tagIllustratedParts Run Leads to Oral Fun - Illustrated

Parts Run Leads to Oral Fun - Illustrated


I want to thank my critique partner for the input.

The parts I remember of this are true...

After a long day at work, I walked into the house to hear the phone ring. I answered, "hello?"

"This is Owen."


"Owen Richards, out at the Muleshoe Ranch."

"Oh, hi!" I had worked at the Muleshoe a summer several years ago. Owen was the foreman, and while we were friendly, he had never called.

"I was hopin' you could help me out. The sickle mower busted and Martin's Supply has the part I need, but I can't get to town before they close. Can you stop by and pick me up a pitman stick for a JD 39 and run it out to me? Please? Just have 'em charge it to The Muleshoe," he paused, "I have a bottle of June Watson's homemade peppermint schnapps I wouldn't mind sharin' with you."

June's schnapps was the bomb. "Sure, I'll head out now. Where are you?"

Owen told me how to get to the remote meadow he was haying. I grabbed my keys and made it to Martin's as they were closing. Then I headed out of town towards the Muleshoe, about 45 miles away.

Owen met me at the gate and had me leave my pickup. He grabbed his parts and we took off in his flatbed pickup bouncing across the meadow. The sun had gone down and the fireflies lit the meadow with their twinkles. The male fireflies roamed the hayed areas of the meadow while the females waited in the tall grass for their lovers. The whole meadow danced with insect love.

Owen and I shared the schnapps while bouncing across the meadow and admiring the cool evening. When we got to the tractor, Owen slid his right arm across my shoulders and asked, "no bra?"

Well, crap. I hate wearing a bra, so I take it off first thing when I get home, sometimes on the way home. I generally put one on if I am going out in public. In my hurry to make it to the feed store in time to get Owen's part, I had forgotten all about it. I had worn a thin button-down shirt to work, and the cool evening air had my nipples at attention.

"I bet Marty was happy to see you."

"Now that you mention it, so was Gordon at the gas station."

Owen leaned in for a kiss. Suddenly a devil and an angel appeared on my shoulder. The angel tried to convince me that Owen was married while the devil countered that it was just a friendly kiss. The angel came back with something about this being inappropriate while the devil reminded me I was in the middle of a dry spell. Ultimately the schnapps in my empty stomach won. I leaned towards Owen and when our lips met I immediately pulled back in confusion. The spirits were back. Now one pointed out the kiss was familiar, I clearly had kissed him before, why was I stopping? The other reminded me I couldn't possibly have kissed him before. My mind whirled. I hadn't kissed him before, had I?

Owen watched me go through this in my mind and casually asked, "you don't remember?"

"Kissing you? No! When?"

"That night in the barn..."

Oh lord. Oh, dear lord. It was the last night of my summer job. Everybody on the ranch had partied throughout the summer but it was just the two of us that night. We had a bottle of Jack and some lukewarm Pepsi, but no cups to mix it in. We were doing a swig from one and a swig from the other to break up the solid Jack. I feel sure we had some of June's special that night too, since they kept a bottle in the barn for early-morning fall roundups. We finished off the Jack and all we had left was warm Old Milwaukee, so we cracked one open. That is all I remember until I woke up sticky and naked in my bed with my tongue glued to the roof of my mouth.

"Oh, god. Did we..."

"Ha, I wish. You got hot, so ya took off yer shirt and poured beer on yer tits. You never did wear no bra that summer, the guys had ta walk all hunched over every time you showed up. It was a chore to keep them workin' a'tall when they knew you was gonna be around.

"You were so proud to show yer tits to me, and ya had to show me yer tattoo too." I had just gotten my tat that summer, and I was proud of it. It is my initials intertwined on my left ribcage. I can't even see it, since it is on my back. It looks like a scar, but it is my livestock brand. "You had me lick the beer off your tits and I sure did enjoy that. I got my face down there and you poured a little an' I caught it on my tongue as it dripped off your nipples. They was pulled up tight and were so suckable I couldn't stop myself from takin' a bite now and again. Sometimes a drip of beer would get away and I gotta lick down your stomach. You were a trim filly in those days. I drank a whole beer that way.

"Before we finished the next beer ya had to pee. You were squirming and you were grabbin' yerself but you were too shy to tell me ya needed help. I could see what was going on, so I pulled yer boots off then unbuttoned your jeans and slid ever'thing off." He paused and leaned across me, his elbow resting familiarly against my pussy for a moment, to open the glove box. He pulled out a pair of filthy, lacy, black panties. "'Member these?"

They used to be my lucky panties, I hadn't seen them in years.

"I helped ya squat and piss right there in the barn. When you was done, I got down a saddle blanket for you to sit on. So I cracked another beer and we shared it. You were completely shameless, sittin' there cross-legged leanin' against the tack room door with your pussy open. I could see your clitty through your lips, so sweet and pretty.

He continued, "I never got drunk with a naked broad before, but I sure enjoyed yer company that night." Owen paused, a wistful look on his face.

"You had me black-out drunk, buck naked and you still were feeding me that shit you call beer? That's the last thing I remember, Owen, starting in on that beer."

"I'm a man of honor, 'sides I couln'ta got it up for nothin' that night. I was shit faced too, besides ain't no kinda' beer tastes good warm... although I would drink warm beer off your titties again in a heartbeat.

"I sure as hell didn't want the night to end. You didn't either. We sat there BS'ing, you let me play with your titties, pinchin' and pullin' on them. After awhile you climbed into my lap and started kissin' on me. You had my shirt open and was grindin' your pussy on my dick through my jeans. I could feel your nipples rubbing sticky beer on my chest but wasn't nothin' happenin' for me. I was too damn drunk for that, but I sure did enjoy yer company that night.

"By the time we got done with the beer you had pissed a couple more times. You were a fuckin' muddy mess. I helped ya over to the stock tank and plopped ya in there to rinse off. The cold water sobered ya up enough so's I could walk ya back to the bunkhouse.

"Did you put me to bed then?"

"Naw, some of the guys was still up playing cards. I didn't want them tellin' my wife I brung you home naked, so I turned you loose on the porch. They must'a took you in."

"You are a gentleman and a scholar, Owen," I meant none of this.

"I had ya naked half a night and drunk off your ass and I never done nothin' you didn't ask me to. Well, when I threw you inta the stock tank I got a handful of ass." He got that wistful look on his face again, "Damn, there is one thing I regret from that night."

"What's that?" This time only the devil appeared on my shoulder. He had his dick in hand and was stroking it.

"I wanted to taste your pussy so bad. You were all wet from pourin' beer all over yourself and ya looked so juicy...could I have a peek at it now?"

I glanced down. Someone had unbuttoned my shirt during Owen's story. I honestly don't know if it was Owen or me. Either way, my tits were out and covered with goosebumps in the damp evening air. The scent of freshly cut hay surrounded us. My pussy pulsed with longing.

June's special was going through me fast. I needed something and this might hit the spot, so to speak. I leaned toward Owen and we kissed again, this time with more passion, our mouths open, tongues sparring. He reached a hand into my shirt and skimmed up my stomach to my tit. The tingles following his finger trails went straight to my pussy. My nipples pulled tight into knobs. Owen slid my shirt off my shoulders as he kissed me again. His rough hands held my tits tenderly as he brushed his thumbs across my nipples. My pussy pulsed again with anticipation.

I pushed my chest into him as we kissed. Owen's hand traced down my back, lingering at my waistband, idly tracing circles on the most sensitive place on my back. Owen bit my lip and I made up my mind.

"You can look, no touching though." I kicked off my boots, and leaned over to shimmy out of my jeans. My nipples brushed my thighs as I left my jeans in a pile on the floorboards. I rose to my knees on the seat displaying my pussy in my thong. I cupped my breasts and pinched my nipples then slowly ran my hands down my ribcage and hooked my thumbs in my thong. I slowly slid it down to display my bikini wax.

Owen switched on the interior light and my naked body was bathed in the dim light. I slid down, my left leg folded on the seat, naturally spreading my pussy a little.

"Yer gorgeous Pam, but I can't really see much, this way." He was right, this wasn't going to work.

Owen and I squirmed around until was in the driver's seat and he was on the floorboards on the passenger side (or as he called it 'the woman's side'). I flung my right foot over the back of the seat and braced my left foot at the base of the gearshift then leaned back on my elbows. The light was directly over my gaping pussy like a spotlight on a dark stage. Owen kissed my mouth again, whispering, "please, Girl?"

"Ok," I whispered back. My pussy was throbbing by this point and I was desperate for some relief.

Owen kissed my belly button, making me squirm in delight. He then trailed kisses down to my pussy. He gently spread my lips and gazed at dripping pussy. He reached under my ass and lifted my pussy to his face. Then he dipped his head and tongued me from the bottom of my slit to the top, trailing his way back to my clit. His tongue traced lazy circles around my clit while he slid two fingers into my warm pussy. It had been so long, I just wanted to melt into him.

He started pumping his fingers while his tongue danced over my clit. Cunnilingus was not a talent I expected Owen to possess, but it was obvious he had spent years honing this skill, even training with the masters. He slurped and tongued me, continually changing up the rhythm to keep me off guard and unable to relax. Finally, he found a groove he liked and he picked up the pace. When I started feeling waves of pleasure, I abandoned myself and let the orgasm crash over me. It hit me so hard my legs trembled.

Owen wasn't done. He gave me a moment to catch my breath then started licking my clit and nibbling it with his lips. I thought it would be too much, one orgasm right after another, but I wasn't going to stop him. He went to probing my clit with his tongue, then his fingers stroking my G spot and began teasing it in rhythm with his tongue on my clit. It wasn't long before I could feel the heat building. I felt a new sensation too, a weird pressure- a need to release...something, I didn't know what. When my orgasm came this time, I gave in to the feeling and it was almost like I peed. This fluid came out and arced up splashing Owen on the cheek under his eye and dribbling down to his jaw. It was the craziest thing, a wonderful release in the middle of all the other sensations of my orgasm.

Owen looked up at me in surprise and dabbed his face with his shirtsleeve. "Damn, Girl."

"What the hell was that?"

"You squirted. It don't happen real often, but it's pretty amazing when it does. Come here," and he held his arms out to me.

We shifted around so he could hold me for a few minutes, his fingers idly playing with my nipples. I curled my naked body up against his fully clothed one and we watched the fireflies dance to the tune of the crickets in the meadow.

"Cheesecake." Owen's voice brought me back to Earth, "I gotta get back now, my parts-run excuse ain't gonna last much longer. If I have another breakdown, can I give you a call?"

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