tagNonConsent/ReluctancePool Party Catfight Choice

Pool Party Catfight Choice


All characters depicted in this story are 18 or older. This story contains forced sex, exhibitionism, lesbians, strap on sex, humiliation, and a pool. You can choose what option you prefer at the end near the end of the fight.


Eliane took a deep breath to calm herself down. This years neighborhood pool party hadn't been a disaster yet, and she just had to keep her temper, just like her husband said. David was always the calm and reasonable one. However, every time Lisa passed by she swore he'd look at her a second too long. They'd both known Lisa for almost twenty years, but back then she'd just been a grade school brat. Now that Elaine was in her upper thirty's, the fact that Lisa was ten years younger was beginning to show. Even Elaine's eighteen year old son seemed enthralled by the family friend. It made her blood boil thinking both of the men in her life were entranced by her.

"Honey." David put a hand on her shoulder. "You look like you're going to make a scene. Please don't make a scene."

Elaine touched his hand. "I'm sorry, I'll try to relax."

"You two used to be friends." He shook his head. "I know you don't want to, but maybe if you apologize for last year..." She tensed and he stopped, "I know it's not your fault, but..."

"Just stay out of it." Elaine tried not to be too forceful. "I know you are trying to help, but,"

"Hey!" Elaine turned to see Lisa and immediately began to grind her teeth. The harlot wore a string bikini showing off her athletic frame. She was a swimmer, gymnast, and martial artist, teaching at the local fitness center. "How is it going? Your son is doing very well in the afterschool class by the way, very attentive." She'd almost managed not to think about the fact that her son was spending two hours a day staring at Lisa being mostly naked. She liked to believe it was him wanting exercise, but somehow she doubted it was the only reason.

"Good, Thanks." Elaine was terse. She was a good head or so taller, and her breasts were two sizes larger, but she still somehow felt very threatened. She stood tall and tried show her own swimsuit just for this occasion that accentuated her strengths over the younger woman.

"And thanks for hosting the party this year, I usually don't get to show off my two piece." She posed and made eye contact with David. "How do I look?"

"Lisa," Elaine started.

"I know, I know," Lisa interrupted. "You want to say sorry for last year. Well, no need. I completely understand. At your age it's natural to have a bit less self-esteem. I was actually going to offer a free class if you were interested. You know, if you wanted to get a bit more healthy, or look better for David. I think it would make you feel better to learn a few lessons from me."

She felt David hold her shoulder, "Elaine-"

"Fuck you." Elaine said a bit too loud. "Get out." Her eyes narrowed. Some eyes turned to see the debacle unfold. Elaine didn't care.

Lisa put on a false look of victimhood, "I'm sorry, did I say something wrong? I was just trying to make amends..." Elaine had to force herself not to smack the bitch upside the head. Every moment Lisa waggled her hips and pouted made Elaine clench her fist tighter. Elaine didn't respond the silence, so Lisa continued, "Well, I guess if David thinks I should leave-"

"David, stay out of this." Elaine kept an even tone. "She's going to leave because I want her to."

"I'm going inside." He said, giving up. "Holler if you need me." Many of the older men followed, leaving the younger adults and women outside. They began to form a circle around the pair. The drama between the two over the years had created alliances across many social circles, and many were there almost for protection in case a fight broke out. They had never yet come to actual blows, but both had threatened as much.

Some of the others were simply curious. They were friends of friends, or people who were simply interested in the spectacle. She saw her own son amongst the crowd and felt a tinge of pride and fear. He was about to see a resolution to this conflict, one way or another.

"I think, maybe, you've had too much to drink." Lisa spoke in a threatening tone. "Its obvious that everyone, especially your husband enjoys seeing me here. If you don't like me you can stay out here and keep drinking while I go check up on him." She took a step forward. They were at melee distance now. Elaine seethed and Lisa invaded her space with relaxed grace. She hated how calm and collected she was.

"You always hated me." Elaine shook her head. "Maybe it's because I was always bigger than you, or maybe you have always had a thing for David, or maybe its because your just desperate to get fucked." There was some gasps from the crowd. "But between you and me, I think you just want a fight. I'm done with all of this bullshit. No more games. No more talking. I'm going to physically remove you from this party if I have to." She took one more step forward. Lisa was forced to step back with a grimace. Elaine smirked.

Lisa was taken aback, but then smiled, "Alright. You're on. Lets fight then. But lets make this more final. Lets make this more fun. With everyone watching right now, what are the stakes?" She asked, "I don't just want this to be about being at a single party of yours."

"You will never speak to David again without my permission." Elaine demanded. "You will publicly admit everything you have ever done, or tried to do with him, me, or my son. You will apologize, and you will accept whatever punishment I give you." There were some cheers in the crowd, and some claps.

Lisa considered it, "And if I win, you accept my punishment for being such a bitch. No going back. And your going to let your family do whatever they want."

Elaine felt the adrenaline begin to surge. "Fine. If you think you can actually win, lets start."

"Let's begin, though, you are probably out of my weight class-" Elaine saw surprise in her enemies wide eyes. Elaine couldn't control her hand. She had swung hard and hit Lisa full on in the stomach while she was mid sentence. When she was still hunched over she grabbed the woman by the hair and pulled the smaller girl behind her as she walked to the side of the house. The crowd roared, some people went to get more friends from inside to watch. Elaine was dedicated to ending this quickly, she as going to march this slut off of her property.

Lisa stumbled and fell, then wrenched Elaines fist from her hair, pulled down and bending the wrist back. Elaine followed the tension and fell to the ground, her arm twisted at the elbow. She grimaced as she grabbed her enemies hand and freed herself from the lock. Now they both were on the ground frantically trying to gain the literal upper hand.

"Nice try you bitch!" Lisa coughed, "But I'm ready now," Her wrists weaved through Elaine's and found themselves on her swimsuit top. Elaine grabbed for Lisa hair. Lisa twisted her nipples and Elaine's yelped in surprise, retreated back and grabbed her opponents hands, attempting to stifle the pain. She fell back and kicked Lisa's midsection, but found her stomach harder than before. She was ready this time. "This feel good Elaine? Huh?"

Elaine overpowered the smaller woman above her and twisted, bringer her weight onto of Lisa. She straddled the homewreckers midsection and pinned her arms to the ground above her head. She was better trained, but Elaine was simply bigger. She smiled and enjoyed the wriggling mass of desperate muscle under her. She spat on Lisa's face, much to the chagrin and amazement of the audience that gathered around them. Then she moved Lisas wrists together so she could hold them both with on arm.

"Shit!" Lisa shook her face in an attempt to wash of the spit. Elaine was high on the conflict. She should have gone for choke, or lock, or something more substantial, but her free hand went to her opponents top and raised it up above her nipples. Lisa struggled and screamed, "You bitch!" She shook, and her mediocre tits shook all they could. The experience was fun, and empowering. This is what she had wanted from the start. This is what drove Elaine to battle. The humiliation of her tiny rival sent a warming wave across her body, as did the adulation of the crowd. She was pathetic, and now she knew that. She hoped people were taking pictures. Or video. God she'd love to see this again from another angle. She tore off the top completely, undoing the strings, and then pinched one of Lisas nipples. "AHH!" The woman arched her back and groaned.

"Now who is the sensitive one. I always heard they get more sensitive the smaller they get." Lisa was on the verge of tears. Elaine never felt more alive. She almost felt turned on by this. She bent over and shoved her superior tits in her opponents face. "You've always been jealous of these haven't you? You never fucking grew up, you're always just going to be a little girl to me,"

She felt her weight shift and realized leaning forward was a bad idea. Lisa threw her forward with her hips and she found herself rolling head over heels onto hard concrete. They were a few feet from the edge of the pool now. She rolled to her back, nursing her head. She was more dizzy than anything else.

Then Elaine felt her arm grabbed and twisted. She tried to squirm out of whatever lock Lisa was trying. She rolled, but felt pain across her shoulder and stopped. An arm wrapped around her forearm and a knee was centered on her shoulder blade and spine. "Ow! Ow! Shit!" She felt like her arm was about to fly out of it's socket, but quickly she found a release from the pressure by puffing out her chest as she laid on her other arm. It was not comfortable, and her back was arched provocatively, but there was little pain in her joints here. She felt another release of pressure around her chest and a chill sank into her heart. Her top was gone, and her tits were out for everyone to see. She couldn't even try to cover them, one arm was held by two strong arms, the other was pinned by her own body all she could do was shake and hope to find an escape from it. The jeers from the crowd were deafening, she looked around and saw for sure that people hand their phones out and were recording. If they posted this online she'd be ruined. Millions of people would see her just like this.

"Smile bitch, you're on camera." Lisa chuckled they were both only in their bottoms now, but Lisa seemed used to it now. Or at least, she was concentrating on revenge. Elaine suddenly recognized a face in the crowd. Her son was staring in amazement. She hid her eyes and tried not to think about him seeing her like this. She had to find a way out. "I don't want to dislocate your arm." She heard Lisa continue. Elaine noticed her arm below her could reach up around her back if she tried, "But after what you were doing to me before, I think it counts as self defense," Lisa yelped as Elaine found her bikini bottoms with her other arm and pulled. Lisa could have stayed where she was, but instead fell to vainly try to cover herself.

Big mistake. They were still on the concrete, so the landing was not pleasant. Lisa knew how to fall right and didn't hit her head, but she did get the wind knocked out of her. Elaine pounced and tore off the girls bottoms. She screamed and covered herself. She was completely naked and afraid, and Elaine was loving it.

You may pick Option 1 or Option 2. Option 1 shows Elaine Winning, Option 2 is Lisa Winning.

Option 1: Elaine Wins

Elaine pounced and tore off the girls bottoms. She screamed and covered herself. She was completely naked and afraid, and Elaine was loving it. Lisa tried to run, turning and heading to the gate.

Not yet bitch. Elaine got to her feet and tackled her to the grass. Lisa squirmed haphazardly, but Elaine had a tight hold on her. She heard the cheers of the crowd and felt a newfound high when the pinned the girls arms behind her and sat down on her chest. Elaine smacked the girls tits and heard Lisa squeal. She did it again and heard a grunt of anguish. "Give up yet?"

"Get your fat ass off me!" Bad mistake. Elaine continued to straddle her and sucked on her middle finger. The crowd began to go wild. She didn't even care that her tits were on display. She moved her finger behind her, leaning back, and slowly began to burrow it between Lisa's thighs. "You pervert!" Lisa screamed as it crept in to her cunt. "AHH!" She struggled, but to no avail. She finger fucked the helpless whore and tried her best to make eye contact. The eyes went from hateful, to fearful, to manic as Elaine twisted a nipple and began stroking the clit. Her skin was pink with exertion, heat, and humiliation. "Oh god, oh god!" She was about to cum. Elaine saw the ecstasy on her face.

And then Elaine stopped and slapped Lisa pussy. She screamed and seethed and humped the air behind Elaine. "Beg for it." She slapped the pussy again, glad that Lisa was clean shaven. "I know you want it." She slapped the inner thigh and twisted her tit.

"Fuck, please stop." Lisa was sobbing. "You win! You win!" She coughed.

"That's right." Elaine's heart raced and she felt herself wet with power. She licked her lips, "Spread them." She commanded.

Lisa did so with a sob and pleading, wide legged cunt, "Lick my finger." She pushed the slick finger down her enemies throat until it was nice and wet again, then she leaned back again. This time she played with the pussy, the clit, but then went lower and slowly penetrated her rear.

"Ah! Fuck! Not There!" Lisa cried out and clenched her legs tight. Elaine responded by slapped her in the face and fucking the ass harder and deeper. "You fucking, fuck, fuck," She trailed off into moans as Elaine kept and easy rhythm. Once her slave relaxed her palm slapped Lisa's womanhood on each thrust. She slapped her face again, lightly, more playfully.

Elaine was so turned on she began to hump the heaving body below her. Her bottoms rubbed against the sweaty, naked body of her prisoner. This was fun. This, she could get used to as a method of solving her problems. She saw Lisa once again start humping and moaning in a high pitched, rhythmic way.

"How depraved." Elaine grinned. "Good thing you like this, because from now on your going to get used to it. Cum for me little girl. Cum for me." She shook wildly under Elaine like a bucking bronco. She yelped in surprise and excitement. She'd never had so much power over someone before. It was intoxicating. Lisa would squirm with just the twitch of a finger. "You are mine now Lisa. You understand?" She was still shaking with pleasure as Elaines finger fucked her. She slapped the whores face, "Understand?"

"Yes!" She said in-between spasms "Yes, Jesus fuck I'm yours. You win." Elaine rose from her perch in triumph as Lisa gasped for air. Then she picked up the woman and carried her over her shoulder. "Shows over." She said with a smile. "Thank's everyone!" She waved as the cheers became more silent and she walked her rival off her god damn property.


"Lisa!" Elaine was frustrated she took off her coat as she entered her friends apartment.

"Yes mistress!" Lisa turned to see her rival turned servant. Lisa wore a skimpy maids uniform and nervously tried to please.

"My husband mentioned your name again." She explained, sitting down on Lisa's couch and massaging her neck.

"I'm sorry mistress!" She squirmed. "Do you want me to fuck myself for you mamn?"

"No, not today. I'd rather you eat me out." She unzipped her pants. "Can you do that for me?"

"Again?" Lisa looked away in shame. "I, I told you last time I'm not really into that,"

"Exactly. Me neither." She grabbed Lisas head and forced her down. "That means you're going to be down there for a long time, and you aren't going to like it. Though, if you learn to like it, feel free to masturbate... but only anally of course, and make sure not to cum, or there will be consequences."

"Yes mistress! So generous mistress!" Lisa nodded. Elaine leaned back on the couch as her servant began her work. Then she took out her laptop with another hand and began on some paperwork she had due later that week. It would be several hours, and having a fucktoy to lick you for hours on end really makes the time fly.

Options 2: Lisa wins

Elaine pounced and tore off the girls bottoms. She screamed and covered herself. She was completely naked and afraid, and Elaine was loving it. Elaine tried to throw her into the water just a few feet away for a final humiliating blow.

Lisa was mortified, but her instinct to grab onto Elaine overcame her shame. She was already unbalanced and found herself tumbling into the water with her. She fell top of Lisa, but the expert swimmer soon gained the upper hand, and great confidence now that the water hid her body. Before Elaine knew which way was up she felt Lisa hold her down from behind. She felt all of the other woman against her back and felt herself unduly turned on as the smaller woman wrapped her naked limbs around her, pressing her chest and hips against her. She would be enjoying this more if she were in control, but the fight it's self had been the greatest release of her life. She just needed to win. She needed to abjectly humiliate Lisa and her life would be so much better.

But she began to run out of breath. Righting herself was becoming an issue, and the woman behind her had her arms and her legs wrapped around her own. Lisa was depending on her higher lung capacity. Would Lisa actually try to drown her? She grunted, and with the last of her strength she overpowered Lisa and rushed up to the surface, gasping for air. It was only waist deep on this side of the pool. The crowd cheered and she instinctively covered her tits and tried to make it to the edge of the pool. If she could just get out then this would be over.

But it was not to be. She tried to clumsily climb the edge with one arm around her tits but found another hand on the waist of her bottoms. She was too slow, and her ass was exposed to the crowd for a split second. Elaine fell to her chest, mortified, half on land and half in the water. She tried to cover her groin, but found her wrist grabbed and felt herself being pulled back in until both legs were in the water. She guarded her chest by pressing it against the ground and tried to fight backward, but just ended up having both of her arms locked behind her. She felt Lisa's hips against her ass and felt her thrust, pulling back on Elaine's arms. Elaine's back arched as Lisa mimed herself fucking her friend with an evil grin of triumph. The crowd cheered as Elaines tits were once again out. Elaine was crying. This couldn't be happening. Both her arms were wrapped round one of Lisa's, giving her a free hand. Elaine's stomach was churning. She couldn't lose. That wasn't possible. Not in front of her family and friends.

She felt a hand smack her ass and cried out, she felt her whole body shake. Elaine didn't seem to care that she was buck naked. Elaine spared a look behind her and saw Lisa blushing madly across her face and chest, but her expression was once of victory and malice. Another slap and she turned her head away. She couldn't meet the eyes of her neighbors, so she simply looked down. "Look at those cow tits flop." Another smack. "Disgusting." Another smack. Elaine felt like she was a little girl again being put over her fathers knee. "Are you even going to fight back?"

She realized she wasn't. She was exhausted. She was out of breath. She just wanted this to be over now. "Give up." She heard. "Or maybe you like this?"

Her body was unwilling to fight, but her mouth spat back, "Fuck you." She felt her arms released and she sighed in relief. For about half a minute she rested here, her ass in the air and her legs in the water. Then she heard a splash.

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