tagErotic HorrorPhobia Control INC.

Phobia Control INC.


I was quite sickly as a youth and I believe that is the reason I am now so slight of build. As I usually was the smallest boy, I was always the easiest to pick on. The results of my youth led to the problems of my adult hood. I have more phobias than I can count but the most debilating has to be my agoraphobia. Each day my greatest challenge would be to walk out on my front porch as I had long since given up the idea of leaving my house.

The one bright note for modern day agoraphobics was now we were able to shop on line and to keep up with world. As I was wont to do on most days, I was surfing the net as they say and I came along an advert from a company called 'Phobia Control Inc.'. This of course grabbed my interest and I clicked on it forth width. 'We are looking for volunteers to do an in home study on common phobias. Although cures are not guaranteed, we have found an uncommon rate of reversal.' You see the thing that caught my eye was 'in home study' I wouldn't need to leave my safe sanction. What if they could resolve even some of the myriad problems and fears I was having. I could only see it on a positive note, and I clicked on the button to say I wanted to try it. There was a long form to fill out, which included a list of my known phobias. As I clicked check-mark after check-mark on their phobia list, I was amazed of how many things I was actually afraid. I forwarded my application and after a week or maybe two I had forgotten about it and then I received a phone call, they asked if I was Hyde-Jones and after I said yes, they went on,

"This is Doctor Hillary Rampart from the Phobia Control Institute. We have received your application and from the looks of it, I think you maybe a qualified candidate for our program. If it is alright with you I would like to stop by and go over a few details with you."

This was exciting and I set up a date for Doctor Rampart to stop by.

I was taken aback by both Doctor Rampart's stature and her beauty, and found myself staring like a teenager into her cleavage. The good doctor said her institute had made great progress using 'Virtual Reality' in treating Phobias of many kinds. She went on to say that, it would be a great help with my agoraphobia because she could treat it without me having the need to leave the safety of my own home. I was so mesmerized by her all I could do was nod when she asked if I was ready to try it. She told me to relax while she put a blindfold around my eyes, saying that I shouldn't look through the goggles until they were adjusted to my needs. Next, went the helmet as she called it and then shortly she instructed me to open my eyes. I found myself staring at the doctor and her breasts were exposed to me. I of course, knew they were large but I had no idea what orbs of perfection they were. She put her arms around me and drew me to them. She held me to them as a mother would a baby and I happily nursed her nipples to my heart's content. Soon though she pulled them off with a pop and then I felt the helmet being pulled off my head. There sat the doctor fully clothed and she was asking me if I was all right. She noted the look of disappointment in my face and chuckled as she said that the demonstration mode allowed any fantasy I have been having at the time to become a virtual reality.

"I see you enjoyed that, now let us see what we can do with your agoraphobia. I think you'll find no matter how much panic the program will deliver you need but merely unclasp the helmet to bring you back to your front room. Are you ready? Good now don't rush back here to safety stay as long as you can. As we started I found myself in the back of a limousine and once again in her arms and on her teat. She instructed the driver to stop the car and to help me get out. I was standing on a street I know this because I could hear traffic behind me. Then I heard a little girl asking,

"Mommy, why is that man standing there in his underwear?"

Then I heard people laughing, I reached up to unclasp my helmet but I wasn't wearing one and instead there was just a blindfold around my eyes. I lifted it, to see the little girl pointing at me and there was her mother holding her hand across the little girl's eyes. I looked around and saw I was somewhere downtown at a bus stop and I was indeed standing there in my underwear. In complete panic I started to run to where, I don't know. Everywhere I turned, there were people, they were all staring, and most were laughing. I looked up to the corner and saw the limo with the driver holding the door open for me. I ran up to it and dove inside right into the arms of the doctor. She put me back on her breast and cooed to me as she stroked my hair. When I opened my eyes, I was lying on my couch in my front room.

After my panic started to ease and I finally found that I could breathe again, I mentioned to the doctor that I kept finding myself at her breast. She told me that she had found that many men were the most relaxed at their mother's breast when there were babies and she just included it in her program to help.

She told me that she could not, in good conscience leave me by myself and was planning to spend the night by my side. The good doctor also wanted to give me a mild hypnotic suggestion so I would sleep a more restful sleep. My dreams were erotic in nature and included the doctor. She came to my room took off my pajamas and sat astride me first impaling herself on my throbbing erection until she reached her own satisfaction and then rubbing my member to a mind numbing ejaculation which I spewed on my own belly. When I awoke, my first thoughts were of my vivid dream and the satisfaction it brought me. Only when I opened my eyes did I realize I was in my bed completely naked and I could feel the crust of my dried sperm on my stomach.

I was too embarrassed to tell the doctor of my dream or my nocturnal emission when she asked me how I slept. She told me today we were going to try to erase my fear of heights and just the thought of what might be happening to me next had me hyperventilating. She recognized my nervousness and sat beside me holding me in her arms. It felt so peaceful crushed into her breasts that I began to feel calmer. As she put the helmet on, she reminded me that she would be nearby and for me to try to relax. When I opened my eyes, I was standing on a thin railing on the side of a bridge overlooking a raging river. I went to climb over the railing back on the bridge but noticed my feet were bound together. I cautiously bent over to untie myself and that was when someone pushed me off the railing. I found myself falling head first toward the river; I remember praying that the fall would kill me so I wouldn't have to drown. Just before I hit the water, something jerked me to a stop and sent me flying upward only to fall again just as suddenly. I finally realized that my ankles were bound with some kind of rubber; I vaguely remember seeing something about this on TV. What did they call it, oh yes its called bungee jumping and people actually do it for fun. I came to rest hanging upside down and just the knowledge that I wasn't going to die had almost a relaxing effect on me. I was staring into the river and saw how beautiful the rushing water was as it cascaded around the rocks and boulders inside it. The green grass and trees looked so peaceful alongside and then I noticed Doctor Rampart waving to me from a blanket beside the water.

This time when she took off the helmet and I found myself again in my own front room, I was not appeased and in fact, I was very irritated. I told her I was through with her treatment and I wanted her out of my house. She angrily told me she was not leaving and that she had a contract signed by me to complete my treatments. I looked at her stunned by the anger in her voice, she seeing the shocked look on my face lost her anger. She came and sat beside me,

"I'm sorry Gordon, I won't hold you to your contract, I mean what good would it do if we don't have your cooperation the treatment wouldn't work anyway. Let's just try one of your lesser fears..."

"I am not putting that helmet on," I interrupted with a pout.

"That's OK we'll try it in real time and only take it as far as you want to go. I want to try intimacy with you."

She put her arm around me and lay my head on her breast. She stroked my head and asked if I was all right so far, I nodded because I was much better than all right I was in heaven.

"Gordon, this feels so good to me also, would it bother you if I just slipped my top off? I want to feel your cheek on my bare breast."

Once again, I nodded and I felt a tingle in my groin in anticipation. I watched her take her top off and then she coyly asked me to unhook her brassiere. She held up one of her orbs and offered it to my lips. As I kissed and nibbled she stroked my hair, and then pulling away, she asked if she was going too fast, and would I like her to stop.

"No, please don't stop now, this is all too wondrous."

"Well would like to get more comfortable then, what if we just slipped off your trousers?"

I took my slacks off exposing my throbbing erection and as she held my head to her teat, she reached over and began to stroke my member. The doctor increased her vigor and I began to hump in time, I remember thinking I looked like a rutting animal. As our tempo picked up I realized I was past the point of no return and knew I was about to ejaculate. Doctor Rampart must have understood this also as she began encouraging to achieve orgasm.

I have no idea what happened next, I guess I must have passed out for when I awoke I was in the hospital. I asked the nurse how I got there and what was wrong with me. She told me my sister came by to check on me after not hearing from me in three days. She said I must have tripped and hit my head when I fell and that I was unconscious for two to three days. I told her that was impossible and that I had been under the care of a Doctor Rampart and the Phobia Control Incorporated company. The nurse told me that by the look of my unshaven face and the amount of dehydration I was in she was sure I was unconscious for two to three days. I told her about the virtual reality treatments I was put through. She put her finger to her lips in thought,

"That is interesting because your sister believes you tripped on a video game piece from a game call 'Virtual Chess' that you just received in the mail."

I remembered getting this game and I remember setting it up and after putting the helmet on I went to the kitchen to get a drink of water. Did this mean there is no such thing as Phobia Control Incorporated? Once I got home from the hospital, I could find no evidence of such an identity and even more disturbing I had no copies of any paperwork or contracts I had signed. Was it just an elaborate illusion my unconscious mind dreamed up but it all seemed so real.

I guess the main issue is I don't care if Phobia Control Incorporated is real or a dream, all I know is my phobias that have made my life a living hell have all seemingly disappeared. I leave my house whenever I want now, I can ride an elevator without a second thought, even fly. There is just one phobia I cannot seem to shake, the fear of wearing a helmet of any kind.

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