tagSci-Fi & FantasyReturn of a Princess Ch. 01

Return of a Princess Ch. 01


Cara hid among the dense bushes and trees watching silently as a group of men traveled along the road that cut through the forest. Each of the five men was dressed in elaborate plate mail armor and carried swords with them, but one of them wore armor of bright gold and carried a sword adorned with jewels. They all seemed on edge disturbed by something and jumped at even the smallest noise or movement from the dark forest that surrounded them. Cara couldn't help but laugh a little at their behavior she'd lived in these forests all her life and knew there was nothing to fear. This was her home and curious as she was about the men she knew they should not be here. Her interest in them was peeked however when they began to speak.

"I hate these woods there's something wrong here it's like there's something watching us. You've all heard the stories the lost princess is said to haunt these woods. Men come in here but never come back out. Why do we have to go this way I'm sure the prince would be safer had we taken the long way around this horrid forest."

"Robert you know those are stories that were made up to scare children and keep them from wondering off. Plus I'm sure the prince is anxious to meet the girl who he will be marrying."

"Yeah well you're just as jumpy as me and you sure haven't taken your hand off your sword."

"Gentlemen stop bickering about this. We are half way through this god forsaken place and the less you argue the faster we get there, and just for your information no I am not anxious nor excited to meet the wench that my father wants me to marry. She is nothing more then a whore and an imposter as far as I'm concerned. The only reason my father even wants me to marry her is because she's heir to the throne of Indraneel" Boomed the man Cara now assumed to be the prince the others talked of.

"Forgive them my prince they not of what they speak."

"I know they don't maybe you should enlighten them Ronald."

"I will your highness. Gentlemen what you both seem to have forgotten is that the story of which you speak involves the true princess of Indraneel. She was believed to have been murdered as a young baby barely two years old by her stepmother who is now queen. It is said that she was feed to the wolves that live here in the forest. The queen denies this but all except the king believe she lies. So may I advise you that while we are in Indraneel to not speak of this."

Cara followed them for a while longer but grew bored of them when they continued the rest of their journey in silence. She knew they'd have to stop to sleep soon it was a days journey to the end of the forest from where they were so she decided to go home and continue following them the next day. As she stood to leave a large black wolf appeared from its place in the forest. Its eyes shown in the dark that was now descending upon the forest and its dark coat blended in with its surroundings.

"Shyam I wondered where you went let's get back to Mistress Liliandra. She'll surely have our hides for being gone so long."

Cara and the wolf then raced through the forest in a way that only those completely aware of the forest around them could. Every tree, root, bush and plant was expertly avoided neither girl nor wolf so much as crushed a leaf as they raced back to their home. They only slowed as they reached a clearing with in the wood in the center of which stood a large tree. To the naked eye it looked like any other tree only a great deal larger but on closer inspection windows and a door could be seen. Branches spiraled around the tree creating a staircase, small holes in the tree created the windows that emitted a warm light. In the doorway stood a tall woman her long silver hair cascaded down her back falling just bellow her plump rear end. She wore a simple line dress that grazed the tops of her knees and was belted around her waist by a thick leather belt that accentuated her small frame. Her face was stern and her eyes blazed with an unknown fire.

"Cara where have you and that wolf been? Not only did you miss your afternoon training but you have not completed your evening chores."

"I apologize Mistress Liliandra I was following a group of travelers I would have returned sooner but I wanted to listen to more of their stories."

"Stories Child you are twenty years old and still you are entranced by stories did they see you and what prey tell were these stories about?"

"No they did not see me I know that you forbid that I ever be seen but they were telling of a princess that was killed by her step mother. They said she was feed to the wolves here, but I know that they'd never eat a girl. One of them said they were traveling to Indraneel so that he could marry the heir to the throne, but he didn't seem happy about that."

Liliandra sighed as she looked at the girl before her. Her dark brown hair flowed around her and her eyes were full of innocence as she told all of what she had heard. She had grown so much from the young babe she had been when Liliandra had taken her in as her own. She was so much like her mother when she was that young. She was too much like her mother looking at her brought back memories that she would rather forget.

"I had hoped this day would never come, but I knew it would. It's time I told you the truth Cara. There is so much you need to know about who you are. Your full name is Caramiriel Rose Wren you are the princess and true heir of Indraneel. You were the princess that the men you followed talked of. I followed your stepmother as she took you to the edge of this forest and left you. I knew if I were to return you to your father that she would deny what she did and kill you the next time she got a chance. So I brought you here raised you and taught you the way of nature and of the druid. It is now time for you to take your right full place as princess I hope I prepared you for everything you are about to face."

Cara stared at her mistress in stunned silence. She was astonished there was no way that everything that she had just said was true. She couldn't be the dead princess the men talked of nor could she be the heir to a kingdom. She felt as if her world was crashing in around her, everything she had ever known was a lie.

"Your lying to me I know it there is no way I'm a princess I'm just a girl. This forest is my home not some palace or castle. What about Shyam if I am the princess they talked of what will happen to him. What about everything you've taught me princesses don't run bare foot through the woods they don't climb trees and they certainly don't know how to use a sword or bow and arrow."

"My dear I'm sorry but it's all true you are the princess of Indraneel. As for Shyam he can go with you to the castle, I'd actually prefer if he did go with you you'll need the protection. There are a few people that will not welcome you back with open arms among the queen and her daughter being the biggest threats to you. They have many loyal followers now that will do anything to see that the princess remains the heir to the throne. That is also why I have taught you what I did you'll need it to defend yourself. "Liliandra sighed heavily and the weariness in her eyes shown thought the blazing fire that was normally there.

"I've told you all I wish to at this moment go get some sleep in the morning I will prepare you for what else is to come."

Liliandra then turned and walked into their home leaving Cara alone with her thoughts and questions. There were so many things she wanted to know so many things she didn't understand. How could she be a princess she was plain unremarkable she didn't even think she looked totally human. Her features were to foreign and she seemed to age slower then she thought she should. As she walked in to the small room she had slept in every night since before she could remember she couldn't help but think she would never see this place again. Tears began to stream down her face as she silently cried.

"How can this be happening Shyam I don't understand. This is my home not some castle in a city I have never seen. I don't know the first thing about being a princess. I'll be laughed at no one is going to believe that I'm a princess I mean look at me. Look at what I'm wearing no princess wears leather shorts and vests."

She sat down on the edge of her bed and gave in to the sadness that had been threatening to overwhelm her.Shyam curled himself up beside her doing his best to comfort her as she cried herself in to a restless sleep. Liliandra had been watching and listening to her dear Cara. She had come to think of the girl as a daughter and it pained her to know how this new revelation had hurt her. She knew that Cara doubted herself but knew she was more then capable of anything that she decided to do. She was just like her mother so full of spirit and energy yet still doubtful of her own abilities. She would be a great princess she had no doubt about that but she agreed with her it would be hard to convince many of the royals that Cara was the princess that had long been thought dead. They would face that task when they got to it though.

As dawn began to break over the forest Cara made her way to the small lake where she bathed. She had decided the night before that if she had to be a princess she might as well go to her kingdom clean. She slowly removed her cloths as she made her way into the crisp clean water. The water was cold and sent a chill through her that made her feel alive. As she sunk down under the water to rinse her hair she heard a soft rustle from the trees that surrounded the lake. Startled she stood looking about herself and listening for any other sound. When she didn't hear or see anything she continued her bath only relaxing slightly still alert for anything to happen.

Prince Aidan stood in aw as he watched the women bath in the water. The light danced over her creamy skin as glistening droplets of water cascaded down her back and through her rich brown hair. She was perfection if there was such a thing; she was toned but still held a feminine softness. He couldn't help his reaction as he watched her rise out of the water she was to beautiful to be real. Her breasts were large and full each tipped with a perfect pink nipple. Water flowed down over them creating paths that he wished to follow with his lips. Her hips flared slightly and her rounded bottom begged for him to squeeze it. Temptation was to strong and he began shedding his cloths to go and join her, to taste her supple skin. As he dropped his shirt to the ground she startled standing up right in the water. Her defensive posture that of a trained warrior readying herself for an attack. He stood in aw how such a creature could be a warrior of any kind. Who was this woman surely the people of Indraneel would know. He thought to himself that this was the woman that he wanted to marry not some half wit imposter. He would ask the people of Indraneel of her and then claim her for himself. With that he turned to leave daring to glance back at the beauty that had begun wadding out of the water before making his way back to his camp and his men.

As Cara made her way back to her home she couldn't help but notice a blue shirt lying in the middle of a group of trees not far from the lake. Had someone been watching her? Was it one of the men that she had seen the previous day? The thought brought a strange feeling to her and warmth began to spread through her body. It was a feeling she had not felt before. What puzzled her more was the wetness that had begun forming between her legs. She decided to later ask Liliandra about these new sensations and about why some would have been watching her bathe.

As she made her way into the clearing around her home she was startled by Liliandra and her appearance. She wore a long gown of pale green that was trimmed in gold. The dress was cut low along her breast revealing their tops to any who wished to see. At her waist clung a fine gold chain and upon her head was a tiara of gold and woven into an intricate pattern. Around her neck hung a silver chain and pendant at the center of the pendant was a large emerald. It sparkled and contrasted perfectly with her pale skin. Her hair flowed about her and her eyes shown with a mixture of sadness and nostalgia.

"You look beautiful Mistress Liliandra I don't believe I've ever seen you look more beautiful."

"Thank you my dear but from now on I am no longer your mistress. I have trained you as best I can there is no more I can do. You have learned well and soon you will be put to the test. Now let us finish preparing you to meet your fate ad your kingdom."

With that Liliandra pulled out the most beautiful gown Cara had ever seen from a box that sat beside her. It was a deep blue as dark as the night sky. It was trimmed in pale silver that seemed to simmer as the light touched it. She help Cara put on the gown tying the many ties in the back and smoothing any wrinkles in the soft fabric. Cara stared in wonder at herself in a mirror near them; never had she believed that she could be so beautiful. The collar of the gown dipped down dangerously low nearly revealing her stiffened nipples. Liliandra had brushed her hair until it gleamed with an inner light and it fell around her shoulders in soft curls and waves. What Liliandra produced from the box next amazed Cara. A delicate silver pendant much like her own hung from a long silver chain at its center was a large ruby that sparkled with an internal fire.

"This dear Cara is yours it is proof of your heritage. It was your mothers before she died before her it was her grandmothers now it is yours. You wore it when I found you this is how your father will know who you really are."

"Thank you Liliandra"

"Now we must be going or those men you saw will be long gone and unable to escort us to the castle. Put this clock on and do not remove it until I tell you to do so. No one can know of you before the king does. Now let us be off"

"Wait Shyam Where is he? I have not seen him all morning."

With that the great black wolf emerged from the trees his coat shined as the sun danced upon it. He howled his greeting running up to Cara and rubbing his head up against her hand. With that simple gesture the three made their way in to the forest and to the Cara's uncertain future.

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