tagSci-Fi & FantasyRaiders of the Galaxy Ch. 02

Raiders of the Galaxy Ch. 02


Negous, the fearsome space pirate has been stabbed to death while on shore leave in a brothel of planet Aktarqua...

Inside the pirates' fleet, news of Negous's death spread at lightspeed. Back aboard the flagship No Mercy, Vichnaz, Negous's older lieutenant, made an official announcement.

"Comrades! Today is a sad day for the Hoard. As you may already know, Negous, Head of the Hoard, has died. Until his body is brought back to our homeworld and burnt according to our rites, there will be no shore leave. To honor his memory, lights will be dimmed in all ships and all crewmembers will wear a dark scarf. Pride to the Hoard!

"Pride to the Hoard!" the answer roared throughout the fleet.

Lights were dimmed, hatches were sealed and five pirate ships left Aktarqua's orbit.


Darkness was slowly crawling its way upon the northern valleys of Charchyza. Spread across the largest continent like a fan, the valleys nursed large plantations of alimentary products thus gaining their name of "Empire's Food Garden". Plantations were run by the same families that had settled on this world many centuries ago. Heads of these clans ruled their domains like little kings, exploiting the descendants of the settlers not lucky enough to arrive early enough to claim a piece of this agricultural treasure.

Bone was the only sibling of such a poor family. His ancestors had arrived 200 years before thus giving him a sort of respectability when the newcomers were treated like dirt. There were still newcomers although they had nothing to gain emigrating to Charchyza. The Clans needed more and more handwork and the local serfs were becoming reluctant to breed any more bound-to-slavery children.

Bone was his name and he was only named this because of the skinny figure that the less than wholesome meals he had had provided him. Despite his parents' sacrifices and the hard outside work, he never bore the muscles his father shown.

When it became obvious that Bone would never be as productive in the fields as any other serf, he was sent to the House of the Clan. Maybe there he would be of some use. It just so happened that one of the House maids had died from giving birth, allowing him to find his place among the House workers. Maybe it was his slenderness or his frail-looking traits that made him attractive to Lady Mykowitch, the spouse of Lord Mykowitch, head of Mykovitch Valley. He soon became her valet... and more than that.

Suddenly, Bone discovered there could be more to this life of toil he was entitled to. And sex was indeed a bonus. At first, Bone had been more than happy to be the Lady's pet. He had been cleaner than ever, dressed in clothes far better than his rugged ones. And he was enjoying more orgasms than he ever dreamed of.

Years passed. Despite the jealousy and competition raging among his fellow workers, Bone was still Lady Mykowitch's harem favorite. But herself was not Bone's favorite anymore. Gluttony of all kinds and aging had put their mark on her figure. Her breasts were not as perky, her ass was not as firm and the amount of make-up she put on her face made her less than attractive. Even Lord Mykovitch, who had made no mystery of having multiple lovers, had stopped honoring his wife. In time, Bone came to dread his encounters with Lady Mykovitch.

Weary was he when she gave him her not-so-secret hand signal meaning he was to meet her that night. And he no longer showed that anticipating hard-on he used to have when taking the stairs to her room.

He knocked.

"Come in," her voice greeted him.

There she was, on her bed, dressed in a nightgown that hardly hid her plump body.

"Come over here, buckaroo," she said opening her arms.

Bone felt paralyzed but conditioned by years of slavery, his body moved anyway. As he approached the bed, Lady Mykovitch held out her hand and grabbed Bone's genitals.

"Oh, my dear, not horny yet?" she asked with a wicked smile, "I will have to remedy this..."

Promptly, she drew his pants down, unveiling his flaccid cock, and engulfed him in her hungry mouth. She was sucking vividly, pulling him like she wanted to stretch his cock. Bone loved to be sucked and, closing his eyes, he was soon ready to action. Despite his frailness, nature has endowed him quite well, in a compensating sort of way. His cock was not very big but Lady Mykowitch needed both her hands to stroke all his length. That she was doing now that Bone's cock was almost rigid. He was moaning and enjoying her moves despite the many rings she wore.

"You like this, my young stud... I will have your male juice, you know..."

Bone was eager to spill his sperm as fast as he could but he knew Lady Mykovitch knew better than spilling a long hard cock without getting pleasured first. He had been punished many times before, when he was too inexperienced to master his staying power. The joy of orgasm had quickly been replaced by the agony of torture. When he ejaculated prematurely, Lady Mykovitch used to have him on his knees, hands tied in his back, and forced to lick her pussy as long as she pleased, being whipped when he was not performing properly. She was hard to please that way and it sometimes took her more than an hour to orgasm. Bone's back and tongue would remember the punishment days after it was over.

But now he knew how to struggle and delay his pleasure as Lady Mykovitch was stroking him like crazy while sucking on his gland.

"Are you ready now, my pony? Come over here... lay down..."

Knowing what he was expected, Bone laid down on the bed. Lady Mykowitch lifted her nightgown and kneeled over Bone's manhood. Bone grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them, thus allowing his dick to find the way to her cunt. In a single and brutal move, Lady Mykovitch impaled herself on his pole of flesh. His balls suddenly crushed, Bone repressed a moan of pain. He closed his eyes and tried to forget who was fucking him. But Lady Mykovitch was not to let him sleep.

Riding his dick like a frenzied puppet, she took off her nightgown and grabbed his arms, pulling his hands to her breasts.

"Squeeze my melons, you stud...Suck my raspberries..."

Bone was not even in the mood to laugh. Her breasts felt like jelly into his hands.

"Look at me, young rooster..."

Bone's eyes opened on Lady Mykovitch's face, panting, bearing a look of total madness and ecstasy. Sweat was pouring down her forehead and messing her terrible make-up. She was holding his hands upon her breasts, pressing them, forcing them to squeeze her fat flesh. For the first time since he had become her sex toy, he felt like throwing up, there, at her face, on her disgusting cleavage, on her flaccid belly. But instead, he felt his cock becoming flaccid and slowly pulling out of Lady Mykovitch's cunt. Stupor followed by anger flared on her face.

"What the... Fuck me, you... worthless piece of crap!! Fuck me!!" she yelled, slapping Bone's face, pounding his chest with harmless fists.

Bone knew better than fight back. He remained still and tried to avoid her punches by covering his face and chest with his arms. Although she soon realized her anger was useless, Lady Mykovitch didn't want to stand defeated.

"Mina!!" she yelled, "Mina!! Come here at once!!"

In a heartbeat, the door of the room opened and a young and petite maid entered the room, almost kneeling at the bed side.

"Come here. Suck his balls. Make this bastard hard as steel."

Without any more explanations, Mina climbed on the bed and settled between Bone's spread legs. Avoiding Lady Mykovitch's voluptuous ass, she reached for Bone's balls. Her tongue darted out and starting licking him. Bone's back suddenly arched as he felt stings of pleasure radiating from his perinea every time Mina's tongue touched him, caressing his balls and asshole. He had never felt something like this before, even when Lady Mykovitch was giving him the same treat. He knew Mina of course but as sex was banned between serfs –saving their energy for useful purposes- and severely punished he didn't know she was able to give such pleasure. In no time was he hard again to Lady Mykovitch's pleasure.

"There... You like this, don't you, little pervert? I knew Mina would give you want you want. She's known for being my husband's favorite. And I quite agree with him... Oh yes, you're hard again... Ooooohhhh"

Lady Mykovitch closed her eyes and resumed jerking off on Bone's dick, shivering with Bone's own jumps. Mina's tongue was doing miracles and Bone was lost in an unconsciousness of pleasure, only painfully self-aware of the torture Mina was inflicting him. He felt he had no self-control anymore and his dick threatened to explode with each tongue caress she was giving. Hopefully for him, Lady Mykovitch's orgasm came quickly. She roared and pounded Bone's chest, nodding with every spasms.

"Yes... Yes... Yes... YES... YES... YEEEEEESSSSSSS"

She fell onto Bone, panting heavily, cutting his breath. But as Mina went on, he immediately forgot about the weight on him and Lady Mykovitch's cunt squeezing him.

"Mina... dear... make him cum..." she uttered, strength less.

Still licking up and down Bone's genitals, Mina stuck a finger into Lady Mykovitch's soaking cunt, making her scream. Then she pulled it out and carefully, without hesitating, forced Bone's asshole with it. Bone uttered a cry, followed by many others and moans as well he couldn't repress. Mina's finger was exploring his asshole, bringing him to unknown heights of pleasure. He was harder than ever and building up a terrifying orgasm. He felt it coming far inside his belly and propagating all along his steel-hard shaft, making him scream and spurt gallons of sperm into a wickedly smiling and satisfied Lady Mykovitch.

"Yes, little bastard... See? I told you she was the best. Give me your semen, stud..."

Bone was dead, killed, shattered, broken... and more pleased than ever. He hardly felt Lady Mykovitch move as she went to his side and took his still-hard cock into her mouth, licking the dripping sperm of it and dismissed Mina.

To be continued...

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