tagNonConsent/ReluctancePrison Possession Ch. 02

Prison Possession Ch. 02


Sam was startled at first when he woke in bed surrounded by the musky scent of another man, his arm heavy as it rested protectively over him. But then he remembered what had happened, where he was, and why he was there. It was a mix of emotions, mostly negative. He slumped back against the pillow but his sudden flinch of shock had caused James to stir.

He groaned as he stretched, rolling over to hold Sam even tighter to him, pressing his face into his neck. Sam froze, and he felt as well as heard as James chuckled.

'Morning Sammy,' he said, lifting his hand to stroke his cheek.

Sam swallowed, still lying dead still looking straight at the ceiling.

'Morning,' he muttered and James tutted.

'Morning what...?'

Sam cringed. He had forgotten about the 'sir'. He didn't want to call him sir, it was so humiliating. But he didn't have a choice.

'Morning...Sir,' he said tentatively, hating himself.

'Good boy,' James mumbled, patting him on the head clumsily, like a pet.

He wanted to get up, get out of the bed, get away from James. But it wasn't like he could get very far. He was his cellmate, his possession. He belonged to him, he had said the words himself.

'What are you thinking Sammy?' James asked and Sam swallowed.

'I was wondering how many others have been claimed by other prisoners Sir,' he said honestly and James opened his eyes, looking at him with a curious expression.

'Plenty,' he said, 'lots of prisoners who feared for their safety like you did.'

'But sir, I didn't see anyone else when we were in the yard? Or at mealtimes?'

'They're not always easy to spot,' James said starting to sound irritated. 'Now, enough chat, we haven't got long before showers, and I need you to see to this before we go.'

James gestured down to the suddenly very visible tenting in his boxers. Sam's stomach tightened.

'But Sir-'

'I'm really tired of your resistance to me Sammy,' James growled, 'do you want to end our deal? We're about to head into the showers after all, I'm sure the other prisoners in our block will be delighted when I tell them you are available for a free fuck.'

'No, you wouldn't!' Sam protested.

'Wouldn't I?' he said icily, staring him down until Sam looked away, unable to hold his gaze. 'So? Are you going to do what I ask or not?'

Sam looked down at James boxers, fighting back the tears as he reached to pull them down, freeing James morning glory for all to see. He glanced back at James, hoping for some sort of kindness, but his face was stern and unblinking as he watched him, waiting.

He cautiously reached out and took James penis in his hand, his fingers only just getting a good grasp. He swallowed nervously and began repeating what he had done the day before. It was harder this time, because yesterday he had been horny, desperate for his own release, dazed in his own pleasure. There was no pleasure today, only the task.

He thought he was doing a good job, James seemed to be enjoying it, eyes closed, leaning back with his arms braced around the back of his head. But after about five minutes James sighed, Sam looking over at him in surprise.

'It's just not working for me Sammy,' James said sadly, but there was a twinkle of enjoyment in his eyes.

'I'm sorry, Sir. I'm doing what you showed me,' he said, annoyed at himself for doing it wrong. If he was going to have to give a hand job, he hoped at least it would be a good one.

'I know you are, you're a good boy,' James smiled, and Sam felt that same mixture of embarrassment and warmth at the praise that he couldn't quite understand.

'Should I do something else, sir?' he asked and James smirked.

'I do have one thing in mind,' he said eyeing Sam in a way he knew couldn't mean anything good. 'How about you use you're mouth, Sammy.'

Sam gave him a horrified expression. 'You want me to...' he trailed off, blushing.

'Suck my dick,' James said calmly and Sam whimpered.

'But sir, please-'

'Sammy,' James said sternly. 'What did I say?'

Sam hesitated. He wanted to argue, but he knew it was useless. Was this the final straw? But he really didn't want to lose his protection, not now, not moments before entering the public shower, the infamous place of movies and stories. But he really didn't want to suck his dick either.

How different is it to a handjob, really? A voice said in his head. Its very different! A second voice argued. It's beyond humiliating! It's gross! Or could it just be you over-reacting?

'Don't be so tense Sammy,' James said soothingly, sitting up and gently massaging one of his shoulders. Sam met his eyes and he gave a gentle smile. 'I promise, no one will know but us, it'll be our little secret.'

His massaging hand moved from his shoulder to his neck, and as he rubbed he gently pushed his head downwards, Sam allowing him to push his head lower and lower, closer and closer to his penis. When he was only inches away James stopped pushing, allowing Sam to close the last of the gap. His eyes flicked up to James once more, as if seeking approval to continue. James nodded at him, a mixed expression of pride and excitement playing across his face as Sam licked his lips nervously, and leaned in, opening his mouth around the throbbing head.

It tasted salty on his tongue. And warm. He pressed his lips around the head, wincing as it slid deeper into his mouth. He heard James moan in satisfaction, feeling his hand begin to push again, forcing him deeper into his mouth, causing him to splutter slightly. He tried to pull away instinctively, but James hand kept him down and after a moment of struggling he opened his mouth wider, making it easier to breath, but also allowing James further access yet again. He began to panic.

'Shh,' James said softly, 'stay calm Sammy, it'll make it easier. Breathe through your nose,' he told him.

Sam did as instructed and did find it calmed him slightly. At the sight of his breathing steadying James began to pump his head up and down again, helping Sam get deeper with each stroke. He sped up as he closed his eyes, grunting slightly, using his other hand to massage his balls.

'Mmm, that's good Sammy, I'm gonna cum,' he said and Sam whimpered. He didn't want him to cum in his mouth, but James hand was so forceful on his head he knew there was no way he would be able to pull away. He gripped his hair tighter, so tight that it hurt as he sped up faster than ever and Sam felt his cock harden and quiver in his mouth before suddenly ejaculating deep into his throat.

James slammed his face down hard so that his cock slid all the way into his throat. Sam gagged and struggled, but couldn't move away as James spewed his seed deep inside him. When he was finally done he let him go, and Sam sat up, gasping lungfuls of air and coughing violently. His throat stung, and he could still taste the salty cum in his mouth. He had tears in his eyes as he sat panting, rosy cheeked, his hair looking like he had fallen backwards out of a tree.

'You look so fucking hot,' James said, running a hand through Sam's hair affectionately, calming the wild tangles that were beginning to form. 'Come here,' James said, dragging the boy back into his arms.

Sam was too tired to resist, feeling weak and exhausted he slumped against James chest as James continued to stroke his head.

'You're a good boy Sammy,' he whispered and Sam sighed slightly, annoyed at the patronisation, but also slightly relieved that James wasn't angry anymore, and that his tasks were finally done.

'Thank you sir,' he said, knowing that was what James wanted to hear. James continued to stroke his hair and it felt so relaxing. His tense exhausted muscles melting into his chest without even being conscious of it. James musky scent was everywhere, and it was strangely comforting, it meant he was safe. He knew as much as James pushed him into things he never thought he'd do, he wouldn't hurt him. James lent down and kissed him gently. Sam kissed him back. After what he had just done, kissing didn't seem like such a big deal anymore.

The lights were blinding when they were switched on, signalling it was time for them to get up. James sighed and sat up, jumping down to the floor and Sam felt a little disappointed. He didn't like the blowjobs and other sexual things, but the cuddling was surprisingly comforting, his stresses and fears of being in the prison, a convicted rapist, able to simply melt away in the moment. He wanted it every night.

The door was unlocked, the guard surveying them briefly before moving on to the next cell.

James looked up and beckoned him with a cock of the head.

'Down you get, and don't forget your towel,' he said, grabbing his own and heading out of the cell, Sam scrambling to catch up. He followed him down a tangle of corridors, James occasionally glancing over his shoulder to check he was still there, stumbling nervously behind him. Eventually he pushed open a door and thick steam greeted him. James grumbled quietly.

'Goddammit, I hoped it would be quieter heading here before breakfast. Apparently not. Sorry kid, this might be a bit... unpleasant for both of us,' he said grimly.

'What do you mean Sir?' Sam asked nervously.

'Don't worry, I wont let them do anything. But there are some older blokes in here that are total creeps. Particularly if they know you're already gay,' he sighed.

'But I'm not gay sir,' Sam protested and James laughed.

'The cum on your face yesterday and the hickeys on your neck would suggest differently, don't you think?' he said and Sam blushed. He had forgotten about those things, his hand instantly flying to his neck. He hadn't even checked to see if they had faded.

James led him into the showers, his hand protectively around his waist. Sam wasn't humiliated this time, he was grateful. He wanted James to assert his ownership, ensure no one else would be tempted.

The room rang with the crashing sound of water, the thick muggy air was stifling, the fog so thick Sam could barely make out James face next to him, let alone those of the others in the room. He had a small hope that maybe they were alone, but the murky figures moving around suggested otherwise.

'Let's just try and be quick and go,' James muttered, shoving him towards what he suddenly realised was a shower. It was a free standing head, with taps and a drain, but there was no privacy. Each shower only being separated by a tiled half wall from it's neighbours. Deciding privacy was really something of the past now between himself and James he stripped down to his birthday suit with only a small amount of blushing.

James followed suit and walked into the one beside him and began showering, ripping open a packet of hair and body gel. At Sam's wistful glance he handed it to him and Sam smiled gratefully, squeezing a small amount onto his palm. He sniffed it. It smelt chemical, and bland. He sighed, it would be a long time until he got to smell anything pleasant, he realised.

He enjoyed the feel of the water hammering on his head as he showered, letting the tension be worked out of his shoulders, and trying to avoid James watchful gaze beside him. It felt nice, not as nice as when James had rubbed them. Or when he had rubbed his... No, don't think about that. Don't fantasise about it, about him... Sam peaked through his damp hair at James who was watching him with a smirk.

'What are you thinking Sir?' Sam said, feeling embarrassed, and slightly nervous at his intensity.

'I was wondering how long it would take you to notice you've got a semi,' he said simply and Sam looked down and gasped.

He was right. Had he just gotten a semi from thinking about James wanking him off? This was not good. This wasn't how it was supposed to work out. He turned to hide his cock and James laughed.

'Don't hide it, I was enjoying it. What were you thinking about?'

'Nothing, sir,' Sam said, blushing furiously.

'Nothing? I don't believe that for a second. You're blushing, could that mean you were thinking about me?'

'No!' Sam cried back, humiliated. He realised too late that he had forgotten to add Sir, but James didn't seem to notice. Or perhaps he didn't care, as he grinned at Sam, beckoning him forward as he leaned over the partition wall towards him.

Sam moved forward reluctantly and James took his face in his hands, gently kissing him, so tenderly. Sam closed his eyes, expecting more, but opened them again to see James just smiling at him. He stroked his wet hair affectionately.

'I look forward to the day I can fuck you in these showers Sammy, I think you'll like that.'

Sam shook his head, James hands still holding his head tightened slightly.

'No? Well that's because you don't know what you're missing. We'll change that, maybe tonight?' he said, leaning in and planting another kiss on his wet lips.

'Well well well,' said a low gruff voice through the mist. 'if we haven't got ourselves a couple of faggots making out in the shower.'

Sam watched as James face contorted into anger, and then overly calm, although as Sam saw him turn to their newcomer he could see a vein jumping in his neck, suggesting the fury bubbling beneath.

'Tony,' James said in a forced cheerful voice, 'pleasure as always to see you in such little clothing. The belly rolls really compliment your chins.'

The figure walked forward, their feet slapping against the wet tiles and Sam finally was able to make them out. They were enormous, almost wider than he was tall, with a toadish ugly face and dark curls, coating not only his head but his chest, legs, and arms in a thick woodland of hair.

Tony laughed, a deep laugh that made Sam's bones vibrate.

'Always a joker aren't you James. But you know the rules, we say no faggots in our showers.' Sam saw through the mist the figures of at least three more men watching them from behind Tony.

'And I told you to shove your rules up your fat arse, if you can reach that far that is,' James scowled.

Tony cocked his head towards Sam, 'who's the kid? I don't recognise him.'

'He's new, not that it's any of your concern. You shouldn't even be in this block.'

Tony shrugged, 'better water pressure here.'

James scoffed, 'sure. Well, if you don't mind Sammy and I will be just-'

'Going?' Tony said his singular hairy eyebrow raised. 'Oh no, that wont do, I need the kid to learn what happens to fags like him that come into our showers.'

'You don't get to touch a hair on his head,' James said, moving to stand between Sam and Tony, his fists clenched. Sam was painfully aware of how much bigger Tony was, broad shouldered and brutish, it didn't seem a fair match against James.

'Who's going to stop me. You?' Tony laughed, 'I'd break you like a twig, and you know it.'

'I'm warning you Tony, let Sammy and I leave now and we wont have to resort to violence.' Sam marvelled in how James managed to control his fear. His voice didn't quiver as he stared Tony down.

'Oh but violence is exactly what I want,' Tony smiled.

Tony lunged towards James who managed to block his surprise attack, turning his own offence against him and landing a punch to the side of his face. Tony roared in anger, reminding Sam of an ogre as he grabbed for James, who slipped free, dancing around him with ease.

'Get the kid!' Tony yelled to his comrades through the mist and Sam watched as they began to move towards him.

'No!' James spat, hesitating a moment too long as he saw Tony's approaching gang, allowing Tony to get the upper-hand. He grabbed him, James unable to break free as he closed his hands around his neck, slamming him up against a nearby wall. James gasped, opening and closing his mouth for air like a fish, his hands scrabbling against Tony's in desperation. Then with a steely look of determination he kicked his free leg hard into Tony's knee, causing Tony to stumble to the ground, dragging James down with him.

Sam's vision was then broken off by three large men, all looking like slightly smaller versions of their leader, squat and hairy. They grabbed him easily, he struggled but three on one was no match. He was thrown to his knees, and his wrists tied by some unknown material. One of the men grabbing his head in a tight headlock, waiting until Tony gave the next order.

Sam was forced to watch as Tony managed to get on top of James, his humungous weight pinning him helplessly to the floor as he reigned blow after blow upon his face. The water around them was beginning to be tinged red and Sam had the awful thought that they might kill him. He couldn't let that happen.

'Stop! Please! Leave him alone!' he cried and Tony paused in his brutal attack to turn to him curiously. James didn't respond and Sam wondered if he was unconscious.

'You two, finish him off,' Tony said, rising to his feet to approach Sam whilst two of the men that had been holding him approached James. James stirred, managing to pull himself onto his elbow in an attempt to rise before the two men began their second assault. Kicking him hard in the stomach, causing him to curl into a ball and cry out in pain .

'Stop, you're killing him!' Sam begged and Tony chuckled.

'Your boyfriend is the least of your worries right now,' he said darkly. 'Bring me my knife,' he said to the third man who released Sam from his headlock and darted out of sight.

Tony grabbed Sam's face, his fingers digging into his cheeks and making him whimper.

Tony smirked at his pain, the noises of James beating still ringing through the room. Sam painfully conscious that James was no longer making a sound.

'I'm going to cut you up little boy, carve your face up so pretty that no one will ever want to fuck you,' he said, and Sam trembled. 'Then, I'm going to shove it up your ass so you can't even shit for weeks. Like cock up the ass, well let's see how you like this.'

The third man appeared with the knife, a homemade type that Sam realised was an upside down toothbrush with a razor blade attached to the end. It was simple, but could still do some damage. Tony grinned his wide lipless grin as he pressed the blade to Sam's cheek, he struggled against his grip, but could do nothing as the blade was pushed harder, causing a stinging sensation, he slowly began to drag down, the pain slicing into him making tears well in his eyes.

'Boss! I hear guards!' one of the men said suddenly before half a dozen prison guards launched into the room.

'Everyone stay where you are!' the nearest shouted. 'Lorenzo, put the weapon down immediately!'

Tony glared at Sam for a moment longer before raising his hand and dropping the improvised knife to the floor with a clatter. A guard approached and quickly pocketed the blade, gesturing to Tony to stand and face the wall, followed by Sam.

'Shit,' he heard one of the guards say, 'get this one to medical now.'

Tony and his cronies were taken away back to their block, leaving Sam to be lead by another guard back to his cell. He felt frightened when he saw the red tinged water where James had been lying.

'Is he okay?' Sam asked and the guard pursed his lips.

'He's been taken to medical. If all is well he will return to his cell this evening to recover.'

He sat miserably in his cell, and the guard must have taken pity on him as he soon returned with some cream and a plaster for his cut cheek, and a tray of breakfast. He ate. He waited. Waited for what felt like forever.

The room was growing dark by the time the cell door opened and James was lead in, bruised and limping, with an arm in a sling, but alive. He gave Sam a big smile and then winced, as if it had hurt a lot.

'Hey Sammy,' he said.

Sam was overwhelmed with relief that he was okay, gratitude that he had gone through this for him, and guilt that this was his fault. The only way he knew how to express the emotions was to stand and run into his arms, giving him a big hug pressing his face into his chest and breathing the smell in that meant safety.

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