tagSci-Fi & FantasyPriestesses of the Goddess Pt. 15

Priestesses of the Goddess Pt. 15


Rata bit her lip as they emerged from the forest. Their small campsite...and Fate...loomed large before them. She cast a furtive glance at him. They had barely said a word all the way back. Yes, she supposed in the dark it was wise to concentrate upon the journey, make certain not to step on anything, rocks, animals or trip and fall. But still, she got the feeling that like her he was debating this whole thing, turning it over and over again in his head. And she was more than a bit nervous about what his final decision was.

What was hers even? Her hands itched, wanted to run across his shoulders and back, soothe tight muscles even as they fanned the flames of passion. She wanted him. She remembered Soji's words, admitted that she had probably wanted him for some time. She could not pinpoint when exactly. When had the little boy that she had saved in the market become the man that fueled her every fantasy? But somewhere along the way that was exactly what had happened.

He stopped by the fire, stared into the dying embers for a long moment. "Go to our bed while I building the fires back up, Rata," she nodded at the authority in his voice. She reluctantly let go of his hand, felt bereft somehow as she walked over to the pile of fronds that served as their bed. She reached for his tunic that lay there, still covered in blood.

"Leave it," he commanded as he fed another log onto the fire, stirred them with a long stick. The flames danced higher then. She saw the hunger in his eyes, "I want to watch you."

She swallowed hard as she nodded, but she obeyed. She knelt on the fronds uncertain what to do. She chuckled at the irony. The High Priestess of the goddess, who had served as her whore for three hundred cycles, did not know what to do. How to seduce the virgin acolyte.

He laughed too as he watched her, "Want to tell me what is so funny, pri...Rata?" The fire was beginning to blaze back to life and she could see that other fires were growing too, his sword lengthening and thickening as he worked.

She bit her lip harder, shook her head, but the look in his eyes, the need she saw there stopped her denial. "Just nervous I guess. Not sure what to say or do," she fumbled over her words as she stared nervously down at her hands.

She looked up when his laughter rang loudly across their deserted home. "You think you are nervous. Try being me."

She smiled, "Yeah well," she stumbled over her words, looked down at the fronds nervously as she whispered her deepest fears, "I'm just not very good. Not a very passionate person."

His laughter this time was like a knife to her soul, "I seriously doubt that. Everything about you is sensual. The way you move." He stopped as the flames grew higher, stared at her seriously, "Lay back and touch yourself, prie... Touch yourself for me, Rata."

She wanted to argue, wanted to tell him no, but something in the way he looked at her stopped her. It was something that she had been doing since she came of age, was practically commanded by the goddess to do, regularly release her energies. But never once, not ever, had she done it in front of anyone. Not even her sisters. But she could deny him nothing.

She did as instructed as the fronds embraced her. Her hands moved to her large breasts, cupped them, squeezed softly until they ached. Her eyes held his gaze. She saw his deep intake of breath, "I always loved your tits. They are so fucking beautiful, but when I touched you tonight, I almost came right then. If they look good, they fucking feel so much better."

She watched as his hand found his sword, it was her turn to breath heavily as he stroked it. She remembered the feel of its thickness in her hands, how it throbbed with each stroke, how sweet it tasted. She moaned at the thought of it.

"Play with your nipples. They are so fucking hard." He said as he sat back on his heels, his hand slowly squeezing his erection. "Tell me what you're thinking about, Rata."

Her fingers moved up to pinch her nipples, her mind completely disconnected she thought only of obeying him, "How good your mouth would feel on them right now."

She was rewarded with a deep and almost tortured moan, "Soon, baby, soon." He promised as he stroked himself harder and faster. "Touch your fountain."

Rata continued to pluck softly at one nipple with her left hand as her right slid slowly down her body, traced its way across her stomach and lower still. Her thighs fell open. She blushed as she realized that he could see everything.

"Don't stop now, tell me how wet you are for me, baby," his voice was strangled as if he was forcing each word out by sheer will.

Her finger brushed across her mound, slipped lower between her folds. She jerked, her body arching up off the fronds when she accidently brushed across the bundle of nerves that was her love button. She cried out.

"Fuck yeah, Rata. Rub yourself for me."

She looked over at him, sought some reassurance as she treaded deep into unfamiliar waters. "I have never," she stammered. "Not in front of anyone," she whispered so quietly that she doubted he heard her.

"Good, I want it all, baby. I need you to cum for me."

Electricity zipped through her at his words. Her body obeyed his command as her hips arched higher; her inner muscles tightened and throbbed. She felt the power of the collar. And it all came flooding back. The memories of that night...her body betraying her, her gifts turned against her, until she was practically destroyed. And yet again she was powerless to stop her body from reacting to his words.


Leamus watched as her face went from pure ecstasy to complete horror. He did not need to ask to know what was happening. And he cursed himself for the total heartless bastard that he was. He rushed to her, scooped her into his arms and rocked her gently. "It's okay, I have you now, priestess," he promised as she trembled and shook in his arms.

He kissed her forehead as he had so often those first days when she had lain unconscious. He brushed her hair back from her face with one hand as he felt her body begin to relax from the power of her release. She lay as still in his arms then as she had then. He looked down at her, wondering if perhaps it had been too much, had her mind once again retreated into that total darkness. He sighed as he stared into her eyes. "I am sorry. I did not think..."

She shook her head, "Think what?"

His fingers brushed the cold metal that gleamed in the moonlight, "I will find some way to get this goddess damned thing off you. I promise."

She shook her head, "We both know you can't. I read that fucking tablet as well as you did. Even if you managed to somehow, I would." Her voice trailed off at the truth they both wanted to avoid. She would die. At least that was what the tablet said, and as much as he wanted to doubt everything in the stupid thing, it was not a risk he could ever take.

He nodded and pulled her closer. His mind poured over what else the tablet said. Its meaning. The collar responded to only the two people...the one who applied it. Or... His mind fought at it. Was he ready to admit it, face the truth? But there was only one explanation for why it would sing, would respond to his command. The only person besides the owner who might command the collar, whose power actually over road all others...a true mate.

He held her close, kissed the top of her head. "We will figure something out. You have my word on it," he promised as he pressed a kiss to the top of her head. He drew her tight into his arms, felt her gentle sobs to his core. His hands moved over her soft back, trying desperately to soothe this new pain. "I am sorry, honest I am. I did not think. It should not have..." he tried to explain the unexplainable.

She shook her head against his chest, "It is not you. It's me," she sobbed. "I'm broken...that night I could not stop it...no matter what I tried I could not stop my body from reacting. But I felt nothing. I never feel anything. I never have. It is all a lie...my whole life. The great High Priestess of the waters whose body responds to anyone or anything, but who feels absolutely nothing."

"Nothing?" he questioned. As much as it might hurt, he needed to know the truth. "Earlier? It seemed so real...when you knelt at my feet. The way you..." he could not continue.

Her sobs died to gently hiccups as she buried her face in his chest. He could empathize with her need to hide; he felt the same way at the moment.

"That was different," she whispered so low that he had to strain to hear her. "You were always different."

He lifted her chin, forced her to look at him then. "How different?"

She blushed deeply; her eyes seemed to stare endlessly at some spot on his chest as she tried to pull away, "Maybe we should get some rest."

He shook his head, "No, sweetheart, neither of us would be able to sleep now." He pressed his hips against her, heard her soft moan as his erection rubbed against her thigh. But it was he that was moaning when they fell open. He could not resist the temptation, his fingers trailed along her inner thigh. "Open for me completely," he commanded as they moved higher, sought out the prize that he had dreamt of for so long.

His fingers caressed her inner thighs as he weighed his options, their options. She was probably right, he should lay her in the bed, perhaps go back into the forest for the night. They should both try to get some sleep, but he was right too. There would be no rest for either of them this night. Isolated as they were on the island, it was quite possible after all that had happened this evening, all of the truths they had both revealed, they would not be sleeping for some time. If the tension had been high between them before how much higher would it be now that he knew exactly what her soft hands and warm wet mouth felt like on his cock, the Morian word seemed so much more appropriate in this situation than Tavia's overly polite sword and fountain.

His fingers circled closer to his goal as he finished his thoughts aloud, "Pri..." she was right if they were to become lovers it would not be as the High Priestess of the waters and the untried acolyte, it would be as equals, a man and woman that wanted, almost needed, one another. He began again slowly, "Rata, we have been trying to avoid this, avoid each other for days. Hell, since this is honesty time, I have been trying to avoid this, you, for cycles."

He felt her stiffen in his arms once more, but her legs remained open to him. He took advantage of it, he slipped them deeper. His groan was pure animal instinct as he felt how incredibly wet and ready she was for him. How wet his, his mind could not stop the word this time, how fucking wet his mate was for him. He gave her what they both needed, plunging his fingers deep inside of her fountain. They both cried out as her body sang for him, her hips ground against his fingers, drawing them deeper as her release sent a flood of her waters cascading like a waterfall down his hand.

"Goddess, you feel so fuckin' good," he looked into her eyes as his fingers pressed deep inside of her. He knew exactly what he was doing as he whispered, "Cum for me." His mouth covered hers, swallowed her screams as her muscles contracted so tightly about his hand. It seemed to go on endlessly as she clung helplessly to him.

At last her body began to relax, her muscles to release their grip upon his fingers, he drew back, broke the kiss, even as his fingers retreated just a bit from between her thighs, not completely though. Not yet. He kissed her forehead, "That was beautiful, baby," he whispered as he inhaled deeply, her scent overpowering him.

When she would have buried her face in his chest in embarrassment, he shifted, laid her gently back upon the fronds and joined her, aligning their bodies perfectly. His fingers were still wet with her nectar as he brushed the hair back from her face. He smiled at her, "We can't keep fighting like this. Fighting each other. Fighting what is between us."

She nodded as she stared at that spot upon his chest again, "Fighting Fate," she whispered.

He chuckled, "Yeah, crazy bastard god."

She giggled and looked up at him, "I don't think gods and goddesses like being cursed at, Leamus."

He frowned, had she ever used his name? It certainly brought home the new intimacy they shared. His hands skimmed along her arms and side, "I like that. You calling me by my name."

She closed her eyes and arched up into his touch, "I like the way you touch me."

"Do you?" His hand came up to gently knead her large firm breast. "What like this?" he teased. He felt her shiver as she nodded her head. His fingers brushed back and forth across the hard peak of her nipple and she moaned. He liked the sound of her moans but he liked the sounds of her screams even better. He bent over her, drew it into his mouth and was rewarded with a soft squeal. "Do you like that?" he whispered around the tip.

She nodded as her hands threaded through his hair, held him against her. It was time that his mate learned she was not the one in control of their passion. His teeth sank deep into her flesh. She jumped and cried out, but he saw how she rubbed her thighs together, knew that the pain was not completely unpleasant for her. "And that too, don't you?"

He saw her blush in the soft firelight as she nodded her head. "Please, Leamus. I want you inside of me," her soft pleas ate at his gut. There was nothing he wanted more but his insecurities plagued him still. She was...she had been the High Priestess of the waters. He was a mere acolyte. And all his training in the world did not override his fear, what if he could not please her?

But they could not go on like this, him spending all day trying to avoid her. He had to at least try. He nodded as he began to slide slowly down her body, "Open for me." His breath caught in his lungs as he knelt between her thighs. He began to bend his head slowly towards her fountain, the need to taste her, please her was overwhelming.

"No, not like that," she shook her head as she reached for his shoulders. "Another time, but I need you inside me." Her hands clutched him desperately, drew him down as he settled his weight against her.

"You sure, baby? I want to taste you so fuckin' bad," he admitted. But the feel of his hard cock brushing against her wet folds was distracting him. He gritted his teeth, the feeling was so intense. If her hands and mouth had been exquisite, this was divine. "Fuck," he cursed as he tried to fight the urge to just plunge deep inside of her.

"Yes, please, Leamus," she whimpered as she lifted her hips, drew his cock inside her. "Fuck me," she pleaded as she thrust upwards, plunging half of it inside her. They both cried out as her fingers upon his shoulders sank deep into his flesh.

He bite down hard on his cheek. Fought for some control, even a tiny bit. But this was every fantasy he had ever had, only better. He could have never imagined how incredibly tight she felt, how wet she was, how hot she was as her muscles flexed around him. "Goddess damn it," he cursed as he willed himself to remain perfectly still, but it was impossible as she ground against him.

He shook his head as his fingers gripped her hips tighter, "Fuck it. You want a ride, baby? I'll give you one." He gave into her unspoken ascent as he plunged his full length inside of her. Her nails sunk fully into the muscles of his shoulders, he felt the sting as she broke the skin. And the pain was just the edge he needed to hold off his need.

He withdrew until just the tip of his shaft rested inside the soft folds of her willing body. He held himself back, waited. She opened her eyes and looked up at him. "What are you waiting for?" she demanded.

One hand moved up, laced his fingers through her hair and jerked her head back so that she was staring up at him. "Is that any way for a slave to ask her Master for what she wants?" he demanded as his other hand on her hip stilled her attempts to take control of their loving once more.

She whimpered as she bit her lower lip. "Please," she begged. Her words were nice, but not quite what he wanted.

"Please what?" he demanded as he slowly circled his hips, teasing her wetness with his hardness. "Please who, baby? Who am I to you?" this time he slipped just a fraction of an inch further inside of her before the dance of seduction. "What am I, Rata?" he demanded as he held her body on the edge.

"Please Leamus," she pleaded as she tried once more to draw him deeper.

He shook his head as he drew back as if to withdraw completely. Something he knew he could not do, but thankfully she did not. "Wrong answer," he teased.

"Please," she whimpered.

"Please who, Rata?"

"Please, Master, goddess damn it. Please, Master," she cried out as her hands dropped from his shoulders, clutching the fronds beneath them as she bore her heels into the sand and tried to arch her hips up.

He drew back, "Right words, baby, wrong attitude." He teased her with another slow circle that was as much torture for him as it was for her.

She sank back into their bed, her hands came back to grip his waist this time. "Please, Master. Please fuck me," she pleaded.

"You know what this means, right? There is only ever one Master, Rata. If we do this, it changes everything. You are mine. Mine. Totally. Completely. For all time. Do you understand that?" he demanded. The words of the Morian text echoed not just in his head but his heart.

She nodded, "Please, Master, please."

He felt her surrender to the depths of his soul. It was a trust that he could never betray. He would spend his whole life earning that trust. Die to defend it. Just as he felt he was dying as he gave into the ends of a lifetime. He sank fully inside of her as they both cried out.

"Sweet goddess," he moaned as he plunged within her, as his body found the rhythm it craved and she danced with him, arching into each of his deep thrusts, drawing him impossibly deeper. Surrounding him with her warmth, her wetness, her welcome.

He felt her tighten, her nails about his waist added matching crescents to the ones on his shoulders. She cried out as her body became to squeeze impossibly tight around him. He fought through the contractions, forced his way deeper, conquered her body with his.

Her energy rolled over him. He felt her release to his soul. He gloried in it. In knowing that he had done this to his mate's body. That he had given her this pleasure. He watched as she took all that he gave her, amplified it, sent it back. He felt his own release welling up inside of him. It was more than he had ever dreamt. Her complete surrender. Body and soul.

He plunged as deeply as he could. His fingers on her hips and in her hair tightened their grip. He watched as her eyes flew open, he stared into the depths of her soul as he poured out his own. He felt power unlike anything he had ever imagined. It began in the soles of his feet, rose up to consume his groin and exploded out his head as she held him tight in her arms and body. And the darkness overpowered him.

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