tagTransgender & CrossdressersRebecca and Ethan Ch. 04

Rebecca and Ethan Ch. 04


Ethan rang Rebecca's doorbell promptly at 7 o'clock. Rebecca had been dressed and ready for an hour, excited about the evening. She had made a batch of vodka martinis and had indulged in one before Ethan arrived.

Ethan had texted her earlier in the day, "You wanna have a sleepover tonight? We can make s'mores and have a TV marathon?"

Rebecca texted him back, teasingly, "Should I bring my Supergirl pajamas?"

Ethan responded, "Oh, those won't be necessary. I won't be wearing pajamas."

Rebecca hardened at the image of Ethan's pajama-free body, and she texted, "I'll pack a bag. See you at 7:00, xo." As she dressed for the evening, Rebecca threw some casual clothes in a bag, along with her make-up case and hair supplies. The bag waited by the door.

Rebecca answered the door, and Ethan was a vision. He was wearing a dark brown jacket, with a lighter brown vest and an open white shirt. His brown wool pants fit him perfectly. Ethan's long brown hair was pulled back, with a few strands of hair falling down the sides of his clean-shaven face. Best of all, he was wearing his glasses rather than contacts. Rebecca loved the glasses. It made him look all the more like the history professor he was, handsome and smart.

Rebecca invited Ethan in and poured him a drink. Ethan took it from her, and kissed her lightly on the lips. "Thank you, Bec. Looking beautiful as always," he said. Rebecca flushed slightly, a combination of the compliment and the alcohol. Rebecca was wearing a light-gray, knee length sweater dress. Two inches of her black stockings showed between its hem and the tall, three-inch heel black boots she wore.

Rebecca normally did not wear heels of this height. At five foot ten she always had to worry about being clocked when alone. But, Ethan was six foot four, and she felt safe with him. Rebecca had rounded out her outfit with a long, black necklace and matching earrings. Of course, she also wore the trinket bracelet Ethan had bought her. She rarely took it off.

Ethan and Rebecca finished their drinks and chatted easily. Ethan had a seemingly endless well of stories from the university, arrogant colleagues and the innumerable excuses of his students. Rebecca imagined that there were also many stories of Ethan's students hitting on him, but Ethan was considerate enough not to share those. Ethan could talk about current events and history in a way that never made Rebecca feel out of the conversation. Ethan was brilliant but not the least bit overbearing about it.

Finally, it was time to leave to make their reservation. Ethan kissed Rebecca again, took her hand and helped her with her coat. Ethan grabbed Rebecca's overnight bag as they walked to the car. Ethan opened the car door for Rebecca, and she slid inside. Ethan held her hand all the way to the restaurant.

Arriving at the restaurant, Ethan pulled up to the valet parking attendant. The attendant opened Rebecca's door and said, "Good evening, miss." Rebecca breathed a sigh of relief at the correct gendering. Ethan held her hand and walked her into the lobby of the crowded steakhouse. Rebecca loved the feel of Ethan's hand laced into hers. His hands were neither hard nor soft. Just strong and safe.

When they were seated, Ethan ordered a bottle of red wine, and they continued their conversation from earlier as if no time had passed. Ethan talked about the course he was teaching on the Carthaginian Empire as if he were talking about the latest sporting event. Rebecca talked to him about the mixture of people at her job as a claims adjuster. They laughed, and he kept staring at her with those blue eyes. It was if they were the only two people in the restaurant.

Halfway through dinner, Ethan slid his hand onto Rebecca's knee. She shuddered at the initial touch. They continued talking. Ethan's hand slid up her thigh to the edge of her lace stocking top. Ethan was casual about it, as if this was not making her crazy. He began playing with the suspenders of her garter belt as he talked. The feel of his hand on her skin was driving her to the edge. Rebecca was glad she had worn a gaff rather than panties along with her garter belt.

When the meal was finished, Ethan asked her if she wanted dessert.

"Um, no, Ethan. Let's go have our sleepover," Rebecca replied, a little breathlessly.

Ethan gave her a sultry smile and said, "I'll get the car." He walked Rebecca to the door and helped her with her coat. Rebecca waited inside while Ethan dealt with the valet attendant. Rebecca was a little drunk, but she wasn't quite sure if it was alcohol drunk or lust drunk. She could barely wait to have Ethan's cock inside her, anywhere. The car arrived and Ethan helped her inside, tipped the attendant and they headed for Ethan's apartment.

Rebecca could not wait to touch him. The drive was ten minutes, but she needed something. She reached over to Ethan's seat and placed her manicured hand in Ethan's crotch. He was hard. Ethan was so nonchalant about it, she would not have known it until she touched him. Rebecca stroked Ethan through his pants the entire drive home. She did not want to be away from his body for a second. The console between them was annoying because Rebecca desperately wanted Ethan in her mouth. Neither of them talked on the drive home. Ethan put his foot into it and made it to his apartment in eight minutes.

When they arrived, Ethan turned to Rebecca and said, "Do you trust me, Bec?"

She replied, "Yes, more than I've trusted any man."

Ethan said, "Good. When we get inside, I want you to go to my bedroom. Take off your coat and your dress and lie on the bed. Leave everything else on, including those sexy boots. I have a couple of things to do. Will you do that for me, Becca?

Rebecca trembled a little, wondering what this was about, but shakily replied, "Yes."

Ethan led Rebecca into the house. Rebecca hurried to Ethan's room. She took off her coat and threw it on a chair. She removed her necklace and pulled her dress over her head. Unsure if Ethan wanted her to keep the necklace, and wanting to follow his instructions, she put it back on. It hung over her black lace bra.

Rebecca found herself in Ethan's bed for the second time. After what felt to Rebecca like an hour, but was only minutes, Ethan came into the room. He was wearing his pants, but his jacket, vest, shirt, shoes and socks were missing. Rebecca sucked in her breath at the sight of him and his muscular chest. Ethan was holding a scarf.

Ethan smiled at her and said, "I'm going to tie this scarf around your eyes. I don't want you to say anything, ok? Just relax for me, Becca." She looked at him and nodded. Ethan approached her and tied the scarf, blinding her.

Ethan said, "Now, Becca, I'm going to put some headphones on you. Just listen to the music, ok? You won't be able to hear or see what I'm doing. Keep trusting me though, baby." Becca nodded again. Ethan placed headphones in each of her ears, and a soft instrumental piece began playing. It was loud enough, however, that she could no longer hear.

Ethan had taken away her senses of sight and hearing, but not of touch. She could feel Ethan unzipping her boots and slowly removing them. His hands slid down her stockinged legs as he did so, and she trembled. She felt Ethan's hands at the straps of her garter belt. She could feel him deftly detaching the straps from her stockings. Then she felt his lips on her inner thighs, above her stockings, kissing her soft skin. He slowly removed one stocking after the other. As he did so, he kissed her legs all the way to her feet.

Rebecca felt Ethan's hands on her right foot, and then her toes were in his mouth. He sucked on them. This drove her wild. She could feel his warm lips and tongue on each of her toes. After he finished with the right foot, Ethan moved to the left one and did the same. Rebecca could barely lay still. She wanted to tear the blindfold and earphones off.

Then she felt Ethan move his body between her legs. She could tell he was naked now because she could feel his hardness on her thigh. Ethan kissed her on the lips and Rebecca met the kiss, pushing her tongue between them, wanting to get as close to him as possible. Ethan pulled his mouth away but remained between her legs, his chest pressing into hers. Rebecca could feel his steady heart beat.

Ethan lifted Rebecca's right arm and pressed it against the headboard. She felt the soft nylon of a stocking as he wrapped it around her wrist and tied her arm to the bed. Ethan did the same with her left arm. Now that she was secured, Ethan kissed Rebecca lightly on the lips, but again pulled away quickly. Rebecca couldn't stay silent any more, "God, Ethan, I can't take this any more, please fuck me."

Ethan lifted one of her ear buds, and he whispered, "Bec, remember, no talking. If you talk again, I might have to spank you." His warm breath and these words did not help. Now, all Rebecca could think about was his firm hand slapping her ass, and this made her even more crazed. But she did as she was told and remained silent.

The music in her ears played on, and Ethan had left again. She could neither see nor hear him. He was back. Ethan carefully removed Rebecca's garter belt and gaff. Rebecca was thankful for the relief. Her cock was hard, free, and standing at attention. Ethan's hands moved up the side of her body, and now they were on her bra, squeezing her tits. She felt him pull one of the cups down and Ethan's mouth was on her nipple, sucking it. He took the nipple between his teeth and bit, neither too hard or too soft. Perfectly. Rebecca's back arched from the combination of pleasure and pain.

He was off her again and then back. Rebecca could feel sharp, wet coldness. Ethan clearly had an ice cube and was trailing it down her chest and torso toward her cock. The shock of the cold was replaced by Ethan's warm tongue and lips, warming her skin after the bite of the ice. Ethan moved the ice cube to just above Rebecca's cock. She could feel the ice on one of her balls now. Ethan followed the ice by sucking her ball into his mouth, gently. With her ball in his mouth, Ethan touched Rebecca's hard cock for the first time, stroking it from the base to the tip. He continued stroking her while he moved the ice cube to the other ball, and then pulled it into his warm mouth.

Rebecca's body was shaking now and she was close to cumming from Ethan's stroke. Just before she hit the peak, Ethan sensed it and removed his hand. Rebecca groaned but said nothing. Ethan lifted Rebecca's legs onto his strong shoulders. When his tongue first touched her rosebud, it was all she could do to keep from cumming immediately. Rebecca needed to come so badly, but she did not want this pleasure to end either. Ethan pushed his tongue further into her. Rebecca was forced to start thinking about something else to keep herself steady. Her mind raced through a number of options, and she finally settled on cute puppies as Ethan continued to eat her ass.

Ethan removed his tongue and a wet, lubed finger entered her, and then a second. Ethan stroked her hole, opening Rebecca. His fingers slipped out and she groaned again, but Ethan replaced them with something bigger, something silicone. She thought to herself how full of surprises Ethan was, and then she gasped as the entire object entered her, filling her. Rebecca could not tell if it was an anal plug or a dildo, but it felt amazing whatever it was. She was full and the only thing that could possibly feel better was Ethan's cock itself.

Ethan's hand was on her cock again, a very slow stroke. Rebecca could tell he was trying to pleasure her without bringing her over the edge. She felt his tongue at the base of her shaft, moving slowly up to the tip. His mouth was so warm, wet and soft. She bucked her hips upward in a motion that was the only thing she could do to beg Ethan. His lips were over her tip now, as he slowly took a couple of inches of her cock into his mouth. She could tell Ethan was experimenting, trying to get it right, being careful with his teeth. Rebecca could not hear anything or see anything, but the mental image of Ethan with his mouth around her cock drove the puppies far away.

Rebecca could no longer keep herself in check. She came hard with Ethan's lips wrapped around the top of her cock. She expected Ethan to pull away as she came, but he didn't. She badly wished she could watch as she filled Ethan's mouth with her cum. Rebecca could feel Ethan swallowing as she continued shooting jet after hot jet into his mouth.

Finally, Rebecca was spent and Ethan licked her shaft clean. She felt Ethan move up her chest. He kissed her, and Rebecca could taste some of her own cum. Ethan lifted one of her headphones and whispered wickedly, "I think I'll keep you like this for a while. Don't go anywhere." Rebecca moaned and said nothing.

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