tagSci-Fi & FantasyPrince Gyllen Ch. 11

Prince Gyllen Ch. 11


"This heat is ludicrous!" The northern-born Gyllen huffed, having spent the better half of the morning baking away on deck in the sun's relentless rays, with nary a cumulus in the endless azure sky to provide a single shade of relief. His blue jacket had been removed from his person and hung over his arm along while the sleeves of his white shirt were rolled all the way up to his elbows in an effort to cool himself.

"Ya meltin' over there yet, Goldie?" Min said, happening to be in the prince's vicinity. She was nonchalantly fanning herself with her left hand as she leaned against the ship's barrier on the elbow of her other arm. She acted as though the warmth was not getting to her, though the glistening sweat on her emerald skin told a different story. "Don' get too burnt over there or ya'll go back t' Platina lookin' like a blonde tomato!"

"I never knew it could even get this hot..." The prince wiped his brow and flicked away his perspiration into the ocean. "How can some people live like this?" His slender, white fingers got to work unlacing the neckline of his top.

"Cheer up, Prince Pussy. Gaul's not too far off now!" The goblin reminded him of their destination. "This is gonna be great fun! I haven' been t' the beach in ages!"

At the very peak of Gyllen's wishlist of places to visit on this vacation was Gaul; a western kingdom synonymous with the arts and fine cuisine. Specifically, the Killer Kraken was en route to a maritime town named Bourgeoisie Bay in South Gaul; a region famous for its beautiful beaches and sunny weather. Platina's own shorelines consisted mainly of pebbles in place of sand and a severe lack of favourable climate conditions, not to mention the arctic waters that even the hardiest warriors would be hesitant to front crawl through. As such, Gyllen possessed an intrigue in what it must feel like to lie on soft, warm, golden sand, basking in midday before going for a refreshing dip in crystal clear water that he would not contract hypothermia from. A relatively trivial thing to some, but a rare, exciting experience for our sheltered nobleman.

As sure as Min claimed, a harbour came into view on the horizon just an hour later. The closer the ship drifted towards the jetties, the more and more Gyllen was able to make out of the town built around these docks, the architecture of the buildings familiar yet distinct to that of Platina's structures, their white surfaces seemingly glowing in the sunshine. The grand galleon carefully docked, jolly roger lowered at the prince's behest as not to induce mass fear and panic with the locals. The walkway was lowered and Gyllen disembarked, as Min and a handful of crew members followed suit. Once his boot had left the creaking wood and touched the stone, the prince reached into his pocket and produced a baby blue ribbon, holding it in his teeth while he promptly bunched his free flowing locks together before using the strip of fabric to tying them neatly into a singular ponytail, draping it across his right shoulder to allow the back of his sweltering neck a chance to air out.

"Oi! Princess! Didja forget? The beach!" Min yelled, already a few steps ahead of the blonde. "Quit primmin' yerself an' move yer sweet arse already!"

"Just because I don't have a silly, breathable haircut..." The prince mumbled.

"Care to repeat that, Gyl?" The half-bald goblin looked to the teen with a raised fist and angry faux smile. Her pointed ears must be more attuned than Gyllen was aware.

"Nothing! Coming!" The prince scampered to keep up with Min. The duo walked a short distance together before arriving at the town's sandy waterfront. Various souvenir stalls and swimwear shops looked out to the sea, with the shoreline packed with a multitude of very loud paddling and sunbathing patrons.

"Gods, ya had t' go an' pick the biggest tourist hotspot in Gaul at the busiest time of year, didn' ya?" Min said, looking over the bustling beach in disappointment.

"Ah...forgive me, Min..." Gyllen sighed upon seeing the busy sight. "I remember reading about this place and its serene scenery when I was a child and desired to witness it with my own eyes one day. I seem to have greatly underestimated the number of others who desired to witness it also..." The prince lamented before a couple of tanned beauties walked by them, licking some bizarre white confectioneries out of cones, both in a two-piece outfit that amounted to the equivalent of women's underwear. "My, I had heard of bathing suits before...but I never imagined they were so...um...revealing..." He put his hand to his mouth, taken quite aback by how much flesh was so candidly exposed without any fuss being made, his cheeks glowing and not from sunburn.

"That reminds me! We need t' get some of our own, don' we?" Min said. "I'll go pick us out somethin' stylish, if ya want."

"That would be lovely. Thank you, Min~" Gyllen smiled at her thoughtful gesture.

"Jus' lend me some cash first."

"Excuse me?" Gyllen's smile vanished. "What's wrong with using your funds?"

"Yeeeah, 'bout that..." Min scratched the back of her head whilst looking away. "Me pockets have been kinda light since Noregr..."

"Gods, how does one spend all that on pints alone..." Gyllen reached into his trouser pocket and pulled out a fat purse of jingling currency tied up with a string which he began to loosen. "Alright, fine! But don't start getting it in your that I'm your personal piggy bank all of a sudden."

"Hey! Do ya need remindin' that ya still haven' paid me back for those clothes, lube and beer?" Min glared up towards the blonde, eyebrows furrowed and hands on hips. "'sides, it was probably me taxes that went into yer pocket money in the first place."

"You ended up drinking that beer!" Gyllen groaned, reluctantly passing a handful of shiny coins into the goblin's greedy green palms. "I hope they accept Platinan gold."

"I hope they even speak Platinan." Min replied, tossing the coinage into the air without caution before snatching it back again before it could fall to the floor.

"Shall I come with you then? I've studied Gaulish in the past."

"Nah, I'll manage somehow. I want it t' be a surprise!" The goblin said as she turned around to enter a shop. "Jus' wait there. I'll be riiight back."

While Gyllen's pouch was open, he thought he would purchase some of what he saw those girls were eating while he waited for Min's return. The prince approached a nearby kiosk, finding out it was something called "ice-cream", and purchased a scoop of the stuff served in a wafer cone. For such a small treat, the price was extortionate but the taste made every penny worth it! Gyllen had never sampled something so cold that was so sweet before, the milky substance melting in his mouth with each lick. You could never enjoy something this chilled every day in Platina. Apparently, it even came in chocolate and strawberry flavours! He would definitely have to sample those before leaving.

As he contently lapped on the refrigerated foam, he gazed outwards to the cerulean sea. Many beach goers were only staying in the shoals, running along the wet sand or passing inflated balls to one another though the prince's keen eyes were able to spot a few further out where it was deeper, swimming in synchronisation at great speeds, gathering a small audience by their antics. In fact, Gyllen was thinking they were perhaps moving through the water too quickly than was humanly possible. It was then that three of those swimmers leapt high out of the ocean and spun in the air for just a couple of seconds, their full body's revealed to be humanoid above the waist but with their lower body resembling that of a fish's tail! Their colourful scales and the drops of sea water trailing behind them twinkled exquisitely, reflecting the sunlight, before they dove back into the depths to continue their routine much to the applause of the onlookers. The prince was quite mesmerised at the display himself, even from afar.

"Took longer than I would've liked. Sorry 'bout that, Gyl." The blonde snapped out of his trance as Min returned from her shopping trip, turning around to see the goblin carrying a bag on her wrist, presumably containing their bathing suits. She looked to where Gyllen was previously staring at, able to spot the piscine persons quickly. "Watchin' the mermaids, eh?"

"Ah, so these are mermaids..." Gyllen resumed watching them. "I've never seen one for myself before. Platina's waters are far too frigid for them to survive in."

"Best kept that way if ya ask me.. Buncha snooty show-offs..."

"Min! That's stereotyping and you know it!" The prince scolded her. "How would you like it if I said all goblins were nothing more than greedy, cheating cutpurses?"

"Gyl, stop, yer flattery is embarassing me!" Min sarcastically responded, holding her hands up to he freckled cheeks as if she were burying a blush. "Seriously though, loads o' 'em get jobs as lifeguards 'round here but they rather spend their time doin' tricks for sightseers than any real lifeguardin'. 'sides, ya haven' even met one before. How do YOU know what they're like?"

"Well...erm..." Gyllen tried to come up with a substantial reason but was cut off quickly by Min.

"Ah, forget it. We're burnin' daylight flappin' our gums here. Let's get changed and find a spot fast!"

Gyllen was ushered into a close by booth in an uncouth manner by the overexcited goblin girl, who shut and bolted he door behind them as she flung her bag on the space between the two.

"Can't wait t' see ya with it on!" She tried to contain her amusement.

"Did we really have to share the same stall...?" Gyllen asked.

"What are ya moanin' about now? We've been naked together plenty a' times already!"

"I know but there's still just something I find so uncomfortable about undressing in front of someone."

"Look, I'll go first if ya quit yer bitchin'."

With methodical routine precision, Min removed her boots with her feet while loosening her belt with her hands before lifting her top over her head as she wiggled her hips out of her shorts, unveiling her deep green nipples and slit without so much a stutter. Of course, Gyllen could not help but ogle Min stripping down before him as if it was his personal peep show, even after explaining his own insecurities on unclothing with another. The goblin did not seem to mind the prince's obvious leering, having grown much more accustomed to such scenarios over a longer period of time than the blonde...in fact, she seemed to be enjoying Gyllen's rubbernecking, judging by the raised corners of her mouth and the unnecessary jiggles she was making in her movements. She removed the folded-up bathing costume from its bag, holding it up in her hands and letting it unravel before her and Gyllen. It was quite a distinguishably different design than to what the women who passed by earlier were sporting. Instead of being two separate pieces, this swimsuit was just one simple article. The material was a loud, red colour and the outfit itself was merely a set of looping straps cut into a Y-shape.

"I think this type is called a sling." Min said. "Always wanted t' try one out!"

"I'm surprised they had one in your size..." Gyllen commented.

"Now...how the Hel d' I put it on...?" Min turned the sling back to front, unsure on where to begin getting into it. She lowered the bikini down enough to be able to slide her smooth, stubby legs through either side of what was most likely the crotch area. She then pulled it back up her body, stretching the bands to snap them securely over her shoulders as the back side of it rode up between her emerald arse cheeks. "I think that's how ya do it. How am I lookin'?" Min twirled herself around in place like she was a model to let Gyllen see every facet of her figure.

"Actually, I think it might be a tad small on you after all." Gyllen replied, seeing that the suit only covered the bare minimum, if even that, now that the goblin had actually put it on as it hugged to her tightly. The harness' shape left her sides completely exposed and the perimeters of her areolae were not fully concealed. Even her orange pubic hairs were peeking out! "Perhaps you should have shaved down there too. You may get in trouble going out looking like that."

"Relax. It's only flesh and hair!" Min reassured him. Somehow, that did not fill the prince with much more confidence. "Now pick yer jaw up off the floor and get yers on already!"

The prince sighed, the inevitable unable to be delayed any further. He remained composed, if bashful, as he disrobed, trying to ignore Min's eyes trained on him just as his own were on her not minutes ago. It took the prince somewhat longer to completely strip, not having yet developed his own efficient technique for doing so and also wearing a lot more than what the goblin had on her. He took off his shirt first, beginning to blush while baring his flat bosom despite not really having anything to blush about in that area, however Min appeared to enjoy gawking at the topless femboy.

His bottoms were soon to follow, slowly sliding them down his silky lower limbs. He tried to keep his thighs squeezed together and arms positioned over his pelvic area but it was all in vain as his erect prick was quite obviously and openly sticking out from his body, hardened from seeing Min's erogenous areas, ultimately giving up on trying to hide it from the goblin altogether. It's not like she had not seen it umpteen times before anyway. He stood back up straight, his member standing upright with him as the green-fleshed girl absently admired its bounce as he shifted.

"...Min? My bathing suit?" Gyllen said.

"Hm? Oh, right!" The goblin was brought out of her gaze and hastily fetched Gyllen's aqua-coloured, beach-faring outfit, smaller than even her own miniature garb and able to fit entirely in just one of her little lime holds. The prince took the tiny trunks from Min and stretched them out in front of his face: an uncomplicated pair resembling briefs. Gyllen's flushing intensified.

"Is this it!?" He blurted out, scarcely believing that this was the sole thing he had to go out wearing.

"Oi! Gimme SOME credit here, I put a bit a' thought into it!" Min defended herself. "Blue really goes wi' yer eyes."

"That isn't what I meant...but thank you regardless, I suppose." The prince made his bittersweet gratitude known before stepping his feet through the trunks' leg holes. His erection had fortunately subsided for the time being during his concise conversation with Min, allowing him to pull the swimming gear over his loins without impediment.

"I really need to stop letting you choose what I wear..." Gyllen said, looking down at his own appearance. Though small, his bulge was still defined and noticeable in the taut bottoms. He twisted his body and neck around, looking down his back while jutting his posterior outwards to try and get a decent angle to examine how they fitted on his rump. "Are my arse cheeks hanging out of this thing!?"

"Only jus'~ I mean, I don' want ya takin' ALL the attention, do I?" Min delivered a speedy swat to the blonde's buttocks. The prince naturally yipped and bounded forwards from the strike. "Let's get outta here now. Me claustrophobia's startin' t' act up."

The prince took his first bare-footed steps onto a sanded shoreline, feeling the sunlight's heat touching his uncovered flesh while the warm granules parted around his toes with every pace made as they softly scorched his soles. He was meekly shuffling along with his legs kept abnormally close together, overtly conscious of his scanty outward image. Min followed not too far behind, certain body parts on her person freely bouncing more than usual now that they were even less restrained than normal with her current apparel. Even Gyllen's caboose was moderately wiggling in time with his stride. The duo had not travelled long before they heard the shrill sound of a whistle being blown from behind, both reflexively jumping with a fright, which certainly did not help with their wobbling.

Turning around, they saw what seemed to be a chair, painted white and made from wood, only the legs were disproportionally long, lofting the seat roughly three times higher than average above the ground, with a red and white ring fastened to the side. Sitting atop the unusually tall chair was one of the mermaid lifeguards. A large, shimmering, forked, pink-scaled fish tail dangled over the ridge of the seat and attached was the upper form of a pretty woman still holding the whistle between her finger and thumb, with long and curious rose coloured hair spilling over her shoulders to match her finned, lower appendage along with a pair of odd dark-lensed spectacles over her eyes and a yellow top printed with a single word printed onto it: 'Sauveteur' (Gaulish for 'lifegaurd').

"Excusez-moi, mademoiselle! You cannot go on ze beach looking like zat!" She said towards the human and goblin twosome in a thick accent.

"I told you we were going to get into bother with your bush on display!" Gyllen chastised Min with a murmur.

"Did you 'ear moi, blond mademoiselle?" The lifeguard spoke once more, pointing a finger towards the prince. "Please cover your chest. Zis iz not zat kind of beach!"

"E-excuse me...!?" The blonde's face burned red from being mistaken as a female...a female exhibitionist on top of that! Min was in stitches, to say the least. "I'm a man!" The prince protested, hands on his non-existent breasts to emphasise his point, though, combined with his expression, it just seemed like he was covering up.

"Look! I can even prove it!" The goblin offered to assist in the debacle, shimmying herself just in front of the blonde before swiftly raising her arm up to solidly thwap Gyllen's humble package with the back of her hand. Naturally, the prince reeled and winced from the unexpected impact made against his gonads. "See? I rest me case." Min closed her eyes and crossed her arms underneath her bust, lifting it up slightly, as she displayed a proud, smug grin.

"Hoh...? Iz zat so? Je suis very sorry, monsieur!" The mermaid apologised, forcing a shaky smile as her fins fidgeted. "S'il vous plait, enjoy your visit!"

"You could have explained that in a way that DIDN'T involve hurting me, Min..." Gyllen complained, his testicles still aching as he and the goblin strolled further towards the water.

"What? An' pull yer trunks down right in front o' her? Yeah, that would have gone well..." Min replied.

"I have enough mental scarring to last a lifetime the first time you pulled that stunt..." Gyllen sighed, recalling the day his anal virginity was lost.

"Hey! Four outta five a' them were cool with it in the end!"

"I was nearly assaulted by the fifth!"

"Yeah but ya weren'! So what's yer point?"

"I could have...uh! Never mind!" Gyllen gave up trying to reason with Min in frustration, prompting him to replace the present topic to a more relevant one. "Where are we going to sit?" He asked, scanning his immediate vicinity only to confirm the fact that the shoreline was excessively crowded. Many tourists were closely packed together, lying on their towels or long chairs as parasols planted in the sand shielded them from the sunlight with minimum wiggle room and zero free space for both the blonde and the goblin to recline together.

"Hmm...how 'bout we split up and look for a spot? It'll be faster that way." Min suggested.

"Leaving you out of sight to your own devices? I'm not sure..." Gyllen responded.

"C'mon! I'll go way down t' the right, you can take the left and we'll meet back in the middle in like ten minutes max. Easy peasy, eh?"

"Does not sound very effective to me...but I see no better option." The prince complied.

"Good luck! Yer gonna need it!" Min said over her shoulder, already making tracks down the shoreline in a self-assured stride, once again reminding Gyllen of how much her bathing suit publicly exhibited her lime rear, already turning a few heads. Likewise, The prince trooped in the opposite direction, oblivious to the pocketful of attraction his own figure was also gaining.

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