Plea Bargain


I still can't believe I had been so stupid. As part of my fraternity initiation, my task was to break into the Alpha Omega Psi sorority house, take some pictures of the girls naked in the shower and then return to the frat house by morning. Sadly, not only did I not get any pictures, and therefore was not allowed to join the frat, but I was caught and charged with breaking and entering. Typically, when my so called "brothers" heard of my fate, they quickly disassociated themselves from me and denied everything so that now here I was in court possibly facing two years in jail. Yep, things were fucked up without a doubt!

My heart was already pumping fast but grew even faster when Darla, the head of Alpha Omega Psi, walked past me while I sat in the defendants chair and whispered in my ear, "I bet you are going to be REALLY POPULAR in jail FUCKER". I couldn't believe the intense glint of evil in her eye as she sat down in the front row of the gallery and continued to bore her angry eyes into me.

Hearing this as a reminder of my soon to be fate, I quickly turned to my court appointed lawyer and began to beg him for new options. "Listen Sam" I pleaded, "I can't go to jail. You know what they will do to me in there!!" My eyes began to well with tears as I envisaged my virgin ass being violated by some big bruiser with a taste for twenty-year-old white boys.

"Sam, don't worry, I think we may be in luck. This judge was a fraternity brother of mine, so he understands the deal. You won't get off Scot free, but, it is highly likely you won't serve any jail time, so cheer up." We both got quiet as the judge entered the room.

"Hear-ye, Hear-ye" bellowed the bailiff "All rise for Judge Stevens".

"Please be seated" Judge Stevens opened as he read the details of my file on his desk.

"I have reviewed the case, and it is my opinion that this was obviously part of a stupid college prank and not some act of a true criminal. It would be an egregious miscarriage of justice to send this young man to prison for two years and mark him as a felon for life for what is most likely an isolated incident of youthful indiscretion."

A wave of relief overcame me as I heard those comforting words from the judge. As I glanced around the courtroom, all eyes were on the judge except Darla's who was glowering at me with a look of such rage it sent cold shivers down my spine. Quickly, I turned back to the Judge.

"It is not however my intent to let this incident go unpunished though." he continued.

Hearing this my heart stopped.

"Would the lawyers for the defendant, the prosecuting attorney as well as the representatives of the victims please meet me in chambers."

"What's going on Bob?!?" I whispered to my lawyer, completely confused.

"A plea bargain I have worked out, so now just sit here and shut up and say nothing. If they go for it, you will not only not go to jail, but all charges will be dropped, so you must trust me, OK?"

"OK!" I exclaimed. "This was great!" My stomach finally stopping its boil for the first time in weeks. Perhaps now this long nightmare would finally end on a positive note after all and the prospect of avoiding prison AND a criminal record was fantastic. As I saw Darla disappear from the court and head towards the Judge's office I wondered what possible deal would satisfy her but I put my faith in my lawyer. Bob was good and very convincing so I was sure it was a good deal he worked out for me. The continued icy death stare in her eyes of Darla however did make me wonder how they would ever get her to agree to drop the charges.

For the next two hours I waited and sweated and waited and sweated as the lawyers battled it out in the Judge's office. Around two o'clock everyone came back inside.

"Well ladies and gentlemen, we have an agreement." Judge Stevens announced. "Will the defendant please rise."

Nervously I rose to my feet and although I still didn't know what the agreement was, by the smug look on Bob's face I was convinced that it didn't include jail.

"Samuel Franklin, in exchange for the plaintiffs dropping all charges against you, it has been decided that you will be turned over to state for an experimental program called "Community Victim Restitution". Under this program, you will be the first test case as it is truly experimental but seems highly appropriate for this situation. The term of your sentence is six months and at the end of your time your record will be expunged and the charges dropped based on the report of the board. If they do not provide a satisfactory report on your behavior however you will be remanded over to state custody for prison for the remaining eighteen months of your prior sentence and your criminal record will stand."

Clearing his throat and looking very sternly into my eyes he continued. "I would then highly encourage you to make the best of your restitution so you can receive a good report. You are hereby released on your own recognizance until Monday morning. You will be instructed by the Bailiff as to where you are to report for your punishment. Do you have any questions?"

I had many of course, but after looking at my lawyer who was beaming with a big smile, I just shook my head no.

As the court cleared, I took my lawyer's arm and asked him how this worked. He explained that this new system was passed by the state legislature specifically to offer an alternative to prison for non-violent offenders like me. During my "imprisonment" I would still be allowed to attend classes or work, but otherwise I would be completely under the control and supervision of my appointed CVR board.

The board was restricted in what they could demand or do to me, but otherwise the state would not interfere. The system was designed to be a community based program meant to satisfy the victims of crimes where an arrangement could be made that did not have to involve the state. The beauty was the criminal could offer direct restitution to the victim and therefore justice was served at a considerable savings to all involved.

During my time of "imprisonment" he explained, I would not be allowed to leave their residence, except to attend classes or for medical emergencies and at the end of this six-month period, I would be brought back with the plaintiff's to hear the results of their report. Seeing my growing concern, Bob spoke.

"Listen Sam" my lawyer whispered. "This is truly a great deal and after a little crappy six months of nonsense, you will be totally free and without a record! You still get to go to class so you won't get thrown out of college and before you know it all of this ugliness will be in your past. This is as good a deal as you will ever get, so don't blow it!"

Seeing me relax a bit and nod, he continued. "You need to make sure they give you a good report as otherwise you will have to go to jail to serve out the rest of a two year sentence. I STRONGLY ADVISE you to do whatever they say during this time as your freedom depends on whether they are satisfied with your punishment or not. The judge has given them instructions on what is, and what is not, acceptable punishment so don't worry, it won't be so bad, OK?"

My head was swimming now as this all was very new. It certainly was a relief not to have to go to jail, but I was a bit apprehensive about giving myself over to some nameless CVR board. Looking at Bob, I finally asked the obvious question.

"So Bob, just exactly who makes up my CVR board anyway?"

Grinning, he pointed across the courtroom. As my eyes followed his finger, I felt my blood run cold as they came to rest on Darla and the rest of her sorority sisters giggling at the back of the court.

"What? THEM?" I blanched, but after Bob just nodded and then led me to the bailiff to receive my instructions I grew very nervous but knew I had no choice. These girls were furious with me so God knows WHAT they might do; but the idea of being marked as a felon for life after being gang raped in a prison shower quickly made me accept the arrangement. Reading the letter from the Judge, I saw that I was instructed to report to their house tomorrow morning at 8:00 A.M.

I slept very little that night, but as instructed I knocked on their door at 8:00 A.M. sharp. Darla opened the door, took my bag and told me to go into the living room for "prisoner orientation". Entering the room my stomach was churning again as all of twelve of the girls from the sorority were there, and none of them looked happy.

Darla broke the silence. "For the duration, you will answer to the prison number which has been assigned to you. It should be easy as you are prisoner number one! You will address each member of this sorority as Mistress So & So, and will be subordinate to them at all times."

So far it did not seem so bad, but as she continued, my concerns grew.

"Your head is never to be above the head of any member of this sorority in order to show the true wormlike status you deserve. If we stand you kneel, if we sit you grovel on the ground, got it?"

Meekly I nodded my head as she continued with the rules.

"You are to be given one uniform to be worn in the house, and one uniform to be worn outside the house, nothing else, so you BETTER take care of it. Saturdays are wash day, and you will launder your own uniforms, as well as all the clothes of all of the sisters. You will prepare all of our meals, keep the house spotless and perform any and all tasks demanded of you INSTANTANEOUS AND WITHOUT HESITATION OR COMPLAINT!"

Her fury rising as she spoke, I looked down at the ground, trying to look as compliant as possible. It was obvious she was still furious and so humiliation was to be part of my punishment. As she continued, it became painfully obvious just how deep my humiliation was to become.

"You will wear this dog collar at all times as a symbol of your degradation. Failure to follow any instructions, or the breaking of any rules will be met with appropriate penalties. Any questions?"

I shook my head no.

"GOOD, Now STRIP!" she commanded.

This was not unexpected, but it was still quite humiliating. Slowly I shed my shirt, shoes, socks and pants before finally standing before them clad only in my boxers. Darla, obviously perturbed at my attempts at modesty, grabbed a rather ominous looking paddle from the fireplace mantle and cracked my ass hard.

"We are not off to a good start here Number One!" she screamed as she flicked the waistband of my shorts with her long nails. "When I said Strip, I meant totally! Now get on with it!"

To the obvious amusement of the girls I slowly lowered my boxers to the floor. Being forced to strip down in front of a room full of attractive college women had the predicted reaction and caused me to develop an enormous erection, which only humiliated me further. Vainly trying to shield my nakedness from them I covered my crotch with my hands and I stood before them bare ass naked as the day I was born.

CRACK! Another whack on the ass forced me to drop my hands to my side.

"Now, put your hands on your head and spread your legs!" Darla barked.

Completely red from head to toe I sadly complied. I was now completely exposed to them with my cock standing stiffly at attention adding further humiliation to an already humiliating situation as the taunts began. As I stood there throbbing and naked, the comments flew like mad with especial attacks made against my manhood in order to embarrass me.

"Hey Darla, it looks like Number One is enjoying his punishment?" called one.

"Is that a dick or an acorn?" called another.

"I guess we will have to pull out our magnifying glass to inspect THIS one!"

"OK Susan, that is a good idea, now start the examination!" Darla instructed laughing wildly as the sisters continued pelting me with rude comments.

Susan, a stunning brunette with very lickable breasts that despite my situation I could not help leering out approached me with a knowing smirk on her face.

"Bend over and touch your toes Number One!" she commanded.

I complied, even though I realized my anus was gaping and totally exposed for their view. The few muted giggles and whispers I heard caused me to shut my eyes even tighter in shame as I reflexively clinched up. Feeling the gorgeous girl's hand on my bare back caused me to flinch, but grow even harder.

Smirking, Susan then began to shine a flashlight up my ass, and tug, probe and prod my exposed asshole, while running her long nails over my dangling and helpless balls and cock.

"He's free from contraband!" Susan announced as the pent up laughter burst from every female lip in the room.

"Stand up Number One and put your uniform on."

As I turned and saw my uniform dangling from Susan's slender fingers, I was horrified. Looking on in disbelief my eyes saw what had to be the skimpiest thong I had ever seen. Looking up and around the room at the girls, the glowering smirks on their faces told me I had no choice but to wear it, and so for the next ten minutes I struggled into it, trying desperately to fit my genitals into its brief material. In a strange way, this was more humiliating than being naked as the thong was about three sizes too small, and for a second I thought the material would burst open as I jammed my junk inside.

As I stood there in my ridiculous get up, Darla handed me a mop and a sponge and guided me to the kitchen. For the next 10 hours I scrubbed, cleaned, dusted, and vacuumed every inch of the house and generally worked like a dog. By the end of the day I was exhausted, but despite my fatigue, I prepared dinner as directed and went into the kitchen to eat alone as they enjoyed the meal together in the dining room. After they ate, the entire sorority retired to the great room and as I was finishing up the dishes, I heard Darla call for me.

"Number One, you are needed downstairs!"

The room was large and comfortable, filled with multiple couches, a teak bar and a large flat screen TV. Now that dinner was over, the girls were all seated and watching a "Real Housewives" marathon, and every chair was filled. Being "in for the night" all had changed into more casual wear, and most were just lounging in long oversized t-shirts or just robes. Crawling on my knees inside, I thought for sure my thong would snap at the sight of such beauty. Despite knowing that these girls meant me great harm, I could not help but be aroused as acres of firm young coed legs and feet that were now were displayed before me.

"OK Number One! You have a busy night ahead of you." Darla cried out as she threw a bottle of massage oil to me. Catching it, I knew what to do, and crawled over to her first, figuring that the happier I made the President of the Sorority, perhaps that good Karma would flow down to the others.

For the next four hours I gave all of them foot and leg massages until my hands ached. All those lovely coed feet and legs kept me perpetually aroused, and this did not go unnoticed by the girls. My tiny thong was truly maxed out, and seeing my obvious arousal the girls began flirtatiously torturing me as I massaged their legs by rubbing their toes across my tight tight speedos. By the time I was finished and finally was ready to turn in I was horny beyond belief.

After all the girls were in bed, I went downstairs to the "bed" they constructed for me in the living room. This bed was simply a pillow and a blanket on the cold hard wood floor. After I was convinced they were asleep, and desperately needing relief, I reached down between my legs and pulled off my speedo.

All the pent up sexual frustration of the day had kept me hard for the last 6 hours and I needed release, and I needed it bad, so as quietly as possible I began to masturbate. Oiling my rod up with the massage oil, I closed my eyes and began to pump, imagining that instead of my palm it was the gorgeous mouth of Darla or the stunning cleavage of Susan that I was slamming into. Panting and sweating, I grunted quietly as I whacked away into the night.

Just as I was reaching the point of no return, the lights suddenly came on and all of the girls ran into the room. I was so startled I leapt to my feet without thinking put on quite a display. There I was, completely naked with a raging hard-on and still stroking away as I drooled pre-cum onto the floor.


Like being awakened from a dream, I realized what I was doing and quickly stopped, still trying to shield my crime from them.

"So" chimed Susan "You want to get off do you? Well, since this is your "prison", and as such, I think you should have the experience of getting off in prison just to make sure that your penance is complete."

Unsure of just exactly she was talking about, I was alarmed as all of the girls rushed me and dragged me into the kitchen. I did not struggle, since I knew I was completely at their mercy and certainly did not want to endanger the plea bargain agreement.

When I was thrown face down on the kitchen table however, I did attempt to get away, but it was no use. Outnumbered twelve to one, it was no contest. I was quickly handcuffed face down on the table with my feet and wrists cuffed to each table leg. In this position I was completely helpless, and totally exposed.

Susan then giggled as she brought in eight or nine pillows and placed them under my stomach causing my back to arch and my anus to be stretched even more wide open and gaping.

"Get ready for your deflowering Number One!" Darla gleamed as she walked to the head of the table and held up the largest most evil looking dildo I had ever seen. Seeing it, I gulped and automatically tried to close my legs and protect my ass but it was no use, I was tied down too tightly. Seeing my struggles to protect my anal virginity caused much giggling from my "audience".

"Open your mouth!" she commanded as she shoved the dildo down my throat. As I lay there and gagged, she told me I had better lubricate it up good if I knew what was good for me. Too frightened to be humiliated, I sucked at the black phallus like a wild starving calf desperately trying to wet the surface as much as possible.

After a few minutes, Darla snatched the dildo from my lips and waved it in front of my face. It was at least twelve inches long and 4 inches in diameter and my hole, acting on its own power, began to pucker in a defensive posture.

Despite the fear growing in my stomach, my cock remained as hard as ever as it dangled over the side of the kitchen table. Walking around to my ass, Darla ran her fingers down my back and laughed as I shivered at her touch. When she stood behind me, dildo in her hand, she reached out and grabbed my helpless balls hard before smacking my hard throbbing cock.

Watching it sway, she laughed. "Well, it seems MY cock puts YOURS to shame! Anyway, we all decided that we didn't want you to miss out on any experience you would have had if you had actually gone to jail so OPEN WIDE!" And with that, Darla shoved eleven of the twelve inches up my ass.

As I was reamed I screamed like a banshee in pain and humiliation, begging pitifully for them to take it out.

"What's this?" I heard Susan ask as the girls were inspecting the dildo in my ass. Being behind me, I tried in vain to turn to see what they were looking at but could see nothing. When I heard the switch click and felt the dildo begin to pump in and out, I realized what they were looking at. They had hooked the dildo up to a pneumatic pump that now was beginning to speed up as the seconds ticked by. This diabolical device was raping my ass and although I was crying in the most intense pain I had ever experienced, the constant ramming of the dildo on my prostrate eventually caused me to blow my load all over the floor under my cock to the obvious delight of all the girls.

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