Persuading Shy Mom to Pose Ch. 03


'Come on Laura, it's fun to pose like this. Isn't it Catherine!' My mom replied.

'Well... OK... I guess I can do this' Laura meekly said, 'Is this the kind of posing you two did earlier for Dan?'

'Well, I guess we did let him take some rather spicy pictures of us!' My mother answered.

Laura sat up and Catherine helped her to open the top of the bikini. She giggled nervously as the bikini began to fall off, and she then covered her bare nipples with her small hands. The hands barely managed to cover her large, dark areolas. Her breasts were large and supple looking, with a slight sag.

'Wow honey, your boobs are gorgeous!' Catherine said to her. It was obvious that she was beginning to really enjoy the thrill of persuading a shy lady to partake in this type of posing.

'Hold it there girls,' I said, watching the sexy scene of three topless gorgeous mature ladies on the bed in front of me. '..and smile for the camera too.'

I snapped a few pictures, while the three ladies lay side by side on my mother's four poster bed. Gradually Laura removed her hands from her breasts, exposing a pair of beautiful dark nipples. They were also quiet erect. Her blush was a deep red now. 'What are you going to do with these pictures Dan?' She asked.

'Oh, they are just practice shots, I will delete them after we look at them. Don't worry, no one else will ever see them.' I answered. 'Can you three kneel up on the bed now and lift your.. ehhh... your boobs, and give the camera your best lustful gaze?'

'Oh, that sounds fun.' Catherine said as she quickly rose to her knees. My mother and Aunt followed her lead. All three of them held their lovely tits up for the camera. I could see Laura beginning to relax and enjoy the naughtiness of the posing experience.

'Incredible,' I stated. 'You three look so.... sexy! Just gorgeous. Can the three of you stand up now, and turn to face the bed. I want to get pictures of you all from behind, standing side by side.'

As they stood, Laura and my mother drank some more wine, and then giggled. Catherine now had a more serious look on her face. She was obviously getting more aroused. The three of them stood, Laura in the middle still. Standing slightly shorter than the other two, and looking more curvy. Her ass in the bikini was a bit wider, but just a sexy. I took a few snaps. My erection rock hard in my jeans. 'Mmmmm, now that is a postcard picture!' I said. 'Hey, are any of you brave enough to pull your bikini in between your arse cheeks, to make it look like a thong, that would look soooooo hot!'

'What?' Laura asked, her head turning to look back at me.

'Like this?' My mother replied, as she pulled her purple bottoms between her gorgeous cheeks.

'Yeah, yeah,' I answered quickly and excitedly, 'Just like that!'

Catherine did likewise. Making her slim toned ass look especially sexy. Not wanting to be left behind, my Aunt did the same.

'WOW, now that is hot!' The flash illuminating their almost naked asses. 'OK, I think all three of you should put your hands on the bed now... bending over, and look back at the camera with your best slutty pout!'

To my surprise, Laura was the first to comply, followed quickly by the others. It looked amazing. Their mature sexy asses facing me. I knelt down and took as many pictures as I could. Now it was time to ask for the big finish. This was the dangerous part. Would Laura agree to peel off the bottom of her bikini? To expose herself totally to her nephew, her sister-in-law and a so-called 'friend'?

'Since I have you three in such a hot pose, are any of you brave enough to go the full monty, and remove the whole bikini?' My mother said nothing, she just looked at Laura beside her, waiting breathlessly for her response, but Laura said nothing either, she just giggled a bit and waited to see what the others would do.

Of course, Catherine took the lead, and said 'Well, we have come this far, I don't see why not!' and she slowly peeled the bikini down her legs, exposing the pussy that I had already fucked hard that day.

'You're insane!' Laura said looking Catherine in the eyes, but there was a playful jest in her voice. She was having some fun. My mother began to peel her bottoms off too. 'GWEN!.. what are you doing?'

'Come on Laura, what harm will it do? It's only pictures.' she said. 'Besides, I'm curious to see how good we all look in Dan's little photo series. Aren't you a bit curious?'

'OH, I know you three will look incredible in these photos.' I added quickly, watching my Aunt hook her thumbs into the waistband of the bikini and begging to pull it down over her lovely ample arse.

'OH God, I can't believe we're doing this. she said as the bottoms fell to her ankles. Her pussy was neat and trimmed, with dark brown hair. Her pink lips protruding, and moisture was clearly glistening on them. She was horny!

'OH Jesus. Three seriously sexy MILFs, naked for my camera. These pictures are going to be amazing.' I turned on the main light in the room. The sun had fully set, and the sudden burst of strong light made the whole scene seem more exposed. I got the ladies to stand and turn and face me. Laura complied without protest.

'You know what would really look hot. If you three pretended to be kissing each other, and touching each other on the bed. Like a sexy older lesbian threesome photo shoot.' My mouth was dry as I said it. 'Like, Mrs. Kelly, can you lie back on the bed, and Mom, can you Lie beside her, and hold one of her... ehhhh... her tits, and pretend to be kissing her?'

'Ohhh, OK... I guess that would make for a hot picture.' my mother said as she and Catherine lay on the bed. Catherine on her back, my mother on her side, holding Catherine's right tit, and she massaged the nipple as the two of them kissed. It was a deep kiss, I could clearly see their tongues in each other's mouths. My Aunt stood and watched with her mouth open, and her breath quickening.

'OH My God Gwen... Catherine!' she said, not sure where to look, or where to put her hands. 'I.. I can't believe you are doing this. Are we mad?'

'Actually Aunty Laura, can you lie behind my Mom, and spoon her? That would look amazing!'

'Ok.. I guess that is OK to do.' she replied as she moved around the bed, and nervously allowed her body to touch my naked mother's back. Her tits pressing into her back.

'Get as close as you can.' I directed, taking pictures. 'Can you reach around and hold my Mom's tit Aunty?' She slowly complied. When her hand touched my mother's nipple, my mother's kiss with Catherine became hotter and deeper. 'OK, press your hips right into her arse cheeks Aunty.' Again, she wordlessly complied.

'Mrs. Kelly, can you lift your knees and open your legs for the camera?' She broke the kiss and did as I asked, exposing her soaking pussy to me. 'And Mom, can you put her nipple in your mouth and place a finger on her... ehhh... on her pussy?'

I heard a groan escape Laura's lips. The sound of her young nephew saying 'pussy' seemed to have an affect. My mother did as I asked, and also slipped a finger into Catherine's soaking hole, while sucking her nipple. My Aunt was now rubbing my mother's nipple and breathing heavily.

'Mom, can you lift your right leg up in the air to expose your pussy to the camera? And Aunty, can you slip your hand between you and my Mom, and touch her pussy from behind??'

'Is... Is that OK?' Laura asked my mother, in a breathless whisper in her ear.

'Mmmmmmmmmm, sure.' was all my Mother said, her mouth never leaving Catherine's tit, and her fingers now fucking her pussy slowly.

I watched breathlessly as my Aunt slowly slid her hand between herself and my Mother. She let her fingers search between the arse cheeks, grazing her arsehole, and then finding her drenched pussy. 'Ohhhhhh Gwen, you're very wet. she commented as she slid a finger into her. My Mother released her lip-lock on Catherine's tit and moaned in appreciation.

I took several shots of this sexy scene, and then I asked. 'Aunty Laura, can you lie back on the bed now with your legs open for the camera? And Mrs. Kelly, can you kneel between her legs and lick her for a few pictures?' A look of lust was shared between Laura and Catherine as they slowly assumed the position I had requested. Catherine wasted no time in sucking Laura's clit into her mouth and slipping a finger into her soaked pussy.

'OH God, mmmmmmmmmmmm.' was all Laura could say. Her right hand holding Catherine's hair, her left holding one of her own nipples.

'Do you like that Laura?' My mother asked her.

'Mmmmmmmm, yes... yes I do. OH God Catherine... Gwen... this is so naughty. I've never been... mmmmmmmmmm, never been with a woman...' The flash filled the room, and her eyes caught mine. 'Ohhh Dan, is this what you wanted to see?' she asked me.

'God yes Aunty... you look so hot!' I answered. 'Mom, can you kneel across Aunty Laura's face? Is that OK Aunty?, would you mind licking my Mom while Mrs. Kelly licks you?'

'Sure.. if that is what you think will look good.' she replied. My mother slowly knelt across her open mouth. She was facing Catherine who was licking and sucking Laura with abandon now. I was snapping pictures of Catherine's exposed pussy and ass. My mother moaned out loud as Laura began to lick her.

I knew I had Laura where I wanted her, so I slipped my clothes off, and stood naked behind Catherine. She was kneeling at the foot of the bed. I pressed my face between her arse cheeks and licked from her clit up to her arse. She moaned into Laura's pussy as I began to finger her and lick her rosebud.

'Oh yes... lick her arsehole Dan!' My mother said, causing Laura to look down and see me at the foot of the bed naked.

'OH God Gwen... ' was all she could say before returning to licking my mother's clit again. This time with more fervor.

'Mom, I think you should take my place down here.' I said as I crawled up the bed. My Mother did as I asked and began to lick and finger her friend from behind as I knelt beside my sexy curvy Aunt. My hard fat cock almost touching her breast. I took one of her tits in my hand and pinched the large nipple. That was all it took. Holding my eyes in a lustful stare, she leaned down and took the head of her nephew's fat young cock in her gorgeous red lips.

Catherine broke her licking to look up at Laura sucking my cock. 'Oh yeah, suck that young cock baby. Gwen, you should see what your slutty sister in law is doing with your son's fat cock!'

That seemed to encourage Laura more, and she began to suck harder. 'Aunty, I want to fuck your big tits!' I said as I pulled my cock from her mouth and knelt across her. She looked me in the eye, her mouth open, moaning from the licking and fingering she was getting from Catherine. She pressed her huge soft tits together around my cock, and I began to slowly fuck them.

'Ohhh... Ohhh... yes, fuck my tits you dirty little fucker.' She said. Then she screamed. 'OH Jesus... Catherine... what are you doing?'

I looked over my shoulder and saw Catherine looking up at me with a wicked smile. Both hands between my Aunt's spread legs. 'I'm playing with your arsehole Laura!' she replied 'Relax honey... you'll love it!' She returned to sucking Laura's clit as she fingered both holes. Laura was moaning more now.

I quickly stood up from the tit fuck I was giving my Aunt, and moved to the foot of the bed to where my mother was now tongue fucking Catherine's arsehole with four fingers up her cunt. I held my cock near my Mother's face, but she quickly stood and said 'Remember what I told you! We can't!', but she did hold my cock for a second and guide me towards Catherine's wet pussy. I easily slipped into her cunt. Holding her hips I started to fuck her hard. Her face pressing into Laura's pussy with every thrust. Her moans of pleasure released into my Aunt's hole. Holding a stare into my eyes, Laura lifted her knees up and wide, exposing her arsehole more to Catherine. She was beginning to enjoy her introduction to analingus. Catherine obliged by beginning to tongue fuck her arse.

My mother was beside me fingering her own pussy with one foot on the bed, watching her son's cock slide in and out of her friend's sexy cunt. 'OH God Dan... Fuck her... fuck the slut hard!' I took my mother's hand and guided it towards Catherine's ass crack. I slipped her finger down to her hole, and my mother pressed it into her friends backdoor.

Catherine began to cum hard, and scream into my Aunt's pussy. I couldn't resist any more, I pulled my mother's body to mine, and kissed her deep. At first she tried to pull away, but then returned the kiss. As Catherine's orgasm subsided, I pressed my finger between my Mom's ass, and was now pressing her tight hole. I pulled my cock from Catherine's cunt, and my mother quickly bent and took it in her mouth.

Laura saw this amazing incestuous blow job, and started her own intense orgasm. 'OH My God Gwen... suck his cock you naughty slut. Suck his fat cock!' Whilst she was in the middle of her orgasm, I moved Catherine out of the way, and pulled my cock from my Mother's mouth and plunged it into my Aunt's soaking cunt. I could feel the spasm of orgasm on my cock head. But it was hard for me to get my fat cock into her, She was incredibly tight. Eventually I got my cock completely buried into her pussy. It was like a warm, soft vice on my dick. I started to fuck her at a steady pace while she moaned. Our lips met in a deep kiss. I could taste my mother's pussy on her lips.

My Mom and Catherine had fallen into a 69 beside us on the bed. My Mother on top. I pulled my cock from my Aunt's cunt, and moved behind my mother. Her warning that we were never to fuck again made this even hotter. She looked back at me, but said nothing. I felt Catherine take hold of my cock, and guide it to my Mother's pussy. I was soon all the way up her cunt again. Catherine licking my balls, while my Mom sucked and fingered her pussy and arsehole.

My Aunt was kneeling beside me, rubbing her clit, watching me ram my Mommy. I took one of her fat tits in my hands and sucked the nipple. I slipped a hand around her, running it between her arse cheeks, to her arsehole. At first she stiffened, but then she relaxed. I slipped my middle finger into the tight arse. To the first knuckle.

'Oh Jesus.' was all she could say. Then she bent over on all fours beside my Mother. Giving me access to her anus. I pressed the finger in more, to the second knuckle. She was rubbing her clit furiously. 'Gwen... Oh Gwen... He's got a finger in my arse... OH Jesus, what are we doing Gwen?... Your son has his cock in you, and a finger up my tight arse... mmmmmmmmmmm.'

I pulled my cock from my Mother's wet pussy, and Catherine quickly sucked it for me. It felt awesome. I pressed two fingers into my Aunt's anus. Spreading it slowly. She was moaning loudly now. I pulled my cock reluctantly from Catherine's mouth and pressed it against my Mom's arsehole. Her head snapped back, looking at me, and then she broke into a wickedly slutty smile. 'Mmmmmmmmm, Laura... He's going to fuck my tight arse now... he's pressing his cock against... OHHHH FUCK!' the head of my cock popped into her arse again. 'Uuuuhhhhh, Uhhhhhh, Uhhhhhh...fuck Mommy up the arse Dan... fuck my arse!!'

Laura began to cum when she heard this, and I started to fuck her arse with the two fingers. Her anus clenching hard on them.

Catherine slid out from under my Mother and knelt on the other side of her, exposing her holes to me. She looked back at me. 'I want that monster up my arse again Dan!' she said, with the sexiest sluttiest flick of her hair that I have ever seen. I promptly pulled my cock from the tight grip of my mother's butt, and positioned it at Catherine's arsehole. She spread her cheeks for me, and I pressed my cock in. She screamed through clenched teeth as it squeezed it's way up her anal passage.

'Ohh, Ohh, Ohh.' was all she kept grunting as I fucked her.

My Mother and Laura were now in a deep kiss lying down as I fucked their friend. I was holding her tits as I fucked her now. Both of us watching the other two ladies kiss and grope, before forming their own 69, this time with Laura on top. Her ass beside me, with my mother's pretty eyes looking up at her son ass-fucking her friend while she licked her sister-in-law's cunt.

'Aunty Laura?' I asked breathlessly. 'I have to try and get my cock up your tight arse!' I stated as I watched my mother slip her long slender middle finger up her arse.

'Ohhhhhhhhhh, Dan... No... I've... I've never done that before.' she said looking back at me. 'And your cock was almost too much for my pussy!'

'Mmmmmm, you have to try this Laura, it is so fucking hot!' Catherine said. God bless her enthusiasm, I thought as I pulled out of her tight hole and lay on my back.

'Get on top of me Aunty.' I directed. She did as I asked, and before we could get my cock into any hole, Catherine had it in her mouth again. Fuck she could suck cock! She then released it and while still jerking it, licked my Aunt's arse. Then I felt my cock press against her tight hole. Her eyes on mine, she gasped when she felt it.

'My Mother and Catherine both held my cock, guiding it into Laura's arse. 'Relax honey, open that tight hole!' Catherine said. I could feel my mother's breath on my balls.

Laura's anus relaxed a bit, my cock moved in a bit. 'FUCK!!!' she screamed 'Owwwww!'

'Relax, Laura... relax!' my mother said.

My Aunt had her lips in a tight 'O' shape. Breathing heavily. She held that position. My cock slightly in her arse. Getting used to the feeling. Then she relaxed the muscles again, and pressed against my young cock. It slipped in a bit more and my fat cock head popped into the tight ring. 'FFFUUUUUUUUUUUCCCKKKKK!!! OOOOWWWWWWW, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.' she kept repeating. 'OH Jesus that hurts. It's too big for my asshole, Ohhhh Dan... fuck GWWWWEEEEN!!.. his cock is up my arse!'

I could see both other ladies fingering themselves at they watched. My mother was mumbling. 'Fuck her, fuck her, fuck the slut up the arse!!'

My Aunt then pulled my face to her tits, and started to move on my cock. She was still saying how much it hurt, how it was too fat for her tight hole, but it was soon all the way up her. She was riding it hard now. All three of them saying the sexiest things. Especially my Aunt.

'You dirty little fucker.. do you like that.. do you like how your Auntie's arsehole feels on your cock. You like fucking me up the arse. Am I a slut Danny... Do your slutty Aunt and Mommy take your fat cock up their assholes??.. ' She started to cum again.

'Fuck I'm starting to cummmm!' I shouted.

My Mother pulled my cock from my Aunt's hole and plunged it into her mouth. Sucking the entire load into her mouth. My Aunt kissed me deep. Her tongue in my mouth as I came. Then my mother kissed her, and they swapped my young cum in front of me while Catherine sucked my softening cock and played with my balls.

Who would have thought that these ladies had such hidden sluts in them? All I needed was a camera to unleash it!

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