tagLoving WivesPrison Works Ch. 03

Prison Works Ch. 03


We lay and talked for an hour, his big hands stroking my naked skin all the while. I learned his name was Teake, and he was far more tender than I'd expected. He apologized about the quickness with which he came, and when he asked me about myself, his interest seemed totally genuine.

As he ran his hands up and down my thighs I filled him in with a brief history of my marriage, including the discovery of the videotape.

"That weasly little bitch be needing an ass-kicking." He thundered. "Someone need to smack the shit out of him."

The rage in his voice scared me for a moment, until I felt his heavy body press against my back, his arms hugging me close. I paused, listening to the silence.

"Would you?" I asked quietly. He raised his head, looking down at me. "For me." I finished.

He looked deep into my eyes, serious, studying them. We lay unmoving for what seemed like days. I held my breath, feeling even exhaling would somehow break this moment.

"What do you want me to do?" He said. The tone of his voice suggested he'd already agreed. I turned my head away again, facing the wall.

"I want you to hurt him. And I want you to humiliate him. Can you do that?" I asked. "Babe," He laughed, "that little tramp sucks my cock on command, it's done already." "But only you right?" I interrupted. He nodded.

"I'll tell you what I want." I continued, "I want total humiliation. I know you've got connections in this place, I know you can make things happen. I want every convict in this place fucking with my husband." I paused, having shocked myself with my own cruelty. "And I want Lewis to know you're fucking me too."

"Dame girl," He said in a quiet, serious voice, "you one nasty, horny, sexy fucking bitch."

I felt like a different person, I never imagined I was capable of such ruthlessness, never guessed I would become so manipulative, so twisted. The anger I felt against Lewis wasn't consuming me though, I was thinking clearly, an objective in mind, and I was loving it.

Teakes' words forced my pussy to twitch again. I felt his cock hardening against my back, his hand reaching for my breast. I smiled.

"Will you do it?" I asked authoratively. "You fucking bet I will bitch." He replied agressively. "But I dunno if he'll believe I'm fucking you, I tell him alot of nasty stuff." "There's a little birthmark on the inside of my thigh," I said flatly. "Tell him that, he'll know you're not lying."

Teake moved down the bed, taking a look at the mark. Looking up at me, he slid further down. He shoved me onto my back as his big hands landed on the top of each of my thighs. "Oh, yes please." I thought, as he pushed my legs apart.

His head disappeared from my view. In an instant I could feel his cool breath on my lips, his mouth inches from my sex. My head sank back into the pillow as his tongue trailed across the upper limits of my thighs, tantilizingly close to my throbbing pussy. This powerful black God, the rippling muscles of his arms and back glistening in front of me, was totally under my control. I moaned blissfully, widening my legs, inviting him to gorge himself on my sweetness. I closed my eyes, lost in joy.

I'd successfully traded my limp, useless husband for this awesome, lustful king. Handsome, devilish and twice as big as Lewis in every department. He hadn't even made contact with my pussy, and I was calling his name.

When his big, hot tongue eventually slid along the crack of my pussy, I screamed in pure delight. To feel this hardened criminal, denied pussy for so many years, at the mercy of my body, under the spell of my pink lips was divine. He glared deep into my eyes, fucking me with his tongue, his entire being aching just to please me, his only desire to give me pleasure sent my whole body into convulsions.

Growling like an animal he tugged at my lips with his mouth, hungrily enjoying my taste, dipping his tongue deep inside me. His hand glided up my sweat-stained stomach, covering my breast, squeezing it gently, tugging at my hard nipple. I lay my hand on top of his, forcing him to squeeze my tit harder.

Only after an age did he raise himself, hovering low over my clit. He grinned at me, a light trace of my juices over his chin, his fingers running up and down my leg, from ankle to waist, teasing me. Each touch sent shockwaves through my body, sending me twisting and turning on the bed, my body arching, pussy rising and falling. Teake watched these contortions with pleasure, admiring the curves of my body, my round, fullsome tits lying, nipples standing tall. His fingers danced over my pussy, this time stopping at my clit. Gently, he massaged it with hs tongue, his fingers pushing back my hood.

I could feel the most intense orgasm yet welling up inside me. Whimpering, almost crying with pleasure, I draged his body towards me, on top of me. I needed desperately to feel the weight of this man on me, the heat from his body keeping me warm as I came.

As he lay down, his cock glided effortlessly into my drenced hole. A few long deep strokes were all I needed, my thighs locked around his body, my beautifully painted nails dug deep into his back. I opened my mouth to scream, but no sound came out, as the orgasm tore through me like a typhoon.

It was long, perhaps even a minute, and at the end I could do nothing. I lay motionless, exhausted. Teake continued for a few more minutes before exploding inside me. We lay panting, Teake on top of me. I kissed his shoulder, running my fingers over the muscles of his back, feeling his cock soften inside me.

"You know," He said breathlessly, after a while, "I got three more years to serve. You better get ready for me woman."

The guards came too soon, took Teake back to his cell, and that's the only time we made love. Two and a half years have passed, and Teake's been working out everyday! I'm a very lucky woman. We write to eachother every week and he still calls me, only now I don't leave it to the answerphone!

I visited Lewis once more in Prison. He came to see me in the tiny short skirt and make up, exactly as Teake had forced him to dress. He sat silently, defeated, listening only.

"Oh, you look so pretty Lewis." I mocked. "How is everything?" His eyes rested on my cleavage. "How many boyfriends do you have now?" I laughed.

"Anyway," I continued, "I just wanted to let you know, Teake will be out soon," I leaned closer to the glass, whispering, "I'm actually creaming myself in anticipation, the things he can do to me with his cock." I brushed my hair back.

"Basically, I wanted to tell you the garage is being converted into a room for you. Teake said you can stay with us as long as you behave yourself. He'll be taking the house, the bed, and me, but you can still be his special little bitch. It's either that, or the street, I'll let you decide."

A flicker of a smile crossed my husbands' face. He was far too ashamed to admit it, but my husband was enjoying his new role in life as a prison slut. I watched him wander back to his cell wandering quite how much I'd hurt him, and how much I'd actually helped him out. It didn't seem to matter anymore, anyway.

So, that's my story. I'm sitting here with the sun shining, Teake is out in a few weeks, and I couldn't be happier. There's just one thing I'm really thankful for, one thing I keep thinking over and over.

Thank God, thank God, that my mother never read Homemaker monthly!

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