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Prism the Slime Girl


Author's Note: This was originally written as a very short story, but I had fun with it and re-wrote it to be a bit longer. As I wrote more, I had a lot of fun and wanted to expand on it more.

I plan on this being a rather long series and have a bit planned. It will not ONLY be sexual in nature, I hope to have at least a little bit of plot and even some action.

Also, I would like to interact with the community here, if you have some idea of what a client might like in the future, e-mail it to me at my profile. If I think I can work with it, you'll see it in a future chapter. But without further hindrance, I hope you enjoy the story.


"Like the Previous 540 Days"

- In Flight Service Crew Quarters -

Prism looked up at the chart in her chamber, 62 requests for the evening. Letting out a sigh, her gelatinous form rippling as she exhaled, she let her shape relax and return to its gooey, slimy, natural state.. Her quarters were incredibly simple, in fact, they didn't contain anything other than her chart which consisted of a holographic screen that displayed her assignments for the evening. Such was part of being in the In Flight Service Crew, which only her kind where ever used as. That was never questioned though, Prism was a simple creature. She and several hundred of her kind were found on a planet many decades ago doing nothing but simply existing. They were blobs of goop that fed off the sugars and proteins found in the plants on their native home but once it was found they could shape shift into almost anything, humans saw them as a tool. And when they found out that the substances the slimes fed on could be found in human bodily fluids, they quickly became toys.

Her chamber was suddenly filled with beeping, a blue light illuminated the tiny five foot by ten foot space. "IFSC, your presence is required in Housing Block C7, Sub chamber 9, please see request," came a female voice over the intercom filling her room up. Only a moment went by before Prism quickly formed back into her 'regular form'. A slim, conceptually perfect female with ample breasts, a shapely behind, long legs, and as stated in her manual 'just the right amount of grip' in her mid section.

"Of course, on my way, Atlas," Prism responded in her underdeveloped voice, sounding very monotone and utilitarian.

"Acknowledged, Client Suroz will be waiting."

Prism took one last look at the request, with a few thoughts Prism manipulated her own slimy body to fit the request before coming back to her RF. "On my way," were her last words before her door slid open with a hiss. She stepped out into the corridor to the residential area of the star ship, The Departed Scholar, and let her body take on a blue hue to be more pleasing to eyes of the ship's staff. Her slender RF glided down the hallway while she popped her hips from side to side as she walked, as was stated in her manual while making her way to her destination.

On the screen for Sub chamber 9, there read the request:

Melanie Suroz's Request for IFSC -

When you come to my door, please be in a female version of the demonic form that we played with last week. Except this time I want you to use the tentacles on me instead of my roommate. Halfway through our session, if you could turn into your wolf form as well to finish us off. See you soon!

- Corridor of the Departed Scholar -

Prism hurried along the bare corridor of the ship as she made her way to the client's room. As she did so, other crew members began to comment on her as they always did. Talking about what sick things people request and mocking each other for them, but Prism knew that each one was worse than the next. She just never spoke about it, it wasn't part of her. All she knew and cared to know was that she worked for IFSC, a private company that leased out her kind to ship captains for 'use as they see fit'.

Nearly every single time Prism was deployed, she was used to satisfy crew member's sexual desires while in space. It became more and more common as the years went on and soon that's all her kind were associated with. They couldn't transmit diseases, they fed off their ultimate goal in satisfying their clients - literally, and most of all, her kind never seemed interested in advancing up the social ladder. "A win-win" the supporters would say against people who fought for the 'slimes' freedom. There was a big push for Slime Rights as they became known as but it fizzled out when even the Slimes didn't seem interested in freedom or rights. As they were found on their planet simply existing and consuming, so they shall be in the hundreds of ships they now dwell in.

She paid no attention as she didn't care, she only thought of her next client, Melanie. Prism had serviced her 27 times previously over the past 18 months and probably will a few more times before the Departed Scholar made landfall at it's destination planet of Titan. Melanie had asked for many different things, but the 'shape shifting demon' seemed to be her favorite. Prism even used it on a couple other girl clients and a few male ones which went over famously.

While approaching Melanie's door, Prism prepared herself. Her gooey body solidified more as she got herself ready to spring forward into the room, change into he desired form, and please her client. It was against policy to expose requested forms to other people, client privacy privileges.

A light buzz could be heard on the outside of Melanie's room as the doorbell was rung. Prism was ready, she took in a deep breath through her entire body as she waited for the door to open or be addressed.

"Who is it?" a cheerful voice asked from the other side, enthusiasm lacing the entirety of the short sentence.

"IFSC Mate Prism, ma'am," Prism's voice was still monotone as she introduced herself. Afterwards, on the door there was a small holograph acting like a window showing a woman in her mid twenties excitedly running from across the room towards the door.

"Come in, Prism!" Melanie called in response as she ran away from the door towards a room in the back.

- Melanie Suroz's Room -

The moment the door closed behind Prism, she took a long, deep breath.Click.

With an exhale, Prism shifted. Her body grew taller, her breast began to swell, at her back at least a dozen tentacles emerged from her gooey self and writhed in the air behind her. Long locks of the blue, slimy hair cascaded down her back as her face took on an elongated look, growing teeth that were too long for her face. Eyes sharpened, almost like a cat's, hands began to lengthen like claws, with talons emerging from her finger tips. From deep within her blue tinted self Prism let out a guttural roar as her feet took on the same claw-like look of her hands. Her body took on several details, such as darkened areas of blue where Melanie wanted different abstract tattoos to be. The last thing Melanie had wanted began to form in between Prism's legs. A custom tailored member that Melanie had spent an entire session shaping with Prism for future sessions. Melanie demanded that the member Prism be equipped with be a specific length, thickness, weight, everything down to even the smallest details, like where the veins should be. But that just came with the service from IFSC.

The morph only took a few seconds in reality and Prism's eyes were already scanning the room to find out where Melanie went. The game they often found themselves playing was a kind of hide and seek that involved forceful, violent sexual acts; but because Prism could control every aspect of her form there were never any lasting issues such as bruises.

The room was quiet as Prism's hulking mass glided around. She didn't walk, she didn't need to, but her tentacles simply carried her through the hallways and rooms as she searched for her prey. They only had fifteen minutes and it was Prism's responsibility to make sure her client was satisfied.

The bathroom, nothing. She floated towards the bedroom, nothing. Searching under everything she could find, Prism frantically looked for Melanie, for the sake of the request as well as making sure her job was done within the allotted time. Her voice was still female yet had a deathly melody to it as she spoke. "Where are you?"


Prism heard the light, soft close of a door and immediately, with almost supernatural speed her entire body darted away down towards the kitchen. The tentacles gripped and pulled her closer to her prey with each passing millisecond before she saw the pantry door slightly ajar.

From the other side, Melanie could see Prism standing there, her wild form flowing with tentacles. The site was something from a horror movie and in fact was greatly inspired by several. Melanie's eye finally met Prism's before it happened.

- Melanie Suroz's Kitchen Act 1 -

In the blink of an eye, Prism was there in front of the door which she immediately ripped open careful not to take it off it's hinges. Melanie jumped back, still being startled from the Slime's speed. From this point on, Prism methodically wasted absolutely no time and all hesitation was gone from her actions.

Melanie was ripped out of the pantry, wearing only a tight pair of exercise shorts accompanied by a matching sports bra probably having just gotten back from the gym area. Prism's tentacles quickly went to work, slithering under the garments and forcefully removing them. Melanie knew the drill, she began flailing about, playing her role as she began to cry out, "Help! Stop, what are you?! Get away?!" her long legs were kicking about as her body was completely exposed to the Slime.

The client was about 5'4" with what was becoming a toned body though she still had some time to go before she achieved the 'beach bod' as she liked to call it. Her skin was fair, very pale after being on a star ship for over a year, but her hair was as red as could be. Of course red hair had been gone for many centuries but Melanie paid close attention to dying hers. Melanie's assets were also a little more than average, with large breasts which she hated and a round buttocks that often got her a few glances when she walked down the halls. Currently, all of her was at the mercy of the demonic beast of a Slime.

Prism let a long forked tongue roll out from her mouth as her teeth separated in a wild grin. Melanie's body was currently being held up at waist height while she flailed about, cursing and yelling obscenities to her attacker. Forked tongue gliding along Melanie's smooth legs, Prism's tentacles began to spread the client out while still in the air. Legs forcefully pulled apart, arms spread out while her hands were balled into fists Prism began her work.

As the client continued on her rampage of offensive language, Prism's tongue slithered out and along Melanie's legs while at the same time the tentacles pulled her closer. Flicking against the client's bare slit, Prism could feel Melanie's body jerk some. This of course was followed with a stream of "don'ts." Licking along her body more the tongue eagerly made it's way towards Melanie's chest where it danced across the ever stiffening nipples that rested atop the client's rather large breasts.

"Knock it off! Put me the fuck down!" Melanie cried out, to which Prism of course paid no attention to.

Time was ticking.

Tentacles seemed to multiply as Melanie's warm body had them sliding all over her, squeezing her muscles in certain places as to provide a massage along with the violation. Several slithered up and around her legs before two of them met on either side of her lower lips. Prism's mind controlled every single motion as she made the tips of the tentacles inch slowly to Melanie's love hole where they gently spread her lips apart. As she was being further exposed, Melanie's cheeks burned red before Prism's tongue made it's way back down between the client's legs. Prism vibrated the forked tongue in a straight line down along the client's chest to Melanie's clitoris. Vibrations intensified as the tongue moved around the sensitive flesh, grinding against it just enough to provide pleasure over pain.

The client continued to scream and yell at the form but Prism quickly remedied this by using her tentacles to flip Melanie over now, as if she were laying on her back, head close to the Slime's main mass, her legs spread out towards the empty room. Melanie's hands were then quickly pulled behind her where they were bound together by a rope of slime, her legs were then forced to bend at the knees where they were also bound together. Now entirely vulnerable, Prism's own, customer made member found itself along the left side of Melanie's face.

Eyes seemed to be completely locked on the long, impressive member, eyeing all the details in the shaft before she suddenly felt the gooey exterior of it press past her lips and plunge into her mouth. Gulping for a brief moment, Melanie began to relax and let the session take hold. Her tongue still played around in between her legs but was soon replaced by one of the many tentacles. Pushing against her tightness, Prism could feel her client tensing up by the clenching in her throat. Thrusting into Melanie's mouth and throat, the Slime began to stretch out both of her client's lower holes. A tentacle that was chosen to please Melanie's slit quickly formed into a phallic shape with ribs all around it, pumping into her slowly at first. At the same time, another tentacle formed into a long string of solid beads that increased in size which made it's way tenderly into Melanie's anus.

All of this happening at once was sending Melanie's body into a sea of ecstasy as she quickly fell to her request from the Slime. Moaning out against the thick shaft within her throat, Melanie closed her eyes while all three of her entrances were pummeled by the Slime as the pace and force of each thrust increased significantly as the moments flew past.


Tentacles, still continuing their relentless plunging, began to raise Melanie high into the air, almost touching the ceiling before all at once, they snapped back into Prism. The client fell for a few moments, while each inch brought her closer to the floor the Slime morphed once again.

The claws shortened slightly, the tentacles retracting into Prism's back, her legs shifting to bend backwards like the animal she strive to become. Her long, demonic teeth became more manageable as they fell into her lengthening snout as the Slime's every feature shifted to this new form. Hey body began to take on a canine shape as every bit of her suddenly grew blue tinted fur. Solidifying once again in the new form a second member identical to the first formed just above the original in between Prism's legs.

Melanie fell a few feet before everything took place, catching the client in the air and all in one motion turned her around and flipped her so that she faced down. Still holding her in the air, Prism aimed her two shafts while bringing the client into a hard thrust, both members finding their ways into their respective holes. Melanie screamed out. This time not to fight back, not to protest. But for more.

In this form, Prism learned to keep a savage, animal pace and let it flow out as she held the client's much smaller form now, pulling her into each violent thrust, the room filled with a loud, wet, slapping sound each time their connected.


Prism pulled Melanie up so her back lay flush against the Slime's chest, the gooey breasts falling over both the client's shoulders. From a different angle now, Prism pulled the client down onto the two solid, slimy shafts. While doing so, Melanie felt herself slip between the Slime's soft breasts.

Finally it happened, Melanie found herself lost in bliss as she finally let herself go. Released to the pleasures that Prism brought with her. Closing her eyes, the client was consumed as she orgasms in the clutches of the Slime. Everything fell away, the room, the world. Melanie was satisfied. Another request fulfilled.

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