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Plain Jane


Jane and Marina had been friends forever. Growing up next door to each other, they'd been playmates since before they could remember. It hadn't been until puberty set in that things changed. Marina had blossomed. Her Asian features and jet black hair giving her an exotic look that just became more enhanced as her figure filled in. She was the one all the boys wanted to talk to. Jane on the other hand had just gotten older, and the moniker Plain Jane was so apt that she tended to think about herself that way, knowing that's what she was called when she was out of ear shot by nearly everyone.

Marina had graduated to push-up bras, fashionable blouses and short skirts that showed off her perfect legs. Jane opted for boot cut jeans, shit kickers, t-shirts and flannel over-shirts. Bras really weren't necessary because she had virtually no tits to speak of. Her figure wasn't bad...it just wasn't succulently feminine. She recognized and for the most part accepted this about herself, and whether it was consciously or not, cultivated the butchy little tomboy look, partially because she knew she couldn't pull off the cheerleader look, but also because it kept people away. Most people, anyways.

Somehow Marina was always there. Sure, she was dating the captain of the football team, getting catcalls and double takes wherever they went, but mostly she was just the same old Marina she'd always been. And it was despite their differences, or perhaps even because of them, that they remained as close as they did.

They'd ended up as college roommates. Marina was as usual the popular one, asked to pledge every sorority on campus. Jane was the wallflower who was summarily ignored by most of those within Marina's orbit. By senior year, Marina was dating a go-getter named David, and Jane expected that they'd probably get hitched at some point.

After graduation, they ended up working in different fields. Jane's job had her travelling a lot, especially in the early years. Marina was working in business development, and was still seeing David. The girls had separate apartments but still made a point to meet up a couple times a month over lunch or for a movie at one of their places.

Jane had become a bit of a workaholic. Within a couple of years she'd been promoted to project manager because she always put in the time. It wasn't like she had anything else to do. She was working on coordinating clinical trials for a local pharmaceutical research company, and despite the travel and the long hours she was pretty proud of what she'd accomplished in a few short years.

Marina, should have been doing well too. She was a hard worker with a good ethic but she was also in love with David, and if David had a character flaw it was that he liked expensive things, and it was all Marina could do to keep up with her bills and still look "presentable" in David's eyes.

So when she'd announced over a glass of wine that she was looking for a way to make a little extra, Jane wasn't surprised. And when she'd called Marina with a suggestion that there was a clinical trial underway that was paying really well, Marina didn't hesitate a millisecond before signing up.

Ironically, the product they were testing was a male equivalent to the pill. Initial data had suggested a chemical transference from male to female during coitus. More specifically something which resembled a synthetic pheromone that wasn't part of the original compound. It was considered more of a curiosity than a concern as the effectiveness of the main compound in virtually eliminating sperm production and motility was unprecedentedly effective. Still, the compound would have to be benign for both sexes and so the use of the product on females to see what effect if any would present itself was the whole locus of the study.

For several weeks things went well. Jane and Marina were set for a lunch out, and it was there that Marina suddenly grabbed Jane's hand under the table.

"Jane." Marina said gravely. "I have to tell you something. And I don't know if it's something you really want to hear because it's about David and I."

Jane was surprised. Mostly talk of David was about Rolex watches and trips to Maui. This was different.

"What's up?" Jane responded.

"Well, it's this." Marina hesitated. "Lately David disgusts me."

"I don't understand." Jane replied. "You guys have been together since college. Has he changed in some way?"

"No. It's not that." Marina continued. "Physically, when he touches me it makes my skin crawl. When we have sex I feel like I ate some bad fish. A couple times I actually ran to the bathroom afterwards and barfed. I just don't know what's wrong with me."

"I don't know what to say, Marina." Jane said thoughtfully. "I mean I suppose all relationships hit flat spots now and again."

"I know, but this is more than that." Marina's almond shaped eyes softened and she took Jane's hand gently between both of hers. "It just keeps getting more intense. I think I need to break things off with him. I don't want to hurt him but I know I can't go on like this. And Jane, there's something else."

"Go ahead. No secrets between us." Jane prompted.

"It's not like my libido is gone. In fact I can't remember ever being as horny as I've been lately." Marina stated.

"Is there another guy in the picture?" Jane asked.

"No. It's not like that." Marina replied. "It's like just right now sitting here in this restaurant and holding your hand between mine, it just feels amazingly good. And lately when I'm alone and, you know, touching myself. It's all girls."

"What are you saying, Marina?" Jane boggled at her best friend. "You've always been as straight as they come! I've never even seen you look sideways at a girl."

"Never?" Marina grinned seductively at Jane, arching an eyebrow suggestively.

"God, Marina!" Jane gasped. "What are you getting at? You know I've never been able to do the whole relationship thing. I mean, not that I haven't wanted that, just it's just never come up."

"Don't you find me attractive?" Marina pouted. "Do you have any idea how turned on I am right now just being next to you, Jane?"

"Marina!" Jane said, confused. "You've always been the beautiful one. You know that's how I've always seen you. I've always been the awkward one. Plain Jane. It isn't about me finding you attractive, it's about me being unsure of myself... or anything."

"But Jane, that's exactly it." Marina said soothingly. "You've always been there for me when I needed you, even when that wasn't easy for you. I mean, we both just grew up with that in place so maybe we never considered it that much. But now I need to at least see. And I need it to be you. Say you'll just try, just once. Just for me. If it isn't right, then we just go on like we always have. Besties."

"I..." Jane started. "I'll try."

Marina leaned in across the table and softly brought her full warm lips to Janes. The feeling was electric. Suddenly sensations Jane had never felt permeated her body in a wave of warmth she'd never imagined, much less anticipated.

"I have to run now, Jane darling." Marina cooed. "I'll be at your place tonight around dinner time." And with that, she dropped some money on the table to cover her half of the check, and like a whirlwind she was gone, leaving Jane a sweaty confused mess of a girl.

An hour later she was on the phone with the Dr. who was heading up the pharma project that Marina was involved with.

"Yes. I'm glad you called." Dr. Phillips said. "We're calling a halt to the trials as we've hit a bit of a snag with the compound. We need to monitor the participants for a while longer, but we're pretty much done with the active trials."

"What do you mean?" Jane asked.

"In about 87 percent of the women in the Test Group who have ingested the compound, they've exhibited a rather curious side effect which renders the marketability of the drug impossible."

"What side effect are you talking about?" Jane prompted.

"The women affected, appear to develop strong negative reactions to male contact of any sort. Additionally exposure to certain female pheromones appears to evoke a heightened sexual response. As far as we can tell, the synthetic male pheromone we initially believed to be inert, affects female physiology in such a way that exposure to normal male pheromones produces feelings of illness and discomfort, whereas exposure to those of another female tend to amplify arousal. What's more, the change occurs on a sub-cellular level and self-replicates once established so the indications are that the changes are permanent in nature."

"So you're saying the side effect turns them into hypersexual lesbians?" Jane said incredulously.

"That's an oversimplification, but materially, I'm afraid so." The Dr. Continued. "All of the women in the study, both in the Test Group and the Control Group were chosen in part because they were all in committed monogamous heterosexual relationships. Within weeks, several women in the Test Group had left their partners for other women in the Test Group. In one case one of the Test Group women pursued one of the women in the Control Group so obsessively that a restraining order was issued for her safety."

Jane knew better than to try and pry information out of the Dr. about who was in the Test Group, or more to the point, whether Marina was. But, evidence was compellingly aligned with the symptoms he had described. She felt horrible that she'd done this to her best friend, yet at the same time her mind reset to the brief kiss earlier, and her long held opinion that David was a bit of a douche. In any case, what was done was done and there was no point in pretending otherwise.

She stopped in a great little Japanese place on her way home, and picked up some sashimi and a bottle of Saki. Marina loved Saki and they both loved good sashimi. It would also save Marina from being exposed to Jane's cooking, which was pedestrian by even the most generous standards.

Marina showed up a little earlier than Jane had anticipated. She was dressed in a soft and sexy skirt and top that accentuated her feminine form in such a way that Jane kept sneaking furtive looks across at her. They were both nervous, both aware that their relationship was on the edge of a frontier that neither of them had the least bit of experience navigating. But eventually they were done with dinner. The plates were in the sink and the bottle of Saki was half gone.

They sat in awkward silence on the couch. Close to each other, but also a metaphorical mile apart.

"You...wanna watch something?" Jane suggested half-heartedly.

"I...I want to kiss you again, Jane." Marina said softly and shyly. "I want to kiss you and not have to stop like I did at the restaurant today. Would you mind that?"

In response Jane turned to face Marina. Taking in her olive skinned perfection, her swimsuit model's figure. Jane closed her eyes hard, trying to wish the awkwardness away, but she was frozen there, in between thinking and acting.

"I've never done any of this. I don't want to disappoint you." Jane managed.

In answer to that Marina leaned in, bringing their mouths together. Once again Jane felt a rush of physical arousal and emotional release. Behind the taste of the Saki, she could discern a growing glow of sweet softness in her friend's kiss and for the first time ever, Jane felt a hunger rise up inside her. This was the girl she'd played in the sandbox with. This was the girl she'd watch an endless line of guys throw themselves at. This was the girl who everyone lusted after. All these things in equal parts of possession, surrender, and arousal. Because her kiss said more than any words could have.

Jane's hand found the back of Marina's neck and pulled her mouth tighter to her own. Their tongues danced and she felt the swell of Marina's breasts against her own barely noticeable chest. She couldn't stop herself from reaching up and touching them, and in doing so realized that she'd always wanted to. Marina sighed as Jane softly cupped the swell of flesh and traced the feminine curves of her friend.

Marina was melting for her. Jane, who had never had a sexual encounter. Who only knew what she'd seen in movies. Had this beautiful angel in her arms and with every lingering second she was melting right back.

"Jane. You've got me so turned on." Marina managed between kisses. "Let's take this to the bedroom."

Taking her by the hand, Jane led Marina into the dim bedroom and lit some candles as Marina gently disrobed. Turning back to her, Jane's breath was nearly taken away. The candle light danced off Marina's glowing brown skin. A small patch of dark hair nested between her legs and more than anything else the smell of arousal. It was sweet, but earthy. A natural tang of musk and lust that made Jane aware of a desire within herself that was being quickly fanned into an inferno.

Marina proceeded to help Jane out of her own clothes. Not the soft lacey lingerie that had never fit right, but the cotton and flannel that had always hidden away the angles and what little femininity she possessed. Naked, they lay down together in each other arms. Marina exploring Jane's body with her mouth and hands as if it were worthy of such attention.

Her fingers found Jane's sex and with their mouths together, Marina's gently but inexorably mapped Jane's pussy and clit, in ever smaller circles she drew her hand's attention to what was swelling beneath Jane's hood, invoking physical sensations unlike anything Jane had ever experienced. Marina played her body as if she'd been doing so for years and within minutes Jane was wrapped around her friend's hand, convulsing through the first orgasm she'd ever had that wasn't self-induced.

And without hesitation Marina's mouth began to follow all the places her hand had visited. Jane felt hot breath on her nipples and felt them drawn erotically into her lover's mouth. It was transcendental, the feeling of the afterglow from her first orgasm, now layered with this new source of arousal.

Marina's tongue found Janes navel, and Jane squirmed slightly, her legs falling open a bit while her hips jolted upwards slightly from the odd sensation. And then Marina's mouth found her pussy. She may not have done this before, but she'd had it done to her enough to know what worked and what didn't. Jane was driven through a series of teases and orgasms that she thought was going to destroy her, but she also knew that she would have promised Marina anything not to stop.

Pulling back up again they kissed, and Jane tasted her own juices on her lover's mouth. That was it. Jane couldn't stop touching her. The perfect curves so foreign to her own self explorations, the tastes and textures, intoxicating her like nothing else could have, and by the time her mouth found Marina's pussy she was lost in an overwhelming need to make Marina cum over and over and over again until exhaustion overtook them both. Marina was drenched and wet beyond any reasonable estimation of normal arousal.

Marina moaned and cooed that she'd never cum like that before with anyone, but kept urging Jane on, her whole sex shaking with tremors as she launched from one orgasm to the next as if they were stepping stones across a pond of lust. Until at last they lay panting and exhausted in each other's arms, the musk of girl sex filling their minds as they drifted off to sleep.

The next morning was Saturday, and Jane woke up to the scent of last night's pussy feast, plus the smell and sizzle of breakfast cooking in the kitchen. Donning her robe she joined Marina in the kitchen where they ate breakfast in kind of a post orgasmic daze. It was obvious that they were both a little overwhelmed by the intensity of the previous evening, and were trying to give each other a little space to process through it all.

Yet somehow shortly after the breakfast dishes had joined the still unwashed dinner dishes in the sink they found themselves back in the bedroom, making love. This was the part of their relationship that had always been there, but had never been recognized. The fact that it had always been more than just friendship and inertia that kept them together, but it had been true love, and now that they'd discovered the truth they couldn't tear themselves away from expressing it, almost as if they were making up for lost time.

Marina lay on her back with her legs splayed wide. Jane was in her arms pushing back up to get a better view of her girl. They were both all sex hair and smudged eye makeup. Jane arched forward, her vulva finding contact with Marina's. She smiled to herself thinking that finally these narrow boy hips might come in handy.

Rotating her hips slightly she could feel Marina's labia parting, revealing the sensations of heat and slick moisture that made her own legs quiver slightly as she drew her pussy snuggly against her lover's. Then she did it again, rotating down and up so that their drenched pussies rubbed up and over each other's clits. At first it felt good. Then Jane got a little better position and it felt even better. Finally Marina tilted her pussy upwards to maximize the effect and within a minute they were both cumming hard on each other as Jane fucked her girl with an erotic intention that sent them both into an overdrive that refused to wind down until late afternoon.

Looking back later, they both would have said that they wanted to stop and rest after that. But they didn't... Not by a long shot.

Marina moved out of David's place the next weekend. He was upset, but not as much as she'd expected. He bounced back quickly though and had a new trophy girlfriend within a month.

Jane felt just a little guilty. Marina was insatiable. Not that she minded. They'd discovered all sorts of ways to experience each other and Marina simply couldn't keep her hands off of Jane, even in public sometimes. Jane knew it was the drug trial that had done this to her. But it was their new "Normal".

So it was something of a revelation when Dr. Phillips called to announce that the follow-ups to the trial had concluded, and that he could now tell them both that Marina had been in the Control Group that had received a placebo rather than the actual drug.

They both hugged each other, almost physically dragging each other into the bedroom, called in sick, and spent the next four days cycling between making love, eating and sleeping.

Some things don't need meddling with, you just have to give them the right environment to blossom....

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