tagNonHumanRed Under The Moon Ch. 02

Red Under The Moon Ch. 02


((I had some great emails requesting perhaps a part two. I've had to wrap my mind about it but I'm hoping that this is at least half as good as the first. Please forgive the errors and be kind? As always, feedback is what drives a person onward for better or for worse. So don't be shy! And thank you for reading!!))


It was the warmth of the hearth and the quiet crackle of the fire that warmed and soothed me. Slowly I rocked back in forth in the chair that had once been Grams, the creaks familiar to me as if they even spoke a language that only I knew. I watched the fire dance in the fireplace, casting shadows in a somewhat eerie way but I paid it no heed. There wasn't much that I did fear these days.

After my encounter the night before, I ventured back out into the woods to retrieve the basket I'd dropped. After some searching I did manage to find it, the contents frozen but otherwise unharmed. I had to dig the snow out of it as the wind had whipped up during the early morning hours and smoothed the landscape so that everything looked fresh and soft. It took me a moment then to realize my good fortune: the wind had smoothed away the tracings of that night's wild flight. The fear that I had developed, the fear that my brother would see the tracks and question me, drifted away easily and I actually breathed out a sigh of relief.

I was shocked. Relief? I had actually felt relief that the creature that had hunted me wouldn't be hunted in return? My hand had come up to my cheek feeling the hot blush that spread over my chilled skin. As my cheeks had blushed my eyes flickered open slightly more as I felt myself grow wet at the thought of that large cock spreading me open, filling me and claiming me. I had hurried back to the cottage, acutely aware of the soreness between my legs. I had been fucked by a nightmare; neither a man nor a wolf but both in the same body and spirit. I had been mounted and thoroughly claimed and like a bitch in heat I had screamed in pleasure because of it. I was ashamed but my shame was twofold: I was ashamed at being taken by this strange creature and I was ashamed because I was also craving it again, I needed it.

The days passed slowly for me. I went back to the village a few more times to visit with the folks I knew. I wanted to trade for a few items to make a special dinner for Erik when he came back which would be any day now. The local gossip was of special interest to me as well, it helped to keep my mind still from my cravings. With so many of the village now resting at peace in the spirit world we had become a small number. We would get families every now and again that wished for a new start in a new place. We even had a new blacksmith, a large quiet man that set up his shop on the outskirts of the village. His eyes were stormy his hair was fair, like spun gold. He was a large man; he had to be to swing the massive hammers with such ease. The girls of the village would subtly watch him as he passed by, giggling and whispering to their selves as the swooned. I think about all of the village girls would subtly watch him as he passed, giggling behind their hands and trying to catch his eye. Never once was he impolite but never once did he accept an invite from any of the girls, nor their fathers as a possible marriage arrangement.

A few new families had joined our village as well and it warmed a heart to see fresh faces and new friends made after so much heartache and sadness. One of the families that had come was a sweet couple by the name of Jonathon and Wilma. Wilma and I had an instant liking for each other and often I'd find myself seeking her out to chat.

Wilma told me that the men in the village were gossiping about something strange going on. Every now and again livestock would end up killed, not enough to cause panic but it was noticeable. I looked up from the sleeve I was sewing on the new dress I was making and arched a brow. My inner self was alarmed and afraid but I kept my demeanor neutral as I listened to the gossip. I was worried what this could ultimately mean, and the consequences it could bring as well.

With the day growing short I bid farewell to Wilma and her children and started off back towards my own place. I passed by the smith, ringing out with sounds of a hammer shaping something with violent, rhythmic blows. The sound stopped as I was almost past and I looked up to see the smith, Magnus, look at me. Our eyes met, my light brown ones locking with his stormy grays for perhaps the span of one heartbeat then set his things down and disappeared inside his home, shutting the door behind him.

I continued walking after a slight stumble, brows furrowed slightly in wonderment. Was I this displeasing? I had thought that I was somewhat fair. Before the sickness had come I'd had at least two of the young men in the village that had expressed an interest in my hand in marriage. For some reason, this very much irked me and I held my head high and continued on homeward. I did not need to worry myself with the strange mannerisms of the village's most sought after bachelor.

Erik came home a few days later and he had been very successful in his hunts. I was very glad to see my brother, the mighty hunter. I do think he was very glad to see his sister as well, or at least twas my cooking he was grateful for. Over dinner I filled him in on the local gossip of the town, he merely shook his head and muttered about busy body women folk, I took the jibe in good nature and was genuinely pleased he was home. Erik showed me the pelts he had, the meat he'd brought home and I knew that when we took it to the village tomorrow I could stock up on a great many things we did need. Hunts in the winter were a lot easier; Erik could be gone longer as the meat didn't spoil when frozen. The summer times would be different and I would get to see him more.

All the sibling bickering aside, my brother and I were very close. We were all that each other had now and we knew how very precious that was. Every now and again I talked about finding him a wife and he would tell me that he'd marry me off to the first man that could give him a gold bit, but I knew that he was as fierce as our father would have been when it came to marrying his children off. I knew that someday things would change but for right now, we were happy in our own little arrangement and world.

My cupboards were stocked, the firewood was replenished and we even had a bit of money set aside now. When Erik left me again, he was wearing the brand new fur lined cloak I'd made for him as a birthday gift. I waved to him as he left our home, watching him trudge deeper into the woods as I trembled slightly. I leaned against the door frame, fingers curled into the apron dress I wore, trying to steady my hand. I'd been jumpy for a few days now. Tomorrow was a full moon.

The night passed slowly for me, I rocked in Gram's chair and tried to keep from pacing. I chewed on my lip as I rocked near the fire, my stitching in my lap, fingers still as I hadn't worked upon it for most the night, my mind being elsewhere. Setting it aside finally I rose up to my feet and leaned forward to poke at the fire, stirring it down for the night. The sooner I went to bed, the sooner tomorrow would come and then tomorrow night.

My bed was off to the side of the main room, hidden most of the time by a curtain but as I was the sole occupant of the home there was not much need for privacy. I stripped off my tunic dresses near the hearth, luxuriating in the hot caress of the warmth on my skin. Slowly I ran my hands over my body, sliding down over my chest and cupping my heavy breasts, feeling my nipples tingle and begin to harden. I was not as thin as some of the girls in the village, I had a more curvy figure, larger breasts. I was teased when I was younger, often coming home to cry to my Gram about the injustices of my body but now I rather preferred it. Letting my breasts go I continued the soft downward stroke of my pale skin, over my hips and belly. My fingertips brushed over the soft dark hair that covered the mound of my sex. My fingers automatically brushed downward, teasing the lips between my legs and I had to draw in a breath. I was anxious, excited and nervous all rolled and mixed together.

What if tomorrow came and went without a single event? What if I never saw the creature again? I sighed softly, not wanting to think such depressing thoughts but moved my hands to my hair. I pulled the tie free and unwove the braid that held my hair captive and out of my way during the day. It tickled my body as I freed it, hanging in waves down my back as my fingers combed through it. It was a soft honey brown and so were my eyes. I had often wished I was fairer like the majority of our village but was not to be, that had gone to my brother. My brother had flirted. A lot. If it hadn't been for his fever, I believe he'd been married off by now, perhaps even a child or two to carry his strong Norse looks. We both grew up fast during that time.

Stretching, I moved over to my bed and slipped between the heavy blankets and the fur coverlet. I shivered and curled up tightly against the coldness but as my bed warmed I stretched out and my hands once again roamed over my own body. Fingertips found my nipples and circled them slowly, teasing and coaxing them to stand. When I could stand no more I pinched them, rolling them between my thumb and fingers, tugging gently. My thighs pressed together as my legs rubbed slightly. My lips were open as I panted gently, hands smoothing down over my ribs and back between my legs. I spread them wide and gently stroked my lips, hips lifting up automatically as I imagined a tongue in place of those fingers.

What was I becoming? I hardly ever touch myself like this and now I could not help it. One hand held open my lips as my other fingers gently rubbed between them, my hips lifted in acceptance and I pushed further in. Eyes closed against the awkward embarrassment I felt I continued to rub my finger along the length of my pussy, feeling the slick wetness that had formed. Dipping my finger ever so slightly inside my tunnel I marveled at the heat that radiated from my core, the wetness that almost flowed out of me and I used my finger then to rub the slickness around the small button buried under a hood.

I needed more.

Slowly I eased a finger deeper inside of me, eyes closed and head tilted back as I heard myself take in a great breath of air. The inside was so soft and hot and I felt my muscles contract eagerly. Slowly I eased the finger inside as far as it could go. I moaned so loud I opened my eyes to look around, making sure even though I knew I was, that I was indeed alone. While my finger continued to rub around my sensitive pearl, I pulled my other finger out and pressed two to my hole; easing in and feeling myself squeeze eagerly. I pulled slowly out and pressed in again, starting a slow rhythm that my hips rocked easily to. My nipples were hard as they rubbed against my blankets as my body moved in pleasure, fingers sliding in and out of my pussy as I sought some sort of relief from the pent up frustration I had felt for some time.

I added another finger, three now in my stretching hole, moving faster in and out, hips rocking up against my hand as I tried to find the relief that I so desperately needed. The blankets were sliding off my hot body, nipples tight as they sat on my full breasts, rocking with the movement of my own thrusting. I cried out in frustration, pussy clenching as I was finding it impossible to find the pleasure, the release, I needed. I needed something more, something bigger. And with a scream I gave up, laying upon my bed panting, arm over my eyes as I trembled with need and almost in tears. After a while I gathered up my covers and drifted into an uneasy sleep.

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