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Puppy Jack



Looking down at my 22 year old fuck-buddy, I could see his eyes water as a blush rose on his cheek. He was collared, on his knees and begging for my cock, which hung half hard in front of his face. We played infrequently, but when we did, he knew the role of submissive he was to play.

Tonight, as part of my deviousness - I had upped the ante. I would normally have him leave the door to his condo unlocked, with him naked and on all fours waiting for me to arrive. The twist I threw at him was a bit of time and a bit of risk.

Propping up the door to his condo, I called for him to crawl halfway down the hall to meet me. Unzipping and hauling out my piece, I told him that if he didn't want his neighbours to see what kind of a whore he was, he'd better get me off quick. His panicked expression was met with a...


My name is Jack, I'm 28 years old, and if it wasn't obvious already, I'm a bit of a dick. I spent most of my early twenties in the dance clubs as a twinky little go-go dancer, I had my fill of fun and drink - but took advantage of my youthful good looks to tease and frustrate the other guys. I may have acted the slut, but I generally kept my ass and cock to myself. I enjoyed the open sexuality, but was a bit sexually insecure back then.

As I aged out of twink status, the beer caught up to me and i grew a tiny little belly. I began to work out, and build up some upper body musculature, and at the same time gained some sexual confidence. I was a top. I fucked twinks. I liked feeling manly and in charge, which led to me cultivating a handful of ongoing 'relationships' with some submissive guys I had met online. It was all great fun, but I often wondered if I enjoyed the control as much as I feared not being IN control. I spent most of my time in the bars these days chatting with other dominants, dads and leather heads. It was a warm and friendly club to be a part of.

One summer, my friend Paul, an older bear of a man I would hang out with from time to time, rang me up and asked me for a big favour. Paul, was intensely into the BDSM scene, and I had often gone to him to learn certain techniques, and borrow some of his pricey equipment, so I already felt a bit indebted to him.

"Jack, my buddy - look, I wouldn't ask if I wasn't in a big jam here. But I've got this club event, where I'm supposed to lead a little seminar on pup play, but boy Sammy is out with a stomach bug or something. I know it's a big ask, but I need someone to put on the gear and let me demonstrate some basic technique,"

Now, I had seen Paul do some Pup Play at a festival one year, and found it interesting, but personally felt it was too involved for my kind of domination play. I instinctively thought about making an excuse, but had already let Paul tie me up and suspend me, when he was teaching me about knots - so it didn't seem to be too far fetched to play class prop for him just this once.

"you can keep your underwear on, and I'll have you harnessed into a pup mask so no one will know its you,"

Perfect I thought. I'll help a pal out, not do anything too dangerous, and have a bit of an experience.

"Just make sure it's a BIG mask," I chuckled into the phone. Paul laughed back, thanking my profusely.


Paul picked me up that night in his Chevy and drove me a half hour out of town to a bar called RAW. As a permanent city kid, I'd never bothered learning to drive, and rarely ventured out of public transit range. I really didn't know what to expect of the place, it was a Tuesday night - and I figured they ran these little seminars when the place was dead. When we arrived at a mostly vacant strip mall, I was surprised to see a packed parking lot. The RAW building was a pretty nondescript cinderblock building on the edge of the lot, its black sign out front with weathered vinyl lettering. Paul pulled around back, and I cautiously stepped out of the truck.

"C'mon Jack, it's just through here,"

Even though I trusted Paul with my life, I started to get nervous. We passed through a back door and were greeted with the rowdy air of a busy drinking establishment. An older, greyer man slapped Paul on the back and shook his hand, ushering us into his back office. His name was Doug, and he owned the place. We all made a little small talk, before he headed back to the bar.

"Jack, dude - again, thank you SO much for doing this. I swear, ten minutes, and you can come back here, change, and we'll drink with Doug and watch the fun,"

I started undressing. "Wait, whats the fun?"

"Ah, I'm just the educational part of the evening J, you're not going to be the only puppy out there bud," He unpacked a sizeable leather puppy mask from his bag. "It's pup night at RAW, so after we're done, we get to see how these newbies take the leash, if you will."

I dropped my pants, kicking them off with my shoes. "Ha, cool - you gonna find me a dog to pound later then,?"

"I'll get you a whole litter there bud," We laughed together, my cock chubbing a bit in my black boxer briefs.

"Should I take my socks off too?" Paul gave me the once over.

"Nah, you're good, they're black, it'll have that naughty businessman look to it."

In short order, I had knee pads on, leather pouches zipped over my hands, and the crowning glory, a black leather puppy mask slipped over my head, and secured with metal buckles. The heft was the first thing that caught me, the second was the bit that ran across the mouth.

"Okay, so Jack - you've probably noticed the mouthpiece. That's there to keep you from talking. This was the biggest mask I had, sorry, but I knew you wanted to remain as anonymous as possible,"

I shook my heavy head affirmative.

Paul looked at me once again, he had put some effort into outfitting me, and was a bit red and sweaty as he grinned.

"Feel ridiculous yet kid?"

I mockingly barked once for yes.


Stepping out of Doug's office, we walked through empty pool room, and into the crowd around the dance floor and stage. It was packed, and I noticed a lot of mean looking guys holding the leashes of naked and leashed twinks. Admittedly, I felt a bit exposed, but seeing the young naked flesh on the floor made me feel a bit better about my situation. As Paul tried to hush the crowd to start his spiel, I looked off to the front of the room where people entered and paid their fee. I drifted off, watching this skinny asian dude, accompanied by a much older man, start to strip naked and put his clothes in a bag. I started formulating ideas for later, just as Paul clipped a leash to my collar, and gently pushed me to my knees.

Now, I know I had figured I might learn some pup play techniques through this experience, but to be perfectly honest, my mind was all on fucking some of these dudes in the audience. I paid just enough attention to what Paul was talking about to help with the demonstration, but was already ahead of myself and looking forward to an evening of public domination. I felt myself getting hard, and didn't even care.

The ten minutes though, grew into twenty, with the help of several interruptions in the crowd, as some of the pups started play fighting and barking. Paul would stop, wipe his profusely sweaty brow and take a long swig of his beer before continuing.

Ultimately, the fight to keep the crowd was lost, and as music pumped through the loud speakers, Paul rasped out some advice to a close handful of daddies who were still interested in hearing from him.

Suddenly a crashing sound was heard off to the side, and things got loud. I had tried to stand up and see what had happened, but Paul had lashed my wrists and knee pads together with a nylon rope to keep me on all fours. As the crowd jostled around I tried to look back for Paul to help me out, but couldn't see him through all the legs and butts down at my level. I scampered to the corner of the stage where a keyboard stand stood empty, to wait out the disturbance.

"Gentlemen, that was our friend Paul, I'm afraid he's under the weather and had to step out, so that closes the educational part of the evening," I started to panic. Here I was stuck on all fours, without the use of my hands, unable to speak - and the one guy who was supposed to be looking out for me was - well, I had no idea. I could sense that the evening had begun the transition into the "fun" that Paul had mentioned, folks seemed to be more touchy-feely with each other, the booze was freer,and from my low vantage point, I could see all the other pups had started to act up and fight for dominance.

Most, if not all of the other pups I could see had similar leather dog masks on, wore collars and hand pouches, but were naked. They would move their heads around and butt into each other with them, they would clap the floor with their bound "paws", and when they would find a more submissive pup that they would attempt to mount, before their owner would pull them back for some verbal discipline. I couldn't tell what it all amounted to, but I figured that I could stay safe and out of harms way hiding up on stage, and that I had to find Doug. Doug was the only one who could identify me and help me out of this jam.

I tried to scan the room for him, but couldn't see anything so I crawled further away from the empty stage for a better view. Next thing I knew, I was tackled from behind, pushed onto the floor and splayed out as much as my restraints would let me. Another pup had spotted me and tried to mount, and was now humping away on my underwear clad butt. I tried to scramble up and shout at him, but with the bit in my mouth, I could only squeak out something resembling a bark. This seemed to draw the attention of this pup's owner, a hairy barrel chested guy wearing a black leather vest and matching leather shorts.

"Samson!" He shouted at his pet. "What the fuck are you doing, bad boy!" He yanked the leash pulling him off my backside. I used my elbows to prop myself up back on all fours. Samson sat upright, with his paws out in front of him in a begging position, his owner knelt down beside me.

"What do we have here? You get away from your master lil' guy? I shook my head vigorously and trying to grunt into the bit. "You don't say, you're all by yourself eh?"

I suddenly felt a very sharp pain in my chest, as I realized that there was nothing I could do to make this guy understand my predicament. I couldn't tell him that I was like him, a dominant, that I wasn't a pup, or a sub, or even a bottom. I started to sweat, and frantically looked around for Doug to help me - this was all the distraction that was needed for Samson's owner to get a firm grasp on my collar and to grab the back of my boxer briefs.

"Well, the first rule here at RAW during puppy night is that puppy's aren't allowed these," And with that he tore my off my black boxer briefs, just shredding them in his big hand. I yelped as the scene played in slow motion in my head, feeling the sudden rush of air on my exposed hindquarters, my cock falling loose and out into the open for all to see. I felt a rush of humiliation at my predicament, and I wanted to cry so badly. As I came to my senses, I figured that I could try to run away- so I got loose of the daddy's grasp on my collar, and scampered madly through legs and past rutting pups, now in the throes of fucking one another for sport. I headed for the pool table area, figuring I could get underneath the table for safe keeping. Folks just milled about, nobody bothered with the cues, so I felt safe for the moment.

Just then, i felt a massive hand grab my ankles, dragging me out from underneath the table, my skin squeaked as i was drug across the cheap linoleum.

"Now that's a bad, bad, BAD dog there - FiFi." God, he chased me down and gave me a name, this was only going to get worse. "I think it's time that I take you to obedience school, and break you in," I was hefted up and planted on the pool table on all fours, creating a noise that brought a lot of attention. I was both mortified, and hopeful - because now, I was in plain sight of anyone and everyone in the bar. Maybe, just maybe Doug would spot Paul's mask and put a stop to the whole thing. Again, I looked around, eyes wide, trying to find my salvation. The daddy grabbed me by the scruff of the neck with rugged strength, and held me in place.

More people gathered around to watch what was going on, and I saw off in the distance, Doug head out the front door with another guy with an unlit cigarette in his hand. My heart sank. My mind was going 100mph, but there was no viable plan of escape. I was being kept on this table with a firm hand , and surrounded by a bunch of tough, burly men - some of whom I knew as some pretty mean doms back in the city. I still tried not to feel defeated as I felt a warm tongue lap away at my hole. Shifting my head, I saw Samson, working away on my ass, my cheeks pried open for him by a pair of bystanders. I was fresh meat on display for everyone now. I thanked god for the mask hiding my identity, as I emotionally struggled with the humiliation and pleasure I was experiencing. The men surrounding us started to shout encouragement at Samson.

I lowered my head, as I felt a cold goo being squirted in me - I was defeated. I was shocked. All these years of being the dick fucking others, of teasing, and pushing guys around, using them like worthless little whores, cumming on their faces, and just humiliating my willing subs - and here I was, about to get fucked like a dog in front of an audience. I began to cry. Samson's cock penetrated me and slid into my well-greased chute, my back straightened as I was impaled. He pulled out, providing a momentary sense of relief, before slamming back in - finding my prostate, and causing me to noisily groan into the bit in my mask. Everyone cheered as they watched me being broken in. My limp cock was getting hard at the stimulation, and a couple people grabbed at it, haphazardly jerking me off as I was being fucked.

I could feel Samson's leather paws on my back as he sped up, and I have to ashamedly admit that it was at this point that I began to push my hips backwards, essentially fucking his cock on my own. The crowd roared at this development. I was being broken in front of them all. I started concentrating more on the pleasure, and lost myself fully as I began to bark out loud. I was loving this cock fucking me, and the attention I had - I was in bliss.

At which point, I failed to notice that someone had begun to unbuckle my mask.

Pushing back hard against Samson, I closed my eyes, feeling his pubes on my cheeks, and my own cock slapping wetly against my belly, barking and moaning with every thrust - I suddenly felt a cool breeze across my face. Opening my eyes, I realized that I had lost my puppy identity, Paul's mask was gone and I could tell that people around the table had started to recognize me. I heard the whispers "Is that Jack?" I could feel the churlish laughter at my expense, and my face began to blush. Samson gave out a long, bellowing howl as he emptied his balls into my ass. I felt the growing warmth inside my bowels as he slowly pulled out. I was still rock hard, and completely humiliated.

Daddy rolled me over onto my back and gave me "tummy rubs" for being such a "good little FiFi,",which was essentially an overeager handjob. I looked up at the devilsh grins around the table, folks I had known in the dom community, and respected - guys who at one time had respected me as a tough, no nonsense badass. Some had pulled out their dicks and were jerking off with intent. I closed my eyes once more as I felt them spend the next five minutes cumming on my face and body. Daddy eventually brought me off too, leaving me covered in semen.

I began to cry again - not so much out of sadness or pain - but in a sudden sense of freedom that washed over me during my "baptism". I no longer had to be the one in control, the asshole in charge. I lay there sobbing as I welcomed my new life...

...as FiFi the bitch boy.

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