tagExhibitionist & VoyeurPeople Watching Ch. 05

People Watching Ch. 05


Still another bonus two-fer.

#1 People of Wal-Mart Eat

#2 Top Down In Town

People of Wal-Mart Eat

I wrote this after seeing another PEOPLE OF WAL-MART group of pictures and then seeing the real thing. MsDollie and I often stop for lunch when in town for mail and shopping. We walked into our local Muddle House restaurant for a cheap meal. There she was, a large boned black woman wearing a very short micro-mini skirt and very low cut blouse. Large boned as in extremely fat! Politically correct for this picture in words.

Sitting there at a booth, leaning on her well endowed arms, her bare ass was totally exposed as she sat there stuffin her face. Likewise well endowed were her udders, hanging nearly in one of her many platters of food. On most women I would call those things tits or boobs. But in this case udders fit the picture appropriately. Picture Black Angus!

There was a male partner, perhaps husband, and a small child also at the table. Both well dressed and neat. They are not really part of this tale.

What makes this amazing to me is the fact that tucked partially inside this ladies partly exposed pink bra was a cell phone. The exact picture I'd recently seen in the Wally World Wonders photos. This could have been the very woman of Wal-Mart person!

Dollie and I sat and ordered our lunch. As we were fascinated by the amount of food consumed by that lovely lady, I was almost hoping she'd get a phone call so I could see what would happen. But no luck.

(These are the types of people who tell friends "I cut back on what I eat. But just don't seem to loose any weight.")

As they finished grazing on their meals and stood at the counter to pay, we nearly lost control of containing our laughter. It ain't proper laughin and writin about others when they aren't tryin to be funny! Butt- But our subject person of interest being watched by us was a funny sight.

Her already too short skirt had not slipped back down to it's designated position near Mrs. Fat butt's ass cheeks. It was up to her waist exposing her white bikini panties.

(A few words must be added about those panties. Those things must have been special ordered. They were indeed cheek showin semi crotch showin regulation style bikini panties. However they were of the XXXXXX large size.)

To draw even more attention, this people watched female was scratchin her ass and pulling her two tight panties out of her butt crack. Picture butt crack as in small gulley or ditch! You are nasty. You're laughing! Both big black boobs were still pretty much exposed, right down to partially showing big black nipples the size of chocolate chip cookies.

In the typical redneck style many execute down here, Mr. People Watched had to run out to the fancy late model Lincoln with the wide white wall tires for some money. Seems as though several credit cards were not worth the plastic they were made of. This gave the employees and others eating in the diner time to admire and enjoy the beauty of our Wally World wonder.

This only proves to us that those wonderful Persons of Wal-Mart are real live people. Kinda makes us proud to be Americans. And some of you wonder why we are people watchers! Like goin to the zoo without leavin town.



Back at the Big Box again. MsDollie spreading my wealth inside. Shopping, visiting friends, strangers, employees, and talkin to babies. She only went in for a gallon of milk and some cereal. I'm good for an hour.

I'm doin what I find relaxing and entertaining, people watchin again. It's a hot afternoon, and I have the windows down on the pickup truck. Women of all ages are wearing less clothing and lookin good. Well, some are. But even fat gals look good when they are displaying the goodies. Okay, it was a long cold Winter. I'm desperate to see wimmin neekid, or partially bare. At least I'm man enough to admit my feelings.

Basically the same old scene. For every hundred obese women passing by, one or two lookers are spotted. But I've always figured if all women looked like Pamela Anderson I'd get bored. Somehow I'm willing to take that chance.

I was actually listening to the country music more than people watching. Then it happened! A topless sports car pulled up in the space right next to my driver side. Two young women who looked like good sports were inside, also topless.

Even me, Mr. Professional Booby Watcher, was shocked. Four of the finest lookin bare boobs were attached to two of the nicest lookin young women I'd seen in a long time. I'd died and gone to heaven. At first they didn't see me glancing... well staring down at them... those!

Let me complete the picture. The car may have been a Corvette. May have been a sailboat. I wasn't really lookin at the car. Both cute slender young things, possibly 30 somethings, were wearing short shorts. The kind that show lots of butt cheek, even when sitting. Both tops were down to their pretty little waists. Breasts appeared to be firm, erect, and possibly store bought. Nipples erect, as was myself at that time.

They looked up and saw me lookin down into their car. Now at this point, sitting in a crowded video surveillance Big Box store parking lot, an old pervert slobbering down the side of his pick up truck door like a friendly Pit Bull dog, you'd thunk they would have put their tops on or covered their breasts with their arms and hands. No sir, to my pleasure and amazement, they fondled themselves and each other as I watched.

After what seemed like an hour... minutes probably, they put their tops on and climbed out of the little red, blue, yellow, whatever color car it was, smiling and waving to me. To the best of my ability I thanked them both and watched them wiggle their bare cheeks toward the Box Store doors.

Some days are like that. Others are just regular boring days waiting in the lot of the Big Box! Ya gotta be lucky. Ya gotta be there. I've experienced female exhibitionists in other parking lots through the years. I've seen breasts slip out as pretty young lasses remove groceries from shopping carts into their vehicles. I've watched as gals ran across parking lots and jiggled or bounced till boobs fell out of low blouses.

Believe me it happens. I know an older gal who's done similar things. Accidents? On purpose? Who cares? Of course, sometimes it's obvious it was no accident.

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