass and then I removed her skirt.

As I removed her skirt I got the surprise of my life. My wife was wearing a big black strap on cock over her pink panties. She said, "You are looking at a very special gift I have for you tonight. Get on your knees and suck my cock."

I quickly did as I was told. Was this really happening? A big black cock going down my throat told me it was happening.

My wife then said to me, "I know how you love to fuck me in panties. I know we both like you wearing panties. I know you like the butt plug so tonight you are going to get your wildest dream come true. Stand up and bend over the bed, right now."

I did as I was told and felt my wife smoothly rubbing my pink panties on my ass. It felt so good. She pulled the pink stretchy panties aside and started teasing my ass hole with one finger. Then she spread lube all over my ass hole and her finger and inserted her finger in me. God that felt good.

Eventually after plenty of foreplay for my ass she said, "Try to relax. I'm going to be very gentle. You can take this big black cock and I'm going to give it to you, baby."

I felt the head of the cock on my ass hole. It felt big, but I was supercharged with excitement. I tried to relax. My ass is very sensitive and full of pleasure for me. My wife's loving gentle voice and the enjoyment I felt made the experience all pleasure and no pain. My wife had the big black cock in me very quickly and I loved it.

She stroked my ass real slow and smooth. She gave me a few quick hard thrusts. I loved getting my ass fucked in pink panties. This was my dream fantasy come true.

My cock was hard and I wanted to cum. My wife knows me so well sexually. She said, "Do not cum. I need that cock in me when I'm done fucking you."

My wife was getting more and more excited with each stroke of my ass, but it was obvious she was not going to orgasm fucking me so I said, "Whenever you are ready I want to say thank you by pleasing your clit and fucking you good."

She said, "I'm ready now."

My wife took off the strap on cock and lay down on the bed. I licked her clit until she had a gigantic orgasm. She said, "Keep licking. I'm going to cum again."

I love my wife's nectar. She doesn't have to ask me to eat her pussy.

Eventually she said, "I need that thick cock of yours now."

I did my best to give her real slow stokes followed by a few fast strokes. She loves what that does to her pussy pleasure. We used three or four positions my wife loves. Eventually my wife had a final orgasm and said, "Can I have your cum now in my panties?"

I said, "You don't have to ask twice for me to cum."

The cum load for me after the big black cock massaged my prostate was one of the biggest of my life.

I love my wife. She's the best.

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