tagFetishProud Holders Ch. 10

Proud Holders Ch. 10


All of the characters in this story are completely fictitious and any resemblance to real persons, living or otherwise, is entirely coincidental. Also all of the characters are well over the age of 18 - in fact the youngest is nearer 28.


Sunday Morning

"Good morning everyone."

"Good morning Miss Sarah."

Miss Sarah eyed her students with a feeling of pride.

"Firstly, I'm happy to say that no one had any nocturnal adventures last night. At least Matron and I uncovered no evidence to suggest it. Secondly, I think beyond doubt that yesterday's outing was a success and went better than I ever expected. As I'm sure you're all aware both Charmaine and Omar had accidents, neither of which surprised either Mrs Glenson or myself. However the rest of you stayed dry, despite having your bladders tested to the limit. I fully expected to have ten wet students by the end of the day so I think it's pretty fair to say that the outcome way exceeded my expectations. Some, well most of you in fact, were pretty frantic by the time we got back especially, Cathy, Holly, Jack and Jonah. However we still managed to have a reasonably good kegels session all the same with some nice, controlled peeing. You seem to have taken on board the skills I've been trying to instil all week. We'll do some more kegels after coffee and then some gentle aerobics with Mrs Glenson. She doesn't normally come in on a Sunday but she's agreed to pop in specially this morning to do a little work with you. After excelling yourselves yesterday she felt you needed rewarding with a little extra help today. She has intimated that she expects Charmaine and Omar to get through her lesson with dry pants though. Now has anyone any questions?"

"Yes Omar?"

"Miss, have Charmaine and I failed as a result of what happened yesterday?"

"No Omar. Neither have you have failed. It just means that you've both got more work to do. That's all. Both of you have learned to test your bladders in a controlled way and, importantly, you both now know how to do kegels which are an excellent form of pelvic exercise. That can - and will - make you both stronger in the long run. I have to say to everyone here, remember what you've learnt this week and keep up your exercises when you go home. Now if no one's got any more questions I think it's about time for coffee."

(Later the same day after lunch)

"Good afternoon, everyone."

"Good afternoon, Miss."

"Well class, we've now reached what for me is a bittersweet moment in the week's proceedings.

"It's now time for me to present the Proud Holder Awards but I have a few words to say first, although I'll try not to detain you any longer than necessary. First of all, you've been an amazing t bunch of students who've surprised and delighted me in equally measure with your determination to succeed and cheeky little personalities. I would like congratulate both Jack and Jonah who've shown exceptional courage in facing their own particular issues and given me no trouble at all. Also I would like to pay a special tribute to Anne who nearly left us but in the end showed both courage and good sense by sticking the course out. Cathy, Holly and Linsey Dawn, when you first arrived I thought you'd enrolled because you thought it would be a laugh. Despite the challenges you faced - including some wettings whilst you've been with us - you've all done astonishingly well and taken the course far more seriously than I ever expected you would.

"Andrew, after a bit of a false start I was impressed by the way in which you knuckled down and got on with it, especially after that non-accidental wet bed. Life in the forces must have taught you something. Omar and Charmaine, you've both done very well despite yesterday's little setbacks. Remember what I taught you and stick with it. Omar, you must remember in particular what Mrs Glenson told you about the detestable vice of masturbation. I know all the gentleman will fap when they get home tonight but it will do you know harm to be reminded about the counter productive effects of that bad habit. David, I'm not forgetting you. Despite a shaky start you've been a good student. Now if you'll all come to the front in turn - one at a time please - to collect your certificates I'd be most grateful. That ladies and gentlemen, concludes the formalities and you'll then be free to go. I'm sure you're all eager to get your bags packed and leave, although I'm going to miss you all terribly. Oh, and by the way, if anyone's thinking of paying a precautionary visit before leaving, forget it - the bathroom's locked!"


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