Coming up behind you, pulling aside your beautiful strawberry curls and nibbling softly at the base of your neck, his tongue lightly reaches out to caress the smooth skin as he travels up to your ear lobe where he gently nips at the sensitive spot as his arms encircle you to pull you close to him as he listens to the small gasps and moans you are starting to emit.

As you melt back into his arms, and your arms encircle his, you feel a wave of relaxation start spreading across your body, your mind is racing, questioning you with things like "Oh god, how can he know me so well already", "I feel so safe, so totally at ease with him, why is he different than all the rest", "It's almost as if he can look right inside me and SEE what I need!"

That beautiful warm glow is now surging through you, your entire body is turning into one huge erogenous zone and you back up into him harder and start to grind your beautiful cheeks into him finding him hard and ready for you already. His hands have not been idle, they are tracing lightly up and down the sides of your body, touching ever so lightly everywhere before setting there sights on your hyper sensitive breasts.

As he traces over the outside of each breast, you shudder and the most beautiful soft moan escapes your lips, Your body remembers his touch, his lips and tongue and the wonderful way he could use them, how he brought you such pleasure, How he knew when to give pain, and when to take advantage of your submissive nature. “Oh! I am already drenched! If this keeps Up I will soak through my panties AGAIN!”

His hands reach up to cup your breasts, his fingers finding your distended nipples, hard and ready for his touch, as his arms encircle you, each taking a nipple between a his thumb and forefinger, he twists lightly, tracing the tip of his finger lightly over to very tip and then squeezes HARD, hard enough you gasp and Moan loudly as your knees buckle at the intense pain surging through your breasts heading straight to your clitoris where the little nub begins vibrating in concert to his touch.

Ooooooooo Uummmmmmmm “you think that he might just be able to make you cum by playing with your body, never even touching your overheated pussy” “UUUmmmmmmm Ohhh Baby! That feels Sooooo good”

As his hands leave your breasts, he unbuttons your blouse to reveal your lacy bra which he is pleased to find fastens in the front, he releases the catch and your ample bosom spills out of the lacy undergarment as his warm hands return to cup and fondle them in the flesh.

He cups them gently and traces his fingers around the areola, circling inward toward your distended nipple. As his fingers trace lightly over your nipple, touching ever so lightly he whispers in your ear "Does My little girl like this?" You reply, in almost a whisper “Oh yes! It feels so good!" As he slips the blouse and brassiere from your lightly freckled shoulders and lets them drop to the floor, he then unbuttons your skirt letting that fall in a pool around your ankles where you stepped out of them leaving you in a pair of matching panties that accentuate your beautifully full hips.

Spinning you around and pulling your lips to his, he tenderly kisses you as his hands travel down to fondle the luscious globes of you ass, pulling you to him tightly as you feed him your tongue. As his hands work there magic, he can hear you start moaning into his mouth as your hips begin to grind themselves into his.

His hands travel up your back, following your spine and touching ever so lightly, traveling up to your neck where he traces along your jawbone and down to that very sensitive spot where your collarbone meets your beautiful neck. Removing his lips from yours he now traces the route his hands had followed, lightly kissing and licking his way down your neck, first to one side, and then the other causing you to shiver and emit small mewing moans as he works. “Ohhhhh, That’s so good”.

Traveling lower, his hands lead the way as they lightly trace the outlines of your ample breasts, lightly touching the sides and tracing the outline of your silver dollar sized areola with his fingers before replacing them with his tongue. His attentions are not going without notice as he purposely avoids your rock hard nipples, he is cupping your breasts in both hands now, tracing his tongue along an inward spiraling circle toward your nipple, and with nothing but his hot breath to touch you, he is gone, moved over to the other, starting the process all over again.

As he circles inward, he lightly traces his tongue over your nipple, lightly touching, circling and teasing the hard nub of pleasure before abruptly sucking it into his scalding hot mouth and applying moderate suction and light nips from his teeth as he listens to the sharp intake and long low moan from you and he giggles inwardly. “OOOmmmmm, Ohhhhhh that feels so good, Ohhhh don’t stop, please” comes from her in that small soft voice of hers.

As she is holding his head to pull him tightly to her bosom, he releases her nipple from his teeth and begins lightly flicking his tongue over the very tip, so lightly, so quickly, unlike anything she has ever felt before and the shivers turn to shudders, her body has connected all the nerves in her nipple directly to her clitoris, and everything he is doing to her nipple feels like it is happening directly on her clit.

Then his free hand takes her other nipple between his thumb and forefinger and begins twisting, first lightly, then with an ever-increasing pressure as his tongue does its magic on its sister.

Suddenly, with no warning, she feels her pussy clamp down and that wonderful white hot heat radiates throughout her body emanating from her clitoris as she erupts in orgasm, her knees buckle and she wails out her song of pleasure as she grips his head to her to keep from falling. OOOOMMmmmmmooooooooOOOOOOOO AAIIeeeeeee Ooooohh YES! Throwing her arms around him and pulling his lips to her own, kissing him passionately and then exclaims “How did you do that!, you never even touched my pussy and I came so hard! Oh god, NOONE has ever even come close to doing that, look at me! I’m drenched, and it's running down the inside of my thighs!”

Chuckling inwardly, I vow never to reveal my secrets, and wonder just how much trouble you will be in once that magic tongue of mine is latched directly onto your clitoris and vulva. I place my hands on your shoulders and lower you to your knees, where you are staring at the tenting in my boxers, caused by my pleasuring your voluptuous body.

Cooing you reach out and say "Ohhh My, did I cause this?” Reaching up to pull down my boxers, as the elastic passes my hard cock it springs out to greet you. You're deep blue eyes light up as you look at what pleasuring you has done to me. Shyly you reach out and grasp the hard shaft with your cool hand, running your hand from base to tip causing a drop of pre cum to ooze out and sit invitingly, waiting for you. Your tongue extends and lightly retrieves the tangy nectar and you then begin to lightly run your tongue along the sensitive underside of my cock before you take the hard shaft and suck it into your hot mouth until it has bottomed out and my pubes are tickling your nose.

As you apply suction and start to withdraw, my knees start to buckle at the glorious sensations you are causing in my body. As you reach the tip, you begin swirling your tongue stud quickly along the underside of my cock, causing me to moan out loud.

Removing your mouth you begin to tongue the underside of my cock again as you hand takes my hardness and begins to jack it slowly. As you tongue travels lower and lower you raise my meat out of the way and continue lower to work on my balls, running your tongue over them lightly, kissing them, lifting them with your tongue testing there weight and fullness.

And then one of my balls is being sucked into your scalding mouth, the warm sensation is only overcome by that delectable tongue of yours as it moves your newfound toy from one side of your mouth to the other, deliciously dragging my testicle over that porcelain ball embedded in your tongue. Groaning in ecstasy, my knees do try and buckle this time as you leave one testicle and move to the other and your hand returns to its slow jacking of my cock.

Reluctantly I grab your curls and gently pry you from your newfound treat. Giggling lightly you release me and begin tonguing your way up my body, stopping at my sensitive nipples and bring them to an ever more aroused state as you torment them both.

Grabbing your hand I lead you up to the bedroom, once there I take a scarf and blindfold your eyes and remove your panties, noticing that you are indeed totally drenched! Taking several more scarves, I bind your hands and feet and push you down on the bed face down with your head and feet hanging over the sides. Then I wait quietly as I prepare several items I have brought to pleasure you with today and quietly retrieve several of your favorite toys from your toy box.

After a very short time I hear “What are you doing?” and I reply “Shhh Sweety, be quiet” and continue to sit quietly by her side waiting. This time after a few minutes she starts turning her head side to side, trying to hear me and then raises her hands to her blindfold and starts to lift it.

CRACK! My hand descends on her right cheek smartly, accompanied by a loud yelp from her. “You know better! I see we have to work on your patience some more don’t we?” “I’m Sorry, it wont happen again!” she replies as I admire my work turning crimson red in the form of my hand on her ass. “We will see about that tonight my sweet, we will learn much about each other and you will learn patience”

“You may talk now if you want, but you are not allowed to move from this spot, and you are not allowed to CUM with out my permission, Understand?”


Standing I move from the bed and around to her feet, admiring the luscious view of her ample ass and delicious pussy peeking out below just dripping its honey already. Taking a makeup brush, I start lightly brushing her feet and legs, touching ever so softly as I travel up her legs to her ass and back down again as she squirms from the light touch.

Running the brush lightly over her toes and the soles of her feet as she squeals and squirms before returning up her legs where I brush lightly along her inner thighs and over her shaved pussy lips amid more squeals that then Moans of pleasure as each little brush hair drags slowly over her distended clitoris peeking out from under its hood. Slowly, deliciously I torment her clitoris with the feathery touch of the brush as her hips start to thrust and twitch every time a brush hair drags its feathery touch over her clit. Her breathing is rapid and shallow, as she gasps and moans to my touch telling me “Ohhhhhh no, I cant, Ohhhhhhhhh Ummmmmmm I need to come baby, can I come now?”

“No, you must wait”

Applying the brush with more force, her back arches up and tries to pull away from the tantalizing brush now, her body convulsing in conflict as half her being tries to make her CUM and the other half tries to rob her body of that pleasure. “I Ohhh I I I cant hon, Ohhhh Ohhh Please let me cum I need it so bad..Ohhhhh” At the very last moment I abruptly stop and tell her to roll over as she slumps to the bed temporally drained from fighting her body. I am blessed with a vision of beauty as her ample breasts come into view, her perky nipples already hard and begging for attention.

Starting at her face, I run the brush over her forehead, down brushing her ears and over her sensuous lips as she groans at my touch. Moving down to the hollow of her neck, I lightly touch with the brush and then lower, down her neck to the top of her cleavage, and over and around her breasts circling ever closer to her nipples.

As I pass the brush over one nipple unexpectedly, a sharp intake of breath accompanies her arching her back to try and make the contact harder. Running the soft bristles lightly over her nipple I reach down with the other hand and start twisting the other nipple with increasing pressure, sending conflicting signals to her over stimulated brain. Her breathing is very rapid and I can see her pussy start to contract and say "Remember, you are NOT to CUM" Her moans turn into a loud groan as her eyes open wide and she realizes she is so close, and now has to stop herself from cumming.

"Noooo Please baby, don’t tease me any more, PLEASE Let me cum!" she pleads as I release her nipple and move the brush over to sooth the twisted nipple. "No my sweet, you must learn patience remember and we have yet to begin you lesson and already you are asking for me to finish you off, You had a ver hard CUM downstairs and that should be enough for now”

Reaching into her toy box I retrieve a small vibrator and turning it on, slide it effortlessly into her as she bucks her hips up to greet me. "I have to go down stairs to get some items, this should keep you occupied while I am gone. And remember I WILL KNOW if you cum!"

Gritting her teeth, a fading groan is all I hear as I head downstairs to retrieve my pack of goodies I have brought for her. Returning to her quietly, I am pleased to see that I could have stomped up the stairs and she would not have noticed. Lying on the bed with her bound legs splayed wide, her back arched into the air and her nipples have grown to almost an inch! She is positively vibrating in an effort not to cum as I switch off the vibrator.

"Oooooohhhhhhh" as she slumps back to the bed, exhausted and frustrated she pleads again "PLEASE I need to CUM, just a little bit hon, Please?"

"Wait my precious, you will have to earn that" Moving to her head, I reach down and caress her face, tracing her jaw lightly touching her lips. As my finger traces past her lips, they part and her tongue darts out to lick my finger, and then those lips suck my finger into her hot mouth where her tongue swirls around the digit treating it like a cock. Removing my finger, I reach into my bag and remove a strawberry and place it to her lips, she inhales, and then tentatively reaches out with her tongue to feel the texture of the ripe fruit. Taking a bite, she smiles and says "Mmmmmm, Oh that is delicious" As she finishes the first I grab a nice grape, feeding it to her in the same fashion.

Next I dip a strawberry in chocolate sauce, letting the sauce drip down on to her lips before feeding her the fruit.

Next comes some ripe melon traced along her sensuous lips as her tongue darts out and tries to figure out what it is before it gets slowly fed to her. Moaning at the delicious treats she is receiving I can see that she has calmed down and I decide that the time has come to resume our training. My lips press to hers, my tongue traces along her upper lip and sneaks inside her mouth to toy with hers. Standing I take my cock and trace it along her lips, she is trying to identify what it is and as her tongue touches the head and she tastes my pre cum she starts purring and opens her mouth to receive me.

Placing the head of my cock on her tongue, she inhales the tasty treat and begins running her tongue along the underside and applying suction as it becomes harder and harder. Removing my cock from her mouth I apply some chocolate sauce and return it to her lips. Her tongue darts out and tastes the chocolate and inhales my cock again, this time running right down to the base and slowly retreating as she applies suction causing my knees to weaken and a small groan to escape my lips. Reluctantly I remove my now hard member from her lips and reach down to turn the vibrator still lodged in her pussy back on.

A sharp intake of breath tells me that the vibrator has started and taking my hard cock I slap first one side and then the other of her face as she tries to capture my cock and return it to her mouth. I then reach down and grasping both nipples begin rolling them between my thumb and forefingers as I watch her reaction. Her body is writhing in conflict as the vibrator and the pleasure I am applying to her nipples brings her back to the very edge of having an orgasm and she begins to plead with me again.

"I need it so bad, please…."

"Not yet" is my reply

"UmmmmmmOOOOOoooooooooooo I'm so close, I don’t know if I can hold back"

Reaching down to remove the vibrator I reply "Wait"

Moving to her pussy, I lift her legs and spread her to gaze on the most beautiful pussy I have ever seen. Taking my tongue I begin running it lightly around her outer lips and across the top lightly brushing her clitoris as I pass by. Her Hips rise to meet me in an effort to keep my contact with her very hard and sensitive joy button, but I move on and this time placing my tongue at the very button of her begin slowly licking upward, letting my tongue enter her sweet honey pot and exit only to stop short of touching her clitoris.

Her body is vibrating again in an effort to stop her cum and her moaning is almost constant, intermixed with whimpers and more pleadings. Taking her clitoris into my mouth I place the flat of my tongue lightly against it and begin making a fluttering motion with it. Immediately her hips rise off the bed and I can hear "NNNnnnnnnnnggggggg Ohhhhhh Ttthats INFUCKINGCREDABLE OOOhhhhhhhhh BABY I Need to cum Sssooooooo bad, please NnnnNGnnnnnn oOOHhhhhhhhh'

Releasing her clit momentarily I tell her that she has earned the right to cum and may begin anytime as her reward and place my tongue back on her clitoris. As soon as I begin fluttering my tongue, her moans turn into a long loud wail or ecstasy as she rushes over the edge and begins to CUM HARD!


I continue to administer to her, rewarding her multiple times for learning how to be patient, One after another Orgasm washes over her body as I keep playing with her clit, After 5 or 6 good hard CUMS, I release her clitoris. As she groans at me stopping, I grab her legs roll her over on to her stomach again. Grasping her hips I pull her ass into the air, slide in behind her and slide my rock hard cock right into her steaming pussy till it bottoms out as she wails out another orgasm at my hard cock spreading her and traveling deep into her depths. I start out with a steady slow rhythm and my hands mold themselves to her perfectly shaped hips and ass. Moaning almost constantly, I can feel her tight pussy rhythmically clamping down on my cock as she cums several more times.

As my little strawberry girl is moaning softly to my hard thrusts I raise my hand and bring it down HARD on her ass, adding to the crimson handprint already there, this is met with a loud squeal and an even deeper moan as her pussy clamps even harder on my cock as I fuck her from behind.

" Oh so my little slut likes getting her ass spanked do you?"

"Mmmmm oh yes, fuck me harder, I've been a bad little girl! FUCK ME HARD NOW!"

I stop my thrusting, and ask her quietly " was that a suggestion, or an order?"


My hand descends on her ass, right where her cheeks meet her legs and her moan turns into a squeal as I say " That sounded like an order to me, I guess we have NOT shown you how to be patient yet!"

SLAP, SLAP! "Ow!, no, Im sorry" CRACK!, CRACK, CRACK "OOOOOOOoooooo No Ill be good, please don’t, Ohhhhh, so good, Ummmmmm, I'm sorry I will be good".

Her ass is glowing bright red, and each time I lay a hand on her ass that tight pussy has been just rippling up and down my cock, almost making me cum without even moving in her.

Grabbing a bottle of lube from her night table I lube up her ass and insert a finger into her super tight channel. "OOOOOhhhhhhhhhhMmmmmmmmm" she moans as I work my finger in and out of her asshole to loosen her up and make her ready for me. "Hmmm I see my little slut likes getting her asshole fingered doesn't she" My answer is a moan as she tries to shove even more of my finger up her ass.

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