tagErotic CouplingsReturning Home Ch. 03

Returning Home Ch. 03


Emily and James left her bedroom to allow Aimee a little time to take her shower and redress before she was going off to find Chad. Emily having never been through the house completely yet wandered around with James in tow. She explored the home from top to bottom, looking in each of the rooms and then when they returned to the ground floor they headed out into the backyard. There was a pool and hot tub out back and she knew that would soon be seeing some use.

Aimee finished her shower and toweled off, she was still thinking about the great oral sex Emily had given her earlier and then the revelation when she turned on the lights that James had been sitting there watching. She really would have enjoyed it if it had been Chad sitting there when the light came on. She had only just met him but if Emily could lose her virginity then Aimee was determined to do the same tonight.

Chad was wondering through the house headed up to see if his sister was still in her room when Aimee stepped out into the hallway. Considering everyone else had now headed home or to their rooms for the evening and it was already nearly one in the morning, Aimee had slipped into a pair of flannel pajamas and decided to go a hunting.

“There you are just the man I was looking for,” she said with a smile as Chad rounded the corner.

“Oh and do tell me what it was you were coming to find me for Aimee,” Chad responded.

“Well Chad you see, I well I have just always heard so much about you in the last four years that I wanted to meet you once and for all and talk to you a little bit.”

“Would you like to go watch a little tv upstairs in my room or perhaps if you’d like to be out in the open we could go sit down on the couch.”

“No, your room would be fine Chad,” Aimee shyly replied with a twinkle in her eye.

Chad took her by the hand and lead her up to his room, the master bedroom that encompassed the majority of the top floor of the house. Inside she could see he had all the items in his room to make it quite comfortable and homely. She looked around and saw a tv, small refrigerator and a hot tub off to the side of the room near the balcony.

“Oh the hot tub looks inviting we might have to try that before I leave in a few days.”

“Why wait we can hop in now Aimee, I know you don’t have a suit but I could offer you a shirt and extra pair of shorts,” Chad offered.

“That would be great Chad thank you.”

Chad went into one of his dresser drawers and pulled out a large light blue t-shirt and a matching pair of shorts and handed them to Aimee, “Here, you can change in the bathroom,” he said pointing the way to her.

Aimee took the shorts and shirt and headed into the bathroom, her stomach was doing flip flops and she wasn’t sure if he would want her or not if she offered herself to him. Well there was no way to tell until she just went for it she figured. Aimee slipped out of her pj’s and slipped into Chad’s clothes and stepped out of the bathroom only to see Chad slipping into a pair of his own shorts. She admired his ass, well toned and muscular as he stood up and pulled the shorts all the way up.

“Shall we go hop in the hot tub now Aimee?”

Aimee just smiled and walked to him letting him guide her up the steps and into the warm water, he waited until she was situated before he joined her inside. Aimee wasn’t sure how to start the seduction but she had a few ideas floating around her head. She allowed herself to slip down into the water just a little too far getting her breasts wet before she slid back up. Glancing down she could plainly see her nipples growing erect beneath the thin wet fabric.

Chad’s eyes went to Aimee’s large breasts and as he looked her up and down he had some idea of where this was headed and couldn’t be happier, he just hoped that Emily hadn’t put her friend up to it. Chad slid over next to Aimee a little closer than needed but he said he needed to be that close so that she could hear him over the noise of the jets inside the tub, and the rushing water.

Aimee knew that she needed to make the first move and as she slid her hand up Chad’s thigh she grabbed his hand with hers and put it at the bottom of her shorts. Chad looked into her eyes as their flesh came in contact with one another and then reached over wordlessly and cupped her chin pulling her to him.

Chad was hardening beneath his shorts and he waited with wild anticipation of Aimee’s hand to touch his cock. As if she was reading his mind her hand made the brief distance up beneath his shorts to his cock as and her fingers touched it she felt him hold his breath for just a second before he grabbed the t-shirt she had on and ripped it open. His mouth quickly devouring her nipples as he reached down to lift her up and tugged her shorts down as she stood there in the swirling water.

Chad stood up now as well and pushed his trunks down before turning Aimee around and pulling her naked ass back against him. His cock nestled itself between her asscheeks as he reached around and stroked her nipples and then traveled the distance down to her quivering mound of pleasure. His hands felt to her as they were dancing slowly with her body as he touched her clit for the first time making her head spin.

“Chad be gentle this is my first time,” she managed to squeak out.

“I would be honored to be your first Aimee, and I will be slow and gentle and then hard and rough as you request my dear.”

Aimee sighed a breath of relief as she heard that and then pushed her ass back against him. She wanted to feel the things Emily had earlier and to feel his hard cock throbbing inside her. She reached behind her and took hold of his hard shaft as Chad kissed the back of her neck as he swept the hair away from it. Aimee’s nipples were rock hard as well and her pussy flowing freely. She knew she wouldn’t have any trouble letting him fuck her tonight as she had only been waiting on finding a boy or man that no one else really knew back at school that wouldn’t talk and make her seem easy to all the others.

Chad pushed her towards one of the jet streams and then reached down into the water to aim the stream directly at her clit. He then leaned against her and pulled her hand away from his cock as he pushed it against her soft little opening. Her shaved lips parted enough to allow him to gain entry and as soon as he felt the cherry inside he asked her if she was sure this is what she wanted because in a moment there would be no turning back.

“Do it Chad make me a woman,” she pleaded.

Chad pulled back until just the tip of his cock was barely inside her and then thrust forward breaking her hymen and letting his shaft slide up inside her. Aimee cried out and then before she could concentrate on the pain she felt a wave of pleasure wash over her. She immediately pushed back into Chad forcing all of his cock inside her. The feeling was so intense and good that all the pain was gone and now she could focus on the rhythmic sliding in and out of his cock.

Chad reached around her and rubbed her hard little nipples as he fucked her from behind. Her pussy was so tight that he felt the overwhelming urge to release right away but he wanted to make this girl moan and cum before he did. So he slowed his pace fucking her slow and deep as before she began to push back faster and reached beneath her to cup his balls.

“Chad cum with me I’m so close,” Aimee cooed as he started to fuck her faster.

With his hands on her hips Chad began to piston his cock in and out so fast that they were both afraid he might pull out to far and break the rhythm. Aimee felt the spray from the underwater jet stream rushing against her clit and she started to shake and cum. Her free hand was gripping the side of the tub turning her knuckles white as she shivered through orgasm.

Chad waited until her orgasm began to subside and then he pumped with all he had and as he started to cum he pulled out of her wet pussy and told her to turn around quickly. Aimee spun around and reached down to stroke his tool replacing his hand with hers as she stroked him rapidly. She bent down and as he stepped up on one of the steps and seated himself on the edge of the tub she did something she never thought she would do. She wrapped her lips around his prick and started sucking wildly running her tongue over his cock head as she had done to his sister’s clit many nights in their dorm.

Chad began to cum at once and she pulled back and continued stroking him as shot after shot sprayed her tits and neck.

“Oh my a pearl necklace for me, I heard about these but never got one,” she teased as Chad jerked and breathed shallowly.

“Bravo, you two that was hot,” Emily said from the doorway as they both spun around to see her and James walking towards them.

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