tagBDSMParadice Lost Pt. 08: Bait & Switch

Paradice Lost Pt. 08: Bait & Switch


Author's Note: The following is Part 8 of a sequel to "The Dice Game" (https://www.literotica.com/s/the-dice-game-2). It is also a work of fiction intended for novelty purposes only. It contains graphic scenes which may not depict fully safe or wise BDSM practices, and should be enjoyed purely as fantasy.


Part Eight: Bait and Switch

Gabrielle stared at the ceiling. It was early—so early, in fact, that the orange sun was still seeping through the gap in the curtains. She watched a stripe of sunlight crawl up her still legs. There was little else to do. She laid on her back in Cheri's bed, arms and legs pinned to her sides by straps every foot or so on her naked body. Her hands were tied together and pressed into her stomach while further straps pinned her to the mattress. There was no gag, but Gabrielle was still quiet. She didn't really know what to say.

They'd been so nice so far. She hadn't even spent very long in that hogtie, all things considered. They'd fed her and bathed her and left her in a decently comfortable position. But they had also planned something for her that they refused to share, and between all of Cheri's coffee shop stories and an overactive imagination, Gabrielle found herself unable to sleep. Instead she wondered, back and forth, whether they actually intended what Laura had first suggested. Retribution three times over? Was that even possible?

Whatever was coming, waiting for the hammer to fall felt a little like watching that orange patch of sunlight. It snaked toward her slowly. If she watched it then it would never move, but the moment she forgot about it, it jumped much closer than before.

"Good morning!" Cheri's voice floated in as she entered. She looked completely different from the previous day, with unkempt violet hair and a slinky turquoise nightgown. To be frank, Gabrielle had always found the idea of lingerie boring before she discovered it needn't be satin or lace. Cheri noticed her contemptuous look.

"What?" she gave a playful twirl. "Can't wear latex every day, and I got my fill, didn't I? We have something different for you, too."

Cheri placed a small pile on the bed. Gabrielle stared at it. She spoke at last, "I assume you will all roll ze dice for me? It will be ze same mistake as always."

"I told you, Gabrielle," Cheri returned, fiddling with a clump of nylon. "we only play Dice with each other. With you we're just going to do whatever we want. Besides, you were right about one thing. We all need to be a little less submissive and learn to take control. Of you."

"I could do so much more if you let me."

Cheri paused and whispered, "I know. I just don't want you to."

Gabrielle stared fiercely, "Tell me you did not like it."

"When did that ever matter to you?" Cheri snapped.

"Always, mon Chéri."

"Don't call me that," Cheri leaned over Gabrielle.

"Tell me you 'ated it, Cheri. My touch-mmmmph—" Cheri surprised Gabrielle from behind and worked a simple red ball gag between her teeth. Gabrielle jerked her head around in protest but once the straps were buckled she became much more cooperative.

"You manipulated me," Cheri hissed into Gabrielle's ear. "You violated me and my friends. You made me watch you hurt them, and made me a part of it. I hated it."

Gabrielle looked stunned for a moment but her expression then hardened, as though Cheri was clearly lying. Indeed, Cher could have elaborated a bit, but she wouldn't give Gabrielle the satisfaction. Instead she began preparing Gabrielle for her upcoming adventure. Gabrielle was freed except for her wrists and made to sit on the side of the bed. The clump of nylon stretched into a black shear bodystocking which Cheri worked up Gabrielle's shapely legs and waist before preparing tall leather ballet boots. Gabrielle craned to watch as her foot was placed into each impossibly high heel, so high that her toe would only sink into it when Cheri lifted her off the bed and put Gabrielle's full weight behind it.

Cheri had to brace Gabrielle on her teetering toes while she laced the boots incredibly tight around her ankles and up to her knees. Gabrielle knew these would get uncomfortable but doubted she would be let out of them quickly. She was right: once laced Cheri locked a pair of ankle cuffs in place and attached a short chain between them.

Gabrielle's hands were let out of their cuffs next, not that she'd be running anywhere in her footwear. Cheri stood her up and the bodystocking soon covered her body to her neck, except of course for her crotch, in black nylon. Next came a tangle of leather straps which turned out to be a harness. Cheri pressed its front against Gabrielle's chest, squeezing each of her ample breasts through two gaps in the web of leather while the rest crisscrossed over her body. Two large loops wrapped around her thighs, lifting her ass provocatively and leaving her pussy exposed. Once the harness' many buckles were snugly fastened, Cheri reappeared with cuffs. For a moment it looked like Gabrielle might resist, but Cheri held a fierce expression, as though daring her to try. Gabrielle faltered in her towering heels and harness, and her hands were promptly cuffed and locked behind her back. Surveying herself, Gabrielle felt quite different than she had in her red teddy.

Cheri bade Gabrielle to sit in a nearby chair and she did thankfully, already looking to relieve pressure off her boots. There Cheri applied some makeup, concentrating on Gabrielle's eyes, and tied Gabrielle's black hair into a very high ponytail.

"You had one thing right with that outfit of yours, babe," she said eventually, "Presentation matters." After the makeup, Cheri fit a new set of cuffs onto Gabrielle's elbows and drew them together as tight as she could manage. She also prepared something else, which Gabrielle couldn't make out.

"You remember Silence Dogood, right Gabrielle?" Cheri asked from behind. Gabrielle immediately stiffened. "That wonderful, restrictive hood that was so tight we had to name it something special?"

Gabrielle shuddered and turned her head. Cheri was clearly holding something black in her hands. The smell of leather filled her nostrils. She cried out and shook her head. Not again! Her only reply was a black mass descending over her head. But then...light.

"Relax, this isn't Silence," Cheri cooed, adjusting the hood and pulling Gabrielle's ponytail through a small gap at the top. "This is our Gwendoline hood, but we can't really call it that for obvious reasons."

Her eyes uncovered, Gabrielle looked around. Only her eyes and nose remained uncovered by the hood while her ponytail fed through a small hole at the top. Her head and mouth all disappeared beneath jet black leather. As Cheri laced it, the leather stretched across her jaw until the round orb of her gag bulged beneath it.

"Well," Cheri continued, "you've convinced us that, like Silence, this hood needs a better name. We've decided on Gabbi, in your honor. We're going to reserve Gabbi for people who really, really need to be taught a lesson."

Gabrielle squeaked. Cheri finished the lacing and buckled a thick collar around the base of the hood to hold it in place. Once finished with her, Gabrielle was made to stand.

"Are you ready?" Cheri asked pleasantly. Gabrielle hardly felt feisty anymore. She mewed reluctantly for Cheri. "Relax. We're going to take care of you. Just like you took care of us."

At long last, Gabrielle realized how scary that prospect could be.

* * *

Everything in the living room had been moved. The sofa and armchairs now formed a large circle around the center of the room, where the large pedestal Gabrielle had ordered now stood. Its many straps and the spreader bar's manacles stood open and ready. Beside the pedestal, the coffee table now displayed a variety of neatly arranged tools and toys. When Gabrielle was led into the room in wobbly steps and saw the setup, she whined and struggled against Cheri's grip. She felt like she was being led to the gallows. Maybe she was.

Gwen was already there, sitting comfortably in an armchair with her legs crossed and a caring smile on her face. She wore a long satin chemise, white with black lacing, over white stockings and heels. Her short hair had been styled into an elegant bob. She looked, honestly, kind of sweet, like a newlywed on her wedding night. Not what Gabrielle was expecting at all.

"I she's scared of her own contraption," Gwen mused.

"That's funny, seeing as you were planning to stick us in it, right, Gabrielle?" Cheri scolded. Gabrielle just groaned and stared at it fearfully. Nevertheless, she was brought to stand right in front of the pedestal.

"Hold her for a second," A voice floated in from the hall before the straps could be touched, and Laura strolled gracefully into view. For a moment Gabrielle could only gape. Laura was not like Gwen at all.

Deep magenta lipstick and shimmering, ghostly blue eye shadow. Laura's long golden hair cascaded down her shoulders in soft helixes which framed her gaze. The inky latex stretched across her chest wasn't shiny. Baubles were shiny. Fickle, disposable trinkets were shiny. Laura's corset glowed evocatively, its wet shimmer contrasting pale skin and tracing the curve of her back. Her chest was well-concealed by the overbust shape, clarifying that it, like the rest of Laura, was there to take but not to give. It flowed down her frame and over her waist until it trickled into garters. The bikini cut panties matched it perfectly in both material and deceptive modesty. A nondescript choker peeked through twirling locks.

Laura's hands were encased in short, tightly fitting latex gloves. They gave her no trouble at all as Laura twirled a crop dexterously between her fingers. Lustrous black stockings hugged Laura nearly to the tops of her thighs and sank, at their other end, into ultra-feminine pumps. Gabrielle couldn't make out where stocking ended and heel began and, frankly, it didn't matter.

Raw sex and raw sexuality, it seemed, could be very different things. Laura was glass and yet stone, with a dark luster that only looked fragile. Hidden in plain sight was a magnificent, daunting razor. Gabrielle was left with but one instinctual thought: Laura was not to be crossed.

The obsidian woman stepped lithely toward them. By all rights hot latex drips should have trailed her. The carpet crushed under her heels, the material strained against her skin, and her eyes were ever fixed on her astonished prey. For a moment, the pedestal stood entirely forgotten.

"Good morning, Gabrielle," Laura spoke softly. "Are you ready?"

Gabrielle came to her senses enough to shake her head.


"Of course you are," Laura glided over and sat herself on the vinyl pads on the pedestal before Gabrielle. She crossed her legs gracefully. "You've been hoping for this from the start, haven't you?"

Gabrielle tried to stare down Laura confidently. Laura surely didn't think she would fall for her own tricks? Gwen rose off her chair as well and moved to stand behind Gabrielle. A pair of hands slid over her hips.

"You've become obsessed with bondage," Laura continued, leaning in closer. "With the power, the trust—

"And the pleasure," Gwen cooed.

"—And the pleasure. You took all of those things from us, but they were ours alone to give."

"And now here we are, and here you are," Gwen finished. "It's all so familiar that we can't help but ask ourselves: would you? Would you give yourself to us? To Cheri, or Laura? To me?"

Gabrielle's breathing was heavy as Gwen's hands explored further. Eyes locked on Laura, she gave the briefest shake of her head.


"Liar," Cheri voiced from afar. She'd donned a plushy robe and settled into Gwen's armchair before the pedestal.

Laura grinned wickedly as she searched Gabrielle's face. "Yes, that's it right there. I just knew I had to leave your eyes uncovered. To see that expression. That timid curiosity that tells me you wanted to have us, but you also wanted to feel what it was like to be us."

Laura placed her hand gently on Gabrielle's cheek.

"You're going to find out today, Gabrielle, because I'm going to show you. I'm going to give you that bittersweet punishment you've earned. You're going to feel whatever I want you to feel. It won't be easy, or comfortable, but it might be a little fun."

Gabrielle whined haplessly and flinched as Laura's crop suddenly brushed across her pussy.

"...But you will be ours, a helpless little toy for us to play with. Isn't that just a little bit intriguing?"

The tip of the crop ground against Gabrielle until she squirmed uncomfortably. Laura raised the tip of the crop for all to see. It glistened with arousal.

"I see it is."

"Don't be shy," Gwen sang into Gabrielle's ear. "Being helpless isn't all about control. There's also trust." Gwen's hands rose to meet Gabrielle's breasts over the stocking. "Do you trust us to give you everything you need?"

Gabrielle moaned softly but still shook her head. Soon she felt the crop insisting upon her sex again.

"And everything you deserve?" Laura added menacingly.

Laura rose off the pedestal and Gabrielle felt her hips being pressed irresistibly against the pedestal before her. Gwen fed the straps around each of her upper thighs so they were held tightly against the padding. Gabrielle squirmed.

"Don't fight it," she whispered. Yeah, right.

Gabrielle's ankle cuffs were removed. She'd have kicked but Laura and Gwen each gripped a leg. Each was pulled until it reached the ends of the spreader bar and locked into place. Gabrielle could barely balance in the ballet boots but the manacles, for better or worse, rooted them firmly onto the carpet. Laura then finished tightening the straps on Gabrielle's thighs so there was no mobility. Not that Gabrielle didn't put up a fight.

"Mmph! Nmmph...uhm...MMMMPH!" Gabrielle could barely make out what they were doing until she felt an unexpected hand press against her back. She toppled forward until she leaned over the pedestal, her head and chest hanging over the other side. One set of hands remained on her back. Another gripped her wrists and raised them off her back while the third applied yet more straps across her hips and waist. Gabrielle had custom ordered this contraption with Cheri in mind, thinking hungrily of binding her friend to it for hours at a time, but she'd never really appreciated this side of the equation. What exposure felt like, not what it looked like. The straps kept her bent over with her spread legs straight. Her ass rose prominently off the pedestal, making Laura's crop only too real, and the straps on her thighs put her pussy onto magnificent display. Gabrielle let her head hang and saw her ample breasts dangling before her. She was never meant to be here. It felt strange.

Gabrielle's arms were lifted uncomfortably from her body, but her hopes that they'd be let down were soon dashed. Gabrielle felt a rope attach to her wrists cuffs. A moment later she groaned as her arms lifted further until they were nearly vertical in the air. Gabrielle struggled but once it was tied she couldn't do a thing to lessen the strappado.

Laura then appeared in Gabrielle's limited range of vision. She held a mess of leather straps that looked like a gag harness, yet there was a large silver ring instead of a ball. Without a word, Laura pressed the ring over Gabrielle's mouth so that it rested against the orb within. The first strap went around the back of her head and drew incredibly tight. While Gwen held the strap, Laura diligently pressed the ring against Gabrielle's grunting jaw until she managed to work it between her teeth over the hood. Gabrielle groaned miserably through inscribed lips, filled with the taste of leather and the resignation of a mercilessly tight strap. Then came the other straps under her chin and over her head, and Gabrielle was thoroughly stifled. And of course, everything tightened further once Laura tied a rope from the top of the harness to her elbows, forcing her head back. Gabrielle stared as Laura stepped back to admire her work.

"What do you think, girls? Tight enough?" she asked jovially.

"It's a bit mean," Gwen said thoughtfully. "But at least the view is good." Gabrielle could only look straight ahead but wondered how ridiculous she must look like this.

Cheri studied Gabrielle's face. "She can handle more."

Gabrielle scowled, but Laura ignored her. "Soon. We'll get there. First I want Gabrielle to get properly acquainted with her new friend."

Gabrielle shuddered as she felt a stiff, narrow strip of leather graze her upper thigh. It wandered over the flesh of her rotund behind and suddenly pressed harshly into her skin. Gabrielle's recoil was largely symbolic.

"Don't pretend you haven't earned this," Laura taunted. The crop lifted only to reappear between Gabrielle's legs. The crop rubbed back and forth. "Every. Little. Bit."

Gabrielle bucked and gave a long grown that dissolved into a yelp when she felt a hard whack against her left cheek. The tip of the crop traced the fledgling red streak.

"Yes, you have," Laura taunted savagely. "In fact, how many of those has she earned, girls? Thirty?"

"Fifty," Cheri's tone was darkening by the minute.

"Any other bids?" Laura mused. Gwen silently rubbed Gabrielle's shoulders. "Fifty going once...going twice...sold! Fifty strokes for the condemned mademoiselle."

Gabrielle whimpered. Laura walked along her prostrate body, the tip of the crop tracing its victim's curves.

"Now Gabbi—may I call you Gabbi?—" she said into Gabrielle's ear, "we're going to have to work together on this. I'm going to be so preoccupied with making each little kiss of this crop memorable that I might not remember how far we've come. So I need you to keep careful count for me. Got it?"

Gabrielle whined and shook her head, but Laura had already straightened up.

"Let's practice." Whack.

Gabrielle yelped in surprise and struggled. Her ass was bound firmly in place. Laura had total control. "Now Gabbi," Laura reminded her, "If you don't count it, it's not part of your fifty. And if you're looking for extra then, well, I'm going to have to step things up, won't I?"

Cheri giggled from her chair. All she was missing was a big bowl of popcorn. Gwen, however, leaned next to Gabrielle and encouraged her. "C'mon, sweetie, you can do it."

Gabrielle never felt so powerless. She closed her eyes and relented. "Wmmph." One.

"Good! Let's try again."

Whack. Two. Gabrielle winced.

Whack. Three. The sting was incredible. Laura found a new spot with each stroke of her crop, and the nylon was no veil. Gabrielle knew she'd run out of virgin skin long before fifty. The waiting was almost worse than the strike. She was back there, and Gabrielle could only wait. Every rustle of cloth, every wisp of air made her twitch. Her muscles quivered.

"Uhmph! Fmmph." Four. And there it was. Red on red. Raw power on raw skin. Seconds passed as Gabrielle braced for number five. Damnit! she thought wildly. Where was five?!

She felt Gwen's hand suddenly on her tender backside and jumped. It was almost soothing. Her fingers quickly descended until they brushed Gabrielle's bare sex.

"Oh, you are so very wet," Gwen commented to the others' delight. Gabrielle couldn't help but mew gratifyingly at Gwen's magic touch. A single finger buried itself into Gabrielle's folds and she purred almost instantly. Laura took it as a sign. "Isn't it a wonderful feeling? The good and the bad swirling together inside you. It's like you're hardly being punished at all."

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