tagNonConsent/ReluctanceReturn to Sessia Ch. 02

Return to Sessia Ch. 02


Exposing my naked body in front of hundreds of fully-dressed strangers was intimidating and humiliating and degrading, yet somehow it also energized and excited me. It also left me with a heat between my legs and a throbbing in my clit.

By the time the taxi parked in front of the Hotel Castello, I had left a wet spot on the leather seat of the taxi cab. Gretchen pretended not to notice, however Victoria raised an eyebrow. She concentrated most of her thoughts on how to best promote me (and legalized slavery) to the media. She never really invested any thought into what sort of emotional reaction might be activated in me when I was stripped naked and paraded around the public streets of Europe.

Gretchen stopped me before I entered the hotel and unzipped one of the suitcases, looking for something and insisting that I couldn't go inside until she had it.

When she pulled it out, it was the stainless steel handcuffs with my name and hers engraved on them. The handcuffs symbolized our bond in much the same way a wedding ring symbolizes the bond between a man and wife.

"Turn around and give me your hands, Darling," Gretchen said as she held the handcuffs up where I could see them.

There were at least twenty people on the street, stopping to get a good look at my naked body, but I obeyed Gretchen's command and turned around and placed my hands behind my back. Within moments I felt the cold steel clamp down upon my left wrist and then I felt cold steel clamp down even harder upon my right wrist.

"Now, we're ready to enter the hotel," Gretchen announced.

Of course, not all of the European media had been at the airport. Some of them were waiting for us at the hotel. And the moment my bare feet set foot in the hotel lobby, I was surrounded by cameras, TV camcorders and reporters. I had never before been the center of so much attention, and with so many eyes and cameras directed intently at my nude body, I somehow managed to feel even more naked and exposed than ever before.

I know the type of technology they use in some of those cameras and camcorders. If they wanted to they could focus in on a tiny part of my anatomy from a block away and see it with perfect detail.

Suddenly I regretted shaving my pussy. My swollen, pink pubic lips would be well on view for the photojournalists, even all the way across the lobby.

Without warning I was overcome with emotion. Something similar to shock and stage-fright washed over me and I found my legs froze. A chill spread up and down my spine. I couldn't seem to take another step forward. I tried to force myself my legs to move and failed.

I attempted to tell Gretchen about my predicament, but when I opened my mouth, the only thing that came out where pathetic whimpering sounds.

"Gretchen, is there something wrong with your slave?" Victoria asked. "Why is she stopping here?"

I noted with some degree of humility that Victoria directed the question to Gretchen rather than me. Yesterday Victoria would have treated me like a real person, worthy of addressing directly. But now, having seen me stripped naked, subjected to a humiliating body-cavity search and handcuffed, she no longer thought of me that way. Now I was just something that Gretchen owned.

"Diane," Gretchen said sternly, leaning in close to my face. "Darling, you need to walk forward, across the lobby and over to the check-in counter."

I tried once again to explain my predicament, but once again the only sounds that issued from my throat were totally inarticulate whimpering sounds. I felt as if my nudity was under greater scrutiny than ever. It was as if I could feel all the millions of eyes that would be ogling me when the film footage of my naked body was broadcast on to people's television screens and computer monitors.

"Diane, we don't have time for this," Gretchen said, and then she developed a very blunt and direct solution to my emotional trauma.

Physical trauma.

Snapping me out of my trance was a sudden and sharp pain in my left nipple. My nipples were already swollen and erect and super-sensitive. So, when Gretchen took one between her thumb and forefinger and cruelly pinched it, the pain jolted me out of my stage-fright and forced me to focus on my poor, abused nipple and to ignore all the cameras and the forget the millions of people who would soon be able to ogle my naked flesh.

Gretchen walked across the lobby of the hotel, her high-heeled shoes clicking on the tiles as she advanced forward. She still held a tight grip on my left nipple and I was obliged to follow her progress or risk having my nipple yanked off.

Obediently I followed Gretchen's course forward to the check-in counter, matching for course and speed. My bare feet mimicked the pace of Gretchen's high heels across the cold, tile floor. I strained uselessly against the stainless steel cuffs that imprisoned my wrists.

I was concentrating so strongly on the sharp pain in my nipple that I didn't even notice when Gretchen started speaking to the girl behind the counter and began checking us in to the hotel.

I'd seen the girl the last time we'd stayed in this hotel. She was about four inches shorter than me (which since I'm 5'10", she was still a good height for a woman) and she had her hair cut short like a boys. She was endlessly perky and energetic and she wore a hotel uniform with a name tag that read, "Keira".

Keira and Gretchen exchanged pleasantries and obtained our room keys. Keira never even glanced in my direction, which I thought was rather odd. I mean....even if she was heterosexual how do you ignore a girl who's completely naked, standing right in front of you? Seriously, does that happen so often in Keira's life that she's become blasé about it?

Gretchen finally released my nipple when she accepted the room keys from Keira and I let out an anguished gasp. As the blood rushed back to my already sensitive nipple, the pain increased. My nipple throbbed with fresh pain, but through the haze of intense pain, I heard Keira say, "My manager will be really disappointed that she missed you, Ms. Busch, but she did leave this for me to give you."

Keira handed Gretchen and envelope and Gretchen opened it.

"What is it?" Victoria asked, as she looked over Gretchen's shoulder.

"It's just a list of names," Gretchen replied. "We'll deal with it later. I'd like to get to my room and unpack now."

"What, now?" Victoria blurted out. "We've got at least four TV camera crews in here! You're not going to show off your slave? This is a great opportunity for sound bites! How can you waste this? You've got to give them something!!"

Gretchen rolled her eyes at Victoria and tried to remain calm. "Okay," she said. "I'll give them something."

Gretchen turned me around so that my back was to the check-in counter and I was facing all of the TV cameras. Then she grabbed me by my slave collar and forced me to lean backwards so that I was looking straight up at the ceiling. My back was arched almost as far back as it could go, this pushed my hips forward and caused my breasts to be much more prominently displayed and my nipples to stick straight up into the air. Then Gretchen took hold of one of those nipples and pinched it tightly, trapping me into place and forcing a pathetic whimpering sound to issue from my lips.

"Okay, Diane, I need you to spread your legs now for the cameras. Don't make me have to tell you twice."

I didn't want to find out what sort of nasty surprise would follow if I failed to obey her order, so I spread my legs about shoulder length apart. The, realizing that Gretchen wouldn't be satisfied with that I spread my legs about another ten to twelve inches. This of course, meant that my moist, swollen pubic lips would be very much on display for the TV camera crews.

"I am very disappointed in you, Slave," Gretchen called out loud enough that the TV Camera crews could easily pick up her words on their microphones. "You were very hesitant to obey when I ordered you to walk across the lobby! Tomorrow morning you'll be taken to the punishment park in Oceangate, and severely punished for your disappointing behavior!"

I whimpered and panted as Gretchen tormented my poor, sensitive, swollen nipple, but I was getting even wetter and more exciting at the way that she was publicly abusing and humiliating me in front of all of these people.

Then Gretchen painfully smacked my breasts, first the right one, then the left one. I screamed in pain and shock both times. I wasn't putting on a show for the cameras either. These slaps really hurt.

The photojournalists and cameramen seemed to appreciate this. They got plenty of good photos and video footage. Victoria estimated that it would be less than an hour before some of this showed up in European television.

Gretchen and I had a room on the second floor, so we took the stairs rather than the elevator. Of course, they photojournalists followed me and got plenty of photos of my naked ass as I climbed the stairs.

Victoria had her own room next to mine, but because she was scheduling like, every single second of my time while in Sessia, she felt obligated to come visit my room as soon as she finished unpacking.

While Victoria was in our room, Gretchen explained the list of names that the hotel manager had prepared for her.

"Basically it's a list of hotel employees that are permitted to have sex with you."

Gretchen allowed me to look at the list. There were six names on the list. Thankfully, all of them were female. I noticed with a certain degree of amusement that one of them was the hotel manager herself.

"I negotiated with the hotel manager, and because I'm allowing several of her employees to have their sexual fantasies granted, she's allowing us to stay in this hotel free of charge."

I thought it was a good deal. Slaves are often forced to have sex with complete strangers and we usually don't get anything in return. But, Victoria was far less impressed.

"Are you crazy?" Victoria screamed. "Your slave is the central focus of a major media event! Her presence in this hotel is bringing in tens of thousands of dollars for this hotel! They are booked beyond full capacity and have had to convert the conference rooms into hotel rooms in order to try to accommodate all the guests! Most of the reporters and photographers that are covering this slave story are staying in this hotel! I could have gotten us all free rooms without your slave sleeping with anybody! I was in negotiations to do just that! Probably the only reason I didn't succeed, was because you were negotiating your own deal behind my back!"

"Look here, Vicky," Gretchen shot back, "You need to keep me in the loop if you don't want us working against each other! You kept me in the dark about us getting free rooms from the hotel! Maybe if you had told me what you were planning, I wouldn't have offered up Diane's ass on a silver platter to the hotel manager!"

Actually, Gretchen probably would have offered up my naked ass anyway. Part of Gretchen's style of slave training is to force her slave to sexually service multiple women. It keeps the slave girl busy, it's potentially exhausting and it keeps her from thinking too much. Also, it turns the slave-girl into a sex object, which is exactly what a slave is supposed to be. That's the main reason that slaves are always kept naked and kept in a near constant state of sexual frustration and arousal.

We slaves are supposed to be available for sex at every minute of every day.

Gretchen and Victoria spent several minutes yelling at each other while I stood the timidly and stark naked with my hands bound helplessly behind my back. It was a very uncomfortable and awkward situation for me, but slaves learn to live with discomfort.

Eventually, Victoria agreed to keep Gretchen in the loop and inform her of her negotiations and plans and Gretchen agreed to do the same for Victoria.

Victoria glared at both of us as she exited our room, but she managed not to slam the door when she left. I was pretty sure that was a good sign.

Then Gretchen uncuffed me and ordered to unpack and put everything away.

When I was almost finished unpacking, there was a knock at the door. Since Gretchen had ordered me to unpack, and I wasn't finished unpacking yet, I didn't even glance up at the door. It's a slave thing. Slaves stay focused on their tasks until they are finished or they're ordered to stop.

So, Gretchen was the one who answered the door. I didn't recognize the woman Gretchen let in at first. Her name was Olivia Pitt and she was the manager of the hotel. She was tall, well-dressed and had an air of self-confidence about her.

"Gretchen," the manager greeted Gretchen enthusiastically with a hug as soon as the door closed behind her. "I'm sorry I couldn't have met you in the lobby. There was an important business call and I couldn't get away. When you run a hotel of this size, the demands on your time are enormous."

"I know all about the demands that corporate responsibility can place on your time," Gretchen assured her. And they continued to make small talk about hotel management and public relations accounts while I unpacked our suitcases and put everything away.

When I was finished, Olivia took me into her arms and held me close. It wasn't the first time that I was naked and hugged by somebody wearing tweed, but I'll never get used to it. Tweed looks and feels of authority and tradition, and to have that rough fabric pressed against my soft, naked skin made me feel even more vulnerable and dominated than if had I just posed naked for Olivia.

"I was hoping that you and your mistress would come back," Olivia confided in me. "It's very rare that we have slaves in the hotel and you are by far the most fetching. The most eye-catching slave I've ever had the pleasure to meet."

"Thank you, Mistress," I said humbly and somewhat taken aback. It's not often that slaves are the recipients of such gushing and compliments.

"Of course, just because you're beautiful doesn't mean that I'm going to be gentle with you," Olivia said, her cheerful facial expression not changing even slightly.

"For the most part I have to work very hard to make certain that the guests in this hotel are comfortable and happy and satisfied. However, it's rather the opposite for you now, isn't it?"

"Mistress," I asked, somewhat nervous and dreading where she was going with this.

Olivia pushed me back and looked me directly in the eye and proclaimed, "The hotel is under no obligation to see that you're comfortable or happy or satisfied. In fact, I intend to make you rather uncomfortable and unhappy during your stay here. You; on the other hand; will have to work hard to keep me happy and satisfied."

"Yes, Mistress," I said, somewhat deflated, having been reminded once again of my inferior status in Sessian society.

"Now, my pretty, little slave-girl," Olivia said as she pushed me away and made a twirling motion with her finger, "Give us a spin. I want to get a good look at that delicious nude American body of yours before I start hurting it."

I turned slowly, giving Olivia a good look at my naked thighs, naked buttocks, naked breasts, erect nipples, flat abs and swollen, pink pubic lips from every angle. When I had done it once, she had me turn two more times, just so she could be sure her eyes didn't miss a single inch of my beloved nude body.

"Just perfect," Olivia gushed. Pygmalion himself couldn't have carved a more perfect girl."

I smiled at the compliment, and then Olivia's voice grew more ominous and she added, "A woman who wants to be taken seriously in the business world in this country has to be married to her career. Any hint of hobbies or romantic entanglements or lovers is seen as a weakness. Any time spent flirting or seducing or shagging is considered proof of negligence towards ones career goals. So, in order to get promoted from payroll accountant to assistant manager I had to suppress my sexuality and work weekends and holidays. In order to get promoted from assistant manager to manager I had to do the same thing. And I had to cover up any hint of my sexual or romantic inclinations."

As a slave, I probably would have gotten into trouble for saying what I thought, but Gretchen spoke up and asked, "So, if you came out as a lesbian, that would have hurt your career?"

Olivia looked away from my nude body for a few seconds and favored Gretchen with a glance, "Oh, yes," Olivia replied. "If it was known that I fancied girls, it would have been considered a weakness."

Then she placed one hand gently on my hips and with the other hand she gently fondled my left breast and nipple, causing the nipple to become even harder and more erect. "But even fancying boys would have been considered a weakness. Men in corporate Sessia can have a wife and a small army of lovers on the side and nobody ever seems to think that that will affect their ability to manage a hotel or a publishing house or a cable TV station, but women in corporate Sessia are automatically assumed to be easily distracted and if they have a husband or a boyfriend or a lover, it's assumed that they'll be thinking about sex all the time and they'll neglect their business responsibilities."

"Women in Sessia have to appear as asexual as one of those bloody Barbie dolls."

"I'm very sorry to hear that, Mistress," I said trying to sound as sympathetic as possible, however my voice came out sounding very breathy as Olivia's fingers were now playing with both of my nipples, stimulating a whole fleet of sensitive nerve endings and making me feel even more tingly and more aroused. I once again became aware of the wetness between my legs as the tingles from my nipples traveled across the front of my body and straight down to my cunt.

"I was so bloody infatuated with you," Olivia continued. "But I couldn't even be in the lobby when you were being thrown naked over Gemma's lap and spanked in front of dozens of people. If people saw the way I stared at your naked arse, there'd be talk. I had to watch all of your spankings from my office on the feed from the security cameras."

"I'm sorry you never got a chance to see my slave up close and personal when she was being spanked," Gretchen said, sounding sympathetic. "But, if you'd like, I could spank her right here and now and you could watch. There're now witnesses now. It's just you and me and my slave. And none of us will say anything."

I hadn't even done anything wrong and yet here Gretchen was offering up my innocent, naked ass up for punishment, just to be hospitable to a guest in her hotel room. I silently cursed Gretchen for being so unfair and heartless, but on another level I found it arousing that she was going to punish and humiliate me in front of the hotel manager. I know it's confusing and difficult to understand, but just the thought of being thrown over Gretchen's lap and giving this unwarranted punishment while Olivia looked on and smiled appreciatively, had me feeling hot and feverish and excited. I was getting wetter just thinking about the unfairness of it, and how I was helpless to do anything to stop it.

Olivia smiled and licked her lips and said, "Actually, what I'd really like is if I could put her over my own lap and spank her myself. I've never spanked a girl before, and I'd really like to take full advantage of this time that you're giving me with your slave. Having her over my own lap would be so much more personal than merely watching."

Gretchen seemed to be amused and let out a small laugh at Gretchen's request. "Go right ahead," Gretchen said.

"I've spanked Diane plenty of times, so I know how much she can take. I'll just stand back and supervise and tell you when she's had enough."

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