tagIncest/TabooPeeking Daughter Ch. 02

Peeking Daughter Ch. 02


The long walk to the bathroom seemed even longer as she dragged herself out of bed, rubbing the crust in her eyes, and scratching her shoulder. Like the fabled magic mirror she glanced at it wondering who, if she was the fairest, or at least different now that she was 18. With a quick splash to the face she made her journey to claim the wonderful prize of bacon. The scent wafting throughout the house, followed swiftly by roasted coffee. The mouth watering trail of awesome led her in a stupor to grab her favorite mug. Turning around she found her father's broad muscular back shirtless, manning bacon. Snorting she grabbed his attention.

"Didn't you know you're supposed to wear a shirt when you fry stuff?" the grease popped as she finished her question, only proving her point.

"Well, didn't you know you should wear pants when you leave your room?" his smirk turned unbidden as his gaze dropped to her small bikini style panties.

The carafe full of coffee was frozen mid air. It wasn't a conscious decision to leave her room without her pants, and with widened eyes she danced around the room looking for an out. No witty comeback for his remark, no secret set of pants lying about, no out. Setting the coffee down, she turned on her heels and disappeared down the hall. Never in her life had she forgotten to cover up. With an airy sigh of embarrassment it took her a moment to find her sweats. After a few deep, calming breaths, she returned to the kitchen, only to find him looking at her with sympathetic eyes.

"I see we found some pants." his smile lightened the mood, and she took a deep breath to follow his lead, "Yeah, the lost items here poster, helped."

Returning to the counter, she filled her cup with coffee and brought it to her lips. This drew his attention to her mouth. In that moment, he was back in front of his monitor, gazing at the beauty on his screen. The curved lips seductively inviting, dripping wet from the cascading shower. The slender neck, and high peeking collar bones welcomed his teeth, and then there were her soft buds beaded under the tank...Dress. Shaking the fog in his brain, he shouldn't think of porn at breakfast, not when bacon grease was popping loudly, one stray globe sizzling on his bare stomach.

"Holy sh.. I mean crap...I mean!" leaping back with a yelp, he grabbed a dish towel to wipe the hot grease burning his skin.

"Told ya." She quipped, smirking into her cup of joe. "Shoulda been wearing a shirt."

"Then go get me one," he mocked, "I'm slaving over this birthday breakfast. It is the least you could do."

"Yeah, yeah. Don't hurt yourself in there," Laughter was all he heard as she took a step out of the kitchen. The sway of her ass jiggling grabbed his gaze, and he thought back to the woman in the black dress. With a flex of his cock he was forced to shake his head like a lighthouse in a dense fog. Another loud crackle brought him back from the storm.

"One shirt, coming up," She called from the hallway, giving him only a moment's notice to catch it.

The navy blue Warriors shirt stretched against his broad shoulders covering his hard chest, and hill filled plains for abs. It wasn't till he was going back to finish the cooking that he realized just where Amanda must have gotten this shirt. In a bottom drawer right next to where he kept his hitachi wand, or personal massager as the website claimed it to be another item he hadn't used in some time. In a porn once some guy used it, and Nathan thought it looked exciting. He wondered if she noticed, but the fragrant honeyed scent of finished bacon reminded him of his task. While her dad finished making breakfast, Amanda busied herself with setting the table. They sat and ate in silence. Each thinking about the night before.

"Happy late Birthday by the way," he mumbled over the rim of his coffee cup. Trying to make casual he had missed her 18th birthday last week while away for work.

"Thanks Dad, but I noticed no birthday gifts," she watched him squirm in his seat, amused by his obvious discomfort.

"I know that...silly. I got you something. A late present," he recovered. This got her attention.

"Oh? What is it?" she beamed at him from across the table.

"I heard this, this silly rumor that you like shopping. Is that still true or we getting wee too old for that?" he mused.

She rose from the table swiftly, causing her breasts to sway under her tank.

"Actually, I was thinking... Since I'm going to be 18 and all. Maybe I should do something.. I don't know, more... grown up?"

"What did you have in mind?"

"Wellllll." Her cheeks flushed a bright pink as she hurried to put her dishes in the sink her generous breasts nearly scraping the sink. "I...was...thinking maybe..."

"Spit it out," he interrupted as he got up to put his dishes in the sink next to hers.

"Thatyoucouldtakemetogetapiercing." she blurted.

"Take you..," his footing seemed to be as lost as him, and he slipped forward causing his hand to brush against her breast as she turned toward him."For a piercing," he shrieked as he felt the soft give of her bare skin beneath the thin shirt.

"Well, yeah. I mean all the other girls are doing it and I figured, Why not? I mean I will be an adult. Please Dadddyyy?" she pleaded, batting her long lashes at him. She didn't dare look down at her traitorous nipples, knowing they'd be poking hard against her top after brushing against him. She bounced on the balls of her feet like she used to as a young child, only now, it made her full perky tits bounce too. By instinct of something primal she clasped her hands at her waist shoving a wealth of cleavage piercing out of her thin top.

"But a piercing...they... are so permanent. Wouldn't you rather do something a bit more."

"Nuh uh! I can take it out if I wanted," she interrupted. "Plus, at least it isn't smoking or drinking or drugs or or or..."

"Ok, Ok, I get the point. I just don't know, let me think on it ok?" It was hard for him to resist his daughter's pleading, especially when she was distracting him. Her bouncing breast was enough to drive any man insane and he needed space to catch his breath.

"Fiiiine." She whined and sulked off to her room, slamming the door.

He heaved a sigh of mournful relief. The girl would be his undoing, for that he was sure. He escaped to his den after finishing the dishes. Her music was blaring through the walls, so he figured he would seize the moment to relieve the pent up sexual tension from thinking of the porn all morning. He went straight for the dvd he started up last night. He hit play, and the scene he left off on filled the screen again. He watched the woman pounce around the room her black dress riding up. Her face, and full breasts filled the screen, and he thought back to breakfast, and remembered the softness of his daughter's skin. How easy it gave way against his finger, and remembered how long it had been since he had actually touched a woman. It must be why he was so pent up. He rubbed himself through his jeans absent mindedly, and when his focus returned to the screen the woman was naked. Her moans escaped his speakers, as he went to unbutton his jeans when he heard a rap at the door. With a sigh of frustration he turned off the T.V., and hobbled over to the door stuffing his cock into the waistband of his underwear.


Amanda was just about to knock when she heard voices coming from her father's room. She pressed an ear to the door, wondering who could be in there with him, when she heard loud and clear a woman's moan. She bit her lower lip and knocked timidly.

"Daddy," he heard a soft voice plead.


"My friends called they want to take me out tonight as an early present. Can I go daddy?"

She twisted the knob of his door, hoping to catch whoever was in there with him, when suddenly the door swung open. Her father stood, filling the doorway, preventing her from seeing anything else in the room.

"How late do you plan on being out?" He probed. She gave a shrug taken aback by his presence.

"I don't know. Maybe I'll stay the night with one of the girls?" She gave a meek smile. She was up to something, but he wasn't sure what IT was.

"Alright, call me when you get in? I'd like to know you are safe." He pulled her in by the head and planted a kiss to her forehead.

"Thanks Dad! You're the best!" She grinned up at him before prancing down the hall to get ready.

He felt almost guilty. Being glad to have the house to himself, so he could watch his video without worry. To freely stroke his aching cock, hell he could even moan out loud if he wanted, but there was also something about having her just a few feet away while he touched himself that made it more exciting. As she packed her bag, she thought about the sounds she heard coming from her father's den. They sounded familiar. Then it hit her. He was watching that movie from last night. Her face heated and she knew, without a doubt, he'd be touching himself while she was gone. For whatever reason, this excited her. She bounced down the hall, calling out a goodbye as she headed for the front door.

Amanda slid into the back seat of the little grey honda, which belonged to her friend Snezhanka. Her best friend Demi sat shotgun. Snezhanka had just moved into town for college, and was going to go to Stanford just like Amanda. It was kinda strange how clear her english was. She even had the slang down. Supposedly, she used to stream video games back in Russia to get money to come to america. She even earned enough for the little grey honda.

"Hey bitch," drawled with her half American, half Russian accent.

"Hello," Amanda stuttered, she was still put off by language like that. It seemed so forced to her.

"Hey birthday girl! SO like, I know tomorrow the big day was a few days ago, but like we got the best surprise for you. Birthday week you know," Demi jittered bouncing in the car her caramel breasts bouncing in the very firm bra she was wearing. "It is time to do the best thing you possibly can now that you're 18."

They drove towards an empty part of town that was mostly filled with factories, to a small shop called Susie's.

"Get out friend," Snez as they called her demanded, "time to see some cock."

Amanda flinched at the word cock, but her heart fluttered a bit as she remembered her father's hard cock his fingers dragging slow, methodical over the big purple head. "But, what if we see someone we know?"

"I know the man who works the joint. We will be fine. No one comes at this time of day. Plus he loves Demi's big brown boobs," Snez exclaimed rubbing her hands over her friends bosom.

"Knock it off snez, you pervert. Look we will just ask if it is okay if you come in a day early. If he says no we can leave."

"If he says no i'll just flash him my boobs."

"No one will want to see those flat things," Demi quipped. Amanda's eyes widened at her friends brazenness.

"Fine i'll show him yours," Snez giggled taking the opportunity to grab demi's chest again. Her fingers digging into her caramel skin forcing the excess flesh up and over her fingers. Demi gasped out a small moan in faux surprise taking a second before admonishing her friend. Amanda noticed the two, and wondered what was going on. Before she could question anything Snez bounded over to the door. She was indeed flat chested, but she had a bubble butt unlike any Amanda had ever seen. Not that she had seen many, but from around school. Swim meets from when she used to swim for school she had seen her fair share. Snez's was in another world. How she got into pants was a mystery to Amanda. Snez's ass disappeared into the blacked out door before her, and Demi and Amanda followed suite.

"ID," grumbled a middle aged man sitting behind a glass counter with an assortment lube, massage oil, penis pills, and condoms. The Snez practically flung her's at him throwing her ID on the counter, Amanda fumbled into her purse, as Demi to everyone's surprise pulled her out from between her glorious cleavage that made even Amanda's generous chest seem regular in comparison.

"Here you go pops," Demi flirted batting her eyelashes, and squeezing her arms under her breasts, thrusting them forward.

Taking in everything Demi was offering the man just stared.. For a few seconds they stood there as she let him finish his gaze before they started to wonder around the room in a heap of giggles. The store was empty save for the middle aged man who sat on his phone. Neon colors danced around their eyes. Vibrating promises of salvation. Black strips of cloth, whips, that look liked they belonged in a barn not in an adult shop. Snez bounded over to the ropes, and blindfolds her ass swaying in her short shorts. A good portion of each cheek peeking like a sun early in the morning excited to see what it can get away with. Demi, and Amanda continued to the dvd section. This was the first time Amanda had seen the cover of an adult DVD. She wondered around the isles glancing at the shelves lined one case after another. Bodies twisting together pressing as close to the case as possible as if trying to jump out.

She glanced over the titles her nipples pressing tight against her tank top. She squished her thighs together, and felt a twinge deep within her. She wanted to run her hands over her thighs. She stopped at a cover that spoke out to her. She didn't take in the title right away. First was the bodies. A girl stood in a white dress, and you could see that she is watching, moaning, twisting, she's holding the front of the dress clenched in a bunch tight in her hand. Her fingers red from clenching a cross that rested between her pearly white bosom. She was leaning against a door frame. Inside the door revealed just a glimpse of a man, and woman. You could see the woman lying naked in his arms. Amanda felt a change, and memories came crashing like fear or waves to her mind. Of the curl of her father over his cock, as he stroked his cock. She felt hopeless for a second, lost in the lust. The man on the cover looked just like her father, and the girl was the same as the one she had seen her father watching. She was beautiful. Something drew her to watching the curves of the woman. Something about her seemed so familiar.

"Watching Daddy #3...Kinky. Damn girl didn't know you would go there so fast," Demi snickered behind Amanda. Amanda breasts floated in the air as she lept. Her face looked like she had seen a ghost, and her insides twisted as if made of ropes.

"I hadn't even read the title...It was...the picture...why...is...umm,"

"Hey she looks like you...and, he looks like your dad," Demi interrupted not buying the excuse for a second.

"Your father...hmm let me get that," Snez slurred snatching the DVD from Amanda's hands. "Yes this willll DO. Thank you."

Snez had an assortment of items in her hands. Some bright red rope, two black blindfolds, nipple clamps, and the newly acquired DVD. "Grab something for yourself. My treat."

"No...I...I...couldn't," Amanda said her head dropping into her chest cheeks turning a shade of red.

"Fine. While it pains me. I shall. Get this. This fantastic dvd. For you. Because I am that kind."

"You don't...you shouldn't..."

"Too late. It is decided," Snez interrupted. They paid for their items, and went on their way back to Amanda's house. She secretly wished that Snez wouldn't bring up the dvd again her ears heating up just thinking about it.

"Think your dad will let us stay the night for your birthday?" Demi questioned.

"I'll call ahead, and ask," after a brief phone call the girls arrived in the living room of the house.


"So what trouble were you ladies up to?" Nathan entered to see the girls huddled in a circle in the living room, pillows and snacks scattered about them.

Amanda jumped nervously, making both Demi and Snez burst out in laughter. Her face immediately turned a bright shade of red, while offering a pillow to her friends with a hefty blow.

"Haha, what?! That look on your face was priceless!' Demi screeched through her fit of laughter. Snez's calmed to a chuckle.

"You sooo looked like the girl with her hand caught in the cookie jar."

Amanda rolled her eyes and gave a sympathetic chuckle.

"You just startled me dad. We had fun.. Ya know.. We went out to eat, grabbed a coffee.. Thenpickedupamovie." She glanced away, wishing she hadn't added that last part.

"Oh yeah? What movie did you pick up? Maybe I can hang with you guys and watch it." Good ole dad.. Trying to be the cool one. Only now it was super humiliating and she wished she could crawl in a hole and die.

"You know, that doesn't sound..." Snez began.

"No!" Demi and Amanda said in unison, while glaring daggers at Snez. She held up her hands in surrender, smirking all the while.

"Alright, I can see when my presence isn't wanted," He gave a half hearted smile and backed away.

"I'll be in the kitchen making something for y'all to snack on. Let me know if you guys want anything specific," His eyes lingered on Snez a moment to long before he snapped out of it and headed toward the kitchen.

"I don't know, I think maybe he would enjoy the movie too, " Snez said playfully, giving the girls a wink.

"Gawd, you are such a perv!" Amanda squeaked and swatted Snez with another pillow.

Nathan entered the room with three glasses of sweet tea. Demi quickly jumped up to help him.

"Thanks Mr. N," Demi smiled, sipping her tea her chest open for any to see. Nathan did his best to not look down. Forcing his eyes to meet her long green ones.

"Yeah, thanks dad." Amanda whispered, gulping down her tea. Snez popped up off the sofa.

"Need a hand in the kitchen?" her grin turned sultry.

"Sure, you can carry the cheese tray." He nodded and headed back the way he came. Snez followed, but not before turning to mouth "So Hot" to the girls. They erupted into giggles.

She kept a close eye on Nathan's backside, admiring the way his jeans fit snugly over his firm asset.

"So, You wouldn't happen to have any wine in here would you?" Snez batted her lashes when Nathan turned around she shoved her breasts higher in the bra giving the illusion of cleavage.

"Um, I think I have a Chardonnay that would go well with the cheese I picked up." He pulled the large bottle of wine from the fridge, handing the large cheese tray to Snez.

"I know what else would go good with that Chardonnay." Her eyes twinkled with mischief.

Nathan's adam's apple bobbed in his throat. His eyes roamed over her hips, taking in their wide birth. It wasn't the first time he took notice of her voluptuous curves. She had a killer ass.

"What is that?" He questioned, almost huskily, caught up in the moment.

"Hmm? Oh, nothing. Do you have any glasses?" Hook, line and sinker. She smirked as she turned, giving him a full view of her finest attribute. "Are they in here?" She inquired, peeking back over her shoulder. Nathan's eyes quickly shot up to hers.

"Yeah, uh, second cabinet to the right." He moved to open the cabinet door, colliding with Snez as she made a move to do the same. For a moment, they were frozen in place. His front pressed into her back. His crotch lined perfectly with her ass, it seemed to go on forever he felt it on his thighs, and stomach. Jesus she felt so soft and warm. A slight scent of vanilla assaulted his nostrils. His heart picked up speed, his breathing increased and she was like a predator stalking its prey. She turned her head slightly, her voice barely above whisper "Think you could give me some help? I could use a few more inches."

The feel of his firm body pressed against her backside, had her body humming with excitement, "cause i'm so short, you know."

Her nipples wasted no time beading under her flimsy excuse of a t-shirt. She hadn't felt a rush like this since she first brushed against Demi at work. Her pussy was already a live wire. His proximity sent it into overdrive. Delivering waves of electricity through her bloodstream. She wanted him. Bad. As she waited for him to respond, she imagined him bending her over that very counter and pulling her pants down over her ass. Pressing his jean clad erection into her, while he slide one hand under her shirt to tweak an aching nipple.

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