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fPompey lay in the back of the wagon and tried to take a nap which was difficult on the bumpy hard packed but rutted dirt road. It was spring and the smell of the fresh flowers and the manure laded fields brought the primal instincts of rebirth and reproduction to all of life.

Unlike the many thousands of unfortunates who had perished during the trip Pompey had survived the terrible voyage across the ocean as a young boy aboard one of the slavers that made the horrendous regular circuit across the mid latitudes of the Atlantic. He had been terrified when he was sold at action at the age of eight on the wharfs of Charleston South Carolina. That had been twelve years before and since that time a lot of things had changed in his life. He had been much luckier than most to belong to Massa Robert who was a very kind man who owned a rice and pine tar plantation in the South Carolina low country. There were more than a hundred slaves on the plantation and Massa Robert treated them quite fairly and fed them very well. Sunday was always a special day for rest and regeneration with church services in the morning, a huge banquet of fresh vegetables and meats in the afternoon and singing and dancing well into the dark of the night.

On Monday morning the hard work always began anew and Pompey's body was built for that type of physical labor. Under this regimen he grew and hardened into a man of prodigious size and strength. By the time he was seventeen he stood almost six foot four and weighed around two hundred fifty solid very muscular pounds with little or no extra fat on his body. His shoulders were almost as wide as two axe handles and his biceps were as big around as most common men's thighs. Pompey found that he loved the hard work especially when there were trees to fell and he spent many hours swinging a sharp axe into the yielding wood. He came to believe that nothing felt better than the blood coursing into his straining muscles and the euphoric feeling of exercise that only the athlete can appreciate.

He felt that way that is until he turned eighteen. Massa Robert took a special interest in Pompey as he matured often taking him with him as he traveled around the Low Country to visit other plantations on trading trips. Pompey would notice that the man would observe him carefully when they would bathe on those trips in the clear creeks and rivers that ran abundantly throughout the land. They were on one of these trips just after his eighteenth birthday when Massa Robert approached him while they were naked in a cool quick running creek. He walked around him looking his body over and then facing him reached down and took his penis in his hand. Pompey was as well developed between his legs as the rest of his body. His penis hung down around six inches when flaccid and once aroused swelled to almost twelve inches in length with a girth that was over three inched across at the base.

He had learned the pleasures of masturbation years before from one of the other young boys in the dark and availed himself of that sexual release nightly. Up until Massa Robert touched him he had never had another person touch him and didn't know quite what to do as the Massa stroked him to full hardness with his hand. He had seen the Massa doing the same thing with one of the stallions when he was positioning him to mount a filly or female donkey to conceive a mule. As demeaning as the deed was to him Pompey felt the wonderful erotic feelings beginning to flow through his nerves as his large balls pulled up tight against his body and began to tingle from the stimulation. Massa Robert stopped his stroking before he could ejaculate and stepped back from his massive young black slave.

"You have not mounted a bitch yet have you Pompey?" Massa Robert asked. He had a rule on his plantation that a male or female slave could not breed until they had turned eighteen and then only with his permission. He considered the breeding of his slaves in the same manner that he bred his livestock or pollinated his crops. It was a careful process and he wanted only the finest offspring to add to his possessions. Pompey was potentially the finest breeding slave stud that he had ever seen. To have a dozen of his sons working was worth more than four times as many normal slaves. Not only would Pompey's prodigy add to the quality of his field hands but he would be able to collect large fees from neighboring slaveholders for allowing him to impregnate their female stock. It was the main reason that he had allowed Pompey to travel with him over the past two years. He wanted his neighbors to see the mammoth young man and consider him when they made their breeding plans for their bitches in the future.

"No sir," Pompey replied respectfully as his swollen cock began to shrink from its full erection. "I ain't never been with no woman."

"I have a special plan for you young man," Massa Robert had said. "It is a plan that will make both of us very happy."

The two very different men dressed and then Massa Robert climbed back into the wagon and motioned for Pompey to join him. Under normal circumstances he would have selected a lithesome young slave woman and mated her with this fine buck. He strongly believed in the strength of a family unit and rarely would break up a family unless there was a measure of rebellion or disrespect. In Pompey's case he had a very different plan in mind.

When they had returned to Palmetto Shores, Massa Robert's plantation, Pompey was instructed to move into a cabin that was at the very end of one of the rows of slave quarters. The cabin was set off just a bit from everyone else. It was the biggest cabin and had in the past been the home of a family of four whom had recently been given to Massa Roberts eldest son Adam who was starting a farm of his own up in the Piedmont area of the state.

The next day Pompey worked hard in one of the pine forests clearing some dead wood, took a dip in the river and had a big evening meal before collapsing naked on his new bed as the sounds of the crickets and frogs captured the night. The only light in the room was the soft moonlight that came in through the two small windows but that was enough for him to see everything in sort of a shadowy world. With his eyes closed he had begun gently stroking his cock to erection in the manner that he had learned was the most enjoyable when he heard the door open and looked up to see Maggie, one of the other slaves, standing and looking down at him. Maggie was comely and in her mid twenties with two youngsters that she was rearing. Her husband had died the year before when the tree that he was felling had unexpectedly snapped and whipped back out at him and crushed his chest, killing him on the spot.

"What are you doing here Maggie?" he asked as he quickly stood up and placed his hand down over his genitals trying to hide his enormous erection. Maggie was a woman whom he often imagined as he masturbated at night. She stood around five foot five and had very large pendulous breasts and a wide full ass.

"Massa Robert told me it was time you became a man and that I had myself another baby," she said as she closed the door behind her and began to shed the shift style dress which was her only clothing.

Naked she walked over next to where he was standing and then kneeled down on the floor before him.

"Dem boys were right," she said as she let her tongue begin to lick the entire black length of his now full erection. Her hands found and caressed his enormous hanging testicles. "They be laughing at you being hung like a horse while us women hearing them have a hard time not wiggling and getting wet wishing we could be youse bitch. They be boys and you Pompey be a man."

That had been the very first time a woman had ever touched him much less sucked on his cock and Pompey had after only a few moments lifted the woman up onto his bed and mounted her. With no further foreplay he had rammed his huge cock deep into her very wet ready cunt and began to hump her. She had been well fucked over the years by her husband who too was a large man and she easily handled Pompey's huge lance though, to her pleasure, he did stretch her a bit more than she had ever been stretched in the past.

"Oh My God in heaven but you are a woman's most wonderful dreams come true Pompey," she said as he rutted deep into her belly. "Massa Robert want me to teach you to breed a woman in the right manner but I declare Pompey you just fuck me good right now and we'll worry about the finer things as the night goes on."

Being the first woman he had ever fucked Pompey had not lasted long that first night and when he came he flooded her womb with his sperm and Maggie's screams of release and pleasure filled the night and awakened the babies in the nearest cabins. It was a signal in the night like the lion roaring in the forest that a new black alpha male had laid claim to the pack. Young women found themselves squirming in their beds with restless anticipation, married women hoped that the Massa might chose them to be bred by the great bull stallion and husbands protectively threw their arms over their wives and in many cases immediately began to make love to them to hurry their seed to the ripe eggs that laid in their bellies before the young attractive alpha male could intercede.

Over the next three years Pompey worked hard in the fields and forests during the day and at night had happily impregnated many of the women as they were sent to his cabin my Massa Robert. Virtually every young female on reaching her eighteenth birthday was sent to him. He learned to be gentile with the young virgins until it was time to be gentle no longer. Even a few of the married women were sent to him which was resented a great deal by their husbands who were in no position to do anything about it. Pompey made certain to not lord his fortune over them so as to not provoke any type of physical aggression no matter how futile that effort may have been on the part of the husbands. He would simply give the wives a good energetic fucking and then send them home.

When Massa Robert left with him that day in the wagon on this trip it was the first time that he had left Palmetto Shores since he had become the plantation stud. He left behind twelve young sons, six daughters and eight women in different stages of labor. He also left behind a number of husbands who were grateful to have the huge black bull away for a while from their women. Pompey had grown a bit tired of the tension around him and had hoped that he would be finally given a woman for wife but when he had asked the Massa about that possibility he had been told that the time was not yet right for he had many more pleasurable chores ahead of him.

They were headed on their trip to the plantation of a neighboring owner who had more than two hundred slaves. Pompey had been told by Massa Robert that he was not to work while he was there but was to simply lie with the women who were sent to him by Massa John for the two fortnights that had been agreed to. Apparently there was some compensation due Massa Robert depending on how many boys and girls he fathered in those trysts.

Pompey was dropped off at the main house and Massa John took him around the plantation and introduced him to a number of people. He received a lot of scornful and angry looks from the men and flirtatious and hungry looks from the women as they sized him up. Massa John finally led him to a cabin that was again set away from the rest of the abodes where he was told to stay unless called upon.

He was unpacking his small bag with barely a few minutes having passed when a young woman came into the cabin and looked at him for a long intense minute before letting her beautiful eyes fall to stare at her bare pretty feet. Pompey knew that Massa John had the same eighteen year old rule on his plantation for breeding his slaves so he figured this young fine-looking woman must be just past her eighteenth birthday.

He stood silently and watched her for a few long moments. She was much shorter than him and had let her long black hair fall down loose to her shoulders. She wore the typical formless shift of most slave women but it could not hide the fact that she had very large round breasts and wide round hips. She was pretty in the face with big brown eyes and very full lips. She fidgeted a little in front of him nervous with anticipation as she wondered what the huge handsome man would do and how it would be feel to become a woman at long last.

No longer a novice and quite horny after going days without the comfort of a woman Pompey advanced across the small room to where the light skinned girl stood and pulled her body to his. When she looked up at him and he leaned down and took her soft yielding lips onto his mouth and began to passionately kiss her while allowing his hands to begin to roam over her soft body. She smelled of soap and he knew that she had bathed herself in preparation to coming to him to be bred.

While he continued to kiss her he unbuttoned her dress and allowed it to fall from her body to around her feet leaving them both naked, his bulky and now throbbing cock was pinned between their bellies.

"What is your name woman?" he asked standing back a bit and stroking her hair with his large hands. "I want to know the name of the woman that I am about to sow a child to."

"My name is Neala," she said with her eyes now transfixed on his massive erection that stood nearly a foot out from his body and was as big around as her forearm.

Pompey saw something out of the corner of his eye and looked to see Massa John standing at the window in the dark smoking a large cigar and watching them intently. To the best of his knowledge Massa Robert had never watched him impregnate one of his bitches and he found himself angered by this overt intrusion.

Stepping back again close to Neala he reached down and took one of her large soft breasts in his hand leaned down and took her fat hard nipple into his mouth and began to suck and chew on the tender bud while he watched Massa John out of the corner of his eye. He let his strong hands continue to roam over the supple curves of the girl's mature body.

"Tha feels so good Pompey," the young girl whimpered.

Suddenly Pompey found himself to be irritated even enraged. In the past he had found great pleasure in tenderly taking the virgins that were given to him at Palmetto Shores in the manner that Maggie had taught him. Gently making love to them, shredding their hymens after tenderly arousing them to accept him and then gradually building their comfort to where he could rut on them with ardor and intensity. But now he knew that he needed to make a point with Massa John watching. He was the new alpha male of the plantation, the black stud and beast. No matter what the man watching him thought the bitches on this plantation were now his for the taking and breeding and he would allow no one to doubt his supremacy and rights.

Forcefully he pushed Neala down onto her knees and thrust his cock forward to where it slapped her hard across her face.

"Suck my cock bitch," he said loud enough so that Massa John could not help but hear. Tears pooled in the young girls eyes and then ran down her checks as she obediently let her pink tongue caress the hefty splendid black shaft and then began to suck first on the huge purple head and then along the length of the rigid rod. Pompey watched her pay homage to his cock as he reached down and ran his strong fingers into her soft hair. He held her tight and rammed his massive cock between her lips and down her defenseless young throat and then looked up and starred directly into Massa John's eyes with a look of conquest and dominance as he began to thrust.

Neala couldn't breathe and began to struggle as Pompey continued to hold her tight and thrust his cock into her mouth and deep down her throat. She dared not bite him but was panicky from her inability to get a breath.

Pompey never let his eyes break away from those of Massa John's while he fucked the young girl's mouth until at last he pulled his cock out and bodily lifted the young woman and laid her on the bed. He positioned her on her tummy and then lifted her so that she was on her knees with her head buried in the hard pillow with her sphere-shaped velvety ass in the air. Pompey leaned forward and began to lick her exposed fat pussy that was covered with a heavy pelt of curly black hair. She was well aroused and her vaginal lips were swollen with blood, the lips enflamed like a lovely opened flower with the sweet pungently aromatic slippery juices leaking out of her cunt and running down her soft youthful unblemished thighs.

Instinctively Neala wiggled her smooth dark ass in invitation and moaned as he voraciously licked her warm tender pussy and savored the tastes and smells that were meant to enflame and invite him. In a wild sexual frenzy Pompey spit a great gob of his own slick salvia into her crack then grabbed her by her soft hips and with no further preparation or warning thrust his black shaft through her thin virginal hymen and into her helplessly exposed cunt.

Her scream was piercing and could be heard for a long distance. Pompey looked back over his shoulder to the window and saw that Massa John was no longer there. Now focused only on his pleasure and release he began to thrust hard and deep into the succulent young girl's tight pussy as her cries rapidly changed to moans and then pleadings for him not to stop. Pompey pounded away into her for almost a half an hour, using his acquired skills to change angles gradually sinking himself deeper and deeper into her previously unstretched cunt. At last he finally felt the glorious burning in his lower back quickly leading up to the intense pleasure of release of his copious spray of sperm into her womb which drenched and fertilized her ripe egg.

Neala was physically worn out from the first intense fucking of her life and she could only moan and whimper passively as she felt the massive man's enormous shaft first stretch her even further and then begin to move in a new manner. Suddenly she felt a warmth filling her as the pole like cock jerked and spasmed as it sprayed its life giving seed into her eager inviting belly.

At last drained Pompey rolled Neala over onto her side and lay down next to her sweaty body. He felt badly that he had taken her in such a rough demanding manner for her first breeding but the young girl seemed unaware and purred and cuddled into him and nuzzled her face up into his neck. He reached down and took one of her soft tits in his hand and gently fondled her as he felt his cock once again begin to swell to erection. He kissed her yielding lips and then her wet forehead as he felt her hand find his now rapidly hardening cock and begin to caress it with her fingers. Now that Massa John was gone he would make love to the young woman in a tenderer manner during the long night ahead as he again and again would flood her womb with his lively sperm insuring her impregnation.

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