tagSci-Fi & FantasyPriestesses of the Goddess Pt. 13

Priestesses of the Goddess Pt. 13


Mya glided about their home; the room they were in now was filled with books, thousands upon thousands of them, lining the walls. She frowned at all the different writings, different languages. She felt the soft whoosh of the air from the woman's wings before she appeared next to her. She frowned, why would the creature walk when she had such lovely wings?

"Because it requires far more energy than I have at the moment, my goddess," was the soft whispered reply.

"You can read my thoughts?"

The woman shook her head, "Not your thoughts. Your feelings, yes. I am an empath. A gift that only a few of my kind has, but I think that it is one with which you are very familiar, am I not right?"

Mya chuckled, "Yes." It had been the first thing that she realized was different about her. Set her apart from the other novices. She could sense emotions in others: anger, fear, despair, lust, they beat at her, bombarded her like giant hail balls in the mightiest of storms. It was another of her secrets, only Lano had ever known.

Even she had seemed a bit in awe of Mya's gifts, she had thought for a long moment then before telling Mya that a time would come when her gifts would be revealed, but until that time she must speak of it to no one. She had said that it was another manifestation of her powers, that emotions themselves were born of the wind and carried upon them. Perhaps now was that time, perhaps this woman held some key to that which had always confused her, "How do you manage?"

Amarah smiled, "It is not as bad since I joined with Marham. He is a protector and somehow works as a buffer of sorts, at least for some of the stronger, nastier emotions. But I remember as a little girl never wanting to leave my room because every time I did it was as if everything came flying directly at me at once. I would get this horrible headaches then collapse on the floor in fits. The doctors could give my parents no hope so they sent me away to a temple. It was the best thing that ever happened to me," she smiled.

Mya shook her head, her own memories of being torn from her father, forced to go to the temple seemed fresher than they had in years. The other woman placed her hand over hers and she felt a soft discharge of energy. "Our Fate calls to us all, my goddess. It cannot be avoided however much we might like."

She looked to where the two men stood talking across the room, "It is not always such a bad thing, you know. He was wounded, his friend Tam brought him to the temple to heal but the wounds to his soul were not as easily healed as the ones to his body." She waved her arms at the books, "His hobby, a search for truth. He has collected thousands of books from so many different worlds, different religions, beliefs."

She sighed, "But still the dreams haunt his sleep. Great men are not easily placated, but then again I think you know that already. What of yours?"

Mya shook her head, was about to deny the woman's words. But something stopped her. The dream stopped her. If this woman was right, if Fate was not something to be fought, then perhaps the answer lay in embracing it, embracing him. It was certain that fighting it as her father and Lano had held no promise. She smiled softly and nodded, "Yes, mine."


Aved held the book that the other man was showing him gingerly. It was an ancient text and its words written in a language he did not know. But even as the man extolled the wisdom in its words, his eyes kept drifting to where she stood with the other woman. What was he to do now?

He had been a young man, barely finished with his time as a primary and new to the Council when Lano had taken him under her wings, guided him as was her duty, counseled him wisely and grew him into the man he had become. He had loved her...and he always would.

But it was not the same as it was with her. Something in her called to him. Brought out every protective instinct inside of him. Because of his feelings for Lano he had forsaken marriage, a family, and at first she had been the daughter they never had. He had joined with Lano in celebrating her accomplishments; her gifts that made her outshine all the other novices.

When Lano had passed they had both been gutted. But no one was as shocked as he had been when the Tribunal broke with tradition, selecting a novice to replace the woman he had loved. With her. While as senior Councilor, he might have selected another High Priestess as his counselor, sought out Soji or Rata, he had not been willing to turn her care over to Mij, who was too distracted with his new wife, and certainly not to Versil, whom he had always knew was slightly off. So he had remained in the charge of the new High Priestess of the air.

It should have fallen to him in those unusual circumstances to indoctrinate her. But how could he? She was like a daughter to him. He still loved Lano. And a hundred cycles and come and gone, technically the High Priestess of the air remained an untouched novice.

But she was not that sweet little girl that they had nurtured and overseen together. She was a woman, full grown. A woman with strength and gifts that he feared not even they had seen. A beautiful, gifted and very desirable woman. And as protective as he still felt of her, there was nothing fatherly about the feelings that she had been stirring up inside of him for some time. And watching the serene way in which she of all of them floated from one change to the next, he had the feeling that nothing would ever be the same between them either.

"Accept the things to which fate binds you, and love the people with whom fate brings you together, but do so with all your heart," the man's words floated to him through the fog of his thoughts. Yes, it was good advice the words of this ancient philosopher Marcus Aurelius. He would have to think upon it more.

"But it is late and I am a rude host. Here, we will show the two of you to your room," he offered. Protest welled up inside of Aved. It was not if he had not spent tens of thousands of evenings holding her in his arms and talking until they fell asleep. It was not even as if he did not want to this evening. It was just that something was different. She was different. And he had no idea what to expect.

The gentle touch on his arm and the soft smile upon her lips as she looked up at him stopped his heart, "Yes, please, Marham. I am more than ready for bed this evening. What of you, Aved?"

Yes, what of him, he questioned as they small party made it through the house in the clouds. He prayed to the goddess for the courage to as the saying went...accept and love with all his heart. For at the moment, that seemed a dream for a far wiser man than he.


"Frig," he spat as she splashed in the warm waves again this rising. Curses seemed to be the only words he spoke since they came to this goddess forsaken place. But that was because here they did not have the luxury of even the sheer robes that once covered her full curves. If they had been torture, then this was insanity. His palms itched to cup her full breasts. His arms ached to wrap about her waist and draw her back against his hard body as he had those first nights here, before she had awaken. And since...he had dared not. Though his body strummed with the raging need to take her.

"Frig," he cursed again as he tried to focus upon the words on the tablet. Something about punishment and control. The first of which this must be some severe form for his lack of faith in the goddess and the latter of which he had none when it came to her.

"Is that all you do? Curse?" she asked as she plopped down on the sand next to him. She used his tunic to dry her long red tresses now, just as she used it each night as a blanket. He wished she would think to use it to cover those soft curves of hers.

"Goddess damned. Is that all you do? Walk around naked and worry about my language, priestess," he accused.

She frowned and looked down at her body, "Since when did it bother you? I walked around my chambers like this all the time. I only wore robes when I left them. Aren't you used to it by now?"

"Used to it? About as friggin' used to it as putting a banquet before the man dying of hunger and telling him he can't eat. That used to it enough for you, priestess. And to answer your other question, only since I came of age, cycles ago," he shook his head.

She frowned, "I'm sorry. I never knew. I guess it was just so," she seemed to search for the word as she paused. In the end, she simply dropped her head and whispered, "I don't know what to say."

"Join the friggin' club, priestess," he replied as he laid the tablet aside and poked at the fire with a stick. It was getting low, perhaps he should use that as an excuse to go further into the island, search out wood. And do what he had been for so friggin' long...touch himself as he thought about how good it would feel to bury himself inside of her. He might not believe in her goddess, but he sure as hell wanted to commune with her priestess. "I'm going to get some more wood before it gets too late."

She nodded her head as she picked up the tablet that Tam had given him. "Some more of the coconuts and those long yellow things too would be nice."

"As you wish, High Priestess. Is there anything else, High Priestess?" he knew that he should not mock her; it was not really that at all. But how the frig was he going to manage living on an island all alone for goddess knew how long, when all he wanted to do was push her back in the sand and bury his sword deep inside her fountain. "Frig," he spat one last time as he turned and stalked into the forest.


Of all the goddess damned people to be stuck in this place with. Him. Why him? "Was I really such a bad servant that you punish me like this?" she asked as she stared out across the waves at the seemingly endless waters.

Thinking of the boy was getting her nowhere. Had gotten her nothing but more frustrated than ever she thought as she picked up the tablet and began reading, looking for some distraction.

The Proper Disciplining and Instruction of a Sub...it read. By the time that she finally tossed the tablet aside in frustration and rushed into her waters once more, diving beneath their cool surface as she sought to cleanse her mind and body from the images that raced through them. Kneeling before him. His bare hands landing hard upon her bottom. His fingers laced through her hair, pulling until tears glistened in her eyes.

Not even her precious waters could erase the erotic images from her dirty mind it seemed. For the woman, who had never truly felt passion, it was frustrating to want that which she could never have. But that did not stop her mind. She lay back in the waves, spread out her arms and embraced the darkness as the words, images and fantasy lapped at her fountain as surely as the waves lapped at the sand upon the shore.


Soji woke slowly, the strong arm draped across her midsection felt perfect. She frowned. Something did not seem right. Even when Versil spent the night, his body seemed to drift away so that by rising he virtually hugged the edge of the bed as far from her as possible. She frowned as she fought through the fog. Versil?

A strangled moan escaped her throat as it all came flooding back. She had killed a man. Her lover. She had destroyed the temple of the goddess. Rata was hurt, her mind fractured, she might even be dead. And Mya? Sweet little Mya was the only one worthy. Certainly she was not, this was all her fault.

She tried to scoot away, pull out of his grasp. But her movement seemed to only rub her bottom against the growing bulge pressed against it. Men! Sex was all they seemed to think about. Well, the great whore for the goddess was no more. Her body to be used for their pleasure and then discarded. Her fingers wedged between them as she tried to untangle herself from him.

Him? The giant, she remembered. "Goddess damn it," she swore softly.

The soft chuckle was more like a kiss pressed against the top of her head. "Be careful, sweet salvation. They do not like be cursed. I should know, Fate and I have a running battle." He took her with him as he stretched. In the end she was draped completely across his body. "And the bastard always wins...just like last night."

She raised herself on her forearms, tried again to roll away, but only managed to turn them to their sides. She looked up at him. It was a mistake. No man should look that friggin' sexy with drowsy eyes, tousled hair and that half smile that did funny things to the pit of her tummy. She really had to get out of here. Now. "Let me go," she demanded.

"Where?" he challenged as he rolled her beneath him. If the feel of that hard rigid between her ass cheeks bad enough, then the way it fit so perfectly against her mound was too friggin' intoxicating. But Soji was not going to be fooled again. Men were users. They took what they wanted and then they left. It was that simple.

And after a lifetime of being used, she had had enough. This was a new life, a new chance and the color of her hair no longer marked her as nothing more than a whore. She had the chance to create a new life for herself. That was what she was going to do. She was strong. Four hundred cycles as a priestess of the goddess, two hundred as the High Priestess of the rock. She could do this.

If it felt a bit scary to be all alone in a new world without even her sisters, well, she would face that too. But she certainly did not need some, giant he-man to save herself. She had killed Versil. She had toppled the altar. She could and would do this. Alone.

"I said, let me up," she shoved at him.

He chuckled and shook his head. "No, priestess. You may know nothing of my religion, but I know much of yours. Are you not forgetting the proper way to great a new rising?"

Soji blushed a deep scarlet red, darker even than her hair. How did he know such things? "Then leave. I have and will manage on my own."

His lashes dropped a bit as he drew in a deep breath. "I am sure you have, my sweet salvation. But you will never need to again." He lowered his head and drank from her breasts.

It was the only way that she could describe how his lips encircled her turgid nipples, his tongue lapping at them, drawing them deep into the warm wetness of his mouth before his teeth sank into the point causing her to jump just a bit, to rub herself against the hard lines of his body.

When he finally raised his head and smiled down at her, Soji knew she was in trouble. Big trouble. Giant trouble in fact. Because this was a man to be reckoned with. But so too was she.

"Thanks for the warm up big guy. Now if you'll get dressed and leave me alone I can finish the job," she replied with far more courage than she felt at the moment.


Tam laughed at his mate as he lowered his head to her other breast. This time he did not need to coax her nipple to a ridge peak, it stood at complete attention, begging and pleading for the loving care he had shown its twin. His teeth sank deep into her flesh, biting far harder than he had at the other one. She felt her tense beneath him. Heard her moaned pleas. She began to fight him, but still his teeth held firmly.

Then he felt the shift. Smelled it first actually. The way his mate's body responded to the pain, to his domination. Her moans took on a different tenor and her body relaxed beneath his, surrendered to his mastery. He felt the answering surge of power to his very toes. Mine...the words echoed off the walls of his head, bounced inside his chest and fuelled his need to conquer.

But he knew that his mate was not ready yet. Did not yet trust him. Trust herself. And certainly had not surrendered to the tough bastard that was his god Fate. And as much as his body urged him to take what was his, to conquer, to bend her to his will. His mind and heart knew that would never work. Had his people not proven that over and over again for millennia? No, it was about stewardship. Recognizing her for the precious gift that she was. Cherishing that. And placing her needs above his own.

He looked up at her; his heart stuttered in his chest, skipped several beats. Yes, she was worth it. He would not screw this up. Fate had given him one chance; he would god damn make it work even if he had to fight every fucking bit of his Morian nature to conquer and use as he saw fit. She deserved so much better than that, than him, but he supposed that was her Fate. So she would have to come to terms with it.

But for this rising his mate needed a different kind of cumming. He slid slowly down her body. His tongue feathering soft kisses across her tummy, licking a trail lower and lower. "Open for me," he whispered as he placed a feather soft kiss upon the fountain of her goddess. He knew that he could force her, spread her soft thighs across his shoulders and dive in, taking what he wanted. But that would give neither of them what they wanted.

He heard her whimper as she opened her soft green eyes again, they were misty. He saw the doubts and fears there as she shook her. Her voice was weak, almost a whispered plea, "This will prove nothing, Tam. It is bad idea."

He nodded his head, knew that she honestly believed that. But he did not. His fingers brushed softly back and forth across the smooth surface of her mound, "Please," he begged.

A tear slipped from the corner of one eye as she shook her head. Her long red hair was spread across his pillow, just as it had been spread across his chest as he fell asleep last night. But try as she might to deny it, her thighs opened for him like the petals of flower at the first ray of sunlight. It was a precious gift of her trust that was reluctantly given. One he was determined to earn.

He smiled as he shifted between her open thighs. His hands cupped the round curves of her bottom, lifted her towards him as he bent his head reverently. "So fucking beautiful," he whispered as he feathered kisses over every millimeter of her flesh, except the one that he knew she craved the most.

He heard her breathing, faster and harder. He smelled her need, even more powerful than it had been. This close he could even see her nectar seeping slowly from her slit. It was almost painful, but he could not resist its call. He licked lower, scooping it with his tongue. Her body arched up, tensed in his hands. He knew that she was close, but he delayed her pleasure. Just a bit.

His tongue traveled lowered still, found the sweet tightness of her back passage. He circled it slowly with his tongue. His finger trailed across it. She tensed in his hands and he slowly licked back to her fountain. Yes, his sweet priestess still had some lessons that he could teach her about the nature of domination...and submission.

And the first one was about who was truly the giver and who was the receiver. His tongue plunged into her sweet channel then. Licked her nectar from its walls as it tensed about his tongue. Her whimpers fueled his need as he suckled upon her sweetness. He looked up as her hands cupped her generous tits. He increased the tempo of his tongue plunging in and out of her sweet hole as she plucked at the hard peaks that glistened a soft brown in the dim light of the crystal caves.

She ground her hips against him now. Her fingers pulling at her nipples as she approached the release he knew that her body craved. The release that from this moment forward would be his alone to give her. His pleasure. And his duty.

He took a final long swipe of her fountain as he raised his head. Stopped what he had been doing. She too stopped. She opened her eyes and gave him a look of pure hatred. But before she could utter a word, spew forth that anger like a volcano. He pressed another soft kiss upon her mound and whispered, "Cum for me."

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