Pleasing Dad Hard


He groaned, burying his father-daughter-bond deeper than ever, and fucked her without compassion. She was starting to get that sweet, sweet culmination reaching at a peak, gasping and panting until something blessed her with such a mind-dazzling sensation. That was when she felt her inner twinge of a rising orgasm rip-lash through her vagina. It was an orgasm she never felt before; a deep, intense series of those breathtaking spasms, feeling all the muscles twitching at his cock and milking it, making it easier for him to fuck her down.


He couldn't handle that precious feeling – it was too much so he had to abort his missionary-styled-fucking-his-daughter-senseless-on-the-couch. She was now his sex kitten, a perfect fuck doll to be used on; his incestuous bitch. He pulled his pipe out of her cunt, which made a corking sound, threw her down on the couch, and flipped over on her stomach, yanking her legs back to his side and forcing his groin to meet with her pelvis.

She felt her father's huge, raging helmet poking at her asshole and that was when she realized this was going to a painful experience . . . to be fucked in the ass doggy-styled.


Too late. He grunted enthusiastically, humping and penetrating the whole twelve yards into her shithole. She made a savage groan as his bong entwined and explored down to her tunnel, digging as far to her rectum and nudging the anus. Her entire intestine felt to be pushed to her chest and sphincter muscle seemed to crack. She yowled, feeling even the shit being pushed out of range, and batted her father with hate-love eyes. He was in a state of blind ecstasy, pulling at her hair harder and ass-violating her deeper. She groaned at his unkind fucking potential.

"Daddy, you're hurting me."

"Am I?" He deepened his thrusting, banging in the twisted angle. "How's this?"


"Glad you like it."

She whimpered, feeling a sudden bolt of climax tingling her pussy again, and shuddered. His cock forced inside at his deepest point, fucking her meaninglessly and she felt his balls clinging at her cunt. "Oooooogg, yes," she groaned, "so much fucking pressure that it hurts." She then felt his nuts tightened and his pumping rhythm slowing. Involuntary, with the third orgasmic wave coming along, her asshole constricted along with everything in her system and her eyes quickly caught the clock on the wall.

It was 10: 29 when it happened.

That was when her father had a brain-shattering, muscle-ripping orgasm ever to hit in the Cummings generation. Karling yelped as the first dramatic blast of semen exploded inside her, flooding her with the warmest feeling there. The impact rattled her bone. Her hair was yanked back hard as the second outburst bombarded her hard enough to make her whimper like a little girl again. He pulled his dick out just in time before the third brash eruption came along, spraying a white jet full of Cummings all over his daughter's back in a graphic splatter.

"Urggh!" he grunted raucously, one hand still pulling at her blonde hair.

"Oh, Daddy, you're cumiming! God, it's feels so hot!" She gasped as another whisk of lively seeds splash-landed on the nape of her neck and more spurted right at the edge of her sumptuous ass, its stream of spunk oozing to her wet beaver.

She whirled around to witness this wonder, feeling all of his seeds intermingling on the couch, knowing subconsciously it would leave a hell of stain. A large rivulet whipped across her stomach, spattering on her left tit; shooting another white, hot torrent on her other upper right breast, and then a hardcore geyser glittered at a maximum distance right on her cheek.

But Dad kept on shooting his loads like it would never end.

Jizz were spraying everywhere. A couple of solid series of white roasting love juice hit the couch. Standing from the couch and stumbling across the living room, her father let out a tortured moan as an explosive ejaculation ripped across and splattered on the blue expensive Bolivian carpet. Swinging around to avoid the floor, his next eruption struck Mom's favorite lampshade in a vivid streak. A startling explosion of spunk landed on the coffee table, and then some. It was like witnessing a miracle better than Guinness. But this was not something to laugh at, this was some serious shit. She had read about men ejaculating at an incredible length of time but this was seeing to believe!

She stood on her feet, aware of the twinge in both her asshole and her other hole, and tried to comfort him, soothing him to calm down, yet not knowing what to do or what she done. Then Dad found the solution. He grabbed her arms, pulled her to his chest, embraced her tightly, and then arched his entire shaft inside her tight cunt, tearing it open again.

That got her right where it hurt.

She yelped, cringing at the sudden penetration, her fuck hole being skewered apart, and looked at her father's face. His facial expression was contorted, eyes rigid, and then she realized what was going to happen. A squirming flood of semen shattered into her womb, shocking her with a mind-blasting eye-opener. His hammering dick was working like a furious jackhammer. Still hugging her and ejaculating inside her, Dad made a crying grunt and pumped his loins against her cunt box, squashing her, squishing her, hammering her to the flesh.

See what happened when you tried to hold back?

A deep-throated groan escaped her as she writhed from his clutches, feeling that continual series of hot jiss shelling to her stomach. She felt him plunge his dick into the back of her vagina and just totally erupt with the hardest, spewing, wrenching, screaming blast. She howled. He cried. His cock had grown twice the size in girth, and she could tell he was shooting a flood of his warm cream in her cunt, like it was the world's greatest thing. She couldn't help looking at his eyes, which seemed faraway as his orgasm persisted recklessly.

This was the sum of all orgasm. She knew this was her consequence she was responsible and wondered, even as her father shot another motherlode in her, if he had to go to the hospital.

All thought was lost as Daddy's cock rammed and slammed and banged her rag-doll ass, shooting squirt after squirt of fluid into his daughter's vagina. "Cum in my fucking CUNT!" she screamed, as his orgasm finally began to slow into a few random squirts of jism. Leakages of semen trailed down her ass. One cute squirt jittered in a pool of semen and she gasped at this ticklish rush.

God, everything felt so wrong yet so, so right. Watching her father closely in the face, he seemed to be returning from a trance, a Hulk becoming human once again. Then her father opened his eyes, blinked, and stared at Karling's face. Her face was greased with trails of white matters, and the rest of her was all drenched in unbelievable sweat. The smell of mingling saliva and the aftertaste of salt semen were her central perfume.

"God, Honey, I'm so sorry," he said, kissing her from the forehead to the cheek with sudden compassion. "I'm so, so sorry. Are you okay?"

She looked at him reproachfully in the eyes, with so much hatred, love, and lust. "You lost." Then she hinted a smile, licking the spunk off her finger. "You want to have a rematch?"

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by mezmerized02/14/18

All fun & games...

however... technically, he didn't loose... this was only supposed to be a 30 min. handjob! (and even if the length/girth issue was believable, that's some serious cumming! lol)

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