Tuesdays was a quiet night but they needed all the business they could get so remained open. They had talked about starting a theme evening, without spending too much, to attract customers. While bandying ideas around Pauline mentioned, with a sly grin on her face, "I could dress up as a French maid, what do you think?"

She didn't expect him to agree as it was merely a suggestion to cheer him up while they waited in hope of at least someone walking in.

"A great idea, when can you start?" he teased her right back.

A little something naughty was needed to rekindle the passion in their lives after struggling to get the restaurant up and running. They were only just surviving, with the possibility of a small disaster putting them out of business. It was always in the back of the mind nagging at them to work harder.

It cheered him up all right. The following Tuesday they were almost caught having sex on one of the tables. She hoped the serious looking businessmen hadn't caught sight of her as she scampered into the kitchen giggling at the near escape.

"I'll have to get my overall from the cupboard," she giggled into a hand, from embarrassment, trying not to make too much noise.

"No!" Paul told her with a big grin. "You get out there and serve the customers, naughty wench." He propelled her toward the swing doors with a playful slap to her bottom. She was modestly covered with a frilly pair of white panties but did feel naughty.

"I'm not a wench I'm a French maid," Pauline protested, correcting him with a cheeky smile. One of them was going to have to get out there quickly to take their order before the only customers of the evening were lost.

"Just take their order for drinks then you can change," he dared.

"You can't be serious! I'm wearing it for you not them out there," she complained. She was puzzled by his excitement and eagerness to show her off. She too was keyed up after the close encounter but unaware of it.

She pushed at the swing doors, standing out of sight, expecting him to back down. "OK. I will!" she said, darting him a withering look hoping he would relent before walking through into the restaurant.

Not daring to look back or through the small window at the men out there she quickly pushed through before losing her nerve. She kept her head down, not daring to look at them, while threading a way through the maize of tables.

As so many times before she approached a customer's table, only this time there was an exciting tension. She had to clear her throat which was dry from a sudden nervousness, "Good evening sir, how may I serve you this evening?"

Pauline was a little surprised at how different the usual greeting sounded. Her demeanour had adjusted itself to the outfit leaving her feeling and sounding like a humble maid. She put it down to feeling nervous at being so exposed.

"Can I get you a drink while you study the menu? Or perhaps you have seen something you fancy." As the innuendo sunk in she felt her chest tighten and flush pink with embarrassment.

They looked up from the menus with astonishment at the sight of a young twenty something maid, standing close in a saucy outfit. They stared at bare thighs revealed under a ruffle of petticoats holding up a black silk dress. The white frilly panties were less revealing than a bikini bottom yet very naughty when revealed under the short hem.

The sheer stockings were held up with black suspenders showing off her shapely legs, and the shiny high heels lengthened them seductively.

She watched their eyes move upward, opening wide. Above a pinched waist her breasts seemed on offer in a long deep cleavage. The nipples only just covered. Her small breasts were more impressive than she thought when pushed together so tightly.

She had donned the complete set with white cuffs, collar and a choker. The frilly garter above her knee seemed too lurid now she stood before strangers. This daring outfit was meant for her husband for there was no way she would have the courage to show her body off to customers. Yet here she was!

Embarrassed at the attention she also felt a little giddy from it. Her makeup had not been heavily applied except to her lips, which were ruby red. A dark mass of long hair had been scooped up into a white maids cap tied with a black ribbon to reveal a long neck.

They couldn't speak, so after busying herself with a notepad she said, "Perhaps an aperitif while you decide what you want?" she asked nervously.

She turned on a pair of four-inch high heels and quickly scuttled off. She had always thought her limbs too long, too skinny, but after being married for a year had filled out a little, giving a perfect shape to a very desirable body. The novelty of being noticed and desired hadn't worn off and she was embarrassed by it.

It still amazed her when a man ogled her, as it was only since being married that she had developed a pair of breasts worth noticing. They were still small but tonight they were exaggerated by a waist cinched into a corset.

They watched her departing figure shimmy in the high heels, wiggling her pretty little bottom like a professional dancer. It was the only gait she could manage in the unfamiliar heels having only practised in them that afternoon.

On arriving back at the table she hesitated with the problem of serving the drinks. Pauline was going to have to bend over to place the drinks on the table. Taking a deep breath she would just have to get it over with. The panties covered her well enough; it was just the uncomfortable thought they could see them.

What would these respectable men think of her? She was twenty-four and they were mature businessmen around forty so surely they would consider her very wicked dressed like this.

Concentrating on not spilling the drinks she didn't think about how much they could see down the cleavage. Her hand quivered as she placed the first glass down. One of the customers slid to one side giving her room. It was only as she bent over she realised how close her rear end was to him. He wasn't being helpful at all!

It surprised her that respectable middle aged businessmen were behaving like silly schoolboys. She had to dismiss it, after all she was dressed to thrill, and the one at fault.

She pulled the tray over her bust in an unconscious move of protection. "I'll be ready for you when you want me," she said. Again the innuendo brought on a foolish embarrassment and she felt her face flush hot. In a flurry of petticoats she quickly retreated back to the kitchen.

The evening went well with both men behaving as perfect models of civility. They beamed upon her with elegant smiles of appreciation, trying hard not to be too obvious over the young fresh faced angel's state of undress, while taking it all in.

After a stiff drink in the kitchen to steady her nerves, she made one or two mistakes while serving them. She spilt some wine and served the wrong dish to the wrong customer, but they were blissfully unaware of it.

She now presented the dessert trolley. By this time it was difficult to say who was the more confused from alcohol and flirty stimulation, she or the two customers.

Another mistake was made when suddenly bending over the trolley to save a fresh cream profiterole. The little dress was already floating up on a raft of petticoats every time she reached over the table to serve them.

They stared at the delectable view of stockings stretched tight by black suspenders. Beneath a tumble of white petticoats, raised around her hips by a straight leg bend over the trolley, was revealed a pair of white panties stretched tight over a peachy bottom.

This time she ignored their lascivious looks. Having dismissed them as errant schoolboys she managed to cope without running back to the kitchen. They ordered more than enough from the trolley just to see her bend over.

Playing their game, as well as getting rid of old stock, Pauline bent to the lowest shelf. Was it a sign of defiance? Was she was trying to tell them it didn't bother her. It did bother her. She was becoming so much hotter from showing off her rear it couldn't be ignored.

They couldn't possibly eat that many desserts but felt they deserved to pay for the show. Paul had his own ideas about making them pay. "You can't charge them that much," she exclaimed.

He refused to take the bill from her, crossing his arms with his hands tucked out of the way. "You can. They will take anything from you. They are on expenses so don't feel sorry for them. If they complain bring it back and I'll reduce it," he said, while ushering her out of the kitchen toward the two men.

They spared little time glancing at the bill but questioned it merely to keep her close. They had ordered as many courses as possible to keep her attention and bending over the table. They were prepared to pay for the privilege too.

Payment was by company credit card as her husband had predicted and the tip proved they were by no means displeased with anything let alone the size of the bill. With such a large tip she felt obliged to help them with their coats, becoming entangled with arms and coats, in the closeness of the small foyer.

She felt hands accidently stroke her body but grit her teeth for they were on their way. The ordeal was very nearly over. They enjoyed the close encounter which elicited yet more gratuitous promises of telling their business colleagues of the terrific service with added promises to return very soon.

Pauline sighed with relief and threw the cap onto a relatively clean work surface in the kitchen. She shook her hair out letting it swirl around her head until it settled over her shoulders. At least there wasn't much to do, as Paul efficiently cleared up as he cooked.

At last the outfit was hung up in a wardrobe ready to be returned to the costume hirer next day. It had been an interesting evening, a nice profit and she was feeling excited by the attention lavished upon her.

Hardly had they completed the usual routine, from kitchen, to bathroom, to bedroom, when the passion overwhelmed them both when they at last made it to the bedroom.

Paul pushed her onto the bed. "So naughty maid!" he exclaimed. "You paraded around exciting guests in my home like a strumpet. You should be punished for your errant behaviour," he told her sternly.

All she could do was giggle breathlessly while he grappled with her. He fell onto the bed where they play had a play fight. She tried to escape his manhandling of her body but the giggling left her weak.

He pulled he rover his lap, still laying back on the bed, and slapped her bottom. "That's for spilling red wine on a clean white table cloth," he told her.

"Ouch! Hey stop it, that hurts," she complained, without much conviction.

He pulled the panties aside to slap her again. "That's for being a naughty show off," he laughed. "This one is for showing of your panties and another for showing off your nipples," he scolded her.

"I didn't!" she exclaimed. She was somewhat relieved thinking he was joking. He had noticed her nipples had almost pushed up out of the tight uniform but hadn't said anything. Before it could be confirmed he rolled her onto the bed and dived between her legs.

The giggles turned to heavy breathing as she again lay helpless. Now she was helpless to resist him from the delightful exploring tongue. The mood changed from playfulness to a serious carnal lust. She pushed her hips up at him thrusting a needy pussy in his face.

She couldn't see him over the petticoats which were up over her waist. Without her panties he had full reign over her. She rubbed the sides of his head with her soft bare thighs. He lifted her hips up to get at her, supporting her bottom with a hand. With the free hand a finger pressed at her asshole with a thumb rubbing her bud.

He seemed to be searching for the elusive G-Spot with his tongue. He lifted her legs over his shoulders where the stockings rasped over his shirt. Neither of them had taken a moment to undress.

A sensation stiffened her legs. Had he found the magical button that switched her on? Her legs flopped down either side of him as he stretched forward to take a mouthful of a breast. He too was near, unable to wait. She felt his hardness fumble, probing against her asshole. Unable to reach him, to guide him, she lay helpless with the beginnings of an orgasm.

Feeling him enter she was thankful, pleased and ecstatic to feel it strongly thrust in. All the way in it filled her up, leaving her feeling so full. She felt him cum pushing her over the edge into deep orgasm. Not the usual orgasm, but a deep throbbing animal orgasm overcame her.

Her hips heaved upward, wanting it all, wanting her man to fill her with his life giving seed. She felt as though she was his, belonged to him, wanted to be his. She continued to shiver delicately as he wrapped his arms around her. The warm comforting cuddle continued her wonderful feelings of completeness.

It was a powerfully hot moment of passion they had never before experienced. They soon fell into a deep comfortable sleep.

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