tagLesbian SexRestless Nights Ch. 01

Restless Nights Ch. 01


It was another restless night. I laid in bed for what seemed like forever, unable to drive off to sleep. I tried to relax, and nothing seemed to help.

After what seemed like forever, my mind started to finally wander into those random "day-dreams", in which fantasy melds with memory. A date I had last month with Jeff melded with a scene from a "bodice ripper" romance novel.

As in the date Jeff had his hand inside of my bra, and was caressing my hard nipple through it. But instead of being crammed into the back seat of his Honda Civic, we were at a deserted cove on the beach. And instead of being 18 with acne and thin as a stick; he was 25 and looked like Brad Pitt.

After a few minutes, I realized that my hand was stroking my nipple through my nightie. "Hmmmmmm" I quietly whimpered, letting the fantasy start to wander a little more. I could feel my nipple grow even harder, and gently squeezed it as I let my rebuilt Jeff slide the cup of my bra down and caress my bare breast.

That night in the back of the car was my next to last date with Jeff. We had been dating at that time for about a month and I was about to the point where I would have let him do just that. I know that being a virgin at 18 is unusual today but I wanted to hold onto that for as long as I could. I had never gone past second base so far and am still waiting for the right guy.

So when I lightly pushed Jeff's hand away he got mad and started to pester me to let him continue. But it was MY breast we were talking about, and he had no right to try and pressure me. So I buttoned my blouse, and asked him to take me home. I went out on one more date, but when we started to kiss as he dropped me off at home, his hand went immediately to my breast and I pushed him away and went inside. Better off with no boyfriend then a boyfriend that only thinks with his prick.

But this is a fantasy and I was more then willing to let fantasy "Brad" do this. Brad would understand when I pushed his hand away. But I did not do that and actually pushed against his hand. His hand squeezed my breast, my hard nipple pressing into his palm. I could feel his growing passion as he fondled me. I could hear his breathing start to grow faster, my C cup breasts being squeezed and caressed.

Of course the breathing was my own, as well as the hands on my breasts. But I was not caring. All I cared about was letting my fantasy lover continue, and giving me what I knew I wanted. I softly bit my lower lip and suppressed a moan as I imagined his lips lowering to my neck. And as my fantasy blouse and bra were discarded, my real nightie was slowly pulled up to my armpits, giving my own hands free reign over my tingling breasts.

I moaned as I made a circle around my right nipple, and slowly pulled in and out, trying to capture some of the feeling of a pair of lips suckling on my nipple.

I had only let 1 person actually do that to me and that was Mark last summer. We had been dating for several months, and each time started to go further and further. One night we had gone out right before my period. That seemed to be when I was always the horniest, and this was no exception. I did not resist when he laid down on top of me and started to kiss down my neck to my chest. And when I felt his lips move down and kiss the top of my swelling breasts, I was gone.

I was only a B cup then, but the feelings were still intense, and I did not stop him when Mark pulled the cup down and started to nurse on my nipple. I wrapped my legs around his waist and we slowly ground together as he sucked and licked my hard nipples. At that time, I finally realized what was meant when I read about a gal's nipples being "so hard they hurt". For the first time in my life, I felt like that.

I had never even masturbated before that time, and was not conscious of grinding my hips against his. When I started to feel my belly tremble and my hips jerk uncontrollably, I thought something was wrong. But I could not stop and actually thought I was having a heart attack or stroke as I had my first orgasm.

I was crying and pulling on Mark's hair as I shuddered and bucked against him. Right afterwards he groaned and bucked hard against me then went stiff as a board himself. This is when I finally realized what had happened. We both got real shy then and he went to the bathroom to clean up and I took a few Kleenex out of my purse to do the same thing quickly. I dropped them into the trash just as he returned. Good thing we were at his house and not in a car or someplace like that. I imagine it would have been rough if that had been the case.

But in my fantasy I was reliving some of those feelings. Instead of Mark sucking on my hard nipple it was Brad. And in my fantasy my legs were wrapped around his waist grinding against his groin. Never mind that in real life, they were pressed tightly together, and my thighs were slowly rubbing back and forth.

I could start to feel my labia swelling now as I raised my head and pulled my nightie off over my head. And I softly moaned as I felt my hands start to squeeze my breasts in time with my thighs tightening and relaxing, causing my inner thighs to press against my vulva.

I started to let go of my fantasy, and work more seriously on getting myself off. In the last year I think I had made up for lost time. Having never masturbated until I was 16, I was now doing it an average of 3-5 times a week. But that was an average. Sometimes (like now), I would go up to a week or a week and a half without doing it at all. Then I would do it daily for several days in a row. Sometimes, I would even do it 3-5 times in a single day. God I hope that that relaxes as I get older. I am not worried at the moment since I think (hope) it is just these teen hormones everybody talks about.

As I let my right hand slowly drop down my belly, my hips moved from slipping back and forth to slowly pumping forward and back. As my hand reached my mound, I gave a small moan. I continued to slide my hips forward and back, letting my hips move against my still hand. I could feel the tight curls of my pubic hair under the thin cotton. I eased up on my thrusts, letting my hand slowly take over the motion as I let my thighs spread apart.

At almost the same time as I became aware of the musky odor raising up from below, my fingers felt the moistness between my legs. "Wow, I most really be horny" I thought to myself. I rarely got so wet this quickly. THIS is probably why I could not sleep. I quickly counted backwards in my head as I slowly rubbed up and down my slit, feeling the cloth push between my labia. The last time I did this was the day before my period started. That was Monday. It was now Thursday a week and a half later. 10 days!

"Damm, that explains everything" I thought to myself, finding my clit and lightly stroking it through my panties. No wonder I was so restless tonight. I pulled back slightly, letting just the tip of my fingernail scratch my clit. I could only take that for a few seconds before I had to stop. It feels great but is to intense to keep up for very long even through my cotton panties.

Knowing what I wanted now, I raised my hips. My fingers reached down to my sides, finding the waist band of my panties and slowly tugging them down. I felt my belly give a quiver briefly imagining what it would feel like to have somebody else do this for me. I felt them slide down, the crotch staying a tad longer against my skin before sliding down, bending my knees to bring them closer as I slid them down my calves. Finally pulling first one foot, then the other one clear and dropping them on the floor next to the bed. "Have to remember to pick those up before my mom comes in" I thought to myself, then I thought of nothing else as my right hand slid back down my body, and started combing out my pubic hair.

It always feels erotic, feeling the curly hairs straighten out under my fingers, just to curl up again when I release them. I did this for several moments, teasing myself as I pulled. I could feel them slipping through my fingers, and the slight tugging made me even warmer. My other hand continued to cup and squeeze my breasts, moving slowly from one to the other. Occasionally I would pinch or lightly pull on a nipple, then return to squeezing it. I tried to imagine how I would feel the first time I would let somebody touch my mound this way. Just imagining a boy touching me like this made my belly quiver and I could feel my labia swell more. I knew I could not hold back much longer at this point. I was so excited my areola were starting to crinkle up an obvious sign to myself that I needed to get down to business.

I lowered my fingers, letting my middle finger slide slowly up and down my slit. I could feel my clit poking out from under it's hood, the tip just barely poking from between my labia. I sighed, only caressing it in passing, working slowly up and down my labia. On each stroke I slowly pressed in more taking 6 or 7 passes until my fingertip was fully between my lower lips.

I gave a long deep sigh of pleasure. THIS is what I needed. I spread my legs farther apart and lifted them slightly, bending them at the knee. As I did this, I lowered my left hand to my belly lightly pressing down. I looked down in the darkness, and could see my hand sliding back and forth, framed between my breasts. My nipples looked like 2 hard nubs, poking straight up into the air. And the scent was even stronger now. No mistaking it now, it was definitely the smell of an excited pussy. Granted, I had never smelled any others, but they could not smell much different then mine did at this time.

I slowly slid my finger down and pressed the tip of my middle finger against my vagina. Ever so slowly, I felt the muscles at the opening relax as my middle finger slid inside. I slowly worked it in and out, sliding deeper each time as my finger got more wet. I moaned a bit louder biting my lip to prevent from being overheard. Last thing I needed was for my sister in the next room to overhear me, and come in to make sure I was alright.

Finally, it was all the way inside. I spent about a minute, enjoying the feeling of it slipping in and out of my body. It still amazes me sometimes, knowing that I was designed so a man could slide into me. But at this moment, I was more then happy for this fact. I was even wetter now, and my hips started to pump again, wanting more and deeper penetration. I pulled my finger out, and then slid my ring finger down and into my pussy, fighting back a moan as it slid into me. After making sure it was nice and wet too I pressed it together with my middle finger, and slid them both into myself.

"Ahhhhhhhh" I quietly moaned, feeling both digits slide in. I started to slide them both in and out as my left hand slid down, the palm resting on and pressing against my pubic mound as the index finger found my hard clit, stroking it in time with the fingers of my other hand sliding in and out. Both hands worked together to bring myself pleasure, with my finger making one full stroke back and forth on my clit in the same time it took my two conjoined fingers to slide in and out of my pussy. Down and in, up and out. Down and in, up and out. I started at 2 strokes a second, and was able to keep the pace for about a minute. But I was now so hot I could hardly hold back.

While it is hard to hold back, I also know that holding my orgasm back as long as I could often made it stronger. And sometimes, on rare occasions, I could cum 2 or even 3 times in a row "bang-bang-bang". Those always left me weak, wet, but satisfied.

I was now moving faster, maybe 4 strokes a second. My fingers were reaching deeper inside too. I sometimes let them linger inside, caressing my inner walls. The texture reminds me of the tissue on the inside of my mouth. Soft, while not rough nor smooth either. But after a few moments, I started to slide them back in and out again, even faster then before.

Now came what I always called my "nasty noises". Wet, soft, squishing noises. This always made me hotter but were also embarrassing. I can only hope that when a guy is sliding in and out of me like this, those same noises would not occur. That would be SO embarrassing. But right now, I did not care, I only wanted to cum.

Faster, ever faster. My fingers a blur, both on my clit and inside of my pussy. Must be 8 or maybe even 10 strokes a second now. I can feel the juices flowing out of me, starting to flow down my ass and onto the bed. I already knew what the "wet spot" from the dirty jokes talked about. Still a virgin, and I have already slept in one many times. And tonight would be yet another.

Ohhhh, oh yes. I can feel it now, getting closer. Oh so close. My nipples are starting to tingle and my belly is starting to contract. My fingers are starting to get squeezed, almost to tight for them to move. Oh yes, there, stroking my clit harder, faster. Oh god, yes, there, there, THERE!

My hips buck up and down hard against my hands. I turn my head to the side, biting my pillow and moaning into it, trying to be as quiet as I can be. My orgasm floods over me, consuming my brain, my belly, my pussy. Wetness flows more heavily, and I can feel my walls clenching on my fingers, squeezing the invaders. Oh, how I love this feeling.

Bucking and moaning, I continue to rub but more slowly and gently. Fingers wiggling inside instead of thrusting. Oh god, here it comes again! I fight not to scream as I feel my clit explode again. My second orgasm arrives, harder and faster then the first one did. I only barely realized it was coming when it hits.

I writhe on the bed, and roll onto my right side, knees bending up, bringing my knees up almost to my chest. My hands trapped between my legs, squeezing now instead of thrusting and rubbing. The wiggling inside and pressing up and down on my clit prolonging my orgasm. It feels like it lasts forever, but I know it is not more then a minute at the most. Finally, I give a long deep breath, and relax. Letting it go. This was one of the best yet.

I roll onto my back, and give my fingers a few last strokes slowly in and out, then slide them all the way out of my vagina. I lightly caress my labia, feeling them swollen and parted. I always feel sexy after I cum. My labia swollen and pouty, dripping vaginal fluids down my bottom. My chest red and sweaty, my nipples hard and pointed. My areola crinkled up like fingers in the dish water to long.

I bring my fingers up to my lips and slowly lick them, feeling pleasure at the nasty thought of licking my own juices. I give a long slow stretch as I do this. I lick them clean, feeling that the tips of the fingers I had inside me are wrinkled too. I giggle to myself and roll onto my side, hugging my pillow as I close my eyes. Contentedly I relax, and sleep quickly comes upon me.

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