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Repopulation Pt. 04


The story so far...

Nurse Allie Cooke was kidnapped by a mutant ex-National Guardsman from an Omaha hospital after a nuclear war had wiped out most of civilised society in the city and in the US as a whole. Brought to an unknown location, she is being held captive by a perverse man calling himself 'Sir', who has told Allie he and the likes of his mutant accomplice aim to repopulate America. Already 'Sir' and the deformed soldier have force bred one woman, Lieutenant Betty Hawkins. Betty is about to be cruelly abused once more, and Allie is about to witness this.


Chapter 5

The drooling mouth of the mutated and wounded Corporal Jones latched like a leech onto the bare left breast of Betty Hawkins, Allie's co-captive in what was rapidly becoming some kind of post-nuclear house of horrors. Allie could not help but stare as her eyes tried to discriminate in the darkness the separate bodies of the female lieutenant and the lurching corporal. All the while 'Sir', an unnamed, indistinguishable stranger who seemed to control things, knelt beside Allie Cooke and literally sermonized to the young nurse.

"You see Miss Cooke, we've had the pleasure of knowing Lieutenant Betty Hawkins since she was caught by Corporal Jones trying to steal some food from our private stocks. After some debate with some of our...um, shall we say comrades...I helped her and Corporal Jones here...a once strapping National Guardsman if I can comment on his earlier life...well, I helped them to become much better acquainted. It's all part of my...our...grand scheme."

Allie shook, both from the cold and the disgust she felt as she heard Jones grab Betty's pants and tug them down. The rustling of fabric was just audible as the mutant kissed his victim's lips with a wet and slobbering lip lock. Betty's protests were muted, but Allie knew that something awful was happening.

"Is he...that freaking bastard...is he raping her?!" Allie wanted to shout the question but the intimidating presence of 'Sir' discouraged her. 'You're all fucking sick. Goddam animals!'

"No Allie," 'Sir' whispered, "Animals rut and procreate because they need to keep the species from going extinct. What men like myself and my comrades, as well as poor damaged Corporal Jones are doing is not just stopping the human race from becoming extinct, we're also trying to wipe out the stain of humanity's past mistakes. Build a better life with a new, more perfect generation."

Allie's eyes briefly looked into the hollow pits of the demonic 'Sir', trying to understand his psychotic and criminal psyche. But then she heard a gasp of pain, and she turned her head back to the piteous sight of Lieutenant Hawkins being violated by a mutant. A freak born out of the nuclear horror from 6 months ago, and who had possibly used poor Betty like some medical experiment, or for a perverse breeding scheme.

"Betty...Betty my sweet. Corporal Jones wants to make you feel sooooo good." The lisping, hissing voice of the mutant seemed to wind its way through the air like a venomous snake. Poisoning the air, corrupting the people who heard it. "You're used to my penis aren't you Betty my dear. And my sperm too...it's filled you up till you are fit to burst hmmm." Allie was almost physically sick, and the lewd stare from 'Sir' told her how he felt about what Jones was uttering.

"Ohhh no, please don't. Please.....not again. Not again!" Betty cried as she felt Jones push against her now exposed vulva with his hard cock. Not long, but thick and with a bulbous head the Corporal's rubbed his dick with barely suppressed mad lust over her clit. It wasn't in any way loving foreplay, but after being used like this at least half a dozen times, and almost certainly impregnated by the monster battering at her pussy lips, Betty's body automatically responded. Her cries of anguish were mingled with an occasional sigh, and the victim of a mutant soldier rapist couldn't help but lubricate a little due to the stimulation of her clitoris.

As Jones the deformed soldier massaged his fat cock over the poor Lieutenant's damp cunt flaps 'Sir', the architect of this perverse place dropped a hand onto Allie's bra-covered right breast. The material was cheap and hadn't been washed for a few days, so Allie was not just nauseated by the scene near her as well as the molestation. She felt embarrassed to be seen like this; no matter the effects of a nuclear war, basic human decency and social niceties shouldn't be destroyed too.

The hand at her tit cupped her carefully, softly molding the smooth palm to hold the shape of Allie's 32B boob. She squeaked a protest; "Don't...I don't want this!" but 'Sir' stayed still and left his hand in position. All the while he stared into her face as she tried to both avoid his gaze plus shut out the vision of Corporal Jones moving closer between Betty Hawkins' spread and pinned legs.

"Go ahead Corporal," the commanding voice of 'Sir' spoke, over the top of the soft cries of protest coming from the topless and not pants-less female Lieutenant. "Fuck you sweet breeding mate soldier...keep her fertile womb swimming in your semen." And with a bestial grunt, the mutated soldier drove his fully erect phallus up inside his victim. And all Allie could do was mouth a silent "Oh my lord!" as she saw and heard Betty succumb to the thrusting cock of her rapist.

Chapter 6

As the 19-year-old student nurse shuddered the silent form of 'Sir' knelt near her, keeping his hand firmly cupped over her bra-covered right tit. His fingers didn't move, but his palm did put some pressure exactly over the section of fabric that covered her nipple. Allie tried to assimilate the sensory and mental anguish she was surrounded by; near her she heard the grunts and cries of the mutant national guardsman violating a poor fellow female captive who had been impregnated before by the monster between her thighs.

"My god...you sick dirty fucking bastards...why are you doing this." Allie spat out the question with as much hate and disgust she could muster. The hand on her breast tightened and 'Sir' drew closer.

"Don't question me Miss Cooke. You are only going to survive by submitting to your fate...your biological purpose. If I find you to be a rebellious influence on our plans here to repopulate and re-establish the USA then my powerful friends and will let you starve, go without shelter...abandon you to the radioactive wilderness."

Allie tried to see the face of 'Sir', and gauge any degree of intent from him beside that cruel import in his voice, but there just wasn't sufficient light. However, there was enough illumination from under the door for her to see as she twisted her head that poor Betty Hawkins was being savagely raped.

"Oh Christ Betty," the mutant soldier gasped as he pushed and poked his fully erect and uncovered prick again and again inside the battered vagina of his victim "You still feel tight when I fuck you. Love fucking youuuuuu..." Corporal Jones sighed the last word as his scarred body humped Betty without pity and without any love. This was the act of a creature, not a normal man, and the lust-crazed mutated creature that was the Corporal hungrily stabbed his dick between Betty labia lips.

"How taut is Lieutenant Hawkin's birth canal?" 'Sir' enquired, slowly pawing Allie's left boob now.

"Uhh....Sssssir it feels very tight....ahhh fuck....when she pops my kid she might tear sirrr...ah fuck. Yesssss." The hissing snake-like voice chilled Allie's heart.

"Oh I hate this....pleassssssse...no more...no more....you're hurting me...hurting me and the...ahhh...baby."

Lieutenant Hawkins sobbed her begging plea as loud as she could, trying to make her pitiable voice heard over the lewd and base grunting of the mutant using her violated pussy. 'Sir' stopped gently fondling Allie's breast to focus on what Betty had said. His twisted, perverse mind made a snap decision.

"Corporal Jones...stop rutting with your child's mother now." The one-eyed and cruelly burnt face of Jones looked back, trying to discern in the darkness what was going on. "Stop now...or you may cause irreparable damage to Lieutenant Hawkin's ability to bear children."

Allie looked on in shock as 'Sir' left her side and strode the couple of paces to grab Betty's rapist by the right shoulder. "I said STOP NOW!" With a ferocious yank 'Sir' pulled the naked Corporal away from between Betty's splayed and naked legs. Her pussy, bruised and moistened by Jones' pre-ejaculate would have been open to see by one and all if there had been sufficient light. Allie dry-retched as she heard Betty babble 'Gotta protect my baby...gotta protect my baby...gotta protect my baby." All the while Corporal Jones counterbalanced her sorrowful voice with a hissing "Wanna keep fucking her sir...need to cum so baddddddd...cum in her pusssssssyyyy."

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