tagCelebrities & Fan FictionPenny Conducts an Experiment

Penny Conducts an Experiment


Penny could hear the shouting from across the hall, mostly from Amy. "What's Sheldon done now? Man, she's really pissed!" Penny thought to herself. Never one to miss a chance for gossip material, Penny stood closer to her own door to see if she could hear what all the fuss was about. But, alas, she could only hear shouting, not the words that were being shouted. Still she thought to herself, "I can't wait to tell Bernadette!"

Eventually the shouting stopped. Through her peephole she saw Sheldon leaving the apartment and walking towards her own.

Knock-knock-knock. "Penny and Leonard." Knock-knock-knock. "Penny and Leonard." Knock-knock-knock. "Penny and Leonard."

She opened the door. "Hi, Sheldon. Leonard's not here. Is there anything I can help you with."

"I suppose," he replied with a long face. "May I come in?"

"Of course."

Sheldon went straight to his spot on the couch and slumped into it, putting his elbow on the arm of the couch and resting his head in his hand. Penny sat down next to him.

"What's wrong, Sheldon?"

"Amy's mad at me."

"Yeah, I heard. I'm sorry, sweetie," she replied, rubbing her hand tenderly on his shoulder. "Why is she mad?"

"I'm not sure." He paused. "I think she's upset because I touched another woman's breasts."

"What?! Sheldon!"

"Interesting. That's the exact reaction Amy had."

"Why were touching another woman's breasts?"

"Well, some colleagues and I were talking about the amazing advances that have been made in the plastic surgery field and how they could take a male and turn him into a female without there being a hint that woman was once a male." He paused. "One of the new female professors mentioned that she had recently had her breasts augmented and wondered if I would give her new breasts an evaluation in private and offer an opinion based strictly on science and physics."


"I don't understand. It was strictly for scientific purposes."

"Did she take off her shirt and bra?"

"No." He paused. "She took off her shirt. She wasn't wearing a bra."


"Help me understand, Penny. What did I do wrong?"

"Sheldon, when you're in a relationship with somebody, there are boundaries that each person in that relationship doesn't cross. Touching another woman's breasts, and other private parts, is a pretty big line most women get upset about her mate crossing."

"Penny, I don't understand all these rules in relationships. It's one of the few things I'm not good at. And now I'm afraid I've ruined things with Amy," he said in a forlorn voice.

"I know, sweetie, I know," she said as she rested her head in his chest, her hand now wrapped around his waist. Sheldon uncharacteristically wrapped his right arm around Penny, still resting his head with his left hand. "Relationships are hard. You guys will figure it out. It just takes time."

"But she's so mad. She told me to get out."

"I'll talk to her. She'll get over it. You two odd ducks are meant to be with each other."

"Thank you, Penny."

They stayed cuddled on the couch for a few moments. Then Penny glanced down and could see a bulge had grown in Sheldon's pants.

"Sheldon? Sheldon, are you getting a hard on?"

"A 'hard on'? What's a hard on?"

"Your penis. Is your penis getting stiff?" She ran her hand down and began to rub his growing bulge.

"Penny! Why are you rubbing my groin?!"

"You do have a hard on! Is this making you horny?"


"Sexually aroused, Sheldon."

"Well, let's see. I like us sitting like this. Your scent is quite intoxicating. Your skin is so soft where ever I touch it. My heart rate and breathing patterns are higher than normal. Yes, all signs point to being sexually aroused."

"God, Sheldon. Only you could make being horny sound like a trip to the doctor."

"Do you think I need to see a doctor?!"

"No, Sheldon, you need a release," she said as she undid his belt buckle and the button on his pants.

"Penny?! What are you doing?!"

"I want to see what you're hiding in here, Sheldon," she said as she unzipped his pants.

"But Penny, you said couples shouldn't touch other people's private parts."

"People in relationships also need to find their own boundaries, boundaries that work for them. Not every couple will have the same boundaries. This is a boundary Leonard lets me cross from time to time. And this is one of those times."

"Well, okay," he said while shrugging his shoulders.

Penny was stroking his cock through his tighty whities. She looked up at him. "Tell you what, Sheldon. Let's consider this an experiment. If you like the results, I'll teach Amy. If not, then we throw the results away and never speak of it again."

"Oooooooo, an experiment where I'm the test subject?! Sounds like fun!"

"Trust me, Sheldon, it will be fun," she said with a sly grin.

"So what's the experiment?"

"I'm going to give you a blow job, Sheldon."

"A 'blow job'? What's that? Will it hurt?"

"Not if I do it right." She got off the couch and got on her knees between his legs. She tugged on his waistband and he lifted his butt out of his spot so she could pull them down. As she pulled down she could see his pole trying to pop free. And then...

His cock sprang from his pants like a jack-in-the-box, firm and straight. It matched his body build, long and lean, probably 10 inches long was her guess.

"Holy crap on a cracker, Sheldon!" She grabbed its base and began to slowly stroke it.

"What? What?! Is something wrong?!"

"Absolutely not! You have a beautiful cock, Sheldon. Now I see why Amy puts up with your shit."


"Penis, Sheldon, penis." She moved closer and lightly kissed the head of his cock, then ran her tongue around its edge.

"Penny! What are you doing?! Do you know how unsanitary that is?!"

"Sheldon, knowing you, this is the cleanest thing I'll have in my mouth all day." She continued to stroke it.

"Well, that's true. I do have excellent hygiene. And you do put some nasty things in your mouth."

Penny shot him a look. "Sheldon, stop talking. Try to relax and enjoy this."

"Relax and enjoy. Yes. I'll do my best in the name of science." Penny rolled her eyes as Sheldon leaned back into the couch and closed his eyes.

She stared at the pole in front of her then took it into her mouth. Sheldon jumped a little and giggled. "That tickled a little," he said with a childish grin, eyes still closed.

She removed him from her mouth. "Sheldon..."

"Yes, yes, stop talking, relax and enjoy. Yes. I'm sorry. Please continue with your experiment."

"Keep your eyes closed, Sheldon."

"Yes, yes, of course."

Penny stood and peeled off her clothes, throwing them off to the side. Unbeknownst to Sheldon, she was now standing completely naked in front of him. She massaged her breasts with her own hands. Her pussy had grown moist knowing that she was about to give Dr. Sheldon Cooper his first blow job.

She knelt down between his legs again. "Ok Sheldon, we're going to try this again."

"Yes, please proceed."

She grabbed the base of his cock once again and began to stroke it. She raised her face above it and slowly lowered it down, taking its length inside her mouth. Sheldon gave a slight moan. Her mouth felt warm and moist around him. Her lips were velvety soft.

Her head bobbed up and down on his cock, her right hand stroking it, matching the rhythm of her head. With each bob she was able to take more and more of his 10 inches inside her, eventually relaxing her throat muscles enough to completely deep throat him, burying her nose into his stomach on each down stroke.

While Penny was burying her nose in Sheldon's belly on the down stroke, her left hand was burying two fingers into her own soaking wet slit. She couldn't believe how turned on she was by having Sheldon's cock in her mouth. She's had many cocks in her mouth before but this was different. Maybe it was because of her relationship with both Sheldon and Amy. Who knows? All she knew at the moment was she was fucking turned on.

Sheldon was feeling things he'd never felt, too. Sure, he and Amy have had sex. But that's completely different than what he was feeling now. Sex with Amy was very mechanical, very stiff. And he liked it that way. At least he thought he did. What's happening now is very fluid, with no sense of structure. Quite against his nature. But, much to his surprise, he was enjoying this quite a lot.

Penny could feel Sheldon's cock throb inside her throat. She knew he was close. A combination of precum and saliva were dripping off her chin and onto her tits.

"Penny...Penny...Penny! I feel strange! I feel like I'm going to burst!"

She released him from her mouth with a pop and began to stroke his cock with firm, fast strokes. "That's good, Sheldon, that's good. Don't try to stop it. Keep your eyes closed, sweetie, and let it go."

His fingers dug into the couch, his back arched, his muscles tightened. "Penny! Penny! Penny! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!"

Cum shot out of him like water from a fire hose while she continued to stroke him with both hands! The first rope shot straight over the bridge of her nose and down the part in her beautiful blonde hair. A second blast hit her chin and splattered across and down her neck. A third volley hit just to the side of her sternum and streaked down across the top of her breast. She finally took him back into her mouth and stroked his still throbbing shaft until she felt like she had sucked his balls dry, at least for the time being.

She released him from her mouth and tenderly stroked his softening cock. Sheldon collapsed into the couch.

"Sweetie, you can open your eyes now."

Sheldon slowly opened his eyes and was horrified at what he saw.

"Penny! What happened to you?! What do you have all over you?! Did I explode on you?! Oh dear! Oh dear! What have I done?!"

Penny caressed his thigh. "Sweetie! Sweetie. It's okay. I wanted you to explode on me. I like this. It's okay." She ran her fingers down her forehead and across her nose, scooping cum as she went. She brought them across the tip of her nose and stuck her cum covered fingers into her mouth. "Mmmmmmmm," she purred.

"What...what is that all over your face and...hey, you're naked!"

Penny laughed. "Yes, I'm naked, Sheldon. And this is cum, your cum. It shot out of your cock and all over me."

"And you like that?"

She rubbed the cum all around her tits, making them glisten. "Yes, Sheldon. I like this. A lot. Not all women do. But I do."


"We have a problem, though, Sheldon."

"A problem? What is it?"

"You came before I had a chance to," she said as she started to rub her pussy again with one hand and pinch her erect nipples with the other.

"And this is a problem?"

"Yes, Sheldon. It's impolite. Will you help me cum, too, Sheldon?"

"Well, I don't want to be impolite. What do I have to do?"

"Since you're new at this, I just want you to watch. I want you to sit there and stroke your cock and watch me. That's it."

"I don't see the point, but alright." He grabbed his shrinking cock in his hand and began to stroke it. "Ewww! It's sticky. And sensitive."

Penny climbed into the chair in front of the couch and spun towards him. She threw her right leg over the arm of the chair and placed her left foot on the floor, giving Sheldon a perfect view of her shaved pussy.

"Yes, Sheldon, cum can be sticky. And your cock will be sensitive for a little bit. Just don't stop stroking it."


Penny closed her eyes and began to rub her enlarged clit with her right hand while her left hand mauled her cum covered tits and pinched her own nipples.

She was in her own world of self-pleasured ecstacy. It wasn't long before she'd almost forgotten Sheldon was even there. The feel of his sticky, hot cum made her feel even hotter than normal.

"Mmmmmmm hmmmmmm...yes...mmmmmm hmmmm (gasp)...yes...OH fuck! Yes..."

Sheldon sat transfixed watching Penny grope and pleasure herself. He could see her body begin to tremble. He watched while her facial expressions went through a wide range of contortions and watched her face get redder and redder. He was so transfixed that he didn't even notice his own cock had risen to full salute with the stroke of his own hand.

Penny's body began to rock. Her hips were grinding harder and harder into her own hand. The pace of her hand rubbing her clit quickened, the mauling of her own tits became more aggressive.

"Yes! Uhhhh huhhh! Fuck! Yes! Cu...cu...ughhhhfuuuuuck!" Her body trembled in the chair. The only thing keeping her from falling out of the chair was her left foot planted on the floor. Her head was thrown back over the arm of the chair, her long, blonde hair almost touching the floor, all the while moaning, groaning, cursing, and keeping a frantic beat on her pussy.

Penny's body finally stopped trembling after several moments. Her body sank into the chair, her limp leg hanging over the arm rest, her head falling over the other arm rest. Sheldon wasn't sure what to think. Amy certainly never looked that way after their sexual encounters.

"Penny? Are you okay?"

"Yes, Sheldon, I'm fine," she said breathlessly. "I'm better than fine," she cooed.

"So you found that pleasurable?"

"Very much so."

"Hmmmmm. Interesting."

As Penny caught her breath she looked over to Sheldon. Much to her amazement, he was still stroking his cock and it was standing at full attention.

"You're hard again, Sheldon. Did you like watching me masturbate?"

"Hmmmm. It's hard to say. I wasn't sure if you were in pleasure or pain. I've never seen anything like that before."

"Well, sweetie, your cock says you enjoyed it."

"You may be right. Without being aware of it, my subconscious must have enjoyed it, thus creating this side effect of...I believe you called it hard on."

Penny rolled her eyes. "That's the end of that experiment. I'd call it a success all the way around."

"Yes, I'd have to concur with your conclusion."

"How'd you like to conduct another experiment, Sheldon?"

"Another experiment?! My my, Penny, you're just full of surprises today."

"In this experiment you will be comparing how my pussy feels to how Amy's pussy feels, if they feel differently at all. Then we can discuss your findings and see if we can figure out what makes them feel the same or different."

"Yes! Yes. Since Amy deals with how the brain functions I can discuss my findings with her. Maybe she can apply it to her work."

"Yeahhhhhhh, I'm not so sure that's a good idea just yet."

"Oh? Will you tell me when it's a good idea then? I'd really like to share my findings with her."

"Sure, Sheldon, I'll let you know when the time is right." Penny thought to herself, "Wow! He really is clueless!"

"So, Penny, how do we conduct this experiment?"

"Well, first you have to fuck me, Sheldon."

"Fuck you?"

"Oh dear Lord. Have sex with me, Sheldon."

"Oh! Well, why didn't you just say that?" Penny bowed her head and shook it.

Sheldon stood up. "Wait, where are you going, Sheldon?"

"We're going to have sex, right?" Penny nodded her head. "Then we need to go into the bedroom, right?"

"No, let's jazz it up a little bit for you, Sheldon."

"Jazz it up? I'm not sure I want to jazz it up."

"Sheldon, did you enjoy your blow job?"

"Oh, very much so."

"Then trust me. Now sit down."

Sheldon sat back down in his spot on the couch. Penny proceeded to climb onto his lap facing him. She grabbed the shaft of his cock and slowly slid herself down onto it. She slid down until she was sitting in his lap, taking the full 10 inches inside her.

"Ohhhhh fuuuuuck," she said when she had taken him completely in, closing her eyes and tossing her head back slightly.

"Penny, are you okay?"

"Ohhhhhh fuuuuck yes," she moaned. Once she had gotten used to the idea of having 10 inches of cock inside her, she opened her eyes and looked at Sheldon, who was watching her face intently. She grabbed his hands and placed them on her tits.

"Oh! They're sticky!"

"That's your cum, Sheldon. Remember, I wanted you to do that."

"Yes, okay."

"I'm going to start moving while you're inside me. I want you to relax and enjoy the feeling, just like with the blow job."

"Yes, I'll do my best."

"I want you to massage and grab my tits. I want you to pinch my nipples. I want you to put my nipples in your mouth and suck on them."


"Yes, really. You don't do that with Amy?"

"Why would I?"

"Trust me, Sheldon, women like that. Women love that."

"Hmmmm, I had no idea."

"Okay, Sheldon, here we go. Relax and enjoy what you're feeling."

Penny closed her eyes and slowly began to bounce her body up and down on Sheldon's rod. Sheldon, much to his credit, took her sticky, cum cover tits into his mouth, sucking, licking, and nibbling on her erect nipples. The feeling of a 10 inch cock combined with Sheldon fondling and lapping at her tits was making her crazy.

Just then the front door of the apartment swung open and Leonard walked in.

He froze at the sight. "What the hell?!"

"Oh, balls," Penny said.

"Oh! Leonard! Look! Penny and I are conducting an experiment!"

Penny continued to bounce on Sheldon's pogo stick. "Hi, honey."

"Experiment? What the hell?!"

"Oh yes! I'm comparing how Penny's vagina feels compared to Amy's and then we're going to discuss the findings." Penny continued to bounce up and down with Sheldon's hands cupping her cum covered tits.

"Discuss the findings?! What the hell?!" Leonard tried to take it all in, his wife impaling herself on his best friend's cock. "Ok, well I've got an experiment to conduct. Let's see how much Penny likes having my cock shoved up her ass!" He yanked his tie over his head and threw his jacket across the room.

"Oooooooo!" Penny squealed. "We already know the answer to that experiment! I love it! But let's do it again just to make sure!"

By the time Leonard had stomped his way around the coffee table, unzipping his fly as he went, Penny had muscled Sheldon down so he was lying on his back on the couch, with him still inside her. She stuck her ass out, pointing it in Leonard's direction. Leonard's fat 8 inch cock was shooting out from the fly of his pants and leading the way.

Thankfully, Penny's ass was already well lubricated from her own juices, because, when Leonard reached her, he was at full ramming speed and he wasn't slowing down. His aim was true, the head of his tool shooting through her sphincter and burying balls deep in one swift motion.

"Ohhhhhhhhhmagod!" Penny exclaimed.

"Arghhhhhhmmmmfffffff!" Leonard growled.

Leonard began pounding away on Penny's ass, causing her to rock forward and backward with Sheldon's cock inside her. Her tits were slapping Sheldon in the face. He reached up and grabbed both of them, clamping his lips around a nipple, alternating between the two.

Leonard had a firm grip on Penny's hips as he thrust his own towards her, driving his cock deep inside her with every thrust. The sound of skin slapping skin could be barely heard over the grunts and groans of the participants.

Penny hadn't been double penetrated in years. She'd forgotten how much she loved it! The feeling of her husband's fat cock in her ass while his best friend's 10 incher was fucking her pussy as he nibbled on her tits was too much to bear.

Every muscle in her body tightened. Her ass clamped down so hard on Leonard's cock he was having difficulty shoving it in. Her fists clenched, her head threw back, her back arched.

"Ohhhhhhhhmagod!! I'm cumm-mmmming! Ohhhh fuuuuuuck!"

Both men could feel her body quiver as the orgasm rolled through her body, but they never stopped their assault on her fuck holes. Her body continued to grind on both cocks inside her, wanting to make the thunder that was rolling through her body last as long as possible.

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