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Party of Five


'This is a shitty way to start the summer', I thought. After a hard week of finals, I broke up with my boyfriend of 8 months and wrecked my car in the same weekend. The end of May in Michigan is beautiful. Warm weather begins and the hottest bodies were starting to make themselves seen. And me stranded in my apartment with nowhere to go. Just as I was about watch of "Sex and the City" into the DVD, my roommate Tia calls. "Hey what are you doing tonight?" she asks.

"Shit," I reply. "Well, Tony and his roommates want to drink and party tonight, are you in?"

"I dunno..." I start. "C'mon, you've been moping about since the breakup and the accident. You've get a new car and new man eventually, but tonight you need to party. It'll be good for you." I give in. "Be ready in an hour, I'll come pick you up."

Now the search begins for the perfect outfit. I knew that if we were going out Tia would be all "hooched out" as we like to say, so I had to make sure I was dressed likewise. After tearing my closet apart I managed to come out with a cutoff denim jumpsuit and strappy denim sandals. I studied myself in the mirror. At 5'4", 120lbs I am in very good shape...well defined shoulders, runners legs, b-cup breasts, and an ass that could stop traffic. I was proud of all of my "assets" and dark caramel skin that covered all of it. I put on my makeup, using the best colors to accentuate my gray, yes gray eyes and full lips. I smiled my dimpled smile at myself just as Tia arrived.

She looked great as I expected. A small little thing, only 5 feet tall. She had stunning features, being half Hawaiian half Cuban. She wore a short white skirt and a striped halter. We soon left for her boyfriend Tony's house. I learned that we were going to pre-party there with his roommates before we went out.

"Helllooo?!" Tia called opening the door to Tony's condo. We were greeted by lood cheering. "Sounds like they started the party without us," I said. Tony comes to greet us, kissing Tia on the lips. "Hi Sasha," Tony says to me. "Hi Tony."

"Come meet my roommates," he says, taking my hand. "Boys this is Sasha, Sasha this is Andre and Paul." They each shook my hand. Looking at the two hotties before me, Andre being about 6'1," in good shape, with strong Latin facial features and Paul, slightly shorter and more muscular with dark hair and sky blue eyes. Tony was a bit of eye candy also, about the same height as Andre. Tony was your typical 'Italian Stallion'. I know, because I've heard him going at it with Tia more than once. The guys look us over and Tony nods to his roommates.

It was only about 9:30 and most of the real partying didn't begin til about 11:30 in this college town. So we did what college kids do in this situation: drinking game! We played our tainted version of musical chairs first. The rules were simple and designed to get us the most wasted. If you were left without a chair in a round, you had to finish your drink before the round was over. We took turns playing the music and pretty soon everyone was feeling pretty good. The game continued and as people scrambled for chairs we ended up with me in Andre's lap. Instead of quickly getting up to get a head start on my drink, I lingered for a minute. Although soft, there was a noticeable bulge in his pants. I got up and one of his hands brushed my breast as I moved.

The game quickly got old and it was getting close to midnight. "We should get going you guys," Tony announced. "Hold on," Paul said, "let's have a smoke before we head out." Tony rolled his eyes, sat back down, and turned the music back on. Paul left and then returned from his room with a 2-foot glass water bong. "Wow," I gasped, looking at the intricately designed piece as Paul seated himself next to me. "I call it Hanna, and she put out some mean ones!"

"I've never smoked out of anything like that before." I said. "Here, I'll show you" Paul said, handing it to me. "You put your mouth up here at the top, you light the bowl and suck until you see the barrel fill up with smoke." I followed his instructions until a thick milky smoke filled the chamber. "Now what?" I asked. Paul removed the bowl piece and said, "Now suck up all the smoke." I obeyed, not knowing what I was getting myself into. I sucked up the monster hit and immediately started hacking violently. "We have a winner!," Andre exclaimed. "Oh my God," I managed through the coughing, eyes watering. "You'll feel really nice once the coughing passes." Tony said. He was right.

The bong went around a couple of times and by now it was almost one o'clock. "If we're gonna do this we need to get going" Tony said, a little irritated. "We can have a party here!" Tia suggested. "We're already wasted." Tony let out a loud sigh. "Look," Tia explained "We can dance and everything. C'mon Sasha." She pulled me to her and started grinding against my ass. I usually wouldn't have stood for that, but the liquor and the smoke said otherwise. I thought 'what the fuck' and grinded my ass against her crotch to the loud house music blaring through the speakers. I bent all the way over and shook my ass while she spanked me. Tony had stopped his protesting long enough to watch his girlfriend spanking her roommate in front of him. The very sight made his cock twitch. Tia and I danced over Paul and Andre. I took Andre by the hand and we danced around the room to a salsa beat as Tia proceeded to give Paul a lap dance.

Tony was surprised to see his girlfriend behave like this, but he did not object, in fact it aroused him. It aroused him so much that he retreated to his room to relieve himself. The song stopped and we all looked around but Tony was not seen. "Dude?!" Paul called out, "It was just a little lap dance?!"

"I'll go fix it." Tia said. So here I was left alone with the boys. We made new drinks, put on some more music and continued our party. An hour or so passed, but Tony and Tia had not yet returned. No one needed to ask where they were. We all knew.

We were all pretty wasted as well as stoned and soon Andre announced that he was going to his room to pass out. As he left, I told Paul that I wanted to crash too. "I'll get you a blanked and pillow if you wanna crash on the couch out here." Paul offered. "Okay, thanks." I said, "I'm gonna go to the bathroom and change." We I returned from the bathroom there was a fuzzy blanket and pillow waiting for me on the couch. I now saw Paul, in his boxers turning off all the lights and locking the doors. I could see the lines of his six pack even in this dim light. "The remote is on the table if you wanna watch TV. Good night." he said heading to his room. "Goodnight." I returned.

'Dammit, dammit, dammit'. I thought to myself lying in the dark living room. There goes two perfectly 'able' young men going to bed alone. My thoughts drifted between the two of them as I slowly drifted off to sleep....

Still groggy, I feel a familiar feeling between my legs. It feels really good, like a man's tongue exploring the innermost regions of my pussy. At first I thought I was dreaming, but then realized that I wasn't when I a long, thick finger plunge into my juicy hole. I slowly opened my eyes and looked around and figured out where I was. I was still at Tony's. If I was at Tony's, who was helping themselves to a taste of my cunt? I looked down to see Andre's head buried between my thighs.

"Hey!" I whispered. "What do you think you're doing?!" Andre looked up with a half-scared, stunned look on his face and then replied, "Well honestly, I just wanted to see what your pussy tasted like."

'Can't argue with that' I thought. I got up and lay Andre across the couch so I could straddle his face. I pulled his boxers down to his ankles to reveal a gorgeous cock that had to be at least 8 inched long. "Mmmm" I moan as Andre dives into my dripping hole with his tongue. I lick my lips and flick my tongue at the head of his cock. His balls twitch and I can feel him moan into my sex. I lick the entire length of his shaft and cover it in my saliva. With long strokes, I pump his throbbing member, putting more of it into my mouth with each stroke. Andre is busily lapping at my juices and teasing my clit with his finger. I let out an audible moan over his cock.

This turns him on to start pumping first one, then two fingers in and out of my pulsating hole. I start to deepthroat him and I can feel his balls start to tighten. He is furiously licking at my clit and I can feel the first waves of my orgasm flow through me. Andre is now thrusting his hips up, fucking my mouth with his rock hard cock. I hear "Oh shit!" And I knew. The first spurt of cum went straight down my throat. I stroked his cock, milking his seed into my waiting mouth, not spilling a drop. I turned to kiss him, us both tasting ourselves and each other for the first time.

He turned his attention to my breasts. "Wow, your nipples look like two Hershey's kisses" he said. "Uh huh" I said, lower his head toward my nipple for a sample. Andre licked and gently nibbled on my breasts and I could see the life slowly returning to his penis. "Okay, that's really nice, but this is what I really want" I said, taking his stiffening rod into my hand. I moved so that I was bent doggy-style over the couch. I wiggled my ass and still wet pussy at him. Not needing a second invitation, Andre moved in behind me and started to rub the head of his cock against my slick vaginal opening. "No no no.." I said and looked back at him. He had a confused look on his face. "I want it in the ass"

"Isn't that gonna hurt?" he asked. "Get some K-Y or something. It'll be okay." So he ran to the bathroom to find some. While he was gone, I could hear Tia's stifled moans coming from Tony's room. Those two never stop.

Andre returned with a a bottle of lubricant, rubbing it on his dick. My pussy twitched in anticipation. He moved in behind me and probed my anus with a well-lubed finger. At that same time, we heard a the bathroom door close upstairs. I moaned softly, not wanting whoever it was to catch us. I felt the head of Andre's long cock at my anal opening. I tried to relax, but let out a pretty loud moan as the head pushed past my tight, tiny ring.....

From the bathroom, Tia cleaning up from another episode with Tony, heard my scream from downstairs. She tiptoed down the stairs find the living room filled with my moans as Andre drives his stiff rod in and out of my ass...

Andre is pounding away at my ass grunting, and sweating. My moaning continues as I close my eyes and busy my hand in my pussy. I must have been really into it, because I suddenly noticed a hand that was not Andre's stroking my hair. The hand belonged to Tia. I looked up at her, unable to speak from moaning. "I heard the noise, and decided to come and investigate," she said, sitting spread eagle on the couch in front of me. She fingered her still-dripping cunt as she spoke, still twirling her fingers in my hair. "So nice of you to join us." I managed. I replaced her finger with mine and then I sucked it into my mouth. I could taste Tony's cum on my finger. I'd never eaten another girl before, but I guess there's a first time for everything. I spread her folds open and began to explore them with my tongue. I licked from the very top, snaked my tongue around her throbbing clit, to the very bottom, probing her ass hole with my tongue. I could hear her moan softly from my place in between her thighs.

Andre must have been very turned on by the sight before him. He thrust into me harder and faster, driving my tongue further into Tia's soaking pussy with each stroke. Tia's body began to shake with an orgasm, just as Tony entered the room. His jaw dropped at the sight before him: his buddy giving it to his girlfriend's roommate in the ass as she ate his girlfriend's pussy. As Tia's orgasm subsided, she moved from her spot on the couch to Andre's side as he continued to own my ass. His strokes long and hard, Tia fed him one of her breasts. This sent him over the edge. I felt his cock swell and the first splash of his cum shot into my used hole. He continued pumping until the cum flowed from my ass hole. Tia bent down to lick the cum that escaped from my ass and then proceeded to lick Andre's cock clean.

We all turned to hear the applause of Tony and Paul coming from the corner of the room. Tia curled her index finger and motioned for Paul to come to her. She laid him across the furry rug in the now musky living room and sat on his face. "May I?" I asked, cocking my head toward Tony. She winked at me, and I knew it was okay. I crawled over to where Tony sat, licking my lips. I wanted to see the dick that made Tia cum so LOUDLY all the time. As I got closer his steel monster came into view. I blinked to make sure I was seeing straight. Standing at full attention before me was Tony's rock hard penis. I finally knew why Tia was always moaning and screaming so loudly. Tony's dick had to be 10 or 11 inches long and about 3 inches around. I licked the shaft of his cock, getting it good and wet. Tony reached down to fondle my breast while I worked on his cock. Meanwhile Tia was sucking Andre off while Andre fucked her doggystyle. Her small tits swayed back and forth with Andre's thrusts. Paul tangled his fingers in her hair, loving the feel of her silky tongue massaging his tool.

I was now straddling Tony's lap and he took each of my nipples into his mouth, one at a time. I lowered myself, impaling myself onto his legnthy member. After a few strokes, I had completely taken all 11 inches of him and soon my head was spinning into another orgasm. I rode him hard and I could hear a loud grunt from across the room. That familiar grunt was Andre, emptying his semen into my roommate's tight little snatch. Tia came again and pumped hard at the cock in her mouth. She sucked Paul's cock like a pro. Soon she felt his balls tighten and his reward to her spilled all over her tongue and dribble down her chin.

I continued to ride Tony's massive cock and I felt a hand in my hair. Once again it was Tia. She bent down kiss first Tony, then me, giving us both a sample of Paul's salty cum. Tony picked me and moved me over to the rug, his big cock still inside of me. I started riding him again and he raised his hips a little and pointed my ass up. "Hey Paul, get over here." he said, still thrusting up into me. Paul came over, not needing instruction and pushed the head of his cock into my ass hole. It felt so good to have two dicks plowing in and out of me at the same time. Tia bent over in front of me and Tony so that we could both lap at her cum-filled pussy. Andre, feeling left out, somehow found his way to Tia's lips and began to fuck her mouth. A typical night of college partying had escalated into a full blown orgy!

We continued like that for sometime...My ass being used by Paul...Tony impaling me on his massive cock. The feel of the two of them brushing past each other inside me brought me to orgasm after orgasm... Tony and I licked at Tia's sopping cunt and fingered her hole and ass...and Andre parting Tia's little lips with his penis. Tony's strokes were coming harder and faster and I knew he was getting close. I think Andre and Paul were too. Tony lifted me off of his pulsing cock and moved me next to Tia. The three of guys stood over Tia and I stroking their throbbing penises. Paul was the first to shoot his load. The first splash of cum landed on my cheek. Tia leaned over to licked it off of my face and the next splash landed in her hair. Then Tony and Andre started to shoot, showering us with their milky spurts. Me and Tia licked the cum off of each other's faces and breasts and then passed out, spent as all hell. I laid naked, sweaty, and covered in cum next to my roommate. As my head spun, I remembered that I almost decided not to come out tonight. My problems didn't seem that bad and my pussy still ached for more. I wondered if it was like this all the time over here, and if so, why hadn't Tia invited me over before? Or was this just a one time thing because we were all so wasted. I would find out the following morning...

To be continued...

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