tagNonHumanReturn to Cheju-Do: A Sequel

Return to Cheju-Do: A Sequel


Return to Cheju-Do

(A Sequel to Horror at Cheju-Do Island by Doc Dweeb)

By The Preve (with the Doc's permission)

Thanks to Todger 65 for the edit.

Author's note: This story is a sequel to an earlier one by Doc Dweeb, found on Monsters and Angels/Galaxy of Terror. In the previous story, the protagonist, while vacationing on a resort island off the southern coast of South Korea, had an intimate encounter with a giant, mutant, genetically engineered hag fish (aka slime eel) which escaped from a research lab. In the process the creature impregnated the protagonist with eggs and sperm. This story examines the aftermath.

"Wow! I feel stuffed."

Carolyn stood before the mirror, running her hands across her slightly distended belly. Hag fish spunk filled her womb, or so she thought. Unbeknownst, her womb contained twenty fertilized eggs, implanted by the salacious slime eel.

She dropped the slime-soaked towel and wet bathing suit into the clothes hamper. Then she went to the shower. The young woman's erotic daze was made evident by her flushed skin. Her nipples were plump and her vulva, swollen and tender.

As she lathered her hair, Carolyn was pensive, "I can't tell anyone. Sex with a giant hag fish? I'd get fired, divorced, and put away."

Carolyn let the water cascade over her body. The slime ran down the drain. "Damn it! I'm horny!" she thought.

She ran her hands over her breasts, across the plumped pink nipples, down her smooth, pale, and rounded belly, finally reaching the gold-tinted brown muff between her legs. Carolyn's digits plumbed her wet cleft. Her swollen vulva enfolded the fingers like soft pillows around a hard cock.

Carolyn figured getting off would expend the sexual energy. She pleasured herself with one hand while the other massaged her boob. Heat bloomed inside her thighs, swelling her bud until she climaxed. Warm cum splashed onto her palm and splattered on the floor. It washed down the drain while Carolyn, knees wobbling, leaned against the tiled wall, gasping. "Oh God! I'm still horny!"

Carolyn decided she needed to read up on hag fish. She stepped out of the shower and, not bothering to dress, went to the study. At the desk she opened her laptop and googled hag fish. She found a site well . . . devoted to hag fish, "Geez! You can find anything on the internet."

Hag fish were the ocean's equivalent of vultures, she found. Judging from the pictures displayed, the hag fish that raped her was an inshore hag fish, albeit far larger than normal. Hag fish were known to excrete huge amounts of slime, hence the nickname slime eels. Inshore hag fish, like others of its species, favored dead or dying animals, burrowing into decaying carcasses to eat from within. Koreans thought them a delicacy, favored as an aphrodisiac. That might explain it, Carolyn thought. Maybe it's the slime.

She thought of taking another swim but the late hour and her exhaustion said no. "I'll look for the hag fish later." She lay in bed, running her hands over her body. I look a little pregnant. A ridiculous thought flashed through her brain, I can't be knocked up, can I? I should read some more. The worry lasted just a split second, and then she snorted, "A hag fish? Another species? Impossible, it's just cum." but, she had to admit, "No man had ever filled me this full before."

Carolyn spent the rest of the weekend swimming, and sunning herself on the beach. The vacation home also had an indoor Jacuzzi, set in a mirrored room, with accessories. She didn't see the hag fish.

She noted a slight swelling of her breasts. Her swimsuit and clothes felt tight so, for the rest of the weekend, Carolyn decided to go nude around the house and beach. On Tuesday, Carolyn returned to work, carrying a new set of clothes, looser fitting. "I hope I didn't catch something from that thing," she worried.

The next couple of weeks were awkward. The curve of her belly did not diminish; if any it grew more pronounced. Her breasts remained swollen, nipples chaffing against her increasingly tight bra. Carolyn's worries grew in relation to her belly. "I can't be pregnant. It was a hag fish. It's impossible," but a doctor was out of the question. "I can't go to a doctor and say 'Okay, I was raped by a hag fish and now I think I'm pregnant with its child'."

Another possibility worried Carolyn, "Maybe it's cancer." She dismissed it. Carolyn had a complete physical prior to coming to Korea, including a breast exam.

People began to notice. Susan, a co-worker, remarked that she looked a little curvier than normal. Carolyn giggled, "Korean cuisine, I guess." Oh God! What am I going to do?

New events brought new complications. The bad news: in October, North Korea torpedoed another South Korean ship; tensions skyrocketed. The worse news: the North claimed it had a nuclear warhead; tensions went into orbit. The events, however, led to a tiny bit of good news for Carolyn: she was going back to Cheju-Do.

The defense department could have sent her home. Instead defense decided analysts were needed on standby to provide reports and support in worst case scenarios. Personnel were disbursed out of Seoul for safety's sake.

The South Korean government happily returned Carolyn to the vacation home. Carolyn happily accepted (not least for the privacy). "You're lucky," Susan said. "They're sending me to Yokosuka." She was on a plane the next day. Moreover, rather than just the weekend, the stay was indefinite. Carolyn's tasks were to crunch facts and figures and send the results by email.

That evening, standing nude before the bathroom mirror, she thought, Now I definitely look pregnant. At least four months. What happened?

She opened her laptop, googled hag fish, and re-read the article. Three words stood out: hermaphrodite, ovipositor, and penis. She sat back in the chair and went over the details. A chill raced up her spine.

"Its dick did feel different the second time. Oh my God! The first time was the ovipositor, the second time was its dick! It laid eggs! And I brought its dick inside me! And it fertilized . . . Oh my God!" Carolyn felt sick, "I fucked a giant hag fish, now I'm pregnant! Oh my God!"

She read the article, numb with dread. According to the article, the hag fish could have laid as much as twenty eggs inside her. "Twenty?! Oh God!" One slight bit of hope caught her attention: hag fish tended to favor dead or dying animals; so far as she knew, Carolyn was healthy.

She leaned back and ran her hands across her belly. Okay, no doctors. I'd have to explain and it would get out. I'd be fired at the very least and a walking tabloid story. I'd never be able to show my face in public again. My husband would divorce me. I'll have to carry them to term and figure how to get rid of them. I just hope I'm not called up before then. I can pull this off.

Carolyn bought two months worth of groceries at the nearby market. She stayed near the house and beach, working on her laptop. All indicators pointed to a lengthy stay. Her clothes no longer fit and she received no visitors, so Carolyn decided to go nude.

Each morning she checked her progress. Carolyn's belly grew round; her belly button popped out, a tiny nub like the stem on a ripe fruit. Her belly and breasts tenderized. Every touch caused an erotic reaction, wetting her pussy. She masturbated frequently.

Carolyn found her pregnant look sexy. Prior to the hag fish, she sported a trim, curvy body with c-cup boobs and a nice ass. Now she saw how her belly curved into the pelvis, how her swollen breasts, capped by rose pink tits, rested atop her ripe torso. I didn't think I'd look this sexy, she thought. And to think, I didn't want children.

Carolyn made a concoction of skin cream and body oil. Each morning, noon, and before bed, Carolyn rubbed the cream on her body, paying extra attention to her belly and breasts. Her sensitive skin became supple and shiny. The round pink globes, topped by burnt sienna aureolas, complimented the giant melon ripening beneath. "I feel like a fertility goddess."

Carolyn's weight gain caused back and ankle problems; lying down helped but not by much. The Jacuzzi, with its hydrotherapy jets, made an excellent masseuse. The accessories, a portable desk stored in the side, a waterproof laptop, and a flat screen HD TV set in a mirrored panel, allowed Carolyn to work in the hot tub. The mirrors let her view areas obscured by her growing belly. Soon she spent most of her days in the Jacuzzi.

As the autumn progressed, Carolyn's mobility declined. Her belly ripened into a giant fruit of fertility; getting out of bed became a chore.

Carolyn took up residence in the Jacuzzi, leaving for regular trips to the bathroom, or to cook meals. She kept her skin wrinkle free (due to constant immersion in water) through constant applications of body cream.

On day, while slathering cream across her boobs, Carolyn noticed a tiny bead of white fluid, welled at the tip of her right tit. What the fuck? She gave her breast an experimental squeeze. A creamy white stream squirted from the melon. "Why am I not surprised?" she smiled.

Her food stocks included milk, making her jugs, initially, redundant. Time spent in the Jacuzzi, however, taught the young woman to appreciate the convenience of a milk source, stored in two globular containers, right below her chin. Besides, she thought, manipulating her mouth around a sensitive nipple, It feels good.

Tensions between North and South Korea remained high. Carolyn's bosses sent an email; her stay was tentatively extended by six months. Good, it should over by then. I don't know how long I can last.

Carolyn didn't have long to wait. Several days after the email, she was in the Jacuzzi, relaxed, hydro jets massaging her body, day's work completed. She crossed off personal issues; a friendly email to Susan, an update to her husband (the nature of their jobs forced them to be open minded and endure long separations).

She was a whale; her belly now a giant globe (as if she combined two giant beach balls into one and swallowed it into her womb) that curved out of the effervescent water like a creamy pink moon rise.

Her milk-filled breasts rested upon the fleshy island, bobbing with each bubbly wave.

Carolyn laid back, hands on her breasts, fingers idly caressing her aureolas and tweaking the nipples. Occasionally, she would lean forward and take one tit or the other into her mouth, suckling the cream.

Carolyn began to drift, thinking of the changes to her body. "No one knows," she smiled. Her hands smoothed over her belly, gleaming with sweat, oil, and water. Bump! "What?! Was that a kick?!" No, not a kick, a bump; kicks implied creatures with legs.

More bumps, "Oh no!" Bump! Bump! Bump! Carolyn was reminded of popping corn. Her belly began to vibrate. Carolyn's breaths assumed the puffs of a steam engine. Her boobs rose and fell in the water, riding the pneumatic hitches of her chest.

"Oh God! Oh no! Oh God! Oh no!" she chanted. Her body slid further into the Jacuzzi; heat radiated from her flesh sphere.

"Oh no! Oh God, please don't let me be wrong!" Carolyn cried. Visions of slimy, bloody eels bursting out of her belly, people finding her body floating in a blood and viscera filled Jacuzzi, agonized, horrified expression on her face, with a gaping hole that used to be her womb, stomach, and intestines, galloped through her head. She clenched her eyes and gritted her teeth, head shaking back and forth, from fear and pain.

"Oh God! It hurts! Aaah! Arrrgh! I'm going to burst!" Hot, agonized aspirations (Huff! Huff! Huff! Pant! Pant! Pant!) joined her Oh no! Oh God! mantra.

Carolyn's puffs gradually changed to moans. "Huffunnngh! Unnngh! Aaaah! Make it stop! I can't take anymore! Aaaah!"

As if in answer, heat exploded in her cunt. Flowing warmth ran through her tunnel. The heat passed over her bud, soothing yet arousing. Carolyn gasped as her belly shrank, deflating like a balloon.

The pain diminished with her stomach. A sigh hissed between Carolyn's gritted teeth. Water rippled between her thighs as fluid and slime flowed from her cunt.

The drainage continued for several minutes, until Carolyn's belly had shrunk to a small melon. The pain ebbed to a dull ache.

The young analyst experienced a blissful interlude before spasms wracked her belly. Tremors traveled from her womb into her birth canal.

Carolyn groaned as quakes moved down her belly. Her crotch bulged; a tiny wave flowed through her brown muff. "Ohhhh! Aaaah!" she ululated. "Huff! Huff! Huff!"

Under the water, Carolyn's pink slit parted. Her swollen vulva opened like a curtain. A shiny blue-gray head appeared, pushing the clit outward. The smooth, slick body slithered out of Carolyn's pussy, gliding over her bud, sending a wet, splashy orgasm through her body. "Uuunnngh!" she moaned.

Carolyn felt the hag fish's warm slick skin slide through her cunt lips. The sinuous creature exited the woman's pussy, leaving a trail of slimy mucus. The hag fish immediately began to explore the Jacuzzi. Meanwhile, another slime eel appeared at Carolyn's curtain and the process repeated.

"Huff! Huff! Puff! Puff!" she heaved, barely able to keep above water. Her cunt opened and closed as her womb squirted out a host of slimy creatures. "Ugh! . . . Ugh! . . . Ugh!" she grunted with each spurt. Slime, cum, and wriggling slithers streamed into the thickening water.

The hag fish's viscous slime lubricated her pussy. Carolyn's round belly shrank and flattened while the Jacuzzi filled with slime and hag fish. Carolyn, busy birthing her gelatinous brood, barely noticed the change in the water.

The water thickened to a honey-like viscosity. Slime eels slithered over the young woman's body. Her pale pink skin became shiny and slick like her lubricated progeny. Carolyn's belly flattened to a mild curve, crunching like a bellows.

The thoroughly slimed woman writhed in the goo. The water was no longer effervescing but bubbles made their slow way to the surface.

Carolyn arched her back, alternately rising and falling within the thick, transparent mucus. Her abdominal muscles clenched and relaxed. Carolyn's face blushed pink with exertion. She exhaled a singsong of grunts and sighs, "Huff! Ugh! Huff! Ugh!"

The young analyst's gaze wandered down her shiny, slime-slick body; taking in her heaving, glowing breasts; her milk-bubbling tits, soft and round as pink coconut; her shimmering belly, pelvic muscles crunching; her dark brown bush, hair slick as oil, polished like brown mahogany; her gleaming legs, spread wide, rearing from and splashing into the slime pool; and nestled between, blue-gray serpentines, slithering soundlessly from her pink flower, shiny with slime, cum, and birthing fluid.

She didn't feel shock or even mild fear. On some level she expected horror. Unexpected was the intense erotic feeling. The warm immersing slime, the feel of eel skin against hers, merged into a unique sexual experience.

Carolyn came with each slime eel sliding over her clit. Her juice squirted into the slime, mingling into a thick love potion. Constant orgasms balanced out the labor pains.

Slime and hag fish washed over Carolyn in thick waves. Squelching sounds filled the chamber as slime washed against the sides of the tub. The last slime eel squirted out of her cunt.

Carolyn was pleased to see no stretch marks. "Good," she sighed. She wouldn't have to explain to her husband. "How do I tell him, I just gave birth to twenty hag fish?"

The sinuous fish slithered between her thighs, over her drenched muff, and across her flat, glass belly. Carolyn experienced feelings of warm sensuality. Her body settled deeper into the slime pool. "This feels so good," she murmured.

The slime soothed her aching pussy. Carolyn settled into the tub until only her head and boobs were above the slime. "Thank you Mr. Hagfish," she thought.

Memories of her sinuous lover brought warm heat to her pussy. She moved her hands across the jelly-coated melons curving above the goo and twirled her fingers around the aureolas. "What's it doing now?" she asked dreamily. Then she gasped, "I'm in love with a giant hag fish?!"

Something smooth glanced against her vulva. "Oh?! Now what?" Her "children" hitherto confined their activities to her nether regions. Now the swirling slimers slid up her body, curious about their 'Mother'. "Oh!" exclaimed the equally curious Carolyn.

She placed her hands into the roiling mass between her legs, feeling the warm, slimy squirmers curl around her wrists and arms. Several slime eels rolled up her torso. "Hee! Hee! That tickles," she giggled. "Oh! Something's happening!"

She watched, fascinated, as two hag fish slithered to her boobs. Carolyn's melons were tender, swollen, and milky. The slime eels slithered between her soft hills.

Carolyn gasped and shuddered as the eels circled their lengths around her pink mounds. The sensitive flesh responded to the encirclement; fiery orgasms quaked over the young analyst's body.

"Wow!" she gasped. "What are they doing to my boobs?!" Her answer came (and so did Carolyn) when the slime eels' bodies flexed. "Oh! God!" she screamed, and not from terror.

Her nipples exploded; plumped into cream filled volcanoes, courtesy of the slime eels' breasting. The slitherers flexed, relaxed, flexed, and relaxed. Milk erupted from her plump titties, falling back into the slime pool, splattering like cream on thick pudding.

Carolyn dared not touch her breasts. Never before had she experienced such intense boob action. Her wide eyes watched her melons bulge under the entwining eels' constricting coils.

Carolyn's lustful shock achieved new levels when, to her utter surprise, two more eels slithered to her bulging breasts, placed their mouths on her milky nipples, and began to suck the cream.

"Ughn! . . . Ughn! . . . Ughn!" she grunted. Carolyn completely embraced her strange adventure. The slurping breast feedings of her mucus-laden progeny blasted away all thoughts of her husband, co-workers, and best friends. Activity at her tenders made the vaguely aware Carolyn gasp, "What? . . . Ughn! . . . What now?!"

Slime eels milled around her cunt; some occasionally dipped to nibble at her bush. A slime eel wriggled into her pussy. It saw a tiny pink nub, swollen, like a worm. The eel placed its mouth on the worm and started to nibble.

Her body exploded in ecstasy. "Aieee!" she shrieked. Her eyes rolled back and she sank into the goo.

Slime eels congregated at her boobs and cunt, attracted by the flood of cum and milk. Carolyn was subjected to an eating out and boobing unsurpassed by anything human.

She stopped thinking; ecstasy and orgasm became her existence. She exercised faint presence of mind to bring her head above the slime to breathe. Her only world was white hot liquid pudding. Her body turned into quaking jello; quivering ecstatically as she gasped, coughed, and grunted.

Uncounted hours of intense pleasure later, Carolyn was almost catatonic; floating half-submerged, in constant orgasm, unseeing eyes gazing at the mirrored ceiling.

The slime eels drank their fill. Under other circumstances the hag fish might have eaten her. Instincts told them otherwise. The hag fish had other uses for their "Mother".

Carolyn, barely conscious, roused. "Mmmm? What are they doing now?" she murmured. Something thick, long, and sinuous snaked through her vulva. "Huh?! They're coming back inside me?!"

Slowly she raised her head to gaze through the slime. A bulge appeared and traveled up her pelvis, before blending into the torso. "Uuuuunnngghnn!" she moaned as the eel re-entered her cervix. A second hag fish slithered through her cunny even as the first curled inside her womb.

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