Like many of my other stories, this one has an adult son watching his mother having interracial sex. If such stories offend you or do not interest you then please stop reading at this point. I hope the rest of you enjoy reading this one. The idea for this story came about when I was watching an amateur porn video, so the description of the sex scene may be somewhat familiar to some readers.


I'm a twenty-five year-old nerdy-looking-balding-red-haired dude living a bachelor life in big city Los Angeles. Well, "bachelor" in my case is spending nights in front of my iMac jacking off to the world wide web's plentiful free porn. I work as a digital art technician in one of the numerous studios in nearby Hollywood, and out there my job is giving so-so looking chicks digital makeovers and boob jobs to make them look good onscreen. Trust me, I'm pretty good at my job.

It is not entirely impossible to not have any friends in the world's largest metropolitan area, but I do have somewhat of a friend here. There is this older black dude called Nigel in the apartment next door who has sort of taken me under his wing. Living a semi-retired life, Nigel is my man for all my important requirements. On weekends we hang out drinking beers and smoking pot, and occasionally watching some porn together. However, he is not as lonely as I am because there's a middle-aged black woman who visits him once in a while and, boy, do they fuck loudly? The apartment walls aren't all that thin, but their grunts, wails, moans and ungodly swears gets through to me in high fidelity. Or infidelity?

Nigel has a clean shaven head, with a neatly trimmed full beard that is whitish-gray, a big beer belly and he moves around sluggishly. However, that doesn't mean he has any problems fucking someone. I've wondered how he does it, but that is something that I never thought I would see.


"Joe, buddy, how are ya' doin' my man," greeted Nigel one Saturday afternoon as he walked into my apartment with some stash and a six-pack.

"Doing well, Nigel. You're a happy man today."

"Oh yeah, baby, I am a happy man today."

"What's up?"

"I'm going to Moscow next week."

"Why Russia, man?"

"No. No. No. The other Moscow. The one in Idaho."

"Idaho? What's happening there?"

"A 30 year college reunion."

"I didn't know you went to school there."

"I didn't. I worked as a janitor there ages ago."

"It's nice that former janitors get invited to reunions there. It must be a nice town," I said with a wry smile.

"Nice town my ass. It's a shit hole full of hicks and rednecks who hate brothers. One time, I was arrested and beaten by the cops for doing my fucking job because someone saw me carrying cleaning supplies and dialed nine-one-one to report a break-in."

"Oh man. I'm sorry to hear that. That's terrible. Why go back then?"

"That's not what I'm going back for, man."


"I'm going there because the finest white pussy I've ever had has asked me to be her date."

I laughed. "Seriously? That's why you're going?"

"Yes sir. I moved out of Idaho after that police beating, and lost touch with my 'ho there. Amazingly, she found me on Facebook the other day and one thing led to another and she wanted to relive those good days and asked me to come over. She's even flying me first class, and promises a great time," said Nigel as he sipped his beer and laughed in eager anticipation.

"Love is in the air, uh?"

"Love my ass. Just lust. The chick had jungle fever and big Nigel had the medicine she needed. She was a redneck eighteen year old freshman and I was just a nigger doing my job. She came to apologize to me after her boyfriend and his gang verbally abused me with racial slurs. The apology ended up with some hot shit sex. From then on, she and I hooked up regularly behind her asshole boyfriend's back."

"That sounds incredibly naughty."

"It is. She's a wild slut, and I can't wait to get my nigger cock into her once again."

"She would have changed a lot over thirty or so years, right?"

"She is like fine wine and has gotten better with age," laughed Nigel.

"You're a lucky man then. Think she'll follow you here someday?"

"I don't think so. She's a married woman and all that. Wealthy too. All she wants from me is that forbidden sex," laughed Nigel.

"Man, you're one lucky dog."

"Oh yes sir. That I am. It gets better. She has agree to let me to tape the whole thing. Maybe I'll let you see it," winked Nigel.

We laughed.


After his Idaho trip, I picked up Nigel from LAX. That man had a smile that was a million miles wide.

"Good trip," I asked.

"Good trip," he confirmed with an even bigger smile.

"I'm happy for you my friend."

"I'm happy for myself. What a trip. I've invited the bitch here and she's promised to make a trip very soon. Can't wait to hook up with her again."

"I look forward to meeting your lady."

"If you're getting any ideas my boy, then forget about it. Nigel

s no pimp to share his hoes," laughed Nigel.


I soon forgot about Nigel's little sex holiday.

The mystery woman kept her word and visited Nigel in LA, but she kept their activities strictly to her hotel room and I never got to meet or see her.


A few months later I was in Seattle visiting my parents for Thanksgiving. My dad, being as busy as he is, was only there for the dinner and flew over to the Far East the next day which meant mom and I had plenty of time to talk and catch up on our lives.

In the middle of a conversation, my mom said, "Oh yeah, we had a thirty year reunion over the summer. My, my, how much people have changed."

That statement made all sorts of fireworks go off in my mind. My mom had gone to school in Moscow, Idaho and her thirty year reunion was the one that Nigel had gone to! That meant Nigel's slut friend was my in my mother's cohort! While my mother continued talking about other random things, my mind kept thinking which of mom's classmates had fucked Nigel.

The next day, I took mom's yearbook and top pictures of all the girls in the book with my iPhone. I then began imagining who it could be.

Heidi? That slutty look in the book. It must surely be her.

Kayla? Ellen? Lisa? Margaret?

Damn! Everyone in that book looked like a slut. Heidi was the sexiest and for my purposes of masturbation, she was the one that got boned by Nigel.


When I got back to LA, I was desperate to meet Nigel and find out who the slut in mom's graduating class was.

"Joe! How was your trip home my friend," Nigel asked.

"It was great. I had a lovely time with my family."

"Good to hear."

After an hour or so of random talk I had finally worked out how to broach the top of his Idaho sex holiday.

"So, Nigel, you never told me if you did end up making a sex tape with your Idaho woman friend?"

Nigel burst out laughing. "Of course I did. It is hotter than any damn porno one can buy."

"Some hot shit then, uh?"

"Any sex with Nigel in it is hot shit," laughed a slightly tipsy Nigel.

"Any chance I could see it?"

There was silence and then a slow nod. "Nope."

"Oh come on. You said you would show it to me before you went there."

"Yes, but I promised her not to share it. She's got too much to lose."

"Nigel, I'm sure you can trust me."

"Nope. Not with this one bud. Sorry."

Well, that was that. I would have to just keep guessing who it was.

Or did I?

After a few more weeks of torture I decided I had to steal it from Nigel. There were only two places that 'tape' could be. One was in the camera, which had a hard disk drive and the other would be his computer. One day when Nigel had gone out shopping, I let myself into his apartment with the spare key he keeps in my house. I found his camera next to his bed and quickly plugged it into my computer to make a full disk copy. I pulled out his computer's hard disk, attached it to an external case and started making a copy of it too. After the copies ended, I placed his camera just like it was and put back the hard drive into his computer. I was in and out of his house in 15 minutes. Nigel would never suspect a thing.


I waited for nightfall to start analyzing the copies of Nigel's camera and computer. The camera was near empty, with just a few random videos from Nigel's trip to the zoo. A quick search for video files followed by files matching the reunion dates returned empty results. I was about to delete everything in frustration, but was interrupted by a phone call and I left it at that.

A few days later I was reading something that mentioned encrypted files and my mind instantly thought if Nigel had encrypted the videos because they were so sensitive. At first, I thought it couldn't be because he wasn't so sophisticated, but his lady friend could have taught him how to do it? I quickly reran searches for encrypted files, thanking my lucky stars for not having deleted the files.

And yes! My luck was turning, as I found some encrypted files that began with the word 'moscow'. The same folder also had files the began with 'la', and it looked like I had ended up with the motherlode of what could potentially be some awesome amateur porno. The only problem now was to decrypt it. Now, I am smart and nerdy and all that, but the guys who wrote that encryption software are way way smarter than I can ever hope to be. I would never get what I wanted if I didn't do a bit of social hacking. I infected his computer with a keystroke logger which would capture all characters he would type. Now, all I had to do was to wait a few weeks or trick him into wanting to watch the videos.

Over beers that weekend, I asked him some seemingly innocuous questions about his Idaho affair and whether this 'slut' of his was the only woman he fucked around with. Nigel was in a boasting mode, so he spoke a lot about some of his best encounters with this woman. He told me about how he was once almost caught by the woman's boyfriend and had to spend an hour in a closet while the boyfriend forced himself on her. He told me about how he fucked her in a parking lot at night, and in the great outdoors.

I think I had worked him up that I was certain he would want to jack off to watching his videos. I was right. I soon had the passwords and I waited for the weekend to watch Nigel fucking the brains of some hot MILF from my mom's graduating class.


The video started with a shot from inside a cheap motel room with the shades drawn and sunlight trying to creep in. There was a dark-haired woman digging inside her red hand bag that was placed on a chair next to a small circular table.

"Hi baby, what are you digging for," said Nigel's voice from behind the camera.

"I've got something for you," giggled the woman, who had a strangely similar voice and accent as my mother.

"You know I don't wear condoms," laughed Nigel.

"It is not condoms you silly willy," laughed the woman.

Silly willy!? That's what mom called me when I was being silly. And just then the woman looked up into the camera.



Nigel was going to FUCK MY MOM!

With mom looking into the camera, I paused the video instinctively. There was strange kind of sensation going through my body. My knees felt weak and I felt my throat was drying up. I could hear my heart beating hard and fast. Surprisingly, there was a surge of blood into my cock and it was very very hard given the circumstances. With shaking hands, I hit play again.

Mom giggled and said, "I think I found it."

"What is it?"

"Look," mom said as she fished out a white-stoned choker that read 'S L U T'

"Oooooh," sighed Nigel, "did you buy this just for me?"

"It took me a long time to find it, but not quite as long as waiting for this day so that I can wear it," laughed mom.

"What are you waiting for then, baby?"

"Here goes," mom smiled as she proceeded to put the choker around her neck. She was wearing a white short-sleeved shirt with a fairly deep neckline. My mother is very skinny, so there wasn't much cleavage, but the shirt was thin enough to show her black bra.

As she started to wear the choker, Nigel held out the camera as he attempted to get himself into the frame in order to kiss his lover. The two went mouth to mouth and exchanged a bunch of gentle but passionate kisses with mom smiling all the time as she fiddled with the hooks of her S.L.U.T choker.

"Having trouble my dear?"

"Yeah, it's my long nails."

"Here, let me help you," said Nigel as he put the camera down and helped her with her choker off-screen.

The video then abruptly changed scenes - presumably shut down and restarted after being placed on a more stable platform?

"OOOOOHHHH MY GOD! OH MY FUCK! FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK," my mother was screaming as Nigel rammed her pussy.

The two of them were on the bed in classical missionary position with Nigel thrusting his fat black cock hard and fast into my mom's pussy.

"Jesus! Your pussy is squeezing my cock so hard, and woman you might burn this old nigger cock if you don't cool down," laughed Nigel.

"I'm just getting started. It has been decades since I've been fucked."

"Decades since you've had sex Emily," asked a perplexed Nigel.

"Noooooo," mom moaned, "I've had sex. I've not been fucked! I think you know the difference. Anyway, stop talking and fuck me harder you silly man."

"Ride me. Ride my cock," said Nigel trying to catch his breath.

Mom didn't have to be told twice. She jumped on to him in a flash as Nigel lay down on his back. In that position, Nigel's cock reached more depths as mom screamed, "God damn it! No cock has been so deep in for so long. FUCK it feels good."

Mom was riding Nigel hard and biting her lips and covering her mouth in an effort to stem her squeals and screams.

"What are you doing," asked Nigel.

"I don't want our neighbors to hear me."

"Screw the neighbors," said Nigel as he pulled down mom's hand. "Now SQUEAL as loud as you can!"


"That's it. SQUEAL! I love listening to a woman enjoying a good fuck," laughed Nigel.

"Jesus, Nigel, I am going to wake up the whole town."

"Do you care?"


"Then shut up and scream," Nigel laughed as he slapped my mom's boobs hard.

Both of them laughed as mom increased her speed and fucked Nigel harder.

"I'm gonna cum, darling," Nigel said.

"Go ahead! Shoot in me!"

"You sure?"

"Yes, goddammit. SHOOT!"

Nigel jerked and shook as he (presumably) shot cum inside my mother's hot pussy. Mom was quivering and shaking as well in what seemed like tandem orgasms.

"Oh my fucking god, that was good," was all mom could muster as she collapsed on top of Nigel, who reached out and turned off the camera.

The camera came back on abruptly once again.

"Come over here and suck this thing Emily," Nigel said. It was now clearly dark outside and there was a dim lamp lighting the bed on which Nigel and mom had slept - and now woken up.

Mom licked his balls and occasionally sucked his dick in expert pornstar fashion. "You've gotten better at this," laughed Nigel.

"Shut up," mom giggled as she slapped Nigel's naked black ass and went back to cock sucking.

"That's it, bend over," Nigel commanded.

Mom was soon screaming in another orgasm.


I woke up next morning and my head was spinning as if I had a terrible hangover. The tape from the previous night had been mind-blowing and a stunning revelation of my mother's secret sex life. I was supposed to meet Nigel for lunch and drinks that afternoon and I was not sure if I should go. How do I face the man who fucks my mother?

I tried very hard all morning to not think about the video, but it was easier said than done. With my mind still full of scenes from the tough-to-swallow but hot video, I went to Nigel's.

Nigel was happy as he always is. "How you doin' Joe?"

"Doing good, Nigel. Doing good."

After a few hours of useless banter and heavy drinking, Nigel started talking about his sexual exploits. Please god, not about his "slut" from Idaho, is what I was thinking.

"By the way, Joe, you know my slut from Idaho?"

"You've mentioned her before I said," half sulking.

"She's coming over to LA next weekend. For a week!"

"Another sex holiday?"

"Is that what you white boys call it," Nigel laughed.


"No my boy, she's coming here for a fuck. A GOOD OLD FUCKFEST!"

"You're bringing her home," I asked inquisitively.

"She will not come. I've booked us a nice big house."

"A big house? Why?"

"I've signed her up for a good gangbang," laughed Nigel.

I nearly spit out my beer.

Nigel continued, "Oh yeah, she's asked for me and my friends."

"That should be some hot shit."

"Oh yeah, you're invited too," winked Nigel.

"Me? ME?"

"Oh yeah, come along and have some fun."

Thinking quickly, I said, "I would love to, but I'm going to Seattle next weekend."

"That's too bad man. You're going to miss out on some really good pussy."

I know. She's my mother.

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