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Pillow Talk


(sound of boots on gritty pavement)

You look worried. Don't be. Yeah, I'm queer enough for ya.

You look nice. How old are you? Really. You look younger. (laughter) Well, I still ain't breakin' the law. The temptation's there, know what I mean?

How much?

I can swing a hundred.

Yep. My wedding ring. Nope, not divorced. Not divorced. Don't want to get divorce. Happily married.

Just curious.

Nah. Don't wanna go to that hotel. It's sleazy, yeah. And I really like sleaze, kid. But the walls are thin, kid, the walls are thin. You can hear a gnat fart in the next room. And I don't want no one hearin' what goes on between you and me. No, nothing dangerous. A man's got a right to privacy. So I wanna take you to this dark alley. Yeah. Behind this warehouse, not far away. No, it's over by the railroad tracks. Nobody ever goes there, not even the bums. No one near. It's cool.

Cool. Good. Let's go. This way.

Quit actin' scared. I ain't no psycho. I got my kinks, but pain ain't one of 'em.

I like how you look. Small. Slender. Something about how you're shaped. Nice shoulders, tight waist. And you're blond. Blond guys always do it for me. Always something about blond hair makes me think of sunlight at noon. And you're tanned, kid. Really tanned. You're slender, but you ain't bony. I don't like bony boys too much. I kinda need something to cushion the pounding. You run? You got good legs. Great butt. Betcha play basketball? Volleyball? Yeah, you look like you ought to be serving volleyball on a beach.

What's your name?

Kevin. Wow. Kevin. I gotta son named Kevin. No shittin'. Ain't that weird?

Nah, he's not really blond. He's got light brown hair, gets kinda blond in the summer, looks beautiful, but just not the same thing. Besides, he's too young.

Though you don't look to be much older than him.

You hang out in the bar down the street? That queer place?

Nah. Never been inside. Don't think I want to. Not my style, ya know? Don't need to. Not if I can find guys like you outside. Cute and cuddly.

(Laughter) Now you're friendly. Come on. Let me put my arm around you. Don't worry. We'll look like a Dad and his son, out on a night on the town.

Yep, that's real sweat. Real man sweat. I'm a big fan of my own smell. It's one of my things. One of my kinks. Make's my prick get big.

I work in a print shop, son, and it gets hot on the press. I'm a pretty sweaty guy, too. Hell, I've soaked my wifebeater in five minutes just walking into work. Yeah, well, my wife says she don't like it. But she snuggles up next to me on the couch. And the ladies might bitch about the smell, but they flirt with me just the same.

Quit it, boy. (Laughter)

It won't kill you. Take a deep breath. Come on, Kevin. Breathe in Daddy's funk.

Ain't gonna tell ya my name. Call me Daddy.

Good. Really good. Son.

Now get your nose in my pit. Breathe. That's it. Again. That's my fuckin' sauna, boy, my fuckin' sauna.

That's me. That's a daddy.

Gets ya horny, don't it, Kevin? Betcha wish you could work up a funk like me. Betcha sniff my wifebeater. Betcha steal it. Betcha take it in your room. Betcha you'd be a real man, if ya smelled like me, don't ya, Kevin?

Mind if I touch you there, do ya? (chuckle) Bathing suit area. Nice. Ya like it. Yeah, Kevin, ya like it. Yeah, grin. I knew ya would.

Yeah, that's a car up there, but he's still a long ways off. Who cares what the cocksucker thinks? Hell, maybe I'm your real Daddy, you're my really drunk boy, and you're about to pee your pants and I'm having to pinch your cock for you so you don't piss yourself. Stuff like that happens.

Roll with it. I'm payin'.

Wish you were wearing some soccer shorts, maybe. Or swim trunks, with the drawstring untied. Yeah, the blue ones, those'd be nice.

Nuzzle up, Kevin. Get close. It's a little cool, tonight. Yeah. You feel warm. OK. (laughter) I'll let it go.

Feels like it got big for me. Did it, Kevin? Did ya get boned, when Daddy touched ya? Ya suppose they can see it, from the car? Yeah, he can. Yeah. Yeah, son, he can see ya. My boy's got a boner. Look at him look. (chuckle) Yeah. (shouted:) Hey, fuckwad! Watcha lookin' at? This is my son, dammit!

OK, take this left. Yeah, it's fucking dark. And it's darker back there. Fuck, no, ain't no slashers. No one ever comes back here; who the fuck they gonna slash?

You're a good boy, Kevin. Yeah, come on.

Fuck, you got a hot butt. Damn, son. Damn, that is a butt. (whispered:) Looks so fucking hot in tight pajamas. Daddy likes boys with hot butts, and holy shit, my boy's got a hot ass. My son's a blond bitch. Shit, Kevin. They fit right in my palm. Right in my fucking palm. Perfect. I wanna peel you open, son, back here. I wanna kneel down, I wanna palm this little butt open, and I wanna look at ya, Kevin. You got something Daddy needs, Daddy needs really bad, and Daddy's gonna make your butt feel real good--

Stop. Stop, Kevin.

Turn around.

(soft kissing sounds)

OK. Shit. Too worked up. Let's go.

You taste like beer, Kevin. Like Heineken. That what you drink in the bar?

Cool. Dad likes Scotch. Ever had Chivas on the rocks? It'll make a man out of you.

OK. Turn right. Yeah. By the loading dock. Come on. Come on. (whispered:) I shouldn't have kissed ya, son, ya shouldn't have kissed Daddy like that, son.

Touch me, Kevin. Don't be shy. Use your fingers. Touch Daddy there.

Feel that?

A little further. Keep 'em moving. Yeah, like that. Some more. Oh, you fucking tease, I'm leaking--

Keep 'em moving. Real light. Like feathers.

That's it. That's your Daddy's prick, Kevin. You just felt your Daddy's prick. It's a goddamned big prick, Kevin. Ain't it? Your daddy's got a huge fucking cock. Mommy knows, Daddy knows, now you know, Kevin.

It'll hurt like hell. That's the way it is. It always does the first time with Daddy. There's no gettin' around it, OK? You understand Daddy? You know it's gonna happen now, it's gonna happen tonight, that it's gotta happen no matter what?

OK, kneel. Just kneel. Right now, Kevin. In front of me.

Good, son. Real good.

Let me tell you something, Kevin. I've got to tell you this. You do things to Daddy. You do things to Daddy you shouldn't do. You make Daddy think things that ain't nice when ya mow the lawn in those blue trunks. You shouldn't shot hoops in the driveway with your buddies without your shirt on. You shouldn't wear pajamas, not like the one's you've got, Kevin. You just can't do things like that. You make Daddy think bad things. Bad things, son. Really bad things. Things he shouldn't think. He oughta to be thinking about Mom, but no, I'm looking at Kevin, and I want to--

Look, Kevin. I want to take your jeans down. (whispered:) Pretend like you're fightin'.

No. Let me do it. Stop it. Let Daddy do it. Stop it. Let me do it, Kevin, let your Daddy do it!


What the fuck, son? What. The. Fuck. They must call you commando Kevin, in school, yeah, Kevin, like when you're in the bathroom and ya gotta take a big piss and your shorts drop half off your ass while you stand there in front of the pisser-- Betcha those shorts drop half off your ass while you drain it. Betcha like guys lookin' at your ass. Betcha. Betcha know they're looking, and ya take your time getting your tackle tucked back in. Show off. Fucking awesome ass, son.


Fuckin' locker room. Fuckin' sweat. Fuck. Butt like goddamned rocks. Jock ass. Not a fucking hair in sight. Smooth.

(slurping noise)

Spread your legs.

Yeah, that's why I like blonds. Nuts clean as a baby's chin. Ah, Kevin, you're a natural boy. My boy. You look so good, spread out for Daddy. Let me touch your nuts, Kevin. They look so pretty. They're so tight in the sac. You look like you're gonna shoot. You that horny, Kevin? Daddy make you that horny?

You sure as fuck make Daddy horny, son.

One sec. Just hold it. Yeah. Let me peel 'em open. Yeah. That's beautiful. Little fuckin' pink starfish. Now that's how a cunt ought to look. Fuck, son, that's a cunt. Don't look like I can get my pinky in there, son. Tight. Yeah.

Daddy wants to teach you something, son, is that OK? Something cool only guys can do. You gonna let Daddy do that, Kevin? You wanna learn a new game? Come on. Let Daddy teach ya somethin' new.

Yeah, I know. Turn around. Yeah. Look at that. Look what's happenin' in my jeans, Kevin. You see that big thing, jumping around? You see that? You know what it is, Kevin? You were inside it. You traveled up it, once. I shot you out of my nuts into Mommy's cunt. Tonight (laughs) I want you to ride it, like it was a train. (chuckles) Visit Daddy's nuts again.

Unzip your Daddy.

Take it out.

(Wet meat-smacking sound)

Told you it was big.

Smell your hands, Kevin.

That's me. That's Daddy's crotch sweat. Some piss. Yeah, Kevin. And headcheese, Kevin. It gets so thick it leaks out from under my foreskin, Kevin. It stinks, Kevin. I can smell it sometimes, on hot days, you know, when Daddy really needs to shower. It makes your Daddy dizzy, Kevin. That's how bad it is. Yeah, but they love it. They all love how it smells. They love licking it.

Yeah, go on, kneel down.

It's like heroin. Makes the boys go crazy.

Yeah, big fucking cockhead. When I was growin' up, younger than you, we had a grove of apple trees on our farm. Yeah. I used to hold up them apples, so swollen and juicy in the fall, up against my cockhead to see which was bigger. Hell, I don't ever remember finding an apple bigger than my cockhead. Not ever.

Is that spit, Kevin? Leakin' out there from your pretty pink lips? Good boy.

Sniff. Now. Don't argue with Daddy. Sniff. Come on, my pits didn't bother you. Hell, they got ya goin'. Sniff my crotch.

Yeah. Breathe that funk.

Put your nose in my hair. Tickles, don't it? Yeah, it's thick and long. I'm a man, son. Daddy's a real man. Breathe it. Yeah. Old piss. Yeah, some cum left over from when I beat off this morning. Yeah, that's Daddy's spunk you're breathing. The stuff you're made of.

Enough bullshit. Suck my nuts.

Oh, fuck, that's good Kevin. You got nice lips. Shit. Been dreamin' about my boy's lips for years. Soft and pink and the way they shine after a glass of Koolaid... Feels like velvet. Slurp on my nuts. Yeah, the hair tickles your mouth, don't it? You like that hair. Hair's what a man's got and what a boy wants. Daddy's got a lot of hair.

OK. Try to get the other one in. Ow. Yeah, they're big. Try again. Open wide. Here, let Daddy use his fingers, let me stretch your mouth. Now take that one. Suck it in. Yeah. Hum. Yeah. Hum one of those tunes they play in that bar down the street. Oh yeah. That's nice. Daddy's liking that, Kevin. Ya make Daddy feel really good, Kevin. Better than when he's watchin' ya shoot hoops or pullin' up your underwear--

Reach up. Tickle the back of my sac. Yeah. It makes it go all loose and dangly.

(Laughter) You look like a chipmunk. So fuckin' cute, Kevin. Alvin. With nuts in his mouth. My nuts. Taste salty, don't they?

I wish we were at home, son. A late night, son. And your Mom's in bed asleep and we're up, watching an old movie. And the air conditioning's broke. And it's hot. (Whispered:) And I'm in my boxers, sitting in the recliner, Kevin, and you're in your blue PJs, a little too small, and you look over, and my junk's hanging about twelve inches out of my shorts. Right down my leg. And your eyes get big, Kevin. Real big. And I watch you watch me. And you never turn back to that fuckin' movie, Kevin, you just watch your Daddy's stuff, hangin' out, on display. And--

OK. Getting' too hot, too soon.

Ease off. Let 'em go. Let Daddy's nuts out of your mouth.


Ow. Tight fit. Your cunt that tight, Kevin? Tight as your lips?

Fuck, son, my balls are dripping. With your spit. Shit. Fuck. You liked the taste, didn't ya? Yeah, a bitch son. A real bitch son. Daddy's bitch son.

Stand up. Come on, stand. Heh. You like how I smell, don't ya? Yeah, it gets to a boy. Got to me, too, when I was your age. But I ain't gonna tell you that story. Daddy's got his secrets, too, like his boy. Like what you do in your bedroom alone. Like why it's so hard to keep bananas in the house. Like why I find carrots covered with hand lotion in the trash. Like why your farts are big silent whooshes and not tight little pheeps.

You're a dirty boy, aren't ya, Kevin?

Let me sniff your face, Kevin.

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah! You smell like a man, now, Kevin. How's that? How's it feel to smell like cockcheese, like piss, like sweat? Like a daddy? Feel grown up? Feel powerful? Feel like you could beat your hands on your chest and howl loud enough to make Tarzan crap his loincloth? Yeah, well, that's what it's like to be a Daddy. To have a big nutsack, dripping with Kevin's spit, swinging between my legs. Shit. I can feel my spunk sloshing in there--

Feels nice, Kevin. I like that. Your fingers feel cool on my nuts. Lift 'em. They're heavy, aren't they?

Sure, OK.

Nah, leave the clothes where they are. Let's have some fun. Look. I'll lean against the wall--



Lick that slime. Lick it. It's been building up in my pits all day. For you, Kevin. Can ya taste my salt boy? Taste Daddy. Dirty nasty Daddy. Oh shit, Kevin. You remember that time? You remember that time when I took you swimming, at Grandpa's, in the pond? Fuck. It was hot. You wore those shorts. Loose. Not tight at all. They hung off your hips. That drawstring. Daddy saw your asscrack, Kevin. Daddy looked at your crack, and he--

Nice. Yeah. Play with Daddy's tits. Roll 'em. Yeah. Tug on 'em. Yeah. You're gettin' into this Kevin, ain't ya?

Look at me. Look at me. Like that. Pretty boy. You're a real pretty boy, Kevin. You make Daddy horny. You've always made Daddy horny.

I'm fuckin' boned. Fuckin' boned. Boned for my boy. I wanna plug you, Kevin. I've wanted to for a long time--

Ah, shit.

Great. Do it again.

Look how it makes me leak, Kevin. You can't do that, son. You can't do that to a man, you can't touch me like you're touchin' me, where you're touching me, without starting something dangerous.

It's gonna get real dangerous, son.

Get down there and blow me, faggot.

Ah yeah. Like that. Pretty lips, boy. I gotta faggot son. Use them pretty lips. Yeah, lick me. Daddy's faggot boy. Yeah, lick that cheese. Crusty. Oily. Dirty. Daddy. Stroke my balls. No, real light. Yeah. Open up. Yeah. Got ya trained, Kevin. Remember how I trained you? How I came into your room that night, and I got on your bed, and I was just wearing boxers, and my cock was hard, and I knelt above you. And you looked up at me, and said what's that, daddy, and I said, it's Daddy's dick, and I rammed it down--

Like that. Choke, bitch.

Fuck. Daddy's balls on his boy's chin.

Gag. Gag, ya bitch.

All of it. Every fucking inch.

Fuck, you're good.

Yeah, ya like Daddy in your throat. Fuck, you're boned too. You're a bitch, son. Yeah, blow your Daddy. Show Daddy how good you suck cock. Make Daddy happy. He likes to get sucked, boy.

Get that tongue under there. Clean that cheese out. Eat it. That's your dinner. Get me wet. Dripping. Ain't got no lube, son, so it's what your mouth can--

Ah, fuck. Nice. You're gettin' used to it. Fuck, you're throat's like velvet. Like your Mom's cunt. Work those pretty lips, boy. Work your Daddy. Make him feel good.

Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Blow me.

(whispered:) Oh yeah, little Kevin. Take you into the back yard, climb up into your tree house, unzip my jeans and let my meat flop out. Touch your Daddy, hold him. Yeah, see how it gets big and long? That means Daddy likes you. Let's do something special, Kevin. Something only Daddies and their special sons can do. Yeah, did ya know you can milk your Daddy? Yeah, Daddy makes really good milk. Now, put your mouth on it. All the way down. Oh boy. You got it. You got it all. Now move up and down. Like that. You're a good boy. Shit, Kevin, shit. You're doing things to Daddy--

Stop. Stop. Get off.

Shit. That was close.

Nah, nothin' with him. And won't. Probably. But I think--

OK, stand up. Turn around.

Let Daddy touch your butt. Like how I rub it, Kevin? You know why I do that? 'Cause you got a real pretty butt. See, Daddy likes butts. There's just something about butt. Especially young butt. Slim waist, nice curves, hard muscles. I like watchin' you swim, Kevin. I like watchin' you manhandle a kayak into the river. I wanna see you make a three-pointer on the court. You make Daddy want to come up behind you, like this, and grab you around the waist, like this, and pull you too me, like this, and feel your body, so smooth, against mine.

There's a nasty game we can play. But it's only for us guys. You can't tell anyone about this. No one, not even your Mom.

What is it? You feel that thing? Yeah, that bulge? Against your butt? Ya know what it is, Kevin? Yeah, it's something that's gonna make you feel good, Kevin.

Turn around. Up against the wall. Yeah, it's dirty. It's all about dirt, son.

Oh yeah. Fuckin' awesome.

Yeah, let me open these up again. Fuck, boy, you're hoppin' around. Shit, not even your Mommy's that horny. That little pucker's winkin'. Winkin' at me. Yeah.

Let me kiss it.

(soft slurping sounds)

Tastes nice, son. Orangey. A little salty. Oh yeah. Open it up. Yeah. Let me get up--

(soft slurping sounds) You keep moanin' like that they're gonna let the guys in the city jail out to fuck ya silly, son.

I wanna see this tight little butt in some nice Jockeys, Kevin. Would ya do that for me sometime? Let me come in your room when your changing clothes, when your just in your underwear, tight white underwear like a wedding dress, and let me touch you, and pull them down, and kneel, and put my tongue here--

(soft slurping sounds)

You sound like you're hot enough. 'Nuff of this. Time. It's time.

Oh yeah. So fuckin' pretty. Nice, boy. Nice. Squeeze it. Yeah. I wanna bust that hole open, boy. Wanna hear you screamin'. Wanna hear Mommy poundin' on the door, wantin' to know why little Kevin's screamin', wanna see those brown curls in the moonlight, sweaty, from behind, while I'm on top of ya, son, and I'm rammin, and Mommy's yellin', and you're yellin', and it's just another night on Cinnabar Street, maa-maa we're all crazee now--

Heh. You twitched. Yeah, got a lot of hair on my chest. It drives the boys wild when they feel it on their backs. Like they're gettin' mounted by a silverback gorilla. Or a sasquatch. Yeah, I think it's the sasquatch thing. Yeah. Too much X-Files.

Nice hips. Made to be held.

Jumped again. Ya know what's comin', don't ya? You know it's gonna hurt bad, Kevin. Real bad.

(whispered:) You love Daddy, right, so you'll let him do it, right?

Let me rub ya. Let me hump ya. Yeah, a big hot cock's in your buttcrack. Yeah, Kevin, this is the game. Yeah, it's fuckin' serious. Yeah, it's scary. But it's fun. Let me show ya. Slides real easy, don't it? Yeah.

Fuck this bullshit. Let me get it in ya.

Gonna breed ya, son.

Got it against your hole.

Gonna breed ya, son. Like hillbillies do. Yeah. Something special. Squeal. Squeal. Like a pig!


Ah, that's nice.




That's what Daddy wants to hear.

You're a man now.

Feel that weight? Feel those big hairy things on the backside of your ballsack? That's your Daddy's nuts. Fuck. Heavy. Hard. (panting) Shit. Good damn. Kevin, you're tight. Fucking tightest thing I've ever bred.

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