tagSci-Fi & FantasyPort and Refill Ch. 10

Port and Refill Ch. 10


For a timeless moment we just stared at each other. Then she swept me into her arms, and we were kissing. It was desperate, wanton, needy. But all I felt was a pure joy. She did still want me. I wanted to dance, to shout, to tell the world. We broke apart, faces flushed, and stared each other. I felt my mouth stretch into a smile. Everything was going to be alright.

"What the hell were you thinking?" Her voice rose near the end. "You almost got yourself killed!"

I stared, flummoxed. I opened my mouth, closed it. Finally I came up with something intelligent: "I- what?"

"You almost died! I - Jesus Christ!" She dropped me, then turned in a sharp circle, pacing. I ported down to the ground, absently, but I still felt off balance from her reaction. She came back to me, her hands gripping my arms hard. "You never do that again, understand! Damn you, do you understand me?" I could feel her arms trembling like she wanted to shake me.

I was starting to get angry. No. I was starting to get furious. How - how dare she react like this. I could have handled rejection, but getting mad at me for saving her? A small part of me tried to pull back, but it was a futile effort. Being collared the past few weeks, the sleep deprivation, the uncertainty, and now this? It was too much. I exploded.

I ported away from her, contemptuously sweeping her arms aside as she stumbled. "What was I thinking! I was thinking of you!" Her mouth opened, but I overrode her. "No! No, you listen to me. It was my fault! It was all my fault! She was going to kill you, and it was the only way, so I did it, ok?" I turned away, blinking back tears. This was like the island all over again, a trainwreck that I couldn't seem to stop. "I knew I'd lost you! I couldn't let you die too!"

Her voice was hard. "Dammit, Port-"

I felt my rage spike. I whirled on her, shouting her down. "No! Enough! I saw your face, Refill! You believed that lying whore, you thought I was playing you, so why do you care? Why do you fucking care-"

"Because I love you, goddammit! I love - uh. Um." I stared at her as she stammered to a stop. She was slowly turning an interesting shade of red. I felt oddly detached from reality. She started trying to explain. "I - I mean, I know it's too soon, and we haven't really known each other long, but, um. Oh god."

I love you.

My rage was gone, drained away like it had never existed. Absently, I ported directly in front of her, and she stopped talking, staring at me like a deer in headlights. I reached up, slowly, gently, and cradled her face. My voice was calm. "Refill."

She gulped. "Y-yes?"

So far, Refill had been the one that had pursued me. She'd made the first moves. She'd committed 100% to our relationship. Sure, I'd been an active participant, but only a reactionary one. And that just wasn't fair. It wasn't healthy. She deserved better.

So I looked up at her, and I let what I was feeling show on my face. I let her see that I cared. I let her see that I wanted her just as much as she wanted me. I let her see that I thought her accidental confession was fucking adorable. I let her see my love.

I guided her down, forehead to forehead. "Even if it is too soon, I don't care. I love you too." And then I kissed her, for the first time like she'd always kissed me. I poured everything into it - my feelings, my passions, my resolve, what I felt for her, for us. Her arms came around me, and it was a perfect, timeless moment. I wished it could last forever. I wished it could end right now so I could rip her clothes off.


It's funny how some things are universal. For example, despite having never heard that voice before, I somehow knew - with 100% certainty - that it belonged to a mother. Now, it wasn't my mother. Which left one obvious possibility. One incredibly awkward, cringing, never-going-to-live-this-down possibility.

Hello, Refill's mom.

* * *

I wondered if I'd ever be a normal color again. My only consolation was that Refill was an even brighter shade.

I tried to wrench my thoughts into some sort of order. Meeting the parents. Manners. Shit, I'd never had to do this kind of thing as a villain, and I'd been too busy training to do it as a teenager. I decided to go for the basics. Introductions. I started to lift my hand, at which point I realized I was holding tightly to Refill. I started to let go, realized I didn't want to, started to transfer hands, and realized that everyone was silent and staring at me, and froze.

She saved me by stepping forward and smiling brightly at me. "Hello, dear. I'm Emily's mother, but call me Abbey. She's told us so much about you, it's wonderful to finally meet you in person." I scanned her quickly. In her mid-forties, a small enough gap from my age that I mentally squirmed a bit. Not really that similar to Refill - er, Emily - but I could see the resemblance. Not in any particular features, but in how she held herself and the expression on her face.

For a second, I wondered what she'd told them. Hi Mom. Hi Dad. I met this girl and fed her from my balls for weeks to keep us both alive. Then I forced myself back to more normal thoughts. I was grateful for the name drop, and managed a genuine smile. "It's a pleasure to meet you as well, ma'am. Call me Julia, please." There.

It may seem odd that Emily and I had spent so much time just using our codenames. But there's a ton of etiquette around real names in the super world, especially between villains and heros. Of course, the reality is that secret identities are more of a legal fiction than anything real - there's no hiding from big data, there's just too many points of connection unless you go 100% off grid. Which means anyone with money can figure out who you really are. But culturally it would have been a huge faux pas for us to exchange real names before now, and I think both of us had just been more comfortable leaving things as they were.

She scolded me for calling her ma'am, but my attention was wandering. Sure, I have 360 degree globe awareness. But being able to feel something isn't the same as paying attention to it, and I was finding, way too late, that I should have looked around earlier. Mostly because of the reporter behind us, rapidly talking into his phone, and looking like he'd just discovered Santa Claus had made a policy change and now delivered to adults. A part of me was mortified that pretty soon the entire world was going to know about our meltdown plus confession. But also...

I almost didn't recognize her. It had been almost twenty years, after all. But some things never change, and I turned slowly to face the small woman standing nervously in the corner. It was too many shocks, the emotional rollercoaster of the past five minutes leaving me numb. So my voice was artificially calm as I said, "Mom? Is that you?"

She stepped forward. "Julia." And then she was crying and clutching at me. I stared at Emily, who was looking apologetic. Abbey was looking uncomfortable. And the reporter was trying to get a good angle for his phone...

Oh, hell no. I did a quick check and verified it was clear. Then a quick port to grab Abbey, and I dumped us all in the judge's office.

* * *

"-told you, she wasn't running."

Mischief was explaining to the judge. I was standing in a corner trying to process everything. Mother had pulled off me, apologizing and crying, and was currently talking to Abbey. Abbey was calmly passing over tissues. And Emily was clutching my hand. I just wanted to run away from it all. Well, taking Emily with me. We could find a private corner and...

I knew it was a bad idea. But goddamit, it was an appealing one. The final straw overriding my good judgment was that I could feel Emily trying to hide her erection, and the corresponding tingle developing between my legs. My only concern was the judge. But.. well, hmm. I found a piece of paper, discretely palmed it, then concentrated. It had been a while - porting ink around was tricky - but after a couple of false starts I managed to form the message. A second later it was in Mischief's hand, and you had to be watching closely to see her jump. Her fingers flashed, and a few seconds later she nodded to me subtly. I grinned, then closed my eyes and searched out. People, people, way too dusty, couple of guys making out, and... empty room with a couch. Perfect.

And then we were there.

Emily jumped off the couch, but didn't resist as I pulled her back down. I sighed and snuggled into her, pulling my legs up. She tentatively put an arm around me. Slowly, I felt her tension drain. Her voice was questioning. "Um, Port?"

"Julia." I murmured it softly.

"Sorry. Julia." She said it carefully, tasting my name, and I smiled to hear her say it. "What are you doing?"

"Getting away."

She processed that for a bit. "Not that I'm complaining too much, but isn't the judge guy going to freak again?"

I shrugged. "I passed a message to Mischief. She'll cover for us."

Her hand tightened on my shoulder. Her voice was a mix of awe and... something else. "Right. And you know Mischief how, exactly?"

I considered her question. There was something weird about her tone. Then it dawned on me, and for a second I started to get angry. But... no. Maybe we'd talk it about it some other day. But I was tired of fighting. I considered for a second, then scooted up into her lap. Putting my arms around her neck, I looked at her levelly. "Who did I ask to cover for me, and who am I curled up with?"

She opened her mouth, then paused. Her look turned sheepish. "Damn. You're right. I'm sorry, Julia. I'm just on edge today."

I rewarded her with a kiss for saying my name again. Then I smiled. "So, Emily? I like it, but I admit I was expecting something different. More... south."

She looked confused. Then she flushed. "Uh, my name?" I nodded. "Well... actually, Emily is just a nickname." She paused, but I waited patiently. "It's actually... Mary Lynn. But I hated it, and em el, you see...?" She trailed off as I started shaking with silent laughter.

She waited patiently while I got it out of my system, although she turned a lovely shade of red. There was a lot of that going around today. I hugged her close and kissed her neck when I was done. "I'm sorry. It's just... that's more what I was expecting." Her arms came up around me, and for a few minutes we just held each other. But then what I'd been hoping for started happening, and I felt Emily's erection straining against her dress. She tried to discreetly move so it wasn't pressing against my ass, but failed miserably, and I grinned to myself.

"Hrm." My voice was contemplative. "Honey, my seat seems to have gotten... lumpy." Experimentally, I wiggled my butt back and forth, rocking against it, and heard her try to choke back a gasp.

Her voice was a half octave higher than normal. "I, uh, I'm sorry, it's just you're here, and it's been a while, and you feel good - oh god!"

She cut off as I turned, my back pressing into her chest. Now her straining cock was trapped between my thighs, and I wiggled them back and forth, pulling a guttural moan out of her. I could feel her nipples pressing into me. I leaned my head back and looked up at her. "Emily, dear?"

She stared down at me. "Y-yes?"

I squeezed my legs together, and watched with interest as she closed her eyes and took a deep breath. "You know I just got out of prison, right?"

Her eyes were wide open now. "Yes." She breathed it. "I mean, I - yes. Yes, I know that."

I pulled my legs apart and felt her spring up between them, then started working my legs in and out, squeezing and releasing. Her eyelids fluttered, and I let the lust I was feeling show in my voice. "Prison was very... depriving. Not a lot of comforts. Do you know what I missed the most?" I used one hand to trail between my legs, careful not to actually touch her, but letting her feel my hand drag at the cloth.

Her voice was a strangled whisper. "N-no."

I bit her neck, gently, and her breath went out in a hiss and her cock jumped. I matched my voice to hers. "Swallowing you down."

And then I ported down, kneeling before her, and slid my hands up her legs. Normally... but no. I was feeling... tactile. She stared down at me, flushed, breathing hard, hands tight at her sides. I pushed her dress up around her waist. Her cock strained at her panties, monstrously huge from this angle, and she gasped as I gently cupped her, sliding my hands over her length. I lifted her panties, and it sprung free, as always looking even bigger in my small hands.

I leaned forward, keeping eye contact, and slowly, carefully, licked it. Her eyes were wild. She got out "P-Julia!" and then I swallowed her down.

Sure, I'd done this hundreds of times. But I wanted this to be special. Each time before had been about survival. And we'd been pretending it didn't matter. I'd positioned myself so I didn't have to look at her. We'd closed our eyes kissing. It had been good, it had been sex - even if I'd told myself differently at the time - but we were holding back. Or at least I had been.

But this was real. I wanted us to be real. And I needed her to know how much I wanted her. So I gave it my all. I worked her, up and down, throating her partway then licking, sucking on her head. I spread her legs, my fingers quickly finding her balls and slit, teasing, making her cry out and throw her head back. I kept eye contact every second I could.

And I let her see how much I was enjoying this. And I was. Oh fuck, was I enjoying this. I'd been too spoiled when I'd been doing this for eight hours a day. Having her back in my mouth, being with her again, was heaven. I rubbed my thighs together and moaned, letting her feel my arousal. When the first bit of pre-cum came out of her cock, I took just the head of her cock in my mouth and sucked as hard as I could while I locked eyes with her. She stared down at me, panting, lost, a wild powerful sexy goddess.

I reached up one hand, sliding under her dress, and tweaked a nipple. She was holding onto the cushion below her like her life depended on it, but she raised one up and caught my hand. But there was no force behind it. "J-Julia. We should stop. Someone could..."

Her voice trailed off as I pulled her hand back down. Slowly, sensuously, I licked her finger, and felt her twitch under me. I sucked it in, licking and biting softly, and watched her eyes roll back in her head. Then I took it out and placed her wet finger on my neck, and let her see me shudder with pleasure and lean into it as the hot wet warmth trailed across me.

I met her eyes, working her shaft and balls with my hands. "Emily."

It took her a few tries to get out a response. "Yes?"

I sucked her head for a second, and felt her cock twitch in a familiar manner. She was close. I let the heat I was feeling fill my voice. "Give it to me, honey." She looked confused, so I squeezed her balls meaningfully. Her eyes widened. "Make it a big one. Fill me up. God, I need it so bad." I felt her twitch again at my words.

She was right at the edge, throbbing in my hand and impossibly hard at the same time. Her hand came up and cupped my cheek, then moved tentatively up, casually tangled in my hair. I could feel her tremble. I sucked her head into my mouth, feeling her jerk and cry out, then took it out just long enough to say, "Cum for me, Emily." And then I closed my eyes and concentrated on getting as much of her down my throat as I could.

I heard her convulse as I passed five inches, but I pushed past that. I bottomed out at seven, and then I started working her with my throat, swallowing, using my tongue as much as I could. I could feel her ridges and veins sliding up and down as I squeezed and sucked. My hands came up, one caressing her balls, the other finding her slit and teasing the edge. Then I slid a finger in, unerringly going to the spot I could feel just inside and pressing, rolling it around.

She cried out my name, and then she came hard. One hand gripping my hair tight, the pain forgotten in the moment, the other covering her mouth to smother her scream. I let her shoot down my throat, massaging her balls, feeling that familiar pattern as her balls filled and drained over and over.

I held myself there for the first few pulses as she blasted her cum directly into my stomach. But I needed to breath. And... no use lying to myself. I wanted to taste her. So I pulled up, leaving just her head locked behind my lips as she shot again into my mouth.

It was like that very first one all over again. Everything was perfect. The taste, the texture, I loved it all, even as I concentrated on swallowing as fast as I could and breathing through my nose. It made me think of those days on the island, just the two of us, slowly falling for each other. I felt my thighs trembling, my panties dripping, and for a terrified second thought I was actually going to come from this. But it wasn't quite enough, and I relaxed and went back to swallowing down her massive load.

Finally, finally, it was over. It might have been a new record for her. I sat draped over her lap, my head right by her crotch. I felt sated and languid. And not done. I carefully kept her softening cock in my mouth, slowly sucking and working it with my tongue and lips. She jumped, sensitive after coming, and I slowed down, making sure to be gentle.

I hid my wince as she untangled her hand from my hair where it had been casually laying, as she pulled on the still sensitive roots. My knees were killing me, and I was pretty sure I had carpet burn. And I couldn't ever remember being so happy.

She was lying there, head thrown back, trying to catch her breath. But now she seemed to realize that I wasn't stopping. Her voice was tentative, and she reached down with one hand to caress my cheek. "Julia? What are you doing?"

I met her eyes. Then I took all of her still soft cock into my mouth and sucked sharply, making her gasp. I took her out of my mouth, and spoke firmly. "Getting you ready again."

She swallowed hard. "Oh." And then threw her head back as I took her back into my mouth.

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