tagMatureReal Estate Agent Ch. 02

Real Estate Agent Ch. 02


First of all I like to thank all for their comments and advice. Even though I’m just writing for the fun of it, it is always great to get advice on how to improve my writing skills. I’ll watch my spellling (just kidding).

After my encounter with Annette, I went on with the business of moving in to my new apartment. I bought new furniture, as this was a new start for me. I thought about Annette every night after our encounter, however, with starting a new job, there was always that probation period, so I had to do my best to keep my focus on the job.

A couple of weeks later, my gear came in. My bed was the last to come in. After the delivery guy had assembled the bed, I couldn’t help but jump on it after an uncomfortable week on the floor. As I got comfortable looking forward to my first Friday night in a comfortable bed, I heard a knock on the door. Curious to know whom it was (considering I had only been there a week) I walked up cautiously to the door. “Who is it?” I called out.

“The agent, I’m here for the inspection.”

“What inspection?” I replied.

“Just to see if there are anything that you’ve found that needs fixing.”

I opened the door, and to my surprise there stood Annette, wearing the same outfit as our first encounter with her hair tied up in a sexy bun. She walked past me without giving me a glance, just an innocent ‘how ya doin stranger’ smile as she went about inspecting the apartment. The last room she looked at was my bedroom. “I see you’re settling in good,” as she went over my bed and pressed her hands into the mattress. She sat down and crossed her legs looking at me seductively, “come here, lets break in your bed!”

I got on my knees and crawled to her. Placing my chin on her news, I put my hands on her ankles and moved them up. As I was moving my hands, I moved my face up to hers, as we both became lip locked. I could smell her Channel and I could taste the mint on her tongue. I broke our kissing and move my head back down between her legs. They parted voluntarily and I began to eat her pussy through her satin panties. I was sucking and biting trying to give her pleasure and it seem to work as she began to moan loudly. She pressed her hand on the back of my head and grinded my head hard into her pussy. It didn’t take to long for her come, as I could taste her sweet juices leaking through her panties. I got out of there and she stood me up. She unbuckled my belt and unzipped my fly. My cock was so hard that when she releases my cock out of my boxers, it hit her square on her forehead. She put her mouth over the head and began to suck on it. With my hands I reached down and started to unbutton her shirt. I felt her breast through her matching white satin bra as she gobbled my cock down her throat. She so hot and I could feel my cum rising when I had to stop her. “I want you badly.” She got up, caught her breath and we both started to undress each other. When we were both naked, I picked her up and laid her properly across the bed. I crawled over her and placed my cock over her mouth and lowered my cock in her mouth as I hovered over pussy. We were in a 69 position with me on top. I started fucking her mouth whilst lapping her pussy with my tongue, and I got a good rhythm up plunging my cock down her throat. I was really getting into it eating her pussy out that I didn’t realise I had quicken my pace. Annette started to gag.

“Oh shit, are you ok?” I asked.

“Yeah sure, just a bit too much, too quickly,” she replied. “Now just sit back and let me show you how it’s done.”

With that we switched positions, as now she was on top. She placed her asshole lightly on top of my nose as I started to plunge my tongue into her cunt. She bent down to take my cock back into her mouth. This time she was very gentle. She guided my entire cock down her throat, with absolutely no hint of teeth. Her mouth was as soft as silk as she slowly wrapped her lips onto my shaft and slowly moved her tongue and I could fell the start of the pressure and she began to suck. The feeling was sensational, it wasn’t enough to orgasm, but it was a feeling that I’ve never felt before, and a feeling that was better than an orgasm. With one of her hands she slowly massaged my balls and with the other she gently rubbed my asshole without ever penetrating it. She started to ever so slowly move up and down my cock. It was if she was worshipping my cock with her mouth.

It was hard to concentrate on her pussy as she was doing this to me. I stuck my tongue as far into her pussy as possible. Not content just to give her a tongue fuck, I tried to taste every bit of her insides. I was like a dog licking her g-spot, lapping every micron of it. My nose was massaging her asshole at the same as I was lapping her pussy. I placed my thumb under her and onto her very aroused clit and lightly massaged it. The more I rubbed, the more she moaned. She started to moan louder and to my disappointment, she released my cock so she could scream as she came.

When her orgasm died down, she got off me (to my great disappointment), turned around and sat on my stomach, moving back and placing my cock between her ass cheeks. She grabbed my hands and placed them on her breasts, so I could massage them. She was grinding her pelvis on my pelvis as I kneaded her tits like a baker making bread. I couldn’t take much more, so I grabbed her ass cheeks and lifted her up. She must have wanted it too cause she grabbed my cock and guided it to the entrance of her cunt. She sat down on it and I was in heaven. She was tight and very hot. She just sat there not moving, just enjoying the moment. Then I felt something. Her vaginal muscles were massaging my cock. Her eyes locked onto mine, concentrating as she continued to expertly massage my cock. She finally started to move her hips slowly up and down my shaft, so we both can savour the passion, every moment, every sensation and feeling.

She went slowly for a good 20 minutes before I could feel my orgasm rising. Annette started to pant more as I could feel her orgasm approaching too. Although our orgasms were approaching, she did not quicken the pace; she kept to that same slow pace. I couldn’t take anymore. I screamed as I (as well as Annette) started to come, however, I did not explode into her. My orgasm was slow and long. My cock poured cum deep into the womb like a stream. It was one of the most powerful orgasm I ever had.

“Enjoyed that did we?” she said.

“WOW,” was all I could say.

She rolled off me and lay down next to me. I glanced down at my glistening cock; again I saw a red stain on my cock. She grabbed my cock and slowly stroked it, until it got hard again.

To be continued

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