tagIncest/TabooPunishing Cat Ch. 02

Punishing Cat Ch. 02


Mr. and Mrs. Brooks were caring Christian parents. They had sent their only daughter Cat to the strictest non-boarding catholic school they could find (moving half way across the country to enroll her). They both cared deeply about the wellbeing and happiness of their daughter and believed the only way to make her truly happy was to train her to be a studious and law-abiding member of the catholic church. Along with the expectation of staying a drug-free virgin for all eternity, Cat was also expected to complete all homework, study for every test, attend every school day, and keep herself completely out of trouble. Sadly, Cat had failed to live up to these expectations. She had already landed herself in three detentions and one in-school-suspension in the past month for everything from talking back to a teacher to being caught smoking in the girl's bathroom at lunchtime.

Mr. Brooks was sitting in his large leather armchair in the living room watching out his window for the school bus. Cat hadn't gotten off the first bus at 3pm, which meant either she'd landed herself in detention again, or, God forbid, something had happened to her. Mr. Brooks didn't know what to do. He was a kind and reasonable man, wanting only the best for his little girl, but enough was enough. Strict talks had done nothing and yelling had done even less. Taking her phone away and sending her to her room without dinner had both resulted in nothing but her screaming that she hated him and slamming her door in his face. He was getting to the end of his rope and searching desperately for a solution.

When Cat was a little girl Mr.Brooks had spanked her a couple times when she was really bratty with good results, but ever since she sprouted into a beautiful yet insolent teenager he had never felt right laying a hand on her. The idea of bending her over his lap and teaching her to behave felt weirder now. It brought long-suppressed thoughts bubbling up to the surface and he didn't like that one bit. He felt inclined to reconsider bringing back corporal punishment now, though. After all, desperate times call for desperate measures and the church didn't seem to see anything wrong with it, so why should he?

Cat stepped from the last step of the bus onto the paved road and began walking down the short path to her house. She didn't quite know how to feel. The orgasm she'd just given herself in the grimy plastic seat of the school bus had been fulfilling and pleasurable, yes, but it had also opened the floodgates to a title wave of guilt. Why had she let a teacher do that to her? Wasn't it all her fault for touching herself in his classroom to begin with? Maybe she really was the pathetic whore he'd called her. As she stepped through the large white door of her parent's suburban home she didn't have a thought in her young mind about her parents' possible reaction to her late return.

Ahem, Mr.Brooks cleared his throat pointedly at his daughter, who hadn't noticed him, and had begun a slow trek up the carpeted steps. Cat turned around, startled to see her stern father sitting in his leather armchair surveying her with crossed arms.

"Where do you think you're going?" He asked sharply, glaring at her threateningly.

"To my room?" Cat replied, confused and still not remembering the likely reason for her father's tone.

"Where were you? I was worried, and you didn't even call. Were you in detention again?" Suddenly it clicked and Cat realized she was about to be in trouble, something she was used to but non-the-less despised.

Cat sighed and opened her mouth "Yes daddy." She said, looking down trying to seem ashamed but really just hoping his scolding would be over quickly so she could get upstairs and wash off the spunk oozing down her leg in a hot shower. Mr.Brooks sighed, disappointed in his rebellious daughter but inwardly thankful it hadn't been something worse.

"What was it this time Catharine?" He asked defeatedly.

"Nothing too bad..." Cat was too exhausted and preoccupied to make up a lie this time, plus she expected her attentive father to ask for the truth at their next parent teacher conference anyway. "Mr.James caught me in the stairwell with a boy while I should have been in class." She mumbled, carefully leaving out the detail of her bing pinned against a wall with her legs wrapped around him and his hand up her shirt.

Mr.Brooks sighed heavily. "Cat, we've talked about this. Your mother and I are spending so much money trying to keep you in school. It's not easy. We really want the best for you and we are doing all we can to give you the best education possible, and what thanks do we get? You skipping class, being rude to teachers, and getting yourself in trouble over and over. This has to end, Catharine. You have to behave."

"Yes daddy." Cat said with a half-hearted pretense at shame, but her father could tell she wasn't listening. He could feel the relief of her home safe quickly giving way to a bubbling roaring anger inside him at her clear lack of remorse.

"Go put your stuff down, take a shower, do whatever you need to do. I'll be waiting for you when you're done. We need to have a talk."

Cat trudged up the stairs, glad to get away from her father but dreading their talk. She was sorry to constantly disappoint him, but her rebellious nature was so woven into her personality at this point that she saw no point in trying to thwart it. At the end of the day, it seemed much more rewarding to say what you want and do what you want, and occasionally having to sit through a lecture, than to waste your life listening to a bunch of old people who don't even understand you.

Cat absentmindedly tossed her book bag and shoes into her messy room before walking into the white tile bathroom, meticulously cleaned by her mother, and pulling off her clothes. During the slow removal of her uniform, Cat remembered the buttons that had popped off her blouse when Mr.James tore it off her. "Well shit." She sighed, adding the last garment to the heap on the floor and stepping in the shower.

The water was warm and steamy and Cat couldn't help but let out a soft moan when the stream made contact with her skin. She loved showers, especially hot ones. She soaked her hair and made sure to let the warm water run over every inch of her. As Cat lathered up a sweet-smelling bar of soap and began massaging the suds into her small perky breasts and cute tummy, the guilt and worry seemed to wash away with the soapy water, and the memories from detention switched from shameful to arousing. She remembered how strong and brutal his hands had been on her and the memory made her bite her lip. Her sudsy hands wandered to her round young ass where the sadistic man had spanked her brutally. It still hurt to touch, but the hot water soothed it slightly. When her fingers explored inside the pretty pink folds of her freshly-used cunt, they found the slippery mess Mr.James had left behind that mingled with her own fluids. She moaned softly as she ran her small finger up and down her slit, enjoying the feeling and catching her breath every time it passed her clit.

The more Cat thought about it the more she realized she wanted it again. She wanted Mr.James to catch her doing something unspeakable and lecture her about how deplorable that act was. She wanted him to bend her over his desk, pull up her skirt, and force her to expose herself to her teacher. She wanted to be humiliated, degraded, punished, and, most shamefully of all, to have her teacher's painfully large cock forced inside of her against her will yet again.

Cat's small fingers began moving swiftly between her legs. Her most private parts were raw and slightly swollen from the rough treatment they had received earlier that day and from the fast frictional rubbing she'd given herself on the bus a quarter of an hour before. Under the warm gushing water, Cat could feel the slick slippery feeling as she got even wetter remembering all the terrible things her teacher had done to her. She remembered his low angry voice, how sternly he'd surveyed her, how skillfully and almost casually he had inflicted pain upon her young, eighteen-year-old body.

Cat lifted one slender pale leg off the tile of the shower floor and spread it wide letting the hot water stream between her legs and make her wince with a faint burning pain. Her fingers darted faster and faster over her used yet needy cunt. Her moans got heavier and louder but the noise of the faucet drowned them out easily. Her panting quickened and her face scrunched up in the classic female expression of intense pleasurable agony.

Suddenly, the image of her strong male teacher forcing his cock unceremoniously into her sent her over the edge and her low guttural moans were quite audible over the thundering faucet. "Oooooooooh fuuuuuuuuuuuck..." She spasmed slightly against the white tile wall and her eyelids fluttered like that of a dying animal.

After a few seconds recovery, Cat lazily turned off the faucet and stepped out of the shower dripping, naked, and slightly pink from the scalding water. She pulled a fluffy white towel off of a hook on the inside of the door and wrapped it around her small body. Her damp hand turned the doorknob and she walked absentmindedly out of the bathroom, and straight into her father.

"Oh, sorry." She started out of her post-orgasmic daze and stared up at tall man she'd just walked directly into. His eyes were a deep hazel and the wrinkles around them became pronounced as he smiled, sadly but lovingly, down at his teenage daughter. His hands had reached out instinctively to steady his "little girl" who seemed in danger of falling after the collision. She could feel his strong hands, calloced after years of manual labor, holding onto her small body tightly, and it sent a delightful shiver down her spine. Images sped through her mind like a parade of wild horses. His hands gripping her through her fluffy towel, pulling it away to expose her glistening naked form, exploring the crevices of her body. She bit her lip but blushed in shame. What had gotten into her? Just because her teacher had touched her when he shouldn't have didn't mean everyone was fair game to think about like that. This was her dad!

"Are you okay?" He asked. She blushed.

"Mmhmm! Yeah, I'm fine..." She sighed inwardly as his hands released her. "We need to talk." Were her father's next words, and her hope that he would forget about her detention was quickly denied.

"Here, let's go sit on your bed," He said, leading his daughter to her room. She sighed inwardly. At this moment all she really wanted to do was curl up naked in bed, slip her fingers between her small pale thighs, and bring herself to yet another orgasm to the thought of her teacher's abuse, but she fallowed her father obediently.

"Honey," The stern middle-aged man said once the two were sitting on the teenager's queen sized bed together, "I've been thinking a lot about your obedience issues lately and searching for a way to get you to behave. I know you're a good girl, sweetie, but you're always getting yourself into trouble skipping class or talking back or forgetting homework." He placed his large hand on the small girl's thigh. On his end it was a fatherly sign of compassion and love. On her's the small motion sent shivers of warm sex throughout her body. She shifted uncomfortably, part of her wishing he'd take his rough hand off of her, but the other part longed for nothing more than it moving up higher, up inside the towel wrapped around her. She looked up after a few seconds of painful silence to see his loving face twisted with discomfort.

Mr. Brooks was in the midst of a painful inner struggle. Despite the fact he had already made up his mind about the necessity of corporal punishment, it was an awkward thing to bring up, and he did feel quite uncomfortable about it. What if his beloved daughter cried? What if she thought he was some sort of pervert? Well, he doubted she'd think that, she was a virginal innocent girl, he was sure, but still.

Finally, Mr. Brooks was able to work up his courage and come out with it. "As I said, I've been trying to think of a way I can change your behavior," As he spoke his hand began stroking up and down Cat's quivering thigh. "Every age-appropriate punishment I've come up with hasn't helped," He hoped that his hand on her would help to make the news less harsh, he had no idea the was his daughter was reacting to his caresses. "So I've had to think back to what worked as a kid." Cat thought she knew where this was going and her heart started feeling more and more like a small lead lump in her chest. "When you were a little girl and you misbehaved I used to give you spankings, remember?" Cat nodded. Of course she remembered. They'd gone on until she was eight or nine, and had kept her almost entirely in line. "Well, I thought I would try it again." Mr. Brooks looked into his sweet little girl's eyes. He really hoped she would take this well. Obviously, he wanted her to be a little scared— he wanted it to work— but he would hate to traumatize his teenage child. What he saw in her eyes was a mix of fear, surprise, and something else he couldn't quite read.

There was another pause as Cat's brain (still distracted by the large masculine hand resting on the smooth skin of her thigh) tried to put together what her father just said to her. In that long stretch of silence his words sunk in to her young mind. She didn't know how to process it. On one hand she was embarrassed and repelled by the idea of letting her father touch her ass, even in an entirely non-sexual manner. Even if it was light it would be humiliating to say the least. She was a teenager! She hadn't been spanked by her dad since she was a kid! Plus her body was still shaken and hurt from the recent treatment from her perverted teacher, and she hadn't checked to see if there were any bruises or marks left on her.

On the other hand, Cat had already been spanked that day and, as embarrassing as it was, she'd really enjoyed it. Imagining that hand, now resting on her small thigh, brutally slapping her ass instead, made her toes curl into the carpet. Sure, it was disgusting and she'd never forgive her father if she learned that he had similar thoughts or any ulterior motives for laying a hand on his daughter, but the thought was sure sexy and she'd already broken several sexual taboos that day (although that had been beyond her control). If she thought about it correctly, it would be a win-win for everyone, she reasoned. She'd get to feel dirty and turned on and have at least one amazing orgasm afterwards thinking about it, and her father would get to feel as though he'd helped her overcome her behavioral issues,

"Okay." She said, her casual voice displaying none of the fear and arousal that was running through her body like a thundering waterfall. Mr.Brooks was surprised. He had expected his daughter to react with dismay, fear, and meaningless apologies and promises. In fact, he had sort of hoped she would. That would have felt more normal and natural than this bland acceptance.

"Uh, alright then." Mr.Brooks said awkwardly. "I'm sorry I have to do this hon—"

"It's fine dad." She said hurriedly. Trying to rationalize her strange reaction, Mr. Brooks thought that she probably wanted to get it over with fast and he couldn't blame her; aside from the tiny locked-off section his mind that dared notice his daughter's developing form and wonder what it would feel like to dominate a young woman, he felt the same way.

"So...I suppose..." He didn't know what to say but his daughter, strangely helpfully, finished his sentence.

"So I suppose you want me to bend over your lap." She said, her voice quivering from what he could only assume was fear.

"Yes sweetie." He noticed his voice falter as well. Why? She'd acted out terribly and the church was very clear about the necessity of "honoring thy father and thy mother" and it's support of proper punishments for disobedient children, but he still couldn't shake the feeling this was inappropriate. He'd been avoiding looking at his daughter so only when she stood up to prepare for her punishment did his heart skip a beat at the realization that she was only wearing a towel.

Before Cat could bend over her father's knee, she noticed the dismayed, almost terrified look on his face. She looked down and realized what the problem was. "Do you want me to take off my towel, Daddy?" She asked innocently, smirking inwardly.

"Uh, yes." He said, and then hurriedly "So you can put on something more appropriate. I'll wait outside." He got up from his teenage daughter's bed and quickly left her room.

Cat was mildly disappointed her father had left (although the sane part of her mind was embarrassed at that), but she knew it would be too strange to protest so she let him leave. The full-length mirror attached to the back of her bedroom door let her watch as she dropped the damp towel and revealed her now dry naked body. She knew it was a little narcissistic, but she loved how she looked. It was a perfect mixture of mature and juvenile. She had full hips and a perfect plump ass, but her relatively small, perky tits and short height made her look young, too. She distracted herself for a moment, running her small fingers up the curve of her soft pale figure. It really was beautiful. She could barely blame all the boys for going nuts after her, even if she was forced to wear a conservative school uniform every day.

Cat tore her eyes away from the mirror and began looking for the perfect outfit. She couldn't wear her full uniform because of the missing buttons on the blouse, but she liked the idea of wearing the skirt during her punishment. She found a loose T-shirt and almost picked up a pair of conservative cotton panties but stopped herself with a smirk. "I'm done Daddy." She said once her clothes were on.

Mr.Brooks re-entered the room to find his beautiful daughter sitting on the side of her bed, looking so nervous it almost looked fake. She'd changed back into the skirt from her school uniform, a loose t shirt, and long cream-colored socks that almost covered all the skin of her legs before her skirt. Mr.Brooks' eyes lingered a moment on the t shirt. It was red, a color that beautifully contrasted with the deep blue of the skirt and whiteness of her skin. More importantly, it was very clear she'd worn no bra under it. Her small perky tits were almost perfectly outlined beneath the soft cotton, the tiny cute peaks of her nipples poking out as if to say a cheeky "hello". He averted his eyes quickly, worried that his daughter had seen where they'd been for that split second.

The older man sat next to his daughter on the bed, his legs parted slightly in his slacks. "Get over my lap, please." He said, sounding stern and trying to seem less nervous than he actually was. His daughter slunk over his lap from the right so his dominant hand would be closer to her. He could feel her tiny hard nipples, covered only by the thin cotton, trailing over his lap. He held his breath, looking determinately at the ceiling and denying his thoughts furiously. Her face rested on the bed, her blonde hair sprawled beautifully around her. The t-shirt had ridden up slightly so her father could see a tiny bit of gorgeous soft skin above her skirt, but Mr.Brooks pulled it down hastily.

Cat's heart beat faster and faster, wondering if her father would pull up her skirt before he started to hit her, but, sadly, his large hand began to smack her ass over her schoolgirl skirt. It was light at first. So light, in fact, that it felt more like inept caresses than spankings. He noticed that too. He was only trying not to hurt his little girl too bad, but he worried it would feel sensual to her. He hit a little harder, feeling his daughter's ass under her palm.

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