tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Lucky Encounter Pt. 01

A Lucky Encounter Pt. 01


The last I'd checked my phone, it was 1:43 am.

Now, I had no idea. I think I'd lost it by the way it'd stopped buzzing, killing off that pleasant little distracting vibration at my hip. Or maybe it just died. Either way, I wasn't complaining, because I was too preoccupied to care.

Walking through the throng of bodies on the scantily lit dance floor, I nearly dropped on my way to the bar. Stupid nightclub. All it was good for was overpriced alcohol, men who thought they were god's gift to women, and the same-sounding top 40 songs that made me want to blow my brains out.

I asked for the hardest stuff the bartender had and downed whatever was placed in front of me. Then my eyes scanned the room and landed on an incredibly fine male specimen. My wish for something hard might be coming true.

I raised my fingers and swallowed a bunch of shots, liquid courage making me feel warm all over. As I made my way over, wobbling slightly but strutting like a hunter with prey in sight, his eyes met mine.

A minute of intense eye contact ensued, until he broke it by walking over to me and towering over me, getting all up close and personal. With the view it presented of his hard, toned body, I had no qualms about this.

'Want to dance?' He whispered in my ear, the banal invitation sounding far more appealing coming from him. Dark hair, light hazel eyes, deep voice- he sounded like he came right out of a teenage girl's bedroom fantasy.

I nodded, not giving him any time to reply as I looped my arms around his neck, warm hands coming to rest on my ass. I smiled inwardly, slowly swaying in his arms as the music washed over us. So cheesy, and I was loving every minute of it. I flipped around, keeping my hand around his neck, and slowly ground my hips into his.

I heard his breath hitch and resumed, getting lost in the beat pulsing in sync with my heartbeat, as I ran my fingers over his arms holding my waist possessively. As his lips met my neck, I felt like I wanted to melt and rip his clothes off at the same time. Something poked my butt suddenly and I let out a small breathy laugh, his mouth making its way to my collarbone.

'What's your name?' I asked, as I let my hand wander between our bodies.

'No-names,' he let out, voice catching a little as I grasped him. He was completely at attention, and I wanted nothing more than to give it to him. Long and hard, I wondered if the rest of him would be as satisfying to touch and taste.

'Got it,' I whispered.

'I did this,' I tightened my hold on him fractionally. 'Want me to take care of it for you?'

The next thing I knew, I was staring at his back, swaying slowly as my ass was hoisted up in the air. It took me a moment to realise that he'd thrown me over his shoulder, striding surely out of the back entrance of the club. A few onlookers glanced at us, but otherwise no one batted an eye.

I chose the Playhouse to prowl through solely because of its seedy vibe, dark deserted alleys and equally depraved clientele, and I was proud to be part of it. It was precisely one of these alleys he took me to in all its glory. He spanked me once and set me down gently. That was all the invitation I needed and I brought his head down resolutely, kissing him fiercely. My tongue slipped into his mouth, hand mirroring the motion, into his pants.

He surprised me by flipping me around and slipping his hands under my thighs, hoisting me up against the wall. As my palms cupped his face, he thrust hard eliciting a groan from me. He almost tore open my top, discarding it to eye the elaborately lacy bra underneath. Featherlight kisses peppered my skin and I pulled on his hair, silently inviting him to leave a mark.

He gladly obliged and I unbuttoned his shirt agonisingly slowly, as I whispered softly, 'If you're going to fuck me in an alley, do it right and let me down.'

'Not until I'm done with you.'

He undid the bra open with practiced ease and cupped one breast, pulling my nipple. When I let out a small whimper, he covered it with his mouth and continued his torment until I was almost panting with need. His tongue replaced his hand, and I let out a sigh. 'Let's make a rule, no hands now. Anything but hands.'

He laughed as agreement and slowly let me down. I was sure I had marks over my chest, and as I glanced at him I saw that both of us were covered in a small sheen of sweat.

I'd never seen someone look so hot and fuckable right then.

I pulled his shirt off and took a minute to admire the sight in front of my eyes. As I kissed his jaw, I slowly made my way down to his collarbone, chest, abs... and stopped to look up. He was staring at me with dilated pupils, fists bunched at his sides as if he was fighting the urge to touch me. I grinned; looking at him was almost as fun as making my way down inexorably. I undid his pants and took him in my hand, rubbing my thumb over the head in little indolent circles. 'No hands,' he growled.

I let out a small chuckle and dropped to my knees, slipping down his pants. I wrapped a fist around the base as I licked the tip, swirling my tongue around. As his breathing got more ragged, I decided to show mercy and took him inside. I bobbed my head a few times, taking him deeper and deeper, until I reached my hand and let go. Dropping my hand, I took him all inside until I felt him touch my throat.

I continued like this for a few minutes, going all the way down, then resuming my attention to his head. I could almost feel his orgasm at bay, and as his hips shifted to set the pace I accepted it. He stopped abruptly, and breathed, 'my turn,' before lifting me up on a dumpster nearby.

Seeing my not-so-pleased expression, he grinned at me and took off his shirt to place underneath me before pulling down my skirt, as quickly as I did slowly with him. He grabbed my legs closer to his face to give him better access, and I felt the first touches of his tongue touch my labia, already semi-wet.

He breathed deeply, and licked languidly all around before nibbling on my clit, sending a jolt of pleasure straight up my body and making me arching my back. His tongue slipped into my hole and he took his time, until I was pushing my hips off the ground and trying to bring myself closer to his mouth. He slipped a finger inside, as he finally brought me to orgasm, letting me moan as loudly as I wanted. He didn't stop, renewing his ministrations with even more vigour, and I came again rapidly in a matter of seconds.

By the fourth orgasm, I was on the verge of incoherence and begging him due to the overstimulation. He finally let up, and at that moment, a bunch of flashlights shined on us, as a couple of cops made their way towards us.

My man looked down at me, rolling his eyes and hoisted me up again. 'We're continuing this in the car.'


To be continued.

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