tagInterracial LovePaul and Helen at the Chalet

Paul and Helen at the Chalet


Helen didn't like wearing underwear. It itched and she liked her pussy to get fresh air. Or some air. Sometimes she did but if she could wing it she liked to be free. Paul was attending a conference, and had invited her on her day off. He was funny. When she was working he never interrupted her, but once that was done he was like a boyfriend sometimes. Witty, clever, concerned.

Helen had finally paid for the flat. She appreciated Paul, and her good fortune in working for him. She no longer had to deal with her family members, and her daughter loved the space. It was a nice flat, clean, cosy, with hot water and a small garden that was shared by a number of other flats in the compound. Accra was sunny, and it was nice to have a shady, breezy place. There was a swing in the garden.

The hotel Paul stayed at was very exclusive. The staff didn't get in the way or judge, but they were always carefully available if you needed something. Helen lay by the pool in her sun dress. Each room had chalets, artfully arranged around a central courtyard. Each chalet had a private pool. It was really luxurious, and Helen couldn't believe people lived like this in Ghana. She lay in the shade in a light green linen sundress. It was very brief, and she wore nothing underneath. She would periodically remove it and step into the pool to cool off. The contrast between the hot day and the cool water was stimulating. As the day went on Helen started to feel progressively more relaxed and more turned on. She leaned back against the side of the pool as the cool water hardened her nipples and wet her pussy.

"Massage?" The voice was firm yet questioning, that of a confident person who was not completely sure what to expect. Helen was not expecting a massage. She was in the pool naked!

"Who is it?"

"Someone ordered a massage. Is this Paul's room?" The voice sounded familiar, and was getting closer. She stood up and moved to the edge of the pool, so her head was all that could be seen. The masseuse walked out of the room on to the patio. It was Mandy!

"You surprised me!"

"Heeeeey! Long time!" Mandy smiled. She was in a white coat and blue slacks, with blue sneakers on. Very professional.

"Now this isn't fair. Just not fair. I'm not even wearing a watch!"

"Well I am being professional, this is work." Mandy laughed.

Helen walked out of the pool, dripping water on the patio. Her nipples were big and hard, and her full bush was sopping from within and without. She remembered her time with Mandy. She felt it was too short, and had been fantasizing of getting to know her better.

She picked up a towel, and slowly started drying herself off. As Mandy approached her she leaned over and kissed Helen on the cheek. Mandy smelled fresh and citrusy, and Helen hugged her.

"You'll soak me!" Mandy gasped. Helen laughed and hugged her closer, pulling her into the pool.

"Now we're fair. You'll just have to hang your stuff up."

After Helen was dried she lay down on her stomach for the massage. Mandy had placed a thick bath sheet on the portable table, and after Helen lay down Mandy covered her body with another sheet, and started rubbing a gentle lavender oil into Helen's shoulders. Helen sighed as Mandy leaned into her, kneading with short strokes and applying strong pressure. Helen started to fade in and out of consciousness. This was a really good idea. Mandy worked down Helen's upper back, playing with her trapezius muscles and her subspinatus muscles. Helen was very stiff and never really did any exercise besides working. She really needed this massage.

When Mandy got to her lower back Helen moaned. Her lower back was tight and sore, and Mandy pushed gently and then harder to unpack the knots in Helen's back. As she reached Helen's butt she felt the tension in Helen's upper glutes. Her deep fingers probed and released, making Helen's lower back ache ease for the first time in ages. With her elbows she probed into Helen's butt, agitating and relaxing her largest muscles at the same time. As she stroked down to Helen's rear legs, she pushed her hands, with the thumbs rubbing Helen's inner thighs and her fingers stroking her outer thighs. As she stroked by, she gently flicked the back of Helen's pussy.

Helen was already wet, but Mandy played it straight. She rubbed Helen's calves and feet, feeling the deep tension in Helen's body.

"Turn." Mandy held the towel off Helen's body between them so Helen could turn. Helen's nipples and glistening pussy were exposed but Mandy covered her with the sheet up to her neck. Mandy rubbed Helen's upper shoulders and pectoral muscles with deep, strong strokes. She rubbed oil into Helen's big, firm breasts, and leaned over to suck Helen's nipples as they hardened and her areolae puckered. Helen sighed. Just as suddenly Mandy stood up and kept rubbing, kneading Helen's hip flexors and quads. Helen was almost jumping off the bed.

Mandy didn't touch her pussy at all nor did she acknowledge it. She rubbed Helen's shins, and then smiled.

"Bye Helen."

Helen was stunned, as Mandy covered her up and walked away.

The door made no sound, so Helen's haze was blown away when Paul walked in.

"I bet you're nice and ready now."

His smile was broad as always, and made her tingle. Paul stood there in golf shorts and a t shirt, looking like he had always been standing there. He had just walked in from the golf course, and he wanted Helen nice and ready for him. Helen smiled back nervously. It was weird with Paul. He didn't initially look like one who would know what to do with a woman's body. He seemed too comfortable, too rich, too soft. Every time Helen looked at him that was her first impression. It always changed when he touched her. He was sure. He was knowing. He was calm. He was deep. He stroked her inner arm and traced her arm down to her hand. He raised her hand and kissed it. Helen shivered with anticipation.

He stroked her neck with one hand and kissed her deeply, while stroking her pussy with his other hand. She raised her hips towards him, as he gently stroked her pussy and circled her clitoris with his wet fingers. She was so relaxed, she couldn't tell where her body ended and where his fingers started. He dipped his fingers in her wet pussy, stroking softly and then more firmly, insistently playing with her G-spot and making her wetter and wetter.

He started sucking her nipples, stroking her breast with the hand that was not in her pussy. Her breasts were sensitive and her nipples were hard. His sucking was expert and as her breathing became faster and more intense, he sucked harder and fingered her harder, raising her level of excitement.

She came loudly and violently, shuddering hard and clenching her legs together as he brought her to her peak. She turned over on to her knees and raised her ass to him. She needed his fuck now. Paul pulled off his shorts. He wore no underwear. He knelt behind her and stroked his hard cock against her pussy slowly, torturing her with the feel of it while she writhed and begged him to fill her. He held her hips slowly, and parted her ass cheeks, looking at her pussy as it glistened. He pushed the head of his cock into her, feeling the sensation of her wet, thick, soft pussy.

It felt amazing, and he slowly pulled out and entered again, making Helen gasp each time he entered her. She was going mad with anticipation. He pushed deeper inside, getting two inches into her, and then pulled out again, fucking her with slow shallow strokes. Each stroke brought a gasp, and with each stroke he slowly entered deeper than the stroke before. Eventually she had absorbed his entire cock, and his strokes became harder and faster. Soon her ass was shaking as he slammed each stroke into her, and she was thrusting back against him with all her power. He was fucking her hard.

"Paul! You are killing me. Oh my fuuuuuck! Paul! Fuck me! Don't stop! Harder! Don't stop! Harder!"

Moments like this were when she knew Paul was her master. Her real master. He was in complete control of her pussy and her soul. He could do anything with her, and she would agree. She would always agree to whatever Paul wanted.

He fucked her even harder, with long hard strokes. She broke out in goose bumps all over, as he shook her womb with his hard cock. She was so stimulated from the massage and the fingering, she came quickly, squirting all over him. The rush of her orgasm pushed him over the edge, and he pumped sperm into her , gripping her breasts hard from behind. They both shuddered and collapsed onto the bed.

After a short nap Paul woke to Helen's intent gaze.

"Master Paul"


"You don't look like someone who knows how to fuck but you are an expert. My pussy is singing."

"How do people who know how to fuck look? "


"They are young? "

"Usually they aren't old."

"Young men don't know anything. They are learning."

"Now I know. You teach me how to fuck every time you handle me."

"It's in your mind. You submitted to me first, so your pussy just followed your mind."

"I want you."

"You don't know me."

"I can try."

"I think you should take the slice of me you have first and see how that goes."

Helen smiled. This man thought he could just fuck her and escape. She had met her master. She was not going to fade away. She would start with the slice he gave, but she would take more. So much more.

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