tagGay MalePaying For A Lift

Paying For A Lift


It was midnight and started to rain and I was in the middle of nowhere, with my car broken down. I was starting to be desperate, that anyone will come, when I finally saw the lights of a truck. Fortunately the driver stopped, and asked me what's the problem, then I told him that my car is broke down, and I have to reach the next town, which is at least 400 miles away. He told me to get in and started. I soon fell asleep.

After a couple of hours we stopped and the driver woke me up.

-I think it is time for you to pay for the journey - he said to me.

-But I have no money - was my answer.

-That's not a problem- then he got out of the truck and helped me out also. We were in the woods and he showed me a small path to go there ahead of him. At the end there was a small house, we went in, then he pushed me in a big chair made of wood, and quickly tied me to the chair, I was scared, and was even more scared when I saw him unbuttoning his fly and taking out his cock. But it all went away when I saw his already erect cock which was at least nine inch, and heard him saying: Don't be afraid your travel fee is not large just have to suck this huge cock and if you please me well I take you to the town. Did you understand? I just nodded staring at his cock. He realized it.

-Ah so you like it already? Are you gay?

I nodded again.

-Well then you will enjoy this. Then he stepped over me, his legs in both side of the chair, and his huge cock just ahead of my face, he grabbed it and slapped my face a couple of times. I tried to catch it with my lips and tongue. He started to laugh: You want my cock, don't you? I nodded again, then beg for it bitch. And call me sir.

-Please sir, let me suck your cock I want it so badly I'm such a slut I need a huge cock in my worthless mouth, please let me suck it.

-All right slut, I give you what you want - and with that he shoved his cock deep into my mouth, I started to gag but took it deep. When I started to get used to his huge cock in my mouth, I moved my tongue under it, started to bob my head on his shaft and suck it hard.

-Yes, that's right you are a good little cock-sucking slut, suck it nice. I started to suck harder and harder bobbing my head wildly on his shaft, and take it deeper and deeper into my throat. soon I felt him tense up, his hot meat throbbing in my mouth, then with a moan he shot his load deep into my throat. I swallowed as much as I can but a lot of them, came out my mouth flowing down my chest.

I started to lick his cock clean, and to eat up his cum. During this his cock started to harden again. - Hey you slut you made me hard again, you want more of my cock? - I nodded with his now fully erect cock still in my mouth.

-Well you can get it but this time in your tight little ass. Saying this he stared to untie me and got me up from the chair, then throw me on the end of the bed, in the way that I was kneeling there with my face on the bed, and my ass up the air. He pulled down my jeans, and boxers quickly, stepped behind me, and shoved his cock in my ass in one stroke, I screamed out loud . He started to pump me wildly, pushing that cock deeper and deeper. My mind quickly blown up and I soon shoot my my load all over the bed, after a couple of minutes he also came filling my ass with his hot load, then pulled out. I felt his cum and my blood pouring out my ass-hole, then I collapsed.

An hour later I woke up in the truck. The driver said that we arrived to the first town, but since I paid my trip he will take me anywhere I want now.

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