tagBDSMPetra Fucks Ch. 01

Petra Fucks Ch. 01


Chapter 1: Day One

Petra was horrified. She had just slammed into the rear end of her neighbors brand new Audi. It looked bad. Real bad. She gathered her courage and sheepishly approached his front door. Ringing the buzzer, she got dizzy and began to feel nauseous. Alex opened the door and smiled, looking a bit confused. Petra was shy, and though they'd been neighbors for a year, he couldn't recall ever hearing more than "hi" from her. Right now, she appeared to be on the verge of tears.

"What's wrong...Petra, is it?"

She nodded.

"I, I....well, I had an accident."

"Are you OK?"

"Yes, but your car isn't."

Alex looked over her head at his smashed up car.

"Oh, my God...."

Petra began to sob, apologizing over and over. Alex invited her inside and offered her a vodka, which she gladly accepted. When Alex asked her how it happened, her demeanor changed drastically.

"Some asshole cut me off, and I was looking out the widow, yelling at him, and I missed my driveway and slammed into your car."

"Maybe you need to learn some control..." Alex smirked. Petra wasn't sure she liked his smile. It seemed a bit sleazy. He was sexy though. Tall and built. He had very dark skin and large hands. Petra had watched him mowing his lawn last summer, lusting over him. She was too shy though, and he was so sexy. She was just a quiet little book worm. Alex was surely more exciting than that. Looking around at his house though, she noticed signs of intelligence. Lots of books, nice photos on the walls, very neat and tidy. She also noticed that his bed was a futon in the livingroom. No one else lived here so, she wondered, what did he use the bedroom for?

"Well, don't worry about the car. It's well insured. And I'm sure you can make it up to me one day."

"Oh, I'll do anything!"

"For now, get home and get cleaned up. You'll feel better after a shower." Petra saw that sleazy look again, but this time it kind of turned her on.

Alex went to his bedroom and sat at the window. His binoculars were already set on Petra's shower from his last peep show. He watched as she soaped herself up, letting the water pound down on her flesh. He couldn't watch for long though, he had plans. He grabbed a blindfold and handcuffs and slipped out his back door and into Petra's. When she got out of the shower, Alex was sitting in her bedroom. She screamed, and he grabbed her hand.

"It's OK, I'm just here to tell you that I've decided what you will do for me. You said you'd do anything. So you're coming back to my house. And you'll stay there for awhile."

Petra was terrified, but felt strangely aroused. Her heart was pounding, she felt dizzy, and her pussy was moist.

"Sit still, I need to blindfold you."

Alex handcuffed her and blindfolded her, pinching her nipples when he got the urge.

"Have you ever been fucked Petra?"

"Yes, of course."

"By how many men?"

"One" Petra felt herself blushing. Alex laughed and led her out the door. When they got inside, Alex told her to sit and wait for him. She thought she must be in the bedroom, but she was sitting on something that felt like a bear rug. About ten minutes passed, and she heard Alex approach. She felt something hard smack her face, but it didn't hurt.

"Open your mouth, slut."

Petra obliged, and she was instantly filled with a cock bigger than she'd ever imagined. It was solid, and her mouth hurt trying to accommodate its girth.

"You've never sucked cock before, have you? Just open up wide and let me fuck that pretty face."

Alex pumped his dick in and out of her mouth, groaning and swearing as he did. His hand was wrapped in her hair, and as he warned her of his cumming, he slammed her head down hard on his shaft. Her mouth filled with cream, and she gagged.

"Swallow it."

Petra hesitated, but swallowed hard, getting it all.

"Very nice. You'll learn fast. Now stand up."

Petra stood, naked and with her hands cuffed. Alex began getting hard again at the sight. He removed the blindfold, but left the cuffs on. The room was filled with swings, harnesses, whips, chains, massage tables, a giant bed and mirrors. A video camera was set up, and a t.v. stand filled with porn sat in the other corner. Her pussy gushed at the sight.

"You're my new slut. Understand?"

Petra looked at him, confused.

"You owe me, and I've wanted to own you for a long time. Now I do."

"No, wait, you don't own me. I am my own person."

"By the end of the day, you'll change your mind. Now bend over."

Petra stood, ass in the air, wondering why she was horny. She should be scared, mad, running away. But here she stood.

"I'm going to take the cuffs off. When I do, you will walk over to that bed and lay down. Spread your legs and fondle your tits. Got it?"


She did as she was told. He was right. He was going to own her by the end of the day. He approached her with a huge black dildo in one hand and a camcorder in the other.

He dropped the dildo on the bed, held the camera to his eye and began speaking.

"This is Petra, my newest whore. She's very inexperienced, and this tape will chronicle her training. Say hello Petra."

"Hello..." she gasped. She was really horny. She couldn't wait to stick that dildo inside her.

"Petra, take that dildo and work it into your pussy."

She pressed it against her outer lips, but the tip was even too much for her tight hole.

"I can't, it's too big.."

"Uh, oh, you seem to think you have a choice." Alex gripped the dildo and slammed it into Petra's cunt. She screamed, and that made him push harder.

"Now, fuck yourself, good and hard, but don't cum." He held the camera towards her and she stabbed her pussy with that slick dildo over and over. She felt her pussy start to tingle and stopped the probing.

"If I do it anymore, I'm going to cum."

Alex put the camera on the tripod and got into bed. He ripped the dildo out of her hole and replaced it with a finger.

"Tonight I'm whoring you out. Go ahead and cum. Slut." With that, he shoved his hand inside her, banging her snatch and rubbing her clit until she climaxed.

Alex promptly left the room, not returning for several hours. When he returned, he had an outfit for her, some food and a hard on.

"Suck my cock you dirty little bitch. Then maybe you can eat before my guests arrive."

Petra was prepared for the size this time, and she sucked him off a bit better. He moaned and told her what a good little whore she was. Every time he said "whore" or "slut" her pussy throbbed. Alex came quickly this time. He told her to eat, and then to dress. The guests would be here shortly.

About 15 minutes later, the door opened and she saw 6 large black men. She heard Alex say,

"This whore showed up this morning. Only been fucked by one man. Tight little bitch."

The other men laughed. One said,

"Ha! She won't be tight by morning!"

Now Petra was scared. She was going to hurt soon. These men were big, and she assumed their cocks were too.

"Come here Petra, dance for these men. Don't worry if you're not a good dancer, just rub your slutty body all over them. When they want to use you, they will, and you will let them. You've been good so far, don't make me punish you."

The largest man was the first to touch her. As she danced, he put his hand up the tiny skirt she'd been given. Her pussy was bare, as ordered, and he rubbed her clit. She moaned.

"Oh, you are a slut, aren't you? You enjoy this!"

He pressed a finger into her. Her top was a bra-like thing made of sheer. Her tits were showing, and her hard nipples stuck through the fabric.

"Kneel, slut. Suck my big dick."

He wasn't kidding. It was twice the thickness of Alex's, and she had gagged on him! How was she going to do this?

"Open that pretty mouth. That's it. Mmm, take that dick like a good slut."

She wasn't sure her mouth would open that wide, but when he pressed the tip in, she adjusted to it. Soon, his whole shaft was being sucked, from balls to tip. She was really getting into it. The other guys were calling her a whore, and one lifted her skirt, exposing her bare ass.

"I'm fucking this slut, right now!" One said. He plowed her tight hole from behind, and she wailed in pleasure.

"Ya, fuck my pussy! Oh, that's so good!" She was about to cum.

Her orgasm sent her out of her head. She was in and out of conciousness for what seemed like hours, but the men never stopped. They fucked her over and over, every cock seeming to be bigger than the last. When they finally left, she passed out cold, tired, sweaty and covered in cum.

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